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false representation

Had Direct TV installed 2 years ago and 2 weeks ago I informed them I was cancelling my service with them. They informed me I still had 1 year left according to there records.
It seems that a year ago my DVR died and I replaced it with one I purchased from Ebay and that caused my contract to be extended fot two more years.
No one told me this and when I contacted them 3 weeks ago before canceling the service they informed me that they would reset my contract to it's original date and there would be no cancelation charge.
After getting off the phone with Mechall 8972 I was told that I was lieing and no one ever reset my original date.
TRUST nothing what they say,
My advise is stay away drom these thieving liars and always get emails don't take there work.

  • Co
    Cookie Feb 01, 2009

    I was told by their representative that there was no contract to sign, nor was there an early disconnect fee. Turns out he lied and they continue to call to collect $150.00 disconnect fee. I gave them the date, time, name of person I talked to and his location. I asked them to review the recording of our conversation and they would find out all he promised me. Ironically, they said the didn't record this call. I told them if they wanted $150.00 to get it from their lying representative, because I would not be paying it.

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  • Ph
    phill 1011ettr Nov 10, 2009

    Tell all of your tweet, facebook Yahoo frinds the following info.
    Directv does not want there current or future customers to know!
    Any time there equiptment breaks you are stuck with them an additional 2 years!
    Let me say this again, it will also cost you 240 to get rid of them if they replace a broken piece of there equiptment because they will add 24 months from that date to your old contract.
    Every time they fix or replace your recievers they start a new contract without your concent.. Any time you plug any reciever into there network they own it even if you purchased it from Ebay or a friend and at all times if any equiptment breaks they replace it and never tell you that you NOW have 2 more years left to there service contract.
    TELL everyone you know to stay away from DIECTV.
    It will cost them an average 2400 in lost revenues for each customer you turn away from them.
    If you can TWEET let them know>
    We can force them to play fair or we can all put them out of buisness

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incompetent so called techs

i have wires running through my bed room down the hall way - down side off wall to liveing room my family have triped more than once there is going to be a bad accedent. But they can take my money for service and (professional install.] but they used my old wireing that I had put in myself. they charged me for a add on box, then told me I would have to pay for wireing. they never wired the first box. they keep saying it is nothing wrong with the box I know its because they never ran new wire they used my old line that I had with my channel master dish.

  • To
    Tod B Jan 24, 2011

    Sooo if you have been diligent in raising your child in that you kept them from Television for the first 6 years of his life and you finally decide you'd like to watch baseball together because he likes baseball you cave in and get TV for first time in his life. THE GOOD - The games are great and you laugh and cheer together for the season. THE BAD - since you yourself have not watched any measurable amount of tv in the last 7 years you are horrified to find out what wholesome "family" tv acceptance is throughout the entire spectrum of channels offered. Your child begins to act out on words, actions seen just while browsing between channels, their test scores drop even with minimal viewing per week below 1 hour per day.. and it has turned a loving family who communicates and shares into a fight to keep the meterial from being seen by your child with every press of the button. THE WORST - you thought you had a "special" deal that was presented to you by the DTV salesman about how educational most everything was...what a deal you were getting and so on..

    THE WORSTEST' - You decide that it is just not for your family and their value system to engage in this lackluster "fluff" and harmful waste of time and you find you are "LOCKED IN" for two years of it by enforcable contract. OUTRAGEOUS!I can't think of any one thing that is as so weakly defined and so binding especially when it come to personal preference. Who do they think they are to force you to pay for a service that you are unhappy with. They may not BE the broadcast but THEY ARE the facilitator end of story. I will not subject my son to the worst of society now deemed by DTV to be appropriate along with its suppliers. I'm not a religious nut but a concerned parent trying to keep peace and harmony in the household without the poison that 95% of this DISRTIBUTION network is pushing. If you dis-agree with this theory of forced payment sans motive other than financial gain aside from personal freedom to choose your services based on "experience" please make your voice heard. No matter how LARGE a company there should always be room for personal attention and understanding of an individuals concerns regarding their product...

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  • Fi
    Figoos Sep 05, 2011

    While Directv's service may be acceptable (they give you tv, duh), no one EVER mentions the $485 early termination fee.

    This might have been a handy bit of information to have PRIOR to my deciding to sign up with them.

