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Complaