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Direct TVdirectv sucks

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  • Jo
    johncc Jan 05, 2011

    I was wondering if this issue is part of the recent 50 state settlement? john

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  • DIRECTV THIEVES Dec 23, 2010


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  • Da
    Dan Carlson Dec 22, 2010

    Received statement date 12/15/2010 for charge dated 11/10 for PPV:Daddy Day Care on an old RCA receiver which had been in the closet for many years. Directv claims that this movie was ordered from a receiver listed in my sons room in 2003 and it was never paid. We don't recall ever ordering this movie 7 years ago, but directv refused to credit the charge.

    Spoke with Directv supervisor Josh 12/20/2010 but stated there was nothing we could do about it and had to pay the fee from 7 years ago. He stated that if my son ordered a movie, then it was my responsibility. I had parental controls set so he couldn't have ordered the movie in his room. Josh also mentioned that Directv has a general policy of collecting access cards after service cancellation, then billing customers regardless of how many years have passed.

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  • Th
    THE ANSWER Dec 22, 2010

    If you have an account with directv, they were probably trying to contact you because of an important matter.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Thompson Dec 14, 2010

    I have read majority of the new complaints that are out on this complaint board. If this is not a wake up call for the new CEO then I don't see a future for Direct TV. It is bad that you brag about having millions of customers being number 1 and making billions off of the people who made you the money and we get treated like dirt. I just had a conversation with a so called supervisor named Kimberly id #415768 which if this is the way your company conducts complaints and problem solving then your hiring process needs to be tailored because if that call was recorded and I would of heard the way she conducted that call then she would of been fired on the spot!! I am a multi unit manager and I am definitely the one to understand customers I get complaints all the time but I am always able at the end to satisfy my customers with a reasonable solution. I have been a customer with direct tv for about 7 years and since moving to B'ham I enjoyed my direct tv service. When I moved here then my experience became a Nightmare. The first incident happened april of 2o09 when we first purchased our new home we continued our service for our install and the install tech came and looked like he slept in his clothes and was totally incompetent of how to install I was not present at my home but my wife was, he went on to install the service and after he was done he told my wife he was finished after she did the walk around she called me immediatel
    y to let me know that he put the dish on a pole in the front of our house in our flower bed because he was to lazy to go back to the office to get a adequate ladder for the job to put on the roof. Not only that he ran the wires on the outside across the door frames of my garage. Also I have a tv which is mounted in my fireplace he ripped up my siding and put it on crooked. So I came home and was very furious of what just happened to our new construction home. I called the local office about this and they sent over a tech supervisor and he saw the job and said this was unacceptable there were wire shavings left all on our bed and all around the house were he installed wire. After the supervisor calmed the situation down he sent back out that next day there top guy to fix he did a excellent job by fixing what was broke he shook his head out of dis-belief on what happened. Now here I am ready to get HD upgrade about 3 months later since I have my tv's now and Guess what there was all these additional charges and they had to drill more holes in my roof to put on the HD satellite. I am furious at this point because I was not told this in the beginning customers should always be recommended with whats the best decision to keep customers coming back and why is there no universal plate to accomodate both dishes so this does not occur when your reps are selling a service really with no clue on what there job duty is other than a script. The Training sucks!!! So now I decided after talking to several supervisors that they would not have to drill another hole it is a way they could hook up without additional holes so what I did was schedule the appointment and when the installer came which I requested a senior technician because of what happened the last time once again we had 2 guys who was drinched in liquor and my satelite dish was not in a box and under some tools scratched up bad. With beer cans falling out there truck! Are you kidding me!!! I sent them right back to wherever they came from and just said enough is enough!! Now here it is I am finishing my home theater and At&t uverse is not offered in my area I thought about giving another shot! Well here it goes I talked with Ashley out of Tulsa and she was very helpful with what was needed to satisfy what I have been through. So I have 2 standard receivers and 1 Dvr plus currently right now so my upgrade suppose to have consisted of 1 HD DVR and 1 additional hd receiver added and one standard exchanged for HD. So here we are on install day and once again the soap opera begins I requested once again for a senior tech and was suppose to be 8-12 scheduled I got a call stating they were behind because of there Tuesday meeting went over so it will be 1 hr after 12 to come and then after 2 hrs then they called and said he had a family emergency and they are trying to re route to another tech so another tech finally shows about 2:45 and I started asking him questions about how long he has been with the company and said 2 years I was about to send him back but I decided to give him an opportunity so he turned out to be very nice his name was Jeremy. So when I asked him about what equipment I had on the truck he said only a HD DVR then he called it in 2 get modified and they started telling me 99.00 for each HD receiver that was needed so that's when the drama started because my order was suppose to already be set up this way. I talked with Mark the modification rep in corporate. He just was very rude even with the tech. Then everyone from that point on made me out to be a villan instead of satisifying me as the paying cust that I am. My contract is over in April and I am going to blog every site call every management staff that direct tv kiosk are set up in and tell them not to do business with this company because it will set up a bad representation for them. Don't think for one second that I cannot accomplish this because majority of the stores that you are setup in are clients of mine. If you care about me as a customer and would like to contact me with a solution I will call and leave my pertinent info on the phone number listed above. I hope this is a wake up call for you and the company you inherited I too saw the episode of Undercover Boss so you have set the bar for a high standard by being on national syndication so the choice is yours whether you sink or swim. People gives you one chance to prove yourself I have given multiple so let's see how much you really care!!

