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When I moved, I called DirecTV for a mover's package. I was told that it would be over three weeks before my service could be transferred. When I inquired as to why so long, I was told they were too busy with "new customer installations." I didn't think existing customers should have to wait three weeks, so I sent them a certified letter requesting the cancellation of my service. Under the initial agreement, if I returned the equipment within 14 days of termination, the early cancellation fee should be waived. In my letter, I also requested an address to where I could return the equipment. I never heard back from DirecTV until I received a letter from a collection agency. After numerous phone calls, I finally obtained an address for the equipment return. Even after returning the receivers, I keep getting calls from the collections people threatening to "destroy my credit." I've lost track of the follow up telephone calls I've made, in addition to several certified letters. Forget talking to these people on the phone, as they either can't (or won't) help you. I hate Cable, but at least they know how to treat their customers...BAD MISTAKE on my part...


  • Valerie Feb 07, 2007

    In July 2006 (after being a DirecTV customer for years), I began my move from Camarillo, CA to Irvine, CA. In August 2006, I had my DirecTV account suspended as my service would be down until my move was complete. Prior to that time, I had also been a customer of their NFL Sunday Ticket and Superfan packages costing into the hundreds of dollars per year. In September of 2006, I contacted DirecTV stating that my move was complete. They issued a work order with their "Movers Connection" service to install my HD (high definition) system at my new residence. That work order was lost in their system, and so I called back a week later to confirm. Again, after 4 hours on hold, they re-issued a work order for the installation. A week later, I called back to confirm the installation date, as one had not been given. They, AGAIN, lost the work order. Finally, three weeks later, they issued an installation date WELL OVER ONE MONTH after I moved. When the installer arrived he stated that DirecTV mandated they install the "new style" HD dish and it could not be mounted as they require at my new residence; in essence, they said I was unable to receive service. They also would not let me self-install the unit. Apparently, DirecTV was switching to new satellites and the old-style equipment would be obsolete in January 2007, so they refused to use the old-style equipment (which I bought outright for hundreds of dollars, and they refused to credit once they changed satelites). Well, when the installer stated he could not proceed, I called DirecTV to address the account. They stated that:

    1. I would be billed the Superfan and Sunday Ticket charges (hundreds of dollars!!!) regardless, as no refunds were issued for these services. I HAD NOT WATCHED ONE GAME, AS MY ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED AND MY SERVICES WERE DOWN!

    2. They would charge me a cancellation fee for cancelling my account- EVEN THOUGH I WAS WELL OUTSIDE THE CONTRACT TERM!!! When they mailed the new receiver AT THEIR OPTION, their own letter and phone call to me DIRECTED THAT ALL DIRECTV HD CUSTOMERS HAD TO SWITCH TO THE NEW EQUIPMENT DUE TO THEIR NEW SATELLITES. They stated that using the equipment they directed I use CONSTITUED MY AGREEMENT TO A NEW TERM!!! NOWHERE DID I AGREE TO A NEW TERM!!! These are fraudulent practices and I will be pursuing legal action against DirecTV.

    I have never felt more betrayed by a company. I paid a HEAVY PRICE for their service for years, and they return the favor by forcing me into a new contract (which they did not state nor did I agree to) and making me pay the cancellation charges for such when they could not install their product. In addition, they did not credit back any charges for the NFL Sunday Ticket and Superfan packages even though my account was suspended during the entire season (up to the point of account cancellation).

    Overall, I spent over 23 HOURS of documented time ON HOLD (not counting the hours discussing the issues) while I helped THEM (as they made no effort to follow up or follow through) as they ineptly handled my move and reconnection (or, more accurately, non-reconnection). In addition, they fraudulently forced me into a new contract and payment of over $600 of charges (cancellation charges and unused NFL packages) which, again, were unfounded.

    Overall, this has been the most painful customer experience I have ever encountered. Regardless of my account history or any other factor, DirecTV has, I believe illegally, and at least improperly, handled these issues with regard to the aforementioned account number (013563638). As a customer, all I want is fair and reasonable resolution and a refund of the charges.

