DirecTVcancelled account

J Sep 27, 2019

Absolutely terrible customer service, one year after disconnecting my service, after years of being a loyal customer tired of the up and down rates, I am still arguing with them over my account!!! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

I cancelled in November of 2018, after the usually long hold time (as with anytime you call Directv), . I was told the account was cancelled and I did not need to return any equipment. My credit card bill was automatically charged in Dec and Jan, to which I disputed the charges with my credit card company. I called Directv back again, to which I was told the account was noited that I called in November to cancel, but the account was never cancelled. The rep cancelled it at that time and told me I needed to return all the equipment. Thank God I did not throw anything away after the first call in November!!! When the email was received with information on returning the equipment, turns out I only needed to return 2 of the 5 boxes we had. I returned the equipment and everything was fine. Now, here we are, September of 2019 and I get a call from a collection agency about December and January payments that were reversed.! I call and spend almost 2 hours on line with different customer service reps, then finally a manager, who only agree to remove one month's charge. I was furious but wanted the situation over. So I agreed to pay one month's charge, but then the rep said he could not take credit card for payment. I refused to go any further at that time with him, asked to speak with someone else, he basically refused, and I ended the call.

Utterly frustrating to haggle over this for months and receive lousy customer service for something that was clearly Directv's fault!!! I would like both months charge to be removed from my account and the account removed from collection!!!

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