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penalty for cancelling service

I called at & t early this year as I wanted to switch from comcast to at&t u-verse.

At&t told me that I did not have u-verse in my area and asked me to switch to directv till I have u-verse in my area.

I was specifically told that I have no contractual obligations with directv and I can switch to u-verse as soon as it available in my area.

U-verse is now available and I switched to at&t u-verse and called directv to cancel my service. I was told by directv that there will be a cancellation charges of hundreds of dollars!!

Even though I did not have a "contract" I have commitment with them, hence the charge.

This reasoning sounds really ridiculous to me.

  • Di
    Disapointed at Orian Dec 30, 2009

    Upon my arrival to the Overland Park Area, my experience with AT&T/Direct TV has been horible!!!NEVER before have I seen such incompatance.They installed my service on 12/07/2009 and sixteen customer service representatives, seven supervisors, and four technisions later I now am able to enjoy ON-DEMAND. There was no departmental comunication what so ever.I was passed around from department to department for THREE WEEKS!Mind you this is one of the leaders in internet services.The complex in which I decided to relocate to has a contract with these idiots.So I had no other choice but to continue to explain my delima repeatedly over and over again!Only to have been passed back an forth between AT&T an Direct TV!I would suggest to anyone considering a cable/internet service NEVER to USE either of these companies.If they can't comunicate with each other to solve any given problem, how in the world can they help new customers!

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  • To
    toni franc Jan 24, 2010

    Everytime I called ATT about new service I got different prices, rebates, discounts, etc. They pride themseleves on confusing the perspective kill untill exhaustion. After feeling like I was buying a new car, I finally took one of the packages (hoping it wouldn't change before installation) and scheduled as the first appointment. I received about five calls from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM saying he was around the corner, in broken English. My corner is not that long. After reading complaints on your site coupled with lies already in progress, I will not be taking Direct TV service or any other services from Att bundle "savings". When a company cannot tell time that is a bad sign. They should call it Att Blunder's savings. New buyers BEWARE!!! Thanks Complaints Board for the SAVE!
    Ms. T

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  • St
    StrongVar Sep 07, 2010

    After 12 years with WOW cable we decided to bundle and take advantage of a special offer with AT&T/Direct TV. We called and were told about rebates that they processed for us and a gift card we were to get. The first bill was a SHOCKER- no credits or rebates were given, no gift card either. We have to call AT & T for one thing and Direct TV for another. I was dropped twice on a transferred call to the cancellation dept. We haven't had the service a complete month and they want $440.00 to cancel . Shame on you AT& T/Direct TV. Will make it a point to tell folks not to do business with you.

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  • Ov
    overpaying americans Nov 07, 2010

    I signed up for internet service & direct tv. However at&t had an inability to hook my service even while everyone on my street has the internet service. So I called to state that I wanted to cancel my app. The person on the line said they were at&t/direct tv and not to worry about a thing that as of my call the account has been canceled. So I was going to use a local provider but direct tv insisted I would be liable for a two year contract. I tried to explain that I talk to an at&t/direct rep. but direct tv said they were not the same company and that I did not call within the time period. Every time I called someone would answer at&t direct tv. I think this is misleading and wrong.

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  • Sl
    Slimduck May 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I got my ATT/DirecTV bundle I was "guaranteed" a price for two years. HAH! After 7 months my rates went up. I complained and was told, point blank, "Find another provider". So I did. Then I got slammed with over $400.00 of early termination fees, paid them and they say I still owe them another $50.00. This is after the already said I had over-paid and sent me a $24.00 refund. STAY AWAY FROM ATT/DIRECTV!!!

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money taken for recievers

I had directv for about 3 years and my contract had fulfilled. First they tryed to tell me that i still was under contract when i clearly wasnt when i tryed to cancel my service. When i finally got the account canceled they said that i must return the recievers in the boxes they provided. Simple enough i thought. first of all they were ask to deliver the boxes to my new address and of course didnt. I myself had to track down the return boxes to ship back the recievers. I called and notifyed directv that the boxes were being shiped after a big hassle of returning them and they debited my accout 330.00 for the recievers ne way. Finally apon arrival of my recievers they told me it could take up to 6-8 weeks to get my money refunded. I went thru the process of talkin to a manager and applied for a speedy return and was told it would take 10 days. I have called them 6 times now and spoke with a manager every time and they all assured me it would be 10 days...well sorry but 4 weeks is not 10 days!! i am going into week 5 and still no refund!! These people at directv only waste ur time take ur money and tell u lies to get u to leave them alone!! i even had two managers hang up on me!! People stay away from this satilite company!! They will find someway to get u!

fraud/unauthorized use of credit/debit card

Beware of unauthorized charges from direct tv, cancelled direct tv due more dollars and truly down hill service. Did the right thing, phoned cust. Service, told them that I was switching to cable (More channels, less dollars) after being a customer for a decade.. Wel low behold iget my final bill of 298.00 to which I am sure there too was also a 100+dollars in there for taking my business else where, they that very night ran my card number withdrew monies, causing over 600+dollars inover draft fees, including bouncing my automobile insurance, electric utility payment checks (Monies where in account for the later two) contacted d-tv and was told once you authorize your trans action it is stored so that if you start showing signs of skipping out on them they can and will with draw any and all funds do to them... That my friends is a crock of sh!*i would like to know if there is legal representation following this because some thing is not right with this. Also credit union fraud dept told me that" once you autorize thats it". Wow!!