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    In 2005 we were at our beach home in Crystal Beach, TX when we had two hurricanes come in. Our cabin was seriously damaged. After repairing what we could we had to return home to GA until we could get further funds for repair. We asked DirecTV to discontinue our service until our return, they agreed. They then turned our service back on without authorization. We have been billed mercilessly, threatened to have our credit reported unless we pay. They agree they turned the service on without authorization, but still insist we owe them money.

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  • Da
    Dan Elgin Feb 20, 2007

    Well, I thought my nightmare was over. I called the "Movers Connection" on January 5th to inform them of my upcoming move, which was on the 21st of January. I was told at the time that it would be 6 weeks before they could reconnect me - the date was scheduled for February 22nd.

    I couldn't believe my ears - 6 weeks - are you crazy! I'm sure that they would show up in two days if they charged for this service. Of course, they deny that vehemently. Well, I convinced a co-worker to go from cable to DirecTV. She called them and they came the NEXT DAY to install her service! This was a week or two after I was told they were too busy to take care of my move. By the way, my co-worker lives 15 minutes from me. So, that was the first of many lies.

    Because I had received no confirmation phone call, I decided to call today to confirm (2 days prior to the scheduled date). The rep at Mover Connection tells me that I am scheduled for the 26th and "always have been." I have a saved message on my voice mail from them telling me the 22nd. Then, after I gave this poor guy a piece of my mind, he proceeds to tell me that I wasn't actually put on the schedule until today - the day I called in to confirm. He says that my account shows that I was not scheduled yet, and that my "local office" was supposed to call to set up the reconnect. He then gives me the local office number, and after being on hold for 45 minutes, I'm told by this guy that I have been scheduled for Feb 26th since January 5th. So, obviously, someone is a lying sack of you-know-what, and it ain't me! What infuriates me so much is that I have no recourse. Sure, I can try to get out of my contract. However, because DirecTV is a monopoly and has the exclusive content that encouraged me to buy their services in the first place (Sunday NFL Ticket), I'm screwed. So, I've been deceived all along. If I hadn't called today, who knows when I would have been reconnected!! I've paid tons of money to these guys over the years and have recommended them to numerous friends and family, and this is how they treat me. I'm furious, but my choices are DISH or Cable; neither of which excites me. If the NFL, MLB, etc would open their content up to the other guys I would be outta here in a New York minute!

    And, on top of all that, I had to call to ask what consolation they were going to offer me. They offered me a $50 credit, which is about 1/2 of what I pay them per month! I've been without my DirecTV service for 6 weeks now. So, after raising hell, they agreed to credit me for a full month - still 2 weeks short of the compensation I should receive.

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  • Mi
    Micheal Gentry Jan 12, 2008

    Direct Technologies in Dallas, NC contracts for Directv and they refuse to pay me the $3000.00 owed to me for working for them. The owners Jessica told me I was getting my money back in October 2007 and Stacy her husband will not pay me. He has a criminal record for being a thief. If I had known this when I was hired then I would not have worked there. This is a low life ### company. Please avoid them totally. They will rip you off!!!

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  • Nc
    N. Candia Jul 19, 2008

    Direct TV is misleading. This company has no clue about customer service. Each rep gives you a different answer. Keep your local cable service and avoid any type of satellite service. You will regret it like I do. Big huge mistake on my part and I am stuck for two years with this crap.

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  • Ja
    Janet Rochon Oct 08, 2008

