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Issue #1: When I signed up for DirecTV service and agreed to a multi year contract I was told that I would get local programming, news and weather as part of my package. I live in a small town in MI, 10 minutes from Toledo OH where there is local programming. However, since I live in MI, DirecTV will not allow me to have news and weather relevant to me. Instead, I have programming from a city almost an hour away from me. When I realized this issue, I was already in a contract and it was too late. So, I cancelled from a company that gave me local programming to DirecTV to get news and weather that doesn't affect my area.

Issue #2: DirecTV is no longer working with several networks and therefore customers do not get those channels. However, instead of our bills reflecting the loss of channels, our bills continue to increase.

Issue #3: Since AT&T purchased DirecTV, there customer service is a joke! The hold times are ridiculous and it is very difficult to understand the CSR as well as the fact that they do not do anything to work with the customer. Every time you bring up any issue you are told "Our policy says..."

Issue #4: When you try to cancel, plan on paying for service you do not use. I finally have had enough and have chosen to go back to my original company. When I called DirecTV to cancel I was told that I needed to wait until the end of the billing cycle which is 3 weeks away because, since they charge in advance and I already paid that money, I will not get a refund even if I cancel effective today. I was told "It is no longer our policy to prorate services." Meaning they can do it they just won't so that they can keep the extra money. When I asked for a manager I was put on hold for 23 minutes and 37 seconds. The manager just repeated the same thing the CSR said and would not work with me at all. I told him I wanted it cancelled effective tomorrow because that is when my new service is to be installed and he said the only suggestion he has for me is to wait until the end of the month because nothing can be done. I informed him that I am trying to get this all taken care of now because I will not have time to deal with it at the end of the month and he just repeated the same thing.

The fact that DirecTV/AT&T is keeping money for services not used, in my opinion is theft. I am going to do some research and see if there are any class action lawsuits against them.

Aug 06, 2019
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      Aug 14, 2019

    Every customer waived their right to a class action. Your choice to not use the service, doesn’t negate your agreement of no proration in your service agreement.

    Also, your first point.. they don’t choose what locals you get. Nielsen Media draws the maps and the FCC enforces them. Directv cannot change them, but you can get an antenna and get them and Mi locals.

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