  • In
    Inahole Sep 22, 2009

    They just did the same thing to me in a receccion with little funds to feed my family. I am PISSED! They told me that my "one time payment" was put "on file" for future payments. That Does not make any sense! Yeah, your visa is my visa...exactly. Also, it was never verbally explained that was there policy and had it been I may have been smarter to pay with only a money order or something.

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direct tv sucks

I wanted to let you know that Direct TV customer service and overall setup procedure completely sucks. I setup an appointment with a time frame from 8-12, so damn..neverthelesss the technician called at around 8:30am said that he'll be there in 30 minutes, then again called at 12pm stating that he'll be there in 40 minutes. After calling numerous times to Direct TV, he showed up almost at 6pm..damn idiot did not even speak English well...I’m a naturalized citizen myself and believe that everyone should speak English..it's so damn easy in the first place..anyways...
he stepped onto my balcony and immediately said that I cannot get service here and he would charge me $75 for tripod..I said ok just get the damn thing going...
then after 20 min he said that they tripods are discontinued...he failed to mention that the tripods are ONLY for regular dishes, not Digital...
he let me speak to his supervisor who also could not mention the facts about the tripods...after wasting my time the guy said well if they let you get the tripod then I'll put it...then he left and said he'll comeback. I called Direct TV then after 20 min the finally explained to me the tripod thing...
stupid idiot waster my entire day...they should not sub contract if they dont know how...
I ordered DISH, technician came, ON TIME, finished everything in 20 min...perfect signal..awesome channels..billing is awesome..what a difference!!!

  • Cz
    Czechbikr Aug 13, 2009

    I simply cannot wait until my contract expires in March 2010. If I had longer to go I would pay the 300 or so just to send them down the road. In addition to boosting the volume to blast off levels for commercials in general and especially their own which I am sure they cut content to slip in for free, they are the most obtuse company I have ever come in contact with. The latest is that my CC expired for auto payment. I telephoned in a week and a half ago to change it and all was well. I keep getting stupid computer calls to update my card, EVERY DAY. I called in yesterday and the rep stated that the auto pay had to kick in for next month, paying for the two that I owe, and then it would stop. She tried to make the payment then and wanted my 3 digit security code again...I said that the guy I set it up with 10 days ago input the card and she should charge it from there...she states that she cannot. Every time I speak to these blockheads about the many problems I have had I tell them I am gone at contract's end...no one gives a crap.

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  • Di
    Disappointed in Florida Nov 30, 2009

    Direct TV is the most overpriced, undelivered and non-responsive product/service I have ever experienced (excepting only a severe case of identity theft a few years ago). They take your money and then go on vacation, leaving you to deal with automated email response services when (NOT IF) you have a problem and are not receiving the service you paid for. Refunds for service interruptions, etc.? I will believe it when I see it. I am looking into replacing the Direct TV service with DISH, cable etc. since they could not possibly be worse.
    Really Disappointed in Florida

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illegal contract

I have been a customer of Directv (DTV)for over 5 years. Recently, my personally owned receiver gave out. After realizing I could no longer purchase retail, I contacted DTV via phone.

I was advised that I had to purchase a receiver and was told of the cost, over 100.00. After receiving and installing the receiver, I noticed "sticking" during playback of recorded programs. I contact DTV via phone was was instructed to perform several tests. After the tests, DTV determined the receiver needed replacing.

After receiving and installing the replacement receiver, I had terrible quality and recording error issues. Once again contacted DTV and had to perform more tests. The DTV customer service rep advised that a repair tech needed to come to my house and that there will be a charge. I asked why a charge and was told they only replace equipment once and after that, there would be a charge. I informed her the replacement receiver had scratches and clearly had been opened. She said it was a reconditioned receiver.

I advised the Cust Serv Rep to cancel my account and I would return the receiver. I was told that I in fact leased the receiver and by doing so entered into a 2 year contract. I said I knew absolutely nothing about this and that there was no language what so ever about a contract on the receipt or packing slip, the only paperwork received with the receiver. The customer service rep informed me that the rep who took my order should have told me on the phone and that there was nothing they can do!

So as a customer who has never missed or been late with payments for over 5 years, I am now stuck with an expense of well over $100.00, a used and abused receiver, recorded programs that are partially recorded due to malfunctions, a receiver that reboots itself while I am watching TV shows, and a "tivo" menu that is not updating correctly. Furthermore, if I cancel, DTV claims I will be turned into collection!