    Direct TV and their employees are all nothing but thieves and liars. We had their terrible service for only 6 weeks. Since my husband is legally blind, it is too difficult for him to try to change channels and try to read the info when there is not picture. We have to go thru over 1000 program numbers just to try to find the few that we actually did get. We were charged a $200.oo up front deposit and they refuse to refund one penny of this. They also said there is going to be a $320.00 cancellation fee. We have never received a contract from them either signed or unsigned. To top it off, if we had been given this information when we signed up, there is no way on earth we would have even taken this Direct Tv. They think they will tap our credit card, but since we cancelled the card this can not be done. I however did pay the first billing with a check from another account, so if they try to access this account with an electronic check, this will not happen either since I went to the bank and I have put a stop payment to Direct TV for any amount and if any slip up happens, it will immediately be disputed and they will not get any funds from my checking account. We will be filing suit against this terrible company in the near future. We would love to get in on any class action suit that is pending or will be started in the future. I really do not understand why they legally can get away with thier unfair charging tactics and accessing the clients accounts with authorization. They are low life employees that even work for pay for this company. When this is sent to collection, We will disupute this as well for as long as we are alive.

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  • Lu
    Lukas Feb 23, 2009

    I hate Directv. Hate them with all the hatred that I can find within myself. My hatred stems from their inability to bill properly. My wife and I signed up to receive our bill via e-mail and through regular mail. We rarely ever got our bills through e-mail and whenever we got the bill in the mail, it was late. We were always paying late fees. We called to cancel because we were tired of the billing, as a method to keep us as customers, they removed all charges and gave us new service at a reduced they said. When we got out next bill it was twice the amount we were promised. When we called to inquire about the discrepancy, they told us that the person we last spoke with did not have the authorization to give us that low of a rate. At that, we told them we no longer wanted their service and there was nothing they could do to change our minds. Even though they tried by offering expensive packages. This was in November of 2008. Near the end of February of 2009, we get another bill, after more than 2 months of not having their service. It was for a pay per view movie that I thought I had paid for last year. I will go ahead and pay this worthless bill. The company is so unorganized that they cant even get a movie billed at the right time. We watched the movie in September of 2008 and got billed for it near March of 09. After the governments turn on religion, I hope they go after Directv.

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  • Je
    Jeff Feb 23, 2009

    2/15/09 Directv came to install service, showed up @10am, even though appt [email protected] Installation was incomplete, because the technician did not have satellite bracket extension. He told me that he has to come back another day to complete the installation. He took everything with him(satellite & HD receiver)
    2/17/09 Found out Directv started billing me & their record shows I have service & equipment(HD receiver).
    2/18/09 Called tech to schedule appt on 2/[email protected]
    2/20/09 Tech failed to show as promised, so we called him, then he promised to show on 2/[email protected] I called Directv & complained about the missed appt, where escalation of issue to Local Office was issued. I was told by service rep and her manager not to deal with the tech directly ever, and that it was my own fault to have made that mistake.
    2/21/09 The [email protected] Office called me & guaranteed that I’d have service by 2/22 & said she will call me back in half hour. The day went without a call, so I called Directv again, & spoke to a Resolution Manager(Steve), where he convinced that he’ll resolve everything & ensure that I get my service Sunday or I should be able to cancel without problems/charges. Steve told me to wait for the tech to show up for the 2-3pm appt (which totally contradicted what the service reps told me), and promised to have everything resolved and will call me by 10am on 2/22 to check on the status.
    2/22/09 Steve never called & no one else called to setup a service time with me. I called Directv again & spoke to a different Resolution Manager(Ty) to close my acct, who promised that I will not get charged for any disconnection fee, but simply cannot close out the issue because the record shows that I have the HD receiver, so I may get charged for it.

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  • An
    AngryCustomer12334 Sep 23, 2009

    I hate directv with a passion. I have been without service for 2 months and have been on the phone for countless hours. I am on my 3rd receiver. All they do is give me someone elses crap that they claimed to have fixed. Now because their equipment broke, they are extending my contract for another 2 years. I flipped out when I heard that. I wish I were a lawyer. I would go after them with everything I have. For the rest of my life I am going to tell everyone that asks what I think of Directv!!!

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  • Bo
    boulin99 Sep 30, 2009

    Directv hides an additional $100 fee to watch games in HD, on top of a $300 fee to get the NFL package.


