DirecTV / complaint

PO Box 105261 Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5261, United States

I am writing a second time in reguards to overcharges from DirectV. I am being billed for payments I have already made. The false charges are for the months of October and November, 2018.
In previous conservations, I made them aware that I was being overcharged. They responded by saying I had missed payments for October and November 2018. Knowing that to be incorrect, I searched and submittted cancelled checks for both months. There were two in September. September 4, check #9689, for $67.44 and October's payment submitted 9/25, for the same amount. The 9/25 check was for meant for October. November's check was submitted 10/29, for the same amount, meaning I had not missed a payment. Per their request, I mailed copies of the checks registered mail and have a signed receipt. Yet even today, after talking with Annette, employee #SG643F, I am still being charged. Please, I need your assistance.
Allen E> Harrell

Mar 5, 2019

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