DirecTVloss of nbc and cbs channels for 6 months

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We have been without our NBC and CBS channels for 6 months in El Centro, CA. This is ridiculous!!! When you call customer service they can't and won't give you a straight answer. Directv does not care about their customers or this would have been settled already. We as customers pay your salaries and they don't care!!! How can you do this to loyal customers don't you care? At least let your customers know what's going on. I'm about ready to change by cable/satellite service 😡😡🤬🤬

Aug 10, 2019
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      Aug 14, 2019

    Not necessarily true. Anyone who subscribed to HBO, CNN, TNT, TBS etc on any platform pays their salaries as well. “We as customers”, pay for the subscription they are receiving. The subscription sold as subject to change. Covered well in your agreement. You as the customer are receiving everything agreed upon in exchange for your monthly payment.

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