Directv can't produce a contract, can't produce any evidence of any conversation advising me about a contract, excepted my order for a receiver over the phone, wants to charge me to repair the receiver within 3 days after receiving it, but yet tells me I am under a contract and that they will charge my card that I registered cancellation fees plus additional costs for the receiver and if I cancel the charge transaction, they will turn me into collection?

There are hundreds of complaints across the internet but no member of government or law will take an interest! what is DTV doing to keep this from happening? This is one of the worse scams in recent history and no one will stop them. The CEO and CFO of DTV should be put in prison!

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bait and switch - rate higher than advertised

I am the victim of directv bait and switch. I see that the state of florida has already had this problem with directv and arrived at an agreement to pay $5 million and stop deceptive practices. They have apparently forgotten to honor their agreement. Here is my story.

I am constantly bombarded by direct mail advertising from directv stating service for $21.99, $25.99 etc per month. All tout that I will get a free directv receiver or dvr and some months of free premium packages. I signed up, and was told that my monthly charge would be $25.99 plus $5.00 for hd for a total of $29.99 per month plus applicable taxes. I did not agree that my credit card be charged automatically. The service was installed. I watched for a few days and then left on an extended trip. Now, upon my return I see I have been charged $102.39 per month for the first two months. I called and was told that I must send in a rebate request to get the advertised rate but that I will not be refunded the payments already charged. If I cancel I will be charged a cancellation fee.

I have been lied to and directv refuses to refund my money or allow me to cancel without abusive charges. They are snubbing their noses at the agreement they made with the florida attorney general's offce. The fcc should regulate this abusive satellite tv supplier

misleading information/bills

The president/ceo
Direct tv inc.
P. O. Box 6550
Greenwood village, co [protected]

Dear sir,

I feel I have to write you directly to let you know the frustration I am experiencing
With your customer service department. I used to be a time warner subscriber. I switched to direct tv when my 92 year old mother decided to come to spend a month
With me next month (september) in dallas, texas. Since direct tv is the only cable which carries the tfc filipino channel, I decided to do it so she can continue watching her favorite channel at tfc.

My cable was installed last july and these were my frustrations:
The quote I was given was not the plan promised to me. I was offered preferred choice and I found out later that it is different from choice which has all the channels that I checked from your website. Preferred choice when offered to me gave me the impression that it was the same as choice only called preferred because it comes with the tfc channels. The next day I realized that I was missing fox news cable, my favorite.

When I called customer service and complained about the misleading term choice.. They blamed me and told me that I should know what I was signing for. I ended up increasing my monthly bill to $20.00 more. I wish I have known that and I would have used my discount flyer from the mail. I also have used my friend as a referral but the credit was also not reflecting on my bill.. What happened to the referral credit of $100 ($10. Every month) ? Did they fail to process it too?

I sent so many complaints to customer service, but I did not get anywhere. Please see attached copies of my complaints.

The worst part happened today after I checked by bill on the website and found out that my bill for september went up again to $142.85. I questioned customer service and after talking to 3 people, I finally learned that since my plan was changed from preferred choice to even a higher choice plan, directv discontinued the 3 months free hbo/showtime being offered to new customers that is why I am being charged now an additional $36.00 plus tax. Does that make sense? It was your mistake to give me all this misleading information when I first subscribed and now I ended up with higher monthly payment and losing the 3 months free offer of hbo/showtime.

Your customer service people will just say anything to you when you complained just to get rid of you on the phone. That is why I ended up talking to three people today because their excuses did not make sense. One said you are paying more because the $36.00 discount happened to not been included in this billing cycle. How is that ? I told him I am paying my bill for this month, why will that not reflect the $36.00 free discount? The customer service responded to me” just deduct the amount and it should reflect next time’. It did not make sense… so I called again… this third one told me that I no longer qualify for the discount that is why I am being billed.

Very frustrating. I did the cable change for my 92 year old mother and I never thought that my experience with your company is unbelievable…
Since talking to customer service is like talking to someone who does not really care about you… sending email is not any better as shown on the copies I attached. Thank you for your time reading my letter.. And I hope you can correct the mistakes done to me.

  • Valerie Apr 22, 2008

    I had so much trouble with the service from directv that for 9 months I called them to fix the reception to no avail. I wrote letters to this company and called them to come out and see if our satellite dish was malfunctioning. They claimed that because we were a multiple dwelling unit, they had no jurisdiction. They told us to contact the private contractor. We told them we did and he can't help us. We pay our bills to directv, not to a contractor.

    Eventually, they agreed to come out after 9 harrowing months and fixed it. I received a letter from directv telling me that because of all my trouble, they were giving me a free dvr. When I called to claim my 'gift' I was told I had to first pay for it, $99.00 and it would be deducted, gradually from my bill. This is a rip off because that is not what the letter said. I never got my 'free' dvr to this day.

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cancellation fee is $460!!!