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  • Ne
    nephews bbq Dec 14, 2010

    On Friday, Dec. 13th, I called to inquire about setting up an account with them, as well as bundling one of their partners for phone/internet service. I was told, by a Mr. Rudolpho Gomez, that "yes indeed we can set that all up for you". After scheduling an appt. for installation ( as well as being charged $214 ), I was transferred to their Bundling Dept. who informed me " their was nothing they could do until my service was activated". I decided to wait until Monday morning to call back, to give the system time. Upon calling Monday morning, I was then told that " they could not set up anything, until service was installed and activated". Later that day a man came and installed my service. I then called, for the 3rd time, to set up phone & internet service. I was once told this time by the Bundling Dept. for DirecTv that " we do have Windstream service in your area, and we can not help you". I tried to explain that not only did your sales rep guarantee me this was possible, but that the sales rep for Windstream also confirmed that they service my neighborhood. After countless hours on the phone, speaking to one supervisor after another, I was told "there is nothing we can do for you, other than cancel your service". NICE RIGHT?? I am trying to STAY WITH YOUR COMPANY, AND YET YOU TELL ME TO CANCEL!! I even tried having one supervisor get on a 3 way call with Windstream so they could in fact see Windstream serviced our area, but he declined. So, having now been exhausted trying to tell DirectV that they need to honor the agreement made to me, and being told by everyone I spoke with " they can't honor it, and to cancel my will not be reimbursed for the equipment you purchased" After another 3 hours on the phone, waiting 45 minutes for the 1st supervisor ( Jesse ), then an hour for the next supervisor ( Raul ), I spoke to the Sr. Manager ( Homer ) who al told me there is " nothing I can do, I can cancel your service, but you will not be refunded the fees for the equipment and if you call back tomorrow you will incur a cancellation fee". I then asked to speak to Homer's manager, who I was told " was not there, but I will leave him a message to call you, and give you his voice mail".
    In short, I would highly recommend to anyone considering switching to DirecTv to seriously reconsider, unless you like terrible customer service, a company that promises you one thing and delivers another, that you enjoy spending hours on the phone with incompetent people who will just transfer your call, or disconnect your call all together, and have them tell you " sorry, can't help you so cancel your service".
    I have sent emails to anyone in an Executive Role at DirecTv telling them of my malcontent for their company, as well as write complaints to the FCC, and every other consumer affair web site. They pissed off the wrong guy...

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  • Rl
    rlpNC Dec 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the most part, DTV only offers access to the channels, they do not make the channel line up. It's the same with cable TV companies. They do not control what is shown on the channels, they only offer the channels for viewing. You can get additional packages or invest in an account with Netflix to help increase your options.

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  • Gi
    ginnyb7 Dec 09, 2010

    I have been a customer since 2005. I think it is highway robbery the price you pay to watch re-runs constantly.I am disabled and stay home a lot and it is the same thing over and over from month to month.Occasionally you get a different program, but for the most it is the same old thing repeated.Most of the programs are not fit to watch or very interesting to watch.change your programs!

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  • Jn
    jnk334 Dec 02, 2010

    Im having a HUGE problem with direct tv. ive never heard of such awful service in my life. me and my husband signed up through a best buy and they came out saturday to install it. he told us he would be there at one and when he hadnt showed up by 2 i called him and he said he was on his way. by 3 he hadnt showed up so i called again and he said that he was just leaving he didnt show up till 430 and when he gets there he tells us, he cant attatch the tv to our roof he will have to put a pole in the ground he would be there first thing after church sunday so that would be at about one. he hadnt showed up by 230 so i call him and he says he will be there within an hour. so at 345 i call again and he said he still hadnt left he would be there within a hour. i continued to call him and one time he answered the phone ordering a cheese burger. he didnt get to our house till 715 on sunday night and didnt leave till 915. as he is leaving he tells us we owe him $110 for what he told us earlier would be FREE. i told him i wasnt paying it and he said we had to but to call the direct tv people and discuss it with them. so monday i give them a call after waiting 20 min to talk to someone i tell them my story and they promise me a returned call from a manager that afternoon or tuesday. wednesday i still hand heard so i called back and they promised a manager would call within the next hr. or hour in a half. well after 3 hrs. i call back and they tell me someone will be there to talk to me at 4. so at 530 i call back and talk to a manager and he tells me he will get the manager over him to call me at 8 this morning. well at lunch when i hadnt heard anything i called and waited for about 35 min to talk to somone for them to give me the "coopereate number" when i called them it was just the direct direct tv people. and they hung up on me while i was on hold!!! i just talked to a lawyer about the situation and about to give them a call again! if i dont talk to a manager this time! its going to get very ugly!!! I DO NOT RECOMEND TO ANYONE!!! if you want good cable service get charter, i wish i would have stuck with them from the start!!!