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  • Jr
    jrqls Oct 03, 2009

    Directv is currently showing a commercial in which the viewer is in the middles of a hurricane and is still getting great reception on his television. What a load of bull crap! We live in a rural area and have no chance of getting cable, probably ever, so we are stuck with satellite service. We lose reception all the time, even when it isn't raining, so to say that reception is possible during hurricane force wind/rain is just an out right bald-faced lie. We constantly fight with directv over our bill, every month we must call to dispute a mistake on it, and if we have to call customer service, once we get through to India, the problem is never on their end, it must be on ours. Hogwash! Directv is nothing but a money making machine. It is unfortunate that businesses such as this thrive on taking advantage of the public, and that they cannot regulate themselves to provide a decent product/service. I am against government regulation, but after dealing with directv I feel that something needs to be done about them.

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  • Bb
    bboi Nov 18, 2009

    I also HATE direcTV for a ton of reasons... I created the following Facebook page as a place we can consolidate our venting efforts... hopefully, as we get more followers on this page, we can be heard! Please join...

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  • Ol
    Oller Jan 14, 2010

    To the author. Yes, nowadays the customers are like kids. Where did you take the idea of 14 days of waving ECF? 3 weeks? Is it really so long? Yes, I believe, you'll die without TV in 3 weeks. Poor baby

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  • Ol
    Oller Jan 14, 2010

    99% of the stuff said here is full crap. You think out things which do not exist and then go against that. Be fare! About suspension: they send e-mail and mail notification. Even if the didn't sen, they tell you the dates when they suspend the account. About fees for PPV for a few years ago- have telephone line connected to the receiver. And all that is not only about directv, but about many companies. Customers just DO NOT read the agreement. YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBLE!!! FOLLOW WHAT CAN AFFECT YOU IN THE FUTURE! STOP COMPLAINING ALL THE TIME!!!

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  • Ab
    abcarp May 27, 2010

    i just quit working for dtv yesterday as a customer retention rep...any questions?

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  • Ed
    EdinSC Jun 08, 2010

    I hate Directv! I will be selling my home so I can have cable that is how much I hate it. From the first phone call till today I have had nothing but problems. First they set up my service connect for the wrong day. Since we had not moved to the new house from out of state he didn't check the bedroom receiver. The next month I brought down another TV. Service was supposed to be set up. Could not get sat reception. Called them and went through a hour on the phone with them to get it to work. It didn't and they said they had to sent out a new one. Told them I would be in NJ for a few weeks could it be sent there... answer no. Came back to SC, still not working called and had to go through all the same crap even though I told them what the issue was. This time they couldn't send out a new one right away. Another month goes by, call them and go through everything again even though I explained the issue and they could see it on my file. They now can send me a unit. Told them to send it out so I would be here for it. Didn't come and it sat on my back deck outside for 4 days. Could have been stolen. Brought new unit in, set it up and didn't work. Called them again and went through all the same [censor]. They now have to send out a tech. Was told that the Tech could take the old unit instead of mailing back. Tech comes out and it appears that I have not had service to the bedroom from Sept (it is now feb). He connected it and got things to work but can't take the old unit since he didn't have paperwork for it. Told me it would get lost if he took it and wouldn't give me a receipt. Had to call them to tell them unit was being mailed back but would be after their 14 day period. Sent it through Fedex or UPS (not sure). They even told me to be sure to keep the reciept because Directv will try to tell you it wasn't returned. Thank God that it did show up. Now more issues with the units. Always have to reset. The sales rep told me that I would have On-Demand but I don't since we don't have high speed internet. Sold me a package and told me I could change it, not allowed to do that. Then I can't get channels and didn't understand it. Apparently (now it is April) they never had my HD set up on my DVR. It rains and service goes out. I was supposed to have a credit to my account and never got it and they won't give it, said I should never had been told that I would get one. I will be sure to tell everyone I know not to get Directv if they are thinking about it. We are looking for another property to build a house on and I told the agent that it has to have cable available or else I wont even think about it.


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  • Bi
    billkent Jun 23, 2010

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  • Bi
    billkent Jun 23, 2010

    vent your frustrations here

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  • Je
    jesselcat11 Feb 23, 2011

    Bottom line...DO NOT SIGN up with will be sorry!!!