Direct TV is awful company! I started having service from Aug15 and decide to cancel on Aug/27. There are several reasons to cancel.
1) Bill amount
Sales representative told me over phone that the bill is ~$45/month for 1st year because of discount, but they charged me $79.63!!. When I saw my bill, I figured it out those discount will be done by rebate program that I've never been explained.
2) Poor service and quality
a) They don't have enough international channel
b) Recording system(program, capacity etc) is no good at all
So I decided to cancel Direct TV and switch to Net Dish.
At the end, Direct TV guys told me they will charge $460 cancellation fee because I signed the 2 Yrs contract (I didn't know that at all). They also told me that I could cancel within 24 hours (!) after instollation, then they wouldn't charge me. How can we cancel within 24 hours to know if service are good or bad???
I can definitely say that NetDish is much much better than Direct TV that I had before.

If you know any tip to avoid paying cancellation fee, please please let me know.

Thank you

returned check that was paid by bank

My Boyfriend and I recently set up with direct TV, I should have known better because I had trouble once before with them. But at the time that was the only option available because of where we live. My boyfriend sent a payment by mail in the amount of 150+ dollars. that was the 17th of July on the 21st of July they shut the service off, when I called about it they said they had not receieved the payment so I payed the amount due with my credit card. Thats two p ayments of $305 and some change. On July 28th I received a bill for the amount of 18.91, which they said was payment for a returned check that they said was returned on the 27th as NSF. I went to the bank and found out that the check in question was paid to direct tv on July 23rd. I called and of course the people in the call center can't do anything about anything. So I faxed Direct TV a letter and a copy of the bank statement. That was August 6th 2009. I called on August 11th to check on the progress, talked to Dana, and was told they were still working on the problem and that there was no direct line to the division that takes care of this type of issue. The call center can't even send them an email. I talked another lady, Skye, on August 25th and she stated that the esculation was opened on the 11th and closed on the 17yh and to allow 7-10 day for resoulation. Matt, employee 415790 said once I get the papaer work faxed that it would be 7-10 days, he was the first person I called on the 6th of August.
It has been almost a month and now I have a new bill for 101.00 and some chanage and no answer as to where my other 156. 00 is. This company needs to be reported to the better business bureau and any other agency that deals with this sort of issue. they stole 150 + and are having an issue about returning it, or at the very least crediting it to my account. I have been keeping records of every time I talk to someone and whom I talk to about this problem. and the time I talk to them.
Alcorn Russell III
Lynne Malone
Lyon MS

undeserved late fee charged

August 23, 2009

Office of the president
Direct tv
P. o. box 6550
Greenwood co [protected]

To whom it may concern:

Just this minute, I have concluded one of the most offensive phone calls I can remember to a company with whom my husband and I have just begun what we thought would be a long and pleasant relationship – direct tv!

In reviewing our billing statement from you I see we had a $5 late fee. when I called to ask some other general questions about the bill, I asked about that too. I was told it was triggered because our automatic discover payment had not been received. I explained that we opted for the auto pay when we signed up for your service and were sent on our way. we weren’t told we needed to pay an initial bill by check. with this in mind, I said so, of course, the problem must be that direct tv had some delay in setting up the auto pay. the problem was on direct tv’s part not ours; therefore, I wanted the $5 refunded. it seemed to be a fair resolution for a problem on your end not ours. the man with whom I spoke said matter of factly — I can’t refund the money. so I asked to speak to his supervisor. that woman told me the same thing, but additionally told me I should have checked to be certain the discover account had been charged. obviously the mistake was on my part, not direct tv’s inability to setup an auto pay account in a timely manner. therefore, the $5 charge would stand. at which point, I told her the unrefunded charge would be a deal breaker and that we would want to cancel the account. immediately she said okay, let me get to that screen to set a date. really a supervisor who is willing to lose a brand new customer and invite such negative perceptions about your company is unbelievable. at that point, I pointed out to her that I really couldn’t believe refunding a $5 charge was worth losing a customer and then asked for her supervisor. after a few minutes on hold, the same woman came back to the phone and said as a one-time favor they would refund the late fee. but it could never be repeated. so in the future if your auto bill pay has a glitch, we will be at the same impasse.

The bottom line to this is…my first dealings with you as a signed-up customer were very different from the dealings we had with you as a perspective customer. I am so frustrated with how this was handled that it may well be the deal breaker I first mentioned to the supervisor I spoke with. my husband and I will be discussing this over the next day or so.

Certainly, your customer service reps ought to, at the bare minimum, be sympathetic with a customer put in this position because of direct tv’s inept processing capabilities. at no point was I told sorry this happened, or sorry for this problem, or sorry for the predicament I see we have put you in. it was quite clear throwing away a new customer over $5 was acceptable and the only “can do” I heard until the absolute end.

It’s month two for us and I am completely unimpressed with direct tv. I cannot foresee me ever recommending you. I am quite certain the ill will you have fostered with us today will remain for longer than you might imagine and may, in the end, be far more costly to direct tv than the $5 you so reluctantly refunded today. for most companies, word of mouth is very important and can have an impact on business. I know for certain that if we had been told cautionary tales such as my dealings with you today; we would have steered clear of direct tv as a satellite service provider.

And lastly, I did ask for the name of the president of direct tv and either your supervisor doesn’t know it or just wouldn’t tell me. either way, it unnecessarily piled on the frustration we have with your company.