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  • La
    Larime Jan 09, 2013

    It all started in August! Hubby LOVES football, we were tired of crappy verizon, so we make the leap and sign up with Directv! Installed without programming remotes but thats ok. Day 2 of having service...no playlist on other tv's??? We have 4 kids and like to record their shows for "tv time". I call about the DVR...no fix. Now we see that the playlist will disappear all together or if it is there it will be from last week (shows we've already deleted will show up and new shows from that day are MIA?) I have reset the box, had directv to my house MANY times and even had a case manager (had a code 47 and 48..had these codes this morning!) STILL NO FIX

    November when directv is tired of us calling, assign us a case manager...who should not work in customer service..ever, told me "in 3 weeks OR SO our new SOFTWARE will fix ALL your problems, no you cannot get out of your contract unless you pay $450" So, now its January:) December 4th my tv showed new software BUT I found out this morning that wasnt "THE" software so my problems are still ongoing! So, NOW, JAnuary 8th I still have directv and it still doesnt work BUT IM STILL PAYING BECASUE ITS NOT THEIR FAULT ITS THE SOFTWARE!!! Isnt that your fault? I feel like I should get an hourly pay because Im always reseting, unhooking or speaking to DIRECTV.

    Tv is such a small thing in life and shouldnt be this difficult. I pay you for a SERVICE, YOU PROVIDE ME THAT SERVICE..RIGHT? Not at directv...you pay them and you kinda get service BUT they are working on it so as a paying customer, I WAIT, wait until the engineers release "THE" software. Well Ive been patient since AUGUST and IVE HAD IT.

    The manager this morning tried to comfort me in telling me " THIS IS AN ONGOING PROBLEM, YOU ARE NOT 1st PERSON I'VE TALKED TO TODAY WHO HAS THE SAME ISSUE. Thats sad! It sure didnt make me feel better, it made me come come online and WARN others. If you want to pay for a service and not receive it...PICK DIRECTV...if you want a constant headache and always be "on hold"...PICK DIRECTV If you dont want your kids watching that much tv...PICK DIRECTV...If you like a big blue box informing you "your playlist is disconnected" every 2 minutes...PICK DIRECTV

    If you want to be in the boat of people with the "same" problem for 6 months with no fix in sight...PICK DIRECTV

    The promise on their website is a script not a "promise". If that were true I would be out the the contract, like requested, without paying you $450! I feel you breeched the contract and have not fufilled your end...not even close. But...the little people pay and the suits win! I cannot believe a "new" customer has had such a horrrible experience with your company is on the hook for the cancellation fee. Maybe you should pay me the fee and do me a favor for once! I thought it was cheaper to keep an "old" customer than to advertise for a "new" customer??? I hope if you have a similar problem you TELL THE WORLD...warn people not to get involved until this MAGIC SOFTWARE IS RELEASED! GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO ARE NEW IN MY SHOES, AND TO THOSE WHO ARE "OLD" CUSTOMER WHO CANT GET OUT..

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I called on Thusday 11/5/09 and set up an appointment to have the system checked. Friday 11/6/09 the technician called about 6:00pm to confiirm appointment for Satuday 11/7. 20 minutes later a computer calls confirming an appointment for Sunday. Somehow in 20 minutes the company just arbitraily decided to move my appointment 24 hours later without notifying me in any way, shape or form. Then when I talk to a supervisor she gave some ###-in-nine excuse that that was the date that was originally set up. So in actuality she was calling me a liar as well. This company cannot be trusted and their customer service attitude sucks. I DO NOT recommend them for anything. Further when we have lightning in the area we can loose satellite TV for up to an hour and they bloame it on mother nature and refuse to credit my account for lack of service. Now is this piss poor attitude or what?

direct tv screwed me

I ordered direct tv six months ago because i saw the deals for cable for $29.99 a month. I ordered that along with the cheapest internet they have which is $49.99 a month plus a $200.00 non refundable purchase of satellite equipment. They told me that came with wireless internet so i assumed a would be getting a router. Wrong. They don't provide or even let you rent a router so i had to buy one for $50.00. They said that i could receive up to four boxes for my house when i signed up (You have to pay in advance for everything) when the technician arrived he would only give me one box because i only had one television there since i had just began moving in. When i called the next day to get another receiver they said it would be $200 for another receiver and $50 to have it installed. Also, my first few months bills were for $130 because that $29.99 was a load of crap. You have to go online and request a rebate and it takes two months before the rebate starts being applied to your bill. Within the first two months with direct tv i spend over $700 to have basic cable and internet. Ridiculous. And it is the slowest internet i have ever had. I live in an area where they only offer direct tv so i had no other option but to sign a two year contract because that is the only way you can get service with them. This is the most screwed i have ever felt by a cable or service provider. ###. Beware!