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  • Us
    User4 Oct 23, 2011

    "This is why it's important to send things in a way that gives you a
    signed receipt that is sent back to you as proof of delivery. It may
    cost some extra dollars but will eleminate the hassles that you are
    now dealing with."


    How does that prove you returned their item(s). It doesn't. You could have sent them a rock in the box. Anyway, Directv knows that and uses that to put on a multi-million dollar scam. Thousands of people have sent their items back and have never received credit for it. Then you know what happens after that with the collections people after you. You think it's an idiotic conspiracy theory?

    Try getting a receipt back from them saying they have received the items. You can't. This is the only place I know of that won't give you a receipt for something like this.

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  • Mb
    Mbmi Feb 24, 2012

    They are terrible, they quoted me wrong price and asked me to sign up. When I confronted them, they asked me if I wanted to cancel it, sue i did..I am glad I don't have to deal with bunch of incompetent worker..

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  • Ra
    Rascall Jul 23, 2012

    I have been with DIRECT TV for 8 years. About three months ago I wanted to purchase a Pay Preview movie and it kept telling me the I could not order, because I have the wrong receiver. I called and complained, waited 45 min to talk to a person I could not understand.
    She told me that I had to upgrade my receiver in order to watch any movies coming out again. I watch TV about 4 times a week and never had a problem with my receivers before. I have older television sets because it is just me and I do not watch it often enough to make such a large purchase.
    Never the less, they came out and changed the receivers at a cost of $21.42 they at the time told me that I would not be billed extra on my bill because I was such a good customer. Well, I am billed about $20.00 extra a month and when you call they say that whoever I talked to had been fired so they could not tell me what had happened but yes, I will have to pay extra. Well on my birthday I decided to chill out and watch a movie. I ordered the movie from my computer as always. 10 minutes before show time, I could not get the channel. Now I am still having the same problem, paying upwards $240.00 a year and still cannot watch a movie. I called them and they said that I could not order the movie because my receivers needed to be updated. "I said what? I just upgraded my receivers and somehow this was not recorded? Three weeks later I go to rent another movie...same thing. This time when I called I get a person whom I literally could not understand and asked to speak with someone else. He refused to transfer me. I asked for a supervisor and had to wait another 20 minutes for a response. This person was a little bit easier to understand but not much better. He said he would refund me $5.99 for the movie. I told him to cancel my service that I was tired of dealing with this S---, He said now that I had to pay $440.00 to disconnect. I told him that people should not be treated in this manner. He did not budge. So to end it all, I get channels I do not watch, a lot of them, cannot order movies, have to upgrade receivers every three months, talk to people who cannot speak English, and get charged more and more for services I am not getting. I HATE DIRECT TV !!! I will be contacting the BBB who has already given them an F rating and complain.

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  • Ja
    Jay Smove Aug 31, 2015

    I don't have a directv account never had and never will. They charged my account $392.72 and I dont know why. I call them they told me if I don't have and account number they can't help me. ..WTH?

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  • Tr
    Trivette Jan 31, 2016

    I hate direct tv they're a rip off i had and they charged way to much for only 15 channels i will bring down direct tv and have tv for the people.

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  • Lo
    Lovella Roberts May 12, 2016

    I 100‰ agree with everything I have read! Have experienced so many billing issues with direct TV/ at&t.My question is why can't something be done about it. I definitely don't understand how they can increase your bill when you're under contract for 2 yrs. What's the point ?l will never get DirecTV again! Never!! Someone needs to check into this! They should be shut down after refunding all the money the took from their customers! Where do the complaints go once they are submitted?

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  • La
    Lacey X Sep 11, 2016

    I hate direct tv because these asswhipes got 300 dollars from and never restored my service after taking the money from my credit card i had to cut up my capital one card and get a new one and i never answer those harassing phone calls and ever time they bill me threw air mail all their bills go in my trash those greedy dish heads im now with comcast so if you live in decatur illinois dont order direct tv!

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