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  • Ha
    HATE DIRECTV Nov 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING with this company!!! They offer you a great discount/package never end up getting that price, they overcharge you and it takes forever to credit back/issue their "rebate" - they make you sign a 2 YEAR AGREEMENT...which it appears even if the home is sold due to someone being ill or maybe even dying - they STILL HOLD You to a HUGE Cancellation Charge!!! AND best yet, you supply them with a credit there they got just gave them PERMISSION to charge the credit card for HUGE cancellation charges!!!
    SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

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  • Pe
    Perkn Nov 29, 2010

    Direct TV is a JOKE! They add charges on you bill you didn't even order, then try to get them off! ...

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  • Ba
    balgame03 Nov 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Similar to "Beat DirecTV in VA" post above (I also live in VA), I followed the same procedures and got my money back as well. My situation was a little bit different though. We got DirecTV services starting in September 2009. We never signed any type of contract or anything. The only reason we got DirecTV was because Verizon was not offered in our area. Well, what do you know! 9 months later, Verizon starts offering their services in our area. My wife and I decide to wait until our 1 year anniversary of having DirecTV to call and possibly cancel if there were no cancellation fees.

    When I called DirecTV customer Service, I specifically asked if there would be any cancellation fees if I decided to cancel our service at that time and the lady whom I spoke to said no. Of course, we went ahead and cancelled the service and ordered Verizon Fios.

    1 week goes by and we receive a statement from DirecTV with a charge of $233.10 as an early cancellation fee. I called the Customer Support for DirecTV and advised that the last person I spoke to said there would be no cancellation fee. They advised to submit an email to the customer support and ask that they pull the tapes to review the customer service rep telling me that there would be no customer service fee. Well, conveniently they said that they do not record every convo, which is completely false because why would they tell me to have them pull the tapes if they didn't record every convo. Long story short, they would not refund my money. I didn't have direct payment to DirecTV, but when you initially sign up, they have you provide a credit card for backup payment. Well, 3 days later, they charge my credit card for the $233.10.

    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and got no results. They again declined the refund. I proceeded with the Small Clains suit, which is a very tedious process. It requires 3 forms to be completed very carefully. Then I had to take the completed papers to the courthouse to submit and pay a $56 fee to file the small claims suit. I also had to mail the paperwork to the "Trading Company" of DirecTV representing DirecTV in the State of VA (You'll have to find the Trading Co. in your state). Ask the courthouse what phone # to call to get that info and they will provide it to you. When you mail the paperwork to the defendant (DirecTV), make sure you get a Certificate of Mailing from the Post office to bring with you to court if you end up going to court.

    About 2 weeks after I filed the claim and mailed the paperwork to DirecTV, I received a call from the Legal Dept of DirecTV asking if we can settle out of court. I said of course if you refund my money. I got all $233.10 back and all I had to pay for was the $56 in small claims filing fee. I'm sure if you proceed to threat to go to court, they will give you that money as well. At that point, I was tired of the process and decided that $180 refund was enough for me. It was a win in my book.

    This is a scam by DirecTV as there was no contract signed. They make all their money on the early cancellation fees from people who do not want to take the time to file the small claims suit against them. It would cost them more money to go to court than to refund the money, so it is well worth it if you get one of these bogus cancellation fees from them. I highly recommend going forward with the small claims suit. IT WORKS!

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  • Dl
    DLorenzen Nov 17, 2010

    I have to say that I have been fighting with DTV and the collections agency for two months now, and the only thing I wanted was a bill...since I had already admitted I owed them a balance. Everyone said they escalated it to Corporate, and all i got was a form letter saying I owed them money. I called 15 times and got NOWHERE. Then I googled and got the above website, and Josh answered me, and took care of everything, zeroed out my balance, and apologized, and is sending my confirmation letter of a zero balance, and a bill ledger for my account. He even stated that he was going to recommend training for the reps on my account for who I had talked to, and gave me a follow up number for the next month in case I got any more collections calls, since he sent them a cease and desist order.


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  • Ke
    kertwo Nov 14, 2010

    Somebody please tell me how to take Directv to Small Claims court in KANSAS. When I went to the court house they provided a brochure that stated: You may sue any person or business operating in Kansas that you believe owes you money or property. Problem is that Directv is headquartered out of Colorado & their Office of General Counsel is in California. Any good advice or does Directv have a Kansas address? Help me out, I would love to put these arrogant [censor] in place.