Completely dissatisfied,

Mad as hell
Direct tv account #xxxxxxxx

P. s. attached is a copy of the notice of refund of the $5 charge. please note on this
email, I am being pointed to a credit card option as payment if I “want to make
sure” my “monthly bill is paid on time without any hassles”. since it was this
option that got us here in the first place, you may want to stop recommending it.

Cc: mr. chase carey, president & ceo direct tv
peoria satellite company
complaints board (http://www.complaintsboard.com/newcomplaint)_

harrassing hangup calls after cancelling service

I cancelled service with DirecTv 2 days ago. That night I got a call from a service rep asking me how they could make it better for me to stay with them. I advised nothing thanks. The next morning I got another call- annoying. He called while Verizon was installing the Fios. After that I started getting hangup calls from DirecTv (I called the number back that's how I knew who it was). 6 in all in 2 days. I spoke to customer service, Raul who advised me after call #5 that it won't happen again, that he would send out an email to that effect. Then I got another hangup, then another call from DirecTv who identified himself. I said I had problems with people calling me from that line. HE said "Oh yeah I got the email about that." SO WHY DID YOU CALL ME??? This is harrassment pure and simple. Don't get DirecTv they will call you forever if you cancel service.

lied and denyed it

We have been having Direct TV since 1996 they started off great. Then 1997 they started takeing away channels and we were still paying for those channels we were unhappy because they were the only company in the area that would serve us. Then 2008 our dish got messed up by a hurricane. So they sent us a new dish and they sent two guys to install it .The guys that Direct TV sent to install dish did not know what they were doing and I was stuck installing it myself. After I installed it myself Direct TV took more channel away from us and we were paying 67 dollars a month for 78 channels that was really unfair so we switched to Dish network . The guy Dish network sent knew what he was doing unlike those two clowns from Direct TV. When I canceled the man I talked to said nothing about a early cancelation fee. Then a month lather I got a bill for 195 dollars. I was unhappy because that man told me bold face lie. Then I called Direct TV they had the nerve to say they told me about the early cancelation fee. Then I said I will not pay early cancelation fee. Then I sent the manger a email about it . then today they harrising me about the early cancelation fee. Do not do business with these baffoons.

billing for returned recievers

I canceled my account with DirecTV in May 2009, paid the early termination fee (Signed a 1 year contract, they said it was 2) and the last month's bill and sent my receivers back with their return kit. A $165 charge appeared on the next bill saying it was for the receivers. I called and was told that once the receivers were entered into the system that charge would drop off. This continued for the next 2 billing cycles and then I stopped receiving communication from DirecTV. I though the receivers had finally been entered into the system as returned and my account was now clear.

Apparently, this was not the case. I received a call from a debt collection agency on August 18 to collect an amount of $165. The collector was not able to understand what the charge was for and sought the advice of her supervisor. The supervisor was equally as confused and I was placed on a conference call with the collector and a DirecTV representative. The DirecTV representative verified that my receivers had been returned and were entered into the system as returned. The charge on my bill was the result o a system glitch that had allegedly been paying customers upon receipt of their receivers instead of crediting their accounts. Basically what she was saying was that DirecTV had deposited $165 into my account mistakenly without approval and would now like that money back.

Is anybody experiencing this? I cannot find this credit that was supposed to have gone to my checking account through my debit card. Also, I cannot think of any reason DirecTV would send this to collections instead of trying to explain their mistake to me. Even when they know they are in the wrong and made a mistake, the customer service is still horrible!

property damage

Having Direct TV installed they damages the brinks on my house, which a damage claim was paid. After a second...

billing errors, theft, illegal withdrawals

Check out my complete conversaton with directtv via the bbb. I reported them to the bbb and ftc, but they...

demanding money & threatening to take my money

At&t advertises on radio & tv a bundle of services for about $124/mo. Sounded good. I called placed my order. Next thing I know direct tv shows up and that’s when I found out direct tv must contract out to at&t. Anyway, the technician hooked up 2 receivers in my apartment and a satellite on my roof..

So now I am waiting for my cell phone and internet. My cell phone comes about a week later along with a modem that I am supposed to install myself. I was supposed to be able to connect to the internet without a landline but the modem instructions did not have instructions for that type of installation.

I call at&t and spend several hours speaking to employees that are supposed to be able to assist me. I got transferred to several different departments. Finally I spoke with someone who set me an appointment to have someone come out and hook me up. The day of the appointment came and went. No one showed up and no one called. Therefore I never got internet and decided the customer service was more than I could tolerate. No one seemed to have a clue as to what to do to assist me. Automated service just takes you on a total circle jerk. So, I decide I am canceling asap.

I contacted at&t before my 30 days which I was told I could do if I wasn’t happy in any way. At&t said they would send me out the necessary items so I could send back equipment. I waited & waited, maybe a week and a half. But in the mean time I am getting calls from collections stating I need to send direct tv $100+ asap & that I would also be charged a early termination fee. I told the person I had cancelled before the 30 days.