will not send check for refund

I cancelled my service with direct tv april 30th, 2009. Found out in may they had not cancelled, so it was cancelled again. I was told by direct tv in may 09 i was owed a refund of $73.35 which i would not receive until after sept 4, 09 because it would take that long to process. Evidently direct tv has no personnel which is trained to give refunds & it takes 6 to 8 weeks to train them. Just my opinion. Have called customer service & billing 6 times since sept, each time i have been told my refund was being escalated higher up and i would receive my check within 10 days. It is now nov 5th, i have just called direct tv again and spoke with a supervisor named jacob and once again been told the same thing. It amazes me that each & every month i receive a statement from direct tv showing they owe me the refund, but they can't send the check and be done with it. I believe now all customer service reps and the entire billing dept. With direct tv is trained by direct tv to lie, put you off and then laugh their heads off when they get off the phone with you on how they just scamed you again. I also believe there must be something we can do as previous customers and consumers even if it means filing suit which will be a good bit more than what the refund owed, but now it has come down to the principal of thing. I realize direct tv assumes if they put you off long enough you will give up. Where are the laws put in effect by the lawmakers of this country against such blatant, arrogant dis-repect for consumers by direct tv?
It is time direct tv be taken to task in a court of law and i for one have the documentation & recordings to prove all i have stated.

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very poor service

I called about a problem, she said it would be resolved 10 hours from now at midnight, guess what, the next...

lying during sign-up

My 90 year old parents had Directv for 21 days. I signed them up using my credit info. Directv lied to me and misrepresented their service to me so badly, that I would not believe it had I not heard it with my own ears. They lied about:

1. Their website and Dominic (customer rep) promised a free DVR. When it was NOT delivered I called about it 4 times and each person gave me a different story until the 4th person I spoke with finally told me that I did not request it during sign up so now must pay $179.00 with a $99.00 rebate.

2. Since my parents are 90 I drilled them about the contract terms and was lied to: " No contract. $20 max fee for canceling at any time"... actually they are trying to collect $20 for 24 months and I now have their personal credit company after me for $499.00.

3. The website and Dominic (customer rep) promised a rebate for a year from $55 to $35. However, The website rebate sign up page did not work. The phone calls made did not work
but, an email did work and after 14 days we received a card stating we had a rebate, but, the bill received still showed $55...so back to the phone.

This service was CX after 21 days because my 90 year old father could not operate the remote control and was unable to turn on the TV, Turn off the TV or to change the channel. Frankly I could not operate it either though my younger sister had no problem.

During that 21 days, I was on the phone trying to resolve the above issues a total of 8 hours. I was treated very rudely, was exhausted, frustrated and sick of dealing with obnoxious and unhelpful people.

If you deal with this company, record all your phone conversations.

I am off to hire a lawyer to deal with this mess...beware!!!

early cancellation fees

Direct TV installed 04/01/2009. Not satisfied. Canceled on 04/03/2009. Charged my account $416.29 for early cancel fee. In all the many calls to Direct TV did they say there would be this huge charge. Causing my bank acct. to overdraw. Filed a fraud claim, ordered a new atm/debit card, sent registered letter to direct tv. Found out direct tv can charge $500 if you move your service with them or customer dies!!! Don't buy Direct TV service unless you can be "joined at the hip" for a 2 yr. commitment.

  • Ba
    Bartess Sep 16, 2009

    Last May(2008) I receivied a new control Box that was supposed to be DVR, able to record shows, instead they sent me a standard receiver, and when my daughter called the on my behalf they said they would send the proper one out, instead after waiting 5 months and not getting the right one I cancelled my service with them(Oct 08) in Jan 09 I called again to cancel the as in the interim have had Cable hooked up on my computer and TV set, so lo and behold in May my credit card was billed 421 for early cancelaation and cost of one control box, after making a complaint to my bank I then called direct and was told I would get a full refund, now June has rolled around and I was given a 190 refund leaving me 231 dollars left over not refunded, seems that they charged me for early refund because I ordered a new controler (DVR) and received a standard one so even though they sent me the wrong one they still charged me for it, plus an early cancellation fee, plus a cancellation fee, so beware of Direct TV and don't ever get a new controller, Oh by the way I'm a totaly disabled vietnam veteran who lives on a limited budget.

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  • Ex
    Exdirectvinstaller Nov 07, 2009

    It's called buyers remorse. Check with your state but in Arizona you have 30 days to cancel.

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  • An
    Angie Cazares Oct 20, 2010

    My Mother ordered Direct TV to her home, I paid her bill the first month with my credit card, my Mom passed away within a fews months afterwards, I called and requested the direct tv to be cancelled and returned the merchandise, due to early cancellation Direct TV they sent a bill for $400.00, I explained my story that my Mom had passed away and sent them her death certificate, during all of this, Direct TV withdrew the $400.00 out of my checking without no warning, since then I have been getting the run around and waiting for my money back. Direct TV trains their employees to lie to the customers, each one of its empolyees have been giving me the 6 to 8 weeks story, were are at the end of October and I have not gotten my money back. I should write to the President of Direct TV to let them know of my situation! He might give me the 6 to 8 wks excuse too!!

