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C Jul 28, 2019 Review updated:

DirecTV has dropped several local channels (CBS) from our plan, however we are being charged the same. I think they should credit us for the channels they have failed to negotiate with! We watch a lot of programming on CBS. Why are we paying the same for less channels. These are local channels also, they provide important information relevant to where we live. Weather, crime, etc...


  • Dc
    D Clyde Jul 30, 2019

    I agree. 95% of the shows I watch or DVR are on CBS. Please get this resolved ASAP.
    DDanforth Santa Monica Ca

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  • Wa
    Want CBS returned Aug 01, 2019

    What is being done to return CBS programs back to our Chanel’s? This has continued far longer than it should have. I watch many programs on CBS and have had to turn to CBS all access to see some of the programs. That causes another charge for something you are being paid for already. I have had about enough and will switch to another service soon if it is not restored.

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  • Ch
    chadt41 Aug 03, 2019

    Then stop agreeing to terms such as “with no expectation of compensation for dropped channels “.

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