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  • Sh
    Shelley Barker Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It might have taken me a couple of months but I finally got my money back that Direct TV stole out of my account and everyone else needs to do the same thing and run Direct TV out of Central Florida. They are nothing but out and out theives!!! You can do this one of 2 ways. First send an email to Ellen Fillpiat, who is the Vice President of Direct TV in Idaho, @ [email protected] or [email protected] ATTN: Mara. Or you can reach Mara @ this number [protected], and tell her how much they stole from your accounts. She is the one who can give you a refund. They stole $680.28 from me and she refunded me $571.17, which was my balance after my final bill. But it is my belief that ALL of us should get together and file a class action suit against Direct TV for damages and personal injury for what we have had to endure over these thefts. I have an attorney who is willing to go to court against them. But if you want your money back get it back the same way I did.

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  • Ja
    Jay_ski Nov 12, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I canceled my DirecTV account & returned their equipment due to unsatisfactory customer service.

    Without my permission DirecTV debited my bank account for the balance due. I called DirecTV asking that they credit the monies back to my account, send me a bill and I would send them a money order. They refused!

    I spoke with representatives at my bank on two separate occasions; two different representatives told me that DirecTV is notorious for this type of action/transaction.

    I am contesting the charge with my bank and have filed a complaint with the FTC.

    I want everybody to be aware of DirecTV's unscrupulous practices. Apparently it is commonplace with them.

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  • Ka
    karon moore Nov 12, 2010

    My home was destroyed by fire and water damage. Me and my children lost everything we owned. I had the insurance through directv and two agents told me they would cover it. They even offered to send the equipment when I called however I was homeless. Now my home is repaired and I am trying to get reimbursed. They are now telling me they will not do it, after they promised. Allstate states they do not cover anything from directv. Please help!!

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  • Mi
    Mickespinoza Nov 09, 2010

    I will NEVER do business with Directv ever again, they took 455.00 out of my account at 11:30 PM saturday morning, they didn't tell me they would keep my credit card information on file...but they do. I wanted out of my contract due to what I felt was their fault for not honoring their part of the contract ie the $10 off for refering an employee or friend.In the 5 months that I was a subscriber I had phoned them over 12 times each time spending no less than an hour at a time (45 minutes was on hold)3 people from that company stated that the only way out of their contract is if you DIE.If anyone plans on taking this company to court let me know

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  • Tn
    Tnabna Nov 08, 2010

    I am unhappy with Direct Service.
    I have not had Satellite services for over a week .
    I am unhappy they charge to send a tech to check your equipment you lease from them.
    i could under stand if the equipment was mine own and not leased and if i did not follow the trouble shooting over the phone first. there would be a charge but not if i lease and the trouble shooting does not resolve the issue. i will never recommend DirecTV again to anyone and will only give negative remarks to anyone who inquires on them.and i am having all cancel that have signed up with me.

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  • Ha
    haschenliebe Nov 05, 2010

    They dropped my favorite channel! G4! When I called and asked them why, they said they saw no value in the channel and that it just wasn't worth having. WTF?! I can't believe they would drop my favorite channel, with out that I can't stand using their service! Now I'm dropping them, I can't believe they would drop it.

    Very upset ex customer-

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  • Oh
    Oh-No-You-Dont Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for some solutions!!! Many companies need to be handled this way these days unfortunately.

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  • Ke
    keith hates directv Nov 03, 2010

    tv commercials say one thing then you call and customer unservice tells you another lie. Dont advertise channels you dont get with programming packages just to get people to order customer unservice will say things like im not sure ill email you thje answer just to get you off the phone if your thinking about dish network might be abetter choice i dont know but directv SUCKS and im stuckwith them for two years or pay a cancelation fee thats bs

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  • Ni
    Ninja Trader Oct 30, 2010

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I emailed Carey about two days ago about how Direct TV was trying to reactivate my service and continue charging even after one of their managers had deactivated the account and gave me a credit. Anyway, I used the email that Chris posted for Carey two days ago and today I just got a return box from Direct TV for me to ship the DVR back to them.

    The email works but guys I would ask that you not be disrepectful in your complaints so that other people can continue using this email method. I think that if we start sending threatening emails, soon enough Direct TV is going to shut the email site down.
    Anyway it worked for me I hope you guys have the same luck I did. Oh Yeah I called the number and got Direct TV but the gate keeper isn't going to let you speak to Carey especially if you say you are a customer, she is going to direct you to customer service.

    Best of luck

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  • Ca
    Carole Mans Oct 29, 2010

    This is my 3rd letter, as I will probably have to cancel service soon...No response from you or anyone. Please call me if you need to...I really can't afford you anymore, & that would be a hardship for me, since I am ill.

    I really hope to get a response from you, as I have never done this before..I just watched the episode of "Undercover Boss" & was totally amazed what kind of person you really are or seem to be.
    I was in tears, practically ...I heard the story about your son, and I too have been in recovery most of my life. I am 52 years old & had almost 5 years & relapsed in Dec. '09. I actually had worked at a detox facility here in Mesa, Az. I was honest & told them the truth & got let go a week later...I believe they were looking for an excuse anyway, because I have some major health issues..
    I worked [censor] a tech and took patient's vitals, people I even knew from going to meetings.
    I am an alcoholic addict. I have lost 2 husbands to this disease from suicide & have no family here in Arizona ...
    Well here is the bottom line...I have been out of work since Dec. '09 & have also been diagnosed with many health issues...I am struggling big time & there are days, that i just get so frustrated, because I am about to lose everything -my apt, can't afford to pay bills, waiting to see if I get disability which will not be a lot, because I was in & out of program for years.
    I now have over 5 months again & go to meetings everyday...I had one last relapse between December & May'10 & almost died..spent 2 weeks in hospital...working on getting my relationship with my daughter, has been a struggle.
    Can you some how help me with my account please ? i have been with you guys for 5 years, have health issues, do meetings, always try & give back what I can..obviously not monetarily, but if I can share my own experience, strength & hope to help someone else, I do...
    I look forward to watching my TV & getting to watch the shows I record...I do not have HD or anything fancy..
    They have free basic Cox where I live at the moment, but do not want to change...
    My account # is [protected]...
    Since I have been an on going customer, I do not get new customer rates...
    Please can you help me...

    I am so sorry to bother you, but after watching that show, I thought I would try & ask for help.
    I am home most of time or do recovery stuff... number is [protected]

    I sent this last week 7 then called the other day & had no help from customer service...I really need some help or I will have to cancel my service.. I really don't want to have to do that, but times are really tough for me now, as well as my HEALTH issues...



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  • Na
    Naison Hiller Oct 23, 2010

    Dear Mr. Chase Carey

    My name is Naison Hiller and I am writing you concerning some shady business practices that your company is taking part in, at least with my personal dealings that I have had with Direct TV. On Friday 10/22/2010 I contacted Direct Tv to inquire about getting your system installed in my personal home. While I was speaking to your sales representative, it was told to me that I could get a hook up for five rooms as long as one Tv was an HD TV. I explained to him that I did have one HD TV and four other standard TV’s. This was supposed to qualify me for the five room install. He also went on to explain to me that the package included a free installation for the house with the possibility of a special installation charge. I specifically asked what the qualify something as a special installation charge. He stated that if anything outside the home such as having to mount the dish on a pole would be considered a special installation charge. I clarified once again that nothing in the home would constitute a special charge and he stated everything in the home was covered under the no installation charge. I then went on to sign up for the bundle package which was to be activated on the 28th of October. The salesman then set me up for a install on the 23rd of October for the TV. I then requested that I receive an email showing everything that we talked about, and what I was supposed to be getting concerning this deal. I ended up calling back four more times and still have not received anything stating what I was supposed to be getting with this deal. On the 23rd of October the Direct TV technician showed up to install the dish, and went on to tell me that I was supposed to have a HD DVR, an HD receiver and 3 standard receivers according to his work order. Again I direct you back to the beginning of the letter where I only have one HD TV. He went on to say that if I changed the one to a standard receiver, there may be other charges for the fifth room. That was the first mistake that was made by your salesman. He then went on to say he would have to charge me $49.00 for each room to install the cable. The existing cable was not going to be correct for your system. Mind you this is the top of the line cable just installed a month ago for digital cable, by the cable company that I wanted to switch from, meaning that it was not some old cable from the 80’s. Which would only have to mean that every house would have to have your cable installed, which should be disclosed at time of sale as being an extra charge, not as a free in house installation. I do believe, that may fall under full disclosure and false advertising. The charges at this time, was to be $250.00. Then I asked what it was going to cost me when I did get another HD TV to upgrade and get the one changed from a standard to a HD DVR. He stated I would have to talk to Direct TV to get that info. I then took the time to call Direct TV while he was here and had them on speaker phone so he could hear their responses. The young lady stated that there should not be any charges for the cables in the house, that they were covered under the free install. Then she went on to say that she could change the on HD receiver to a standard and when I got my other HD TV it would cost me $199.00 for an upgrade to have the new HD DVR installed. The Tech., interrupted and stated that she was giving false information. He stated that there were charges for the cables to be installed in the house of $49.00 per room and that there would also be charges for a tech to come back out and install the upgraded HD DVR at a later date. At that time she stated she would have to get her supervisor and after waiting ½ hour on hold she hung up on us. The technician heard firsthand what I was being told, and could understand my frustration. I called back and went through this whole ordeal again with another rep. and then again with his supervisor of which I believe his name was Henry Williams. He stated he could not help what the other rep told me about it being a free installation to close the sale, because I had to pay for the cable installation. This is not what was told to me, to buy into Direct TV and start the phone and internet bundle. This caused me to set up a deactivation appointment with my current carriers, which will cost me money to reactivate not to mention that my service will be more now because I am not locked in at my old rate any longer. I explained the supervisor and all he said was he could not do anything about it. I would have to pay. Your company has put me into a no win situation, it is going to cost me more money no matter what I decided. The Tech that was here and listening to all this could not believe what he was hearing and was very disappointed to see what just took place. I know when a bait and switch is taking place and this is definitely what just happened. I also know that my order was recorded for accuracy and the supervisor did not care what was told to me just to close the sale, even after I asked him to listen to the recorded order to hear what I was promised. This could also be called false advertisement. When you order a Cadillac you should receive a Cadillac not a Volkswagen. I sincerely in my heart of hearts don’t believe that this is an accepted practice within your company, and you needed to be informed about these instances in order to put a stop to them, and make things right with the victims of these practices. I hope that I am correct in my assumption of you not knowing these practices are taking place and hope that you will take steps to stop them and you will make things right with the victims of these practices such as myself, to keep me from having to take further action concerning the false advertising and the bait and switch practices. Please contact me at my email address, to let me know what your thoughts and possibly your actions might be to resolve this matter.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Naison Hiller

    Email: [email protected]

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  • Pm
    PMTomasino Oct 22, 2010

    [email protected]; [email protected] One is the CEo and one is the CFO of Direct TV. I have just e-mailed both of them. Not sure I will get any feedback, but it is worth a try. I agree with all of you. Try e-mailing them and if any of you are taking them to court in Las Vegas, Nevada please let me know, I will join you. [email protected] Taking money out of a person account that has not had Direct TV in quite sometime is unheard off. Yes, out of my account because they still had my credit card information. Wow!!!

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  • Te
    Ted T Oct 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DirecTV and Best Buy have not issued my giftcard rebate although I fulfilled all the conditions of the promotion.

    After listening to the DirecTV representative's pitch at Best Buy, I signed up for DirecTV. I had just moved to the area and had already signed up to have Time Warner cable come out the following week. But due to DirecTV's promotions, I decided to cancel the Time Warner install and go with DirecTV instead...BIG MISTAKE!!!

    So what were the great deals that made me make the change from Time Warner to Best Buy? A $50 Best Buy giftcard upon installation and a $300 Best Buy giftcard once I received my first DirecTV bill AND I purchased a $499 or higher priced LCD TV. (I picked up a $749 Sony 40" LCD that I didn't really need, but figured I was getting for half price once I figured in the 2 giftcards.)

    I received the $50 Best Buy giftcard in less than 3 weeks. Yet over 3 months later, I haven't received the $300 Best Buy giftcard. I've spent 6 hours on the phone, an hour at Best Buy, and 2 hours resubmitting my paperwork to a "special" consumer complaints department at Best Buy because DirecTV has no history of the $300 promotion (yet DirecTV sent me a postcard denying my claim with the correct promotion number saying the TV wasn't purchased at Best Buy, but from Smart Circle...the local satellite company that Best Buy and DirecTV uses to provide the satellite receivers and install the satellite dishes). DirecTV phone reps were not one could speak English well enough to understand the situation. Thankfully, Best Buy consumer complaints listened to my "plight" and began working with a special department at DirecTV. Via email, the Best Buy consumer complaints department "congratulated" me on 31 Aug 2010 saying it was an error and that I would receive my giftcard within 14 - 21 days. 6 weeks later, I'm still waiting for the giftcard.

    I have no recourse except to keep emailing the rep at Best Buy's special complaints department. 2 emails and 1 phone message have not been returned this past week.

    My question many people are patient and persistence enough to fight these corporations for what is rightfully theirs? They want to keep me running in circles between the two companies until I give up. Does anyone else see anything morally and ethically wrong with this situation? The time and gas I've spent trying to correct this injustice is worth more than the $300 giftcard I was supposed to receive free and clear. Doesn't seem fair.

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  • Al
    Al peace Oct 18, 2010

    You have the worst customer service on the planet. God, how could you go on TV an be that blatantly an [censor]? I have tried and tried to get results only to be told "Tuff [censor]" You say that you have a policy of helping the customers, yet your people just tell us to shove it. You have charged me $85.00 for a piece of [censor] equipment that I cannot use and refuse to take it back or give me the proper stuff. Yeah, customer service? I don't think so. You are a bunch of A' holes that don't give a [censor] about your customers.