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taking money out of my checking account

I am making a compalint about Direct TV. I signed up with them in February 2009. No problems with them at all. On September 8, 2009, I phone the Customer Care unit to tell them that I will phone in my payment on September 12, 2009. Septembeer 11, 2009, I was in the grocery store shopping, got in line to pay for the groceries. Items were rung up and I had a total of $77.00 grocery bill. I used my Visa (ATM) card to pay and my card read that I did not have any available funds in my account. I told the cashier to try the card again, because something had to be wrong. Nevertheless, embrassed and humilated in front of people of my card rejecting. I went to the nearst ATM to do an inquiry on my account. The machine told me that I was $583.00 negative in my account. Well, I hac to pay for the groceries with cash. thankk God that I had the funds with me to pay. I hurried home and turned on the computer to my banking account and saw that $771.80 had been taken out of my account by Direct TV. I was pissed to to all hell, immediately I phone Direct TV on September 11, 2009 aroung 10:00 p.m. and these were the things that I was told. I was told by Irish [protected] that sice I owed $131.00 and had not paid for August/ September, they thought that I was buying out an early contract, therefore they charged me $360.00 early contract agreement being broken, $255.00 for recievers. Again this should have never happend, because my call on 9/8/2009 stated that the bill would be paid on Saturday 9/12/2009. The Customer Care people were very rude and had no comapssion. Iwas told the they would take $117.76 from the $771.00 that I had on the books. I renewed that account on September 11, 2009 for I was told that would be the only way that I could get my money. After renewing contract, I was told that I would get my money in 8 to 15 business days. Still PISSED to the max. by this time is midnight and no money, I did not have $771.80 checking account but the bank paid $ 583.00 and I had the rest in the account. September 15, 2009 made a calll to inquire on the status, Then I was told that it would take 30 days, soon October 15, 2009 again I should have the money posted tin my account. I went over the last 4 digits of my Personal Checking Account. Time went by, they didnt put the money in my personal account, they put it in my account for Direct Tv, which was very misleading and diffrent accounts. I was apoligized to for the mis representation that I had been given but my money started to dwendle away. $654.04 went down to $572.25( a paymment was taken out of my money that should have been sent to me. Well, I got my paychcek taht is depostied directly to my checking acount each payday. Now I owed the bank and the bank ended up taking my whole pay that weck and I still owed the an additional $88.00 If Direct TV had been located in Birmingham, I would have been at he door the next day. I am mad as hell because I have never seen anything like this in my life. Now on 10/6/2009, I spoke with Kelsey and Alex(Supervisor) going through the whole process again. They told me that I was upgraded on 9/15/2009 and in 30 days from there which is October 15, 2009 I would recieve my money in my account. Broke, discussed and needing my money NOW!!! The 15th of October fell on Thursday, I waited to 10/19/2009, called and spoke with Michael [protected] and he told me that I would be getting back $508.76, I raised hell cause I had been lied too and made a fool out of. Michael evently transferred me to Supervisor Dominick, he stated as of 10/19/2009 no one had put in a request to put my money back onto my card. Then I asked how long would it be before I get my money, Dominick told me it would take 15 days. he calculated it to be November 9, 2009. I asked him if I didnt get the money then and 2 days later was time for a payment, whould they take the money away from me again, he answered yes, as long as your money is still and there is a cerdit on your Direct TV account, they would take more money out of my account. On November 9, 2009 it wil be 45days waiting for my money to be put back where they took it from. I am not guarateed as I was earlier my Kelsey that the refund request was submitted for $572.25 and that was promised and assured that is what I would get back. Now everything Dam thing is wrong cause my money is noe fading where I need it for my family.All Customwr Care and Supervisors that I spoke with about my problem, ended up being a liar. God does not like for his children to be used for nothing or nobody, Only Him. I will stay in the contract til the end, but at the same time if I'm asked about your company, I would say that dont get the service because it's a rip off and sucks. I will contacting my lawyer and Six On Your Side TV station, Consumer Protection Agency, Chamber of Commerece, Six On You side to let them know how I was treated unfairly about my money, when I'm a single parent(head of house) with 1 child in school. I guess you cant imagine working aLL WEEK AND SOMONE TAKE YOUR MONEY. I was charged overdraft fees for that trancsaction actions. I spent a total of Atleast 90.00 in NSF fees. It seems like Direct Tv company doesnt care about its customers, cause if you did, you would not have other registered complaint that are paralell. Once I get with the TV station/Rhonda Robinson, I'm sure we will have a story to tell on TV and you will be able to see a decline in your business in the BIrmingham Area. Never in my 52 years of life have I ever seen a company go into your personal account and take money from them, It took you less than 20 seconds to get the money out of the account, but it takes you ove 45days or more to put it back in B.S.!!!