I was told when I agreed on the phone if I had any problems or wanted to cancel just to contact at&t and they would take care of it. At&t is who I place the order with and at&t that told me what to do.

No one told me to contact direct tv separately. I ordered a bundle to combine everything. I was made to believe it was an actual bundle.

I tried talking to direct tv again regarding this issue. The woman tells me I need to disconnect my service if I want to cancel. What? Isn’t that already done? They cut off my service shortly after I contacted at&t to cancel. Ok great, whatever I don’t want your service, I already cancelled (I thought) disconnect me and lets be done with all this nonsense. The woman tells me if I disconnect I will be charged almost $500. I told her no, I am not paying. She said she had my credit card and that they would take it out of my account today. Threatening to take money I am not authorizing them to take. We went back and forth. She was trying to bully me into paying or accepting the fact that they would just take me money whether I liked it or not. I was wasting my time with this woman as I did each time I spoke with them when they called to collect. So, I hung up and called my bank. The phone banker said I would have to cancel my checking account or they could take the money just like the lady said. So I had to cancel my checking account along with my check card.

So, now it is going to show up on my credit report as a debt. I do not know what to do to resolve this.

I am sure this is happening to many people. I feel it is a scam which happens too often. The company advertises something which sounds great but what you get is a whole different story and you try to cancel as you are told and they try to get your money & I am sure many people just pay it because like me they don’t know what to do. .

I am sure they know that this will happen a lot but they don’t care because it is making them millions.

Whatever happened to honest companies offering their services without trying to trick the customer?

Debbie cook
Torrance, ca

  • Br
    Brittany Wilson Jan 08, 2011

    DirectTV offers a bundling package for satellite tv/internet. The provider in my area is AT&T. I have them for cell phone coverage so I already knew they were terrible, but didn't really have a choice in setting up my internet. The day we were setting up our satellite services DirectTV tried to transfer our call to AT&T, which predictably was dropped. Needless to say we called customer service several times to try to set up our internet. We purchased several wireless routers, and spent hours on the phone with AT&T trying to find out the problem. Eventually we learned that we were not getting a DSL signal because our service was canceled. I truly believe that because I was frustrated with the company and technicians my service was canceled by one of the employees. Now I am locked in a contract with DirectTV and paying for a bundling package, when I am not getting 50% of my package. I am so frustrated and hate all large monopoly companies!

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#1 rated customer service

How sad is the state of consumer-corporation affairs that DirecTV boasts to have the #1 customer service rating for x number of years in a row!!! I have been a DirecTV customer 1 1/2 years into a 2 year package agreement. During that time, I have made no less than 30 phone calls to DirecTV on numerous TV and customer service issues. They took over 1 1/2 months just figuring out how to set-up an install date to come and get us started!!! That should have been a hint that DirecTV sucks donkey balls but I gave them a fair chance to live up to their advertising claims. Suffice to say, I believe that DirecTV is one of the most morally bankrupt and incompetently run companies I have had the misfortune to come across. I have wasted hours of time on the telephone waiting to get someone to fix a problem with our service and 9 times out of 10, they end up screwing it up and requiring additional follow-up calls. Anyone know how I can get in contact with DishNetwork or Comcast? At this point, I am so fed up with DirecTV that I would volunteer to appear on national television and rake them over the coals for the crappy treatment they have given me over the past 18 months. When I cancel, I am going to damn well make sure that they don't try any of the B.S. tricks of billing me for anything else b/c as far as I'm concerned, they have already been stealing money from me this whole entire time!!! DirecTV and everyone who works for them should suffer eternal damnation for their nefarious business practices!!! If I see a news story about someone firebombing their corporate headquarters, I would not shed one tear! Burn in Hell you disreputable sons-of-###!!!

  • Fr
    fred flintson Aug 16, 2009

    I think you just like to complain, I have never had a problem.

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  • Kh
    Khrystyna04 Aug 27, 2009

    I have only had direcTV for 3 months and I have called them at least 1o times. My apartment complex has a contract with direcTV so that if you live in the building, the ONLY option for tv is through them. It is a racket because my apartment complex is PRE-WIRED for direcTV through another company, direct path.

    BUT, since the criminals running direcTV dont tell you this, they try to sell another service contract to you even though the building is pre wired. So even though the IDIOTS in customer service can see that i live in an apartment complex and it is much easier for me to call direct path, they proceed to sign me up for a direcTV contract, and it never even occurs to them to ask me if I have a balcony where they can mount their ugly ###ing dish.

    So this guy comes out (actually first he calls me the day of my install and says "im sorry there must be some mistake because i see that you live in florida and i work in atlanta, so I cant come install your tv", and i said, well actually I do live in atlanta, and he says, ohhhhh they wrote that you lived in Atlanta, FL...ok I have never heard of an Atlanta, Florida, I mean, use your brain, why would they call a service person in atlanta to install cable in Florida)

    Then he comes and says, ohhh you dont have a balcony...I have to go do a "POLE MOUNT" on the ground which costs an extra $75. Then he gets out a ###ing compass and is in my living room seeing which direction I face and if a dish can even get a signal over the building. He decided it couldnt, it was impossible to mount a dish. I say, so what now, I dont get any tv service? he says no, just call direct path and they send someone out to just turn your cable on, and its all the same channels and same prices that we charge. So I politely asked the service man why didnt the DIPSHIT in customer service at DirecTV tell me this when they signed me up for service, he says, well they probably just wanted to see if they could get another contract to get more money.