    AL Peace

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  • Ms
    ms. lee Oct 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    be charge for nfl package i did not sign for or ask for called and they said the season had already started and it could not be stop. directv is dishonset and deceiful getting customer money for thing they did not order.or want

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  • Ob
    obg Oct 09, 2010

    It is not my desire or intent to waste your valuable time. I have been a customer of DirectTV for over five (5) years. The problem occured on Saturday, October 9, 2010. Please understand that I take full responsiblity of owing a balance at DirectTV, I do not dispute this. However, on the evening of Wednesday, October 6, 2010, I received a bill from your company. I immediately contacted the office via a telephone call. I spoke to a customer representative who explained to me that if I adhere to the payment arrangement I made, my services would not be interrupted. The arrangement would be rendering half of the balance on the 16th and the remainder by the 25th of this month. On Saturday, October 9, 2010, a message appeared on my television screen. As instructed, I called the toll free customer service number and they verified that my services was interrupted due to a reverse on my account. The purpose of my arrangements were to have the problem resolved and its entirety, that would result in my account having a zero balence. Due to the false and misleading information given to me by your customer service representative, my services would not have been interupted. He informed me that because I made these arrangements, he guaranted me that my services would not be interrupted. On-the-other-hand, I contacted DirectTV immediately and spoke to a supervisor at the [protected] number who reviewed the information and stated that he reviewed the note on my account. However, he still would not re-instate my services. Please understand I had two business days to come up with the balance if I knew or had any idea my serivces would be interrupted after I made payment arrangements.

    I asked and pleaded with the supervisor to re-instate my services because of the misleading information given to me and he still refuse to re-instate my services. I would understand if I disregarded my date to make the payments, however, I wasn't afforded the opportunity. I contacted this office and was placed on hold over an hour. When I finally spoke with someone, she informed me that I could not speak to anyone else but the supervisor who is handling my account. I know, that as a business orientated person, there is always someone leading an office who could be spoken to if my questions were not getting answered in which the manner I needed answers.

    I ask that you please respond as this matter requires your immediate attention. I request that my services be re-instated or I will look into another company who offeres better service toward their customers!

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  • Ih
    I hate Direct TV- Oregon Oct 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a customer of Direct TV for 18 months. In May of 2010, my family moved and at that time, we cancelled our DIRECT TV service; our contract was up, so I was not concerned about this being a problem.

    I called Qwest (they were the third party biller) as well as Direct TV, notifying them of this change. Unfortunately, I have continued to be billed through Qwest, for my prior Direct TV service. When I received my August bill from Qwest, I noticed I was still being charged for Direct TV. At this point, I called Qwest again. They assured me that it would be taken care of and I would receive a refund for the services I had already cancelled as well as an adjustment on my account. Qwest got Direct TV on the line at the same time. The Direct TV operator was very rude. They said that I never called and cancelled and I was not going to get a refund. I told them I did call and I have not received any services for almost 3 months, why wouldn't I get a refund and an adjustment to my account.

    You can only imagine my disbelieve, when I received my September bill from Qwest with NEW charges as well as the previous charges, on my bill, from Direct TV! Direct TV still did not cancel my bill. Qwest apologized and assured me they would take care of the adjustments. I was told I would receive $178.60. Now, 4 weeks later, I get a nasty gram in the mail from Qwest, stating I still owe for the $178.60. Qwest states Direct TV is to blame, they keep being billed for these services, and they are not obligated to adjust me bill. If I had known, I would receive such poor customer service from QWEST and Direct TV I would have NEVER used either one of your services. I fact, I am cancelling all of my services with Qwest and I will NEVER use DIRECT TV.

    I have filled a formal complaint with the OPUC against QWEST and a formal complaint with the DOJ if this is not resolved within the week.
    Unfortunately, Direct TV is not regulated by the PUC so you generally have to go thru the DOJ(Dept. of Justice).

    I tried Mr. Chase's email but it came back, does anyone have a better email address?

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  • Ma
    mac416 Oct 04, 2010

    I ordered from Directv the RV kit that does not work when I call for help they tell me that it was a self install that there is nothing they can do I try and cancel and they put me on hold until I get tired of waiting and hang up.
    Sure they gave me a good deal with NFL Ticket but if I can't watch it what good is it.

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  • Mo
    mothercomplingheated Oct 03, 2010