  • Se
    Selena Mann Nov 12, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I was charged 15 overdraft fees of $35.00 from them doing this. They said that when I signed the contract, I authorized for them to be able to do this. I also just found out from someone else that Georgia State can do this if you owe taxes, they will pull straight from your checking account without even asking. I wander exactly how legal this is?

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  • Se
    Selena Mann Nov 12, 2009

    Direct Tv also told me they would refund the money if I returned the cable box, but they never sent me a box like they said they would to return it. So I never got my money back. I will never purchase cable again.

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  • Ca
    Carolynin need Jan 14, 2011

    They done the same to me but opened the accout in my daughter name but my ss# Can anyone help us and stop them from doing this. Please i'm single too and a scholl bus driver and have to make rent and car payment and my accout is overdrawn.. I did use my card to paybill two times but that does not give them to take money out when every they want please can anyone help us. to get money back please the way the emcomy is we go work hard for our money and to have soemone take it with out you permission is not right please that is what i was told sinsce the card was used to pay bill two times they have the right to take it now .. I got no phone call and no warning they were taking money tried to stop it but back would not please help us

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directv!! enough with the banner advertisements & spam!!!

Directv starting sending spam to my satellite receivers a few months back. When I called and asked for them to turn those notices off; they filed a trouble-ticket, but they didn't do anything. For the past few weeks now directv has been using giant banners within the guide to promote shows and different channels. These banners were used at first to inform customers that some channels were moving, but it has now turned into advertisements. Directv is making money from companies that want to promote a show and we the (Paying customers) are now having to suffer through this harassment! And just like the spam-notices, directv will not turn these notices off. It is only a matter of time before these banners are everywhere throughout the guide; promoting everything for foods to airlines. Because things like this don't just go away, companies keep pushing the limits of advertisements. This wouldn't be as big of a deal if directv was free; seeing as free services use banner-advertisements to make money, but our service is not free! It's almost $100 per-month! So now not only do I have to deal with banner ad's on the internet, but now I have to be harassed by them while watching the satellite tv that I pay for! These new advertising tactics are totally and completely unacceptable! What right does directv have in taking money from companies; just so they can market their goods through the channel-guide?! Since we have to pay for directv's services; then we shouldn't also be forced to deal with advertisements!

If directv is going to continue this, then they should lower the cost of all their subscribers service fee's. It's not fair that directv gets to make extra advertisement money, and we don't get anything in return but to be annoyed by seeing these ad's! Or better yet directv can just get rid of the banner advertisements!! No one likes banner ad's; especially when those ad's our part of a service that we have to pay for!

loss of channels

We went with Direct TV from cable and when we signed up they said we would have all the channels we originally had plus extra channels. To make a long story short, in Kenosha, WI, you lose all the Chicago channels. That would be channels 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13 which means today we are not watching the Minnesota / Pittsburg game. We do have the option to record it for $40.00. U-verse has these channels but Direct TV doesn't so buyer beware. There is no contract which is what they stated to us. I will be testing that theory tomorrow.


  • Di
    dick bowman Oct 25, 2009

    Direct TV need a class action law suit on their a** for the crap their pulling onpeople. Pass the Class action law suit on please !

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poor customer service and hidden cost

They say 4 rooms free, no they make you pay five dollars for each room after the 1st. The say lock in low value for a year, no they raise it after 3 months and say you can always downgrade. Try calling them and complaining, they will hang up on you, they will not let you talk to a head manager, they say they can't put you on hold but then they will for hours if it suits them, but if you say you'll wait they hang up on you. The charge 10 dollars not 5 dollars for the HD DVR, so don't believe them. They also will charge you one month in advace for their services, and if you don't stay with them for more then two years they will charge that credit card they make you give before they will accept you as a custome and that fee is around 400 dollars. They get so tangled in their lies one person will tell this lie then another with another when you questioned the first. Don't mkae that studpied decision, they aare awlful!!! They espeically don't care about returning customers and customer referrals.

charging me after cancellation

I cancelled my service with direct TV because I signed a 2 year agreement with Dish Network in September 2008. I sent back the Direct TV equipment and received the proper credit. In March of 2009 my Direct TV had reinstated my account and charged my verizon phone bill (thats how I paid Direct TV in the past)...I called Verizon and they directed me to call Direct TV to fix this problem. Spoke to a rep from Direct TV who said that my account was cancelled and everything was credited and it will reflect on my next Verizon phone bill. My april phone bill came and now it had $247.00 in charges from Direct TV. I called Direct TV and was told it was a mistake and my credit would reflect on my next phone bill. So I continued to see this charge month after month on my phone bill and only paid for my phone and internet services. Last week the phone company disconnected both my phone and internet services until I paid this outstanding balance of $247.00 plus a reinstatement charge. Afraid that these false charges would ruin my credit and I needed my phone and internet, I had to pay it.

When I first found out about my phone being disconnected I started e-mailing Direct TV (6 total) My complaint to them: I cancelled my service in September of 2008 because I signed a 2 year agreement with Dish Network. Direct TV's reply was that I only suspended my service for 6 months and never cancelled my account. Now why would I send back all my equipment only to have my service reinstated???...With NO EQUIPMENT!!! WTF?? They claim to have sent me e-mails explaining this and that I agreed to all of this...and this is completely false!!! I requested phone records with me agreeing to only suspend my service...this is so wrong!!! I have no words for how this makes me feel because it is such ### and now I am out $247 + and Direct TV has no intention of paying me back...

misrepresentation/poor management

I am just now, finding out that I am under a 2 year contract with Direct Tv. Not including the fact, that when we set-up the service they said that we could have a bundle package with Embarq and receive a small credit. Yes, we are receiving the small credit but it is NO where close to what we could be receiving with the Embarq bundle package. I was still told on a conversation today (Oct 12), that Direct Tv is combined with Embarq. If this is possible then how is it that Direct can not tell you what type of service you have with Embarq and vs. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and was then told that there supervisors do not answer or accept calls from there customers. I'm sorry. I find that to be poor management skills. I thought that is why they receive the big bucks, because they are to have more knowledge or these situations. Anyway, I would like to not be in a contract with Direct Tv due to misrepresentation, so that way I may be able to have a package deal with Embarq.

  • Am
    ambermoschioni Jan 11, 2011

    direct tv is so wrong with everything..Trying to open an account with them is useless, the stories with each representitive are different everyday your deposit must go up... First a checking account with a routing number would be fine then it wasnt good enough. Everytime the deposit went up more. If you dont want hassles to get tv dont try to get direct tv

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unauthorized bank withdrawal and cancellation fee

I cancelled my Direct TV subscription because they were not able to provide with the service that the promised me when I signed on for the program. They also deducted my balance due from my bank account with even giving me the oportunity to pay the final bill and without notice. They claim that the service is not effected by weather, at least that's what I was told. To the contrary..I kept losing my signal everytime it rain, or there was lighting in the area, or snow got on the dish. In there recent tv commercial they show some guy with a clear clen signal during a hurricane of all things. I sure he lost the signal shortly after they stopped filming. I had them come out and relocate the dish but the tech said the line of reception for the dish was limited to where it was presently located...on the top of my 42 foot high roof. I gave DTV ample oportunity to correct the problem, and tolerated the interuption in service far beyond the bounds of fairness. I spoke directly with a "supervisor" and explained why I was cancelling the service. I specificly told him that I liked DTV but if they can't provide me with an uniterupted signal that I couldn't continue the service. I also asked "Dustin if there was going to be a cancellation fee and he told me NO. But of course there was one...$60.00. I then went to their website to file a billing dispute complaint as I was told to do. In a follow-up phone call I was then told that leaving a complaint on the website wasn't going to work, and that I had to "write a letter" and was giving the DTV addresss. My next step if I don't get immediate satisfaction on my "early disonnection" refund is to file a complaing with the NY State AG and the FTC.

Rember: " Only on Direct TV"

  • Lr
    lrngnzlz77 Nov 16, 2010

    I feel the same way you do. I'm going thru a similar situation. I was helping a friend by paying his bill thru the internet with my credit card. He would give me the money and I would pay the bill. Well he lost his job and he cancelled his directv acount but they decieded to deduct the outstanding balance that he left from my bank account and they didn't even notified me about this. I found out by checking my balance on the internet. Now I have an overdraft on my checking account because of this situatiuon. I hope that they do resolve your situation. Good Luck

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installed without permission

Because of the economy we were forced to rent our home last year. Direct TV installed two satellites on our rooftop, ran wires down the side of our house, and drilled holes through our vinyl siding and walls WITHOUT our permission. When we evicted the renters, we found the hardware. I contacted Direct TV customer service, and I spoke with three different customer service representatives (Marshall, Mario and Ashanti). All three told me that (1) they only require renters to gain verbal permission from landlords to install equipiment, (2) they couldn't speak with me about the damage the company had done to OUR house WITHOUT our permission, (3) they have NO system in place to check who owns the property (even though it's public knowledge that can be easily found), and (4) they take absolutely NO responsibility for damaging property by installing without permission. I was told that I could speak with someone at the damage claims office, but when I tried to contact them, I was unable to reach anyone because they only deal with account holders.

Further, I spoke with Emily at the Direct TV President's office. Emily also told me that Direct TV takes no responsibility for ensuring that property owners give permission to install Direct TV or for damaging our house by installing without our permission. She told me that they have so many customers that there is no way to check to see who owns the property. (They are obviously more concerned quantity and the almighty dollar than quality.) When I asked to speak with her supervisor, she told me that she is a manager who has been given authority to make decisions. I asked to speak to the President, Larry Hunter, and Emily told me that he does not take phone calls because he works with "the business end, not customers."

On the Direct TV website is a form that is supposed to be completed prior to installation. This form requires landlords to sign that it's okay to install Direct TV on the property OR requires renters to sign that they have spoken with the landlord and have been given verbal permission to install Direct TV equipment (including drilling holes in walls). When I asked all of the above people to produce the signed form for me, they could not do it first. Further, I was told that the account holder (in this case, the renter) had to file a "damage claim"; I cannot do so, even though I own the property that was damaged without the permission of my husband or me.

With all persons I spoke with, I heard the standard lines - "I understand your frustration, Ma'am", "I realize that you are upset", "the account holder has to file the damage claim", etc. As expected, they all had been trained in deflection tactics.

The bottom line is this: (1) Direct TV damaged our home by installing equipment, including drilling holes in the walls and damaging our vinyl siding, without our permission; (2) they are more concerned about making money than doing the right thing; and (3) they are assuming no responsibility fothe damage and, instead, are pushing it off someone else. As I told Emily, this issue could be resolved amicably by either (1) Direct TV restoring our home to the original condition prior to the installation (with regard to the Direct TV installation only) or (2) sending me a check for an amount sufficient to cover the damages. Of course, no one was willing to discuss the actual issue or possible resolutions.

One more thing ... during none of my conversations did anyone ask my name, where the property was located, or even say "I'm sorry about what happened." What a shame that Direct is too big for its pants to remember that it's the "little people" who make them the giant they think they are.

  • Mb
    mbd007 Oct 07, 2009

    Your tenant is responsible for the damage, not DirecTv. This is no different than if they had an installer cut a hole in the wall to install a dryer etc.

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  • Dt
    Dtvrocks Nov 13, 2009

    I am a dtv installer and your tenants are responsible not us you should make them pay for the damage.

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  • Ap
    Apt. Owner Nov 27, 2010

    Dear DTV installer and Direct TV. You know you are taking advantage of the tenant and the apartment owner.
    You know these people are not asking for permission, and furthermore you know no one is ever going to get a dime out of the tenant for damages. Hold them liable? They can barely pay rent. You are a huge company that should have a system in place to at least require a signature from the landlord. A brand new roof not thirty days old now has a hole in it. Let's see, does my tenant have 10 grand to fix it? Right. What a crap company with no ethics whatsoever. Shame on you. You know exactly what you are doing. For what it's worth, I will contact the BBB. Oh and file that worthless damage complaint.

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  • Dm
    dmjackson0211 Mar 29, 2013

    I too am a Landlord and am experiencing the same thing Mr. or Ms. Owner. I am going to join a class action lawsuit that is already in progress. I appreciate your post and hope that everything worked out.

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  • Da
    Dana Heyl Nov 16, 2019

    @dmjackson0211 I have the same thing happen...where do I sign up to be part of the lawsuit?

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  • Do
    Dorcha Jan 23, 2019

    Our tenant had DTV installed without our permission. We just found out yesterday 1-22-19 and the account was even put in my husband's name!! I think it is an FCC violation to not get landlord's permission. We are going to call DTV back to see if they have the permission form...Probably not, since they put the account in our, the owner's, name.

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early termination fee

We started my direct tv service in september 2007. The agreement required a purchase of 24 consecutive...

charged for subscription service I did not order

I have been charged $44.99 per month since july 2009 for a subscription service (Nfl sunday ticket) I did not order. They refused to credit the money and said I will be charged for 3 more payments and she will not cancel the service. I said I did not order this. They said that when I signed up for directv a year ago that this package was included for free and that it was up to me to cancel it if I did not want it. To my knowledge I never order this and I was not aware that I had to cancel this since I did not order it. I do not receive paper bills and failed to notice this on my statement on the directv web site until now. I am waiting for someone named mathew from directv to call me back who is apparently the next one up in the chain of command at directv. I am requesting assistance on getting this money credited to me.

I will incur a cancellation fee if I cancle now, but I will do it if this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction.

nfl ticket hd

I was offered NFL Ticket by Direct TV for $59.99 a month for 5 months. I went to record the Vikings/Lions game on 09/20/09 on the NFL Ticket HD channel. I went to watch it & no picture. I called them the next day only to find out the package they offered me didn't include the HD games, this wasn't explained to me. It's an additional $100 for the HD games. After finding out somebody I heard on the radio got it for $50, I called back on 10/04/09. I webt thru 3 supervisors & nobody would help me. I jusgt wanted to be met half way & get the HD games for $50, but no go.

  • Co
    condor Oct 04, 2009

    I have been a customer of Direct TV for, I dunno, maybe 13 years...and have subscribed to the NFL ticket ever since offered. Maybe 10 years ago? I finally bought a nice 54" hd tv and upgraded the receiver assuming to get the games in HD. And, well...hmm.
    I work every other weekend so miss half the games anyway...so considering this and just the principle in general, will probably cancel my NFL ticket.

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inferior equipment and business practices

16 Reasons to Stay Far Away from It

For the past year and a half, I've owned two high definition recorders and one standard def receiver and here's what I found:

1. Appointments are often either not kept, or when they are, are late. Phone calls are commonly not returned. Repeated attempts to resolve problems are futile. Some representatives are as pleasant as the Borg.

2. If DirecTV physically damages your audio video equipment on installation, they refuse all responsibility, refusing to pay for repair costs (after initially agreeing to do so and firing the tech). I'm out several hundred dollars in replacement costs for equipment the installation tech damaged.

3. Incomplete satellite dish installations, such as failing to replace an air vent screen thus allowing birds to nest inside your house, may occur. Expect black handprints on your walls.

4. Promised credits never materialize on the bill.

5. None of the equipment is guaranteed beyond 90 days; your choice is to either pay for an ongoing monthly service plan or the full cost of the repairs/replacements/dish realignments.

6. All too frequently the receiver must be reinitialized using the reset button; this takes 10 to 20 minutes, so if you are intending to watch a program, you're out of luck.

7. The remote is not ergonomically designed, with the buttons being unlit, very stiff and difficult to use for anyone with a joint disorder (and if you don't have one to begin with, you may by the time you've finished using this remote). Unless you hold the remote number keys down just the right amount of time, either the number will not register or it will be repeated (e.g., pressing channel 2 may result in channel 22). However, pressing and holding the up or down arrow key buttons does not result in cycling through a menu; instead you must press repeatedly to arrive at your selection. Response to commands is very slow. Unlike other remotes, this one is not at all forgiving if you do not point it directly at the receiver and TV. (Although one is located directly above the other, they may or may not turn on/off simultaneously.) It is white and dirties easily. On the plus side, the rubberized back keeps the remote from slipping around.

8. Only one channel is available from local stations that broadcast multiple channels. For example, the local PBS station broadcasts one hi-def channel and three standard definition channels, but only the former is available.

9. The audio and video are not always in sync; sometimes resetting the unit helps, sometimes not.

10. Changing channels is not instantaneous, in fact, not even close, taking 4-11 seconds.

11. Sometimes when the DVR requires resetting, previously recorded programs are not available.

12. Although you "purchase" the DVRs at $200 each when initiating service, you don't really own them and must return them to DirecTV or be charged once again for them.

13. Attempting to record only the new episodes of a series does not work if the same episode appears later in the day or the next day. The DVR will record multiple copies of the same show, unnecessarily using hard disk space.

14. At times, there is no reception when it is snowing; perhaps this is a problem with Dish TV, as well.

15. They nickel and dime you to death with extra charges (e.g., more than one receiver, HD reception, equipment maintenance). The ultimate charge is far more than the advertised cost.

16. They bill for premium channels not ordered and then state since the channels were available reversal of the charges is not possible.

*** DirecTV is quite possibly the worst cable/satellite provider on the planet. In summary, if you don't mind shoddy & poorly designed equipment, missed appointments, and unethical behavior, you'll probably be delighted with DirecTV (the picture truly is terrific). However, given the overall inferior quality of its equipment and practices, DreckTV might be a more accurate appellation for the company.

*** If you already have the misfortune of being a DirecTV customer/victim and experience similar problems, it might be useful to contact the Better Business Bureau and your state's Consumer Affairs Division in the Attorney General's office, describing their predatory practices.

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