Direct TVhackers

I was just hot buy a DirecTV employee $420! That to me is very sad but when I call DirecTV to verify this special package somebody was able to turn on all my TV shows before I paid them. They have all my personal information in the computer that they were telling me. And then I call back when I got a text saying it was cancelled tried to talk to many many people at DirecTV from supervisors to getting transferred nobody relays information into the computer system a supervisor was supposed to call me back and they never called back. There is a hacker working for DirecTV that is taking money from people

  • Updated by Karen Bowens, Oct 04, 2019

    I've just got hacked by someone working for DirecTV. They got into my information offered me a great deal I sent them the money and come to find out it was a hacker. The even turned on on my movie stations before I even paid them, that's why I have no problem paying them dealing with a staff from DirecTV has been so unsuccessful. You don't have to reimburse my money but they need to do something about some hackers that are in working for DirecTV getting people's personal information. I will be calling on my local news stations and Reporting it to the newspaper to put articles in for people to watch out. I live in Waterford Connecticut

Oct 04, 2019

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