    Let me start with saying mother [censor] directv and multiband. I live in an apartment community where multiband has bought out the rights to directv service in this area. We called to set up service and asked specifically for an HD DVR which would have been a free upgrade form the regular DVR. The tech comes while my roomates girlfriend is here and installs a regular DVR along with running BLACK cable all over our apartment. Stapling the cable to our wall every couple inches. Plus he refused to move a couch that easily breaks apart into 20 pound sectionals to run the cable properly behind it. i get home, notice that i have the wrong dvr and call multiband IMMEDIATELY. They tell me that they have to listen to the initial phone conversation and give me a call back. now, of course, they didn't give me a call back. i eventually call them and am told that theres nothing they can do for us and if i want an hd dvr i'll have to pay upwards of $300 bucks. i basically tell em to [censor] off and to get their equipment and disconnect their service (which no lease holder in the house actually signed a contract for). then we get into the whole ETF thing. 10+ phone calls filled with yelling, fingers pointed, lies, and a bunch more later between multiband and directv someone tells me that i would have had to cancel within 24 hours of getting service activated. now looking back, i called within hours of service being installed to report the problem and was basically forced to wait 48+ hours while they listened to a 15 minute long phone conversation before they told me no. there was no possibly way i could have made an informed decision within the first 24 hours. at this point i've had it. i file a claim with the BBB and a week later i have the ETF i paid to avoid any credit disputes refunded to me. Guys, skip all the [censor] and just report this [censor] offs to the BBB at the slightest sign of a problem. i was one step away from hiring a lawyer but this was a nice FREE alternative. good luck ya'll.

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  • Cd
    cdsal Sep 26, 2010

    I have had direcTV for more the 4 years and have had a channel in my package since day one. Today, again we didn't receive the channel. Called direcTV and talked to tech support (what a joke). They kept telling me that fox sports cincinnati wasn't in my package. It is on there listing for my package, on their website. They told me I had to upgrade my package to get it. NOPE. I told him I wanted to talk to their supervisor. They told me to upgrade and they would give me the sports package free for 3 months. NOPE. I told him to look on your website it is on it for my package. Choice extra. I got hung up on by a supervisor. After that my channel came on. Called them back and told them if that is want you call customer service, I will take my business somewhere else. I am now looking for another provider. SHAME ON YOU DIRECTV FOR TRYING TO CHEAT ME OUT OF WHAT I AM PAYING FOR ALREADY!!! Don't trust directv for anything.

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  • Pt
    P. Turner Sep 25, 2010

    My complaint is concerning taking a powerful program off the air on October 1, 2010. The program is called GOD TV and this program that is on channel 365 need to stay on. This program is helping so many people all around the world. If this is taken off, then there is no need for myself and so many others would need to keep direct tv. Pass this on to the President/CEO. Thank you.

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  • At
    athomason Sep 24, 2010

    For the lase two or three billing statment I have not receive one. Since the times that i haven't receive one i done had my serive interrupt twice. The last time it was interrupt i was ask to pay the amont that i pad to restore my service.Now the time have came around again and i have not receive a bill. Now my serive once again interrupt, i call customers service about it they told me i had to pay the full amont before they can restore my serive. Now keep in mind i never receive a bill, i ask them about that and they told me that they stop mailing me a bill and start e-mailing my bill. I never told them two e-mail me my bill, i don't check my e-mail for bill. So i told them that i could pay the pass due bill but not the full amont since i didn't get a bill. They didn't mail me a bill but they expect for me to n0 what and when to pay.

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  • Mikon8er Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sonic Tap aren't even real radio stations, neither are they actual satellite radio, they are just hundreds of shuffled playlists of modern and classic songs of different genres. No DJ chatter, no personality, but overall good sound quality.

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  • Li
    libragal2010 Sep 22, 2010

    I feel for all you people, I don't even have directv but I know people now that are having issues with being charge for directv and then directv cancelling their service because they said they needed a major cc and they used a debit card and they still charged the card and cancelled their service...And they like some of you have been passed around from person to person and nothing has been resolved...I would not recommend directv to anyone and anyone having issues with directv should report it to the BBB!!!

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  • Do
    douglas blair Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed with DirecTV for two years, with one free receiver, and I rented three more. With about five months to go in the contract I called them to ask them to discontinue one of the receivers. The representative told me that the company "might" send me a shipping box to return the receiver in, but since it was an older model, they might not. If a shipping box did not arrive within ten days, I could just throw it away.
    That box did not arrive, so I tossed the unit in local trash.
    Now a charge appeared on my billing for $45.00 for the receiver. When I called and made all of this clear, the rep (and then the supervisor) told me that since I did not return it to them, I would have to pay the charge. I challenged them to admit that this is tantamount to calling a customer a liar, and although they didn't say it aloud, that's what it is.
    I work in customer service, and it is 99.99% true, you NEVER call a customer a liar, you just give in and give them what they insist on. I can't wait to end this business relationship, which is highly soured.

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  • No
    NoDirectTV Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WATCH OUT FOR DIRECT-TV. They are consistently, systematically scamming everyone. In Florida, they have there technicque down to a science. They first put you on with one person, who promises a whole lot for a few dollars. Then, they get your credit card information and the next thing you hear is that the first person was wrong and that the charges are going to be $20 to $30 more than they promised. You typically go through three or four people all claiming to correct it, but it never gets corrected and there only consistent response is THAT THE FIRST PERSON GOT IT WRONG.

    This is a classic bait and switch. I really like to hear if there is anyone out there that has had DirectTV do what they said, they would do. That is anyone with less than all and the most expensive services.

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