    So then I called direct path and was told that they would transfer my service from direct tv to direct path. I was already anticipating the problems i would have now - so they set up an account with me through direct path (which is the same price as direct tv but only a ONE year contract) - then when the guy comes to install it, he cant, because somebody cancelled my contract. he doesnt know why, someone just decided to cancel my contract for no reason. Of course he came to install on a friday, and it was a holiday weekend and customer service wouldnt be back until tuesday, so of course I had to wait all weekend for them to send one stupid signal to my box so i can have tv.

    So what else...They charged me a $200 security deposit (even though I have never had to pay a security deposit for anything else in my life, so I know its not based on my credit) and said they will refund it in the form of a $5 credit on each bill. Well lets see, at this rate, I will get my security deposit back in 3.3 years but my contract is only for ONE year. HMMMM. And obviously I have YET to see that $5.00 credit show up on any of my bills.

    They also told me that I need to fill out the online rebate prior to installation in order for my first bill to be the correct price rather than like $500.00 or something rediculous like that - and of course I fill out the online rebate not ONCE, but TWICE, 3 days prior to my installation. And still hasnt showed up on any of my bills, NOR does direcTV have it in their system that I submitted the online rebate.

    I got a package for $34.99 a month, but I have gotten one bill for $161.00, another for $97.00, another one for $120.00, and one for -$13.00. Yes, NEGATIVE $13.00. Every time I call, they insist that I got a package for $60.99 - YET I have a printout saying that I got the $34.99 package.

    Low and behold, EVERY time I call DirecTV to try and have them attempt to fix one of the MULTITUDE of ### ups they have made, they tell me to call Direct Path - then as soon as I get on the phone with Direct Path, they tell me to call DirecTV. Im not joking. I have not been able to get a single issue resolved.

    I am filing a complaint with the state of California and any other government entity that I possibly can until this is resolved. My new mission in life is to somehow make this company pay for what they are doing - I seriously will not stop until they are fined, or I am forced to file a lawsuit (I just so happen to be an attorney). It would be easy to assemble thousands of other people who they have screwed over - if I have to file a class action lawsuit I will. This posting makes me sound like I am very mentally disturbed, but DirecTV has made me this way.

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ripped off

I have never been so disqusted with a company as I have with this one. When they are trying to get you to get their service, they promise you this and that. You never get the service that is promised to you, and the deals that they promised, nor do you be able to get anyone to return your call. They always has a excuse, that they will have someone call you back within the hour no later than two. Guess what I haven't heard from anyone.I am the one who does the calling.They do not hold up to their agreement and honor their warranties, and etc. Good luck to all of us who has been scammed into thinking that we were getting a company that backs up their promotions with technical support and etc. There is no truth in anything that I have experienced through talking with them. They are outrageous with their fees, and they mislead all of us who trust them.

  • Po
    popo5000 Sep 23, 2009

    My friend was a customer of Dish Network (GREAT COMPANY) and was trying to get them for an upgrade. She got this so called company called Fun Dish which was representing Direct TV and they promised her that she would have 30 days to decide if she liked them or not . At the end of about 2 weeks she called them to tell them she did not like their service and they now are trying to say she only had 24 hours. In my opinion they are a bunch of lieing people that no one needs to do business with. The sales lier that she got was named Jacob so you better not do any type business with him. My friend is going to report them to the Better Business Beaura everyone that has had problems with them needs to do the same !!! VERY BAD COMPANY!!!

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  • Sh
    shelley25 Oct 24, 2009

    DO NOT do business with this company. They re-scheduled my installation 4 times. The installers do not show up for appointments. The customer service reps do not return phone calls and are very unprofessional. They told me that I was dealing with DirecTV...well, I was not. They are an 'authorized dealer' for the company...total misrepresentation. After 7 days of waiting for installation, I cancelled the order and went with Dish Network - with whom, I am very satisfied.

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directv / direct tv fraudulent practice with cancelation fee

Directv / direct tv fraudulent practice with cancelation fee
In july, 2009 I was shopping for new tv program service trying to get some better channel.In this process I also thought of directv, my & ldquo;worst” life experience ever.
This is how it all started, on july 29, 2009 I was talking to a sales representative of directv who told me that there service is best and they have vast variety of local & international channel s. I was little bit spectacle about the services & transmission part. He told me I can have the service and if I don’t like it I can cancel it within 15 days of opening the account.
So I thought even after 3-4 days of installation I will get enough time to get a clear picture to stay in or not. Aug 4, 2009 I got the service box installed at my house (Dish was already there from the last owner). The installation guy only had black cable so I got him white cable as it was getting laid in light color wall. But I wasn’t satisfied with the service I am not sure rain was the problem or the connection.
So I called on august 06, 2009 to cancel my service. The customer service representative this time was in different node it wasn’t no questions asked any more. He was rude and argued to keep the service. When I completely dismissed the idea, he told me I will be charged the cancelation fee.
I explained to him I was sold with the commitment that I can cancel my service within 15 days & I am way before that. After long discussion he ended that we will just cancel the service. I forgot to ask him how to return the box so called again and other customer service rep explain me how to return the box & also I confirmed with him about the billing so he told me that as being in nj, I do get 15 day time to cancel therefore I won’t have to pay any cancellation or charges. I got the cable activated, fed ex empty box came & box, remote, card sent back, all set.
But the night mare wasn’t over yet, on aug 15, 2009. I was checking my card account there were charges of $463 on mine account from direct tv so I went to the their website they charged me cancelation fee. I called the customer service again for the correction. But this time to my surprise they had a different story for me; that thou you can cancel you connection within 15 days only till your box is not installed, once the service is installed you have 24 hours only. Since I called 2nd day I am going to be charged with the cancellation fee. I explained them all the previous conversation but they had deaf ear for me & were repeating the same thing again and again. I even talked to the supervisor, who was not even hearing me, even after finishing my sentence he will not respond back to me.
Anyway, he told me that the cancelation information is provided on all the different location as flyer, advertisement, customer agreement & so on. I haven’t find it at any place yet, that within 24 hour of installation you need to cancel the service if you don’t like it. Also provided me a address of their legal dispute department that I can take my issue.
Can anyone explain why I have been panelize, was trusting the dirctv company sales rap was my fault. I don’t know about rest of the people but $463 was not a small amount for me to let go waste. I feel I have been robbed by a big company with such a hugh amount. First they fooled me into it and then they charged me with even letting me know. If I am no more than a helpless common man then what I am?
All I can d by letting everyone else like me to know that don’t fall for their prey. Once you will give your card or account number they will charge you whatever they want & all you can do is see yourself being robbed by your hard eared money.

  • Sd
    sdnd2000 Jan 08, 2010

    Hi, we have the same problem. but did you revolve it and how ?

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  • Sa
    sar_ras1 Jan 10, 2010

    Just like most of the people I mailed to the company couple of time, complaint on there website just got me the pre-formatted generic letter. There legal dispute cell never responded back, I don't even know if they really even exist. Eventually I took the approach (which was the only one possible for me) to blog about them.
    Thou I believe any change in favor of consumer can only be possible if government make a law for no security, otherwise one cable and two satellite company and so many customers, why would they even care of not doing these things, either its wrong or right.
    I would request you to please mail one letter to each of your senator and representative. So they know they need to do something against it.

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took my money out of my personal bank

To whom it may concern;

I just recently ordered your bundle service package with direct tv, internet, telephone. I have not had this service long. I called recently to cancel this contract due to the fact that you did not honor my part of the contract. I had multiple issues that never got resolved. I want you to remove any early cancellation charges and I do not to expect to owe you or direct tv anything. You need to go back and access all of these problems that I have had with your company and consider payment in full. I will be sending your dvr and receivers back to you immediately. Please read this list below to explain some of these issues.

My internet was to slow and I couldn't even watch a news video it would freeze up. The connection was too slow. Then I would try to check my emails and it would freeze up. I would call in to try to get someone to [protected]@yahoo. Comx these problems and I would get to talk to people that I barely could understand and they barely understood me.

Every time my internet would stop working so would my home telephone. I have went for three days at a time without internet and telephone service. This happened all the time.
When I received my direct tv bill it would be 3 times the price that was quoted to me on this contract. This service is two times more expensive than time warner.

Then when all of this is happening I get several of your contract persons out in my back yard digging to bury the cable. They came out on my property three different times and tore up my grass. I would go outside and ask why they kept on digging up my yard and they told me that they were instructed to dig this cable by at&t. When I contacted at&t they had me to talk to their risk management department, they took my complaint gave me a confirmation number and as of date nothing has been resolved.

Then direct tv goes in my personal bank and gets out 538.12 out of my checking account without my authorization. I did not give them permission. I called direct tv and asked them why they took my money out without my approval and they told me that when I first signed up they took my debit card information and that I knew according to their policy that gives them permission to get the money owed to them if I cancel services early. I had no knowledge of this policy, and certainly didn't give permission to them to do this. This act is criminal. No merchant should have the right to go in your personal bank unless you authorize the payment. I want you to know that I went ahead and filed a police report. Because this is nothing more than stealing from my personal account.

I also would like to point out that does this mean for example that if someone owes a electric bill and because the electric company has your debit card information on file from previous payments they can go in my personal bank and pay the bill without my authorization of course not only crooked companies will do this. I want my money refunded to me immediately.

I also asked direct tv to get their company to come and get the dish off my roof. I do not expect to be charged for that.

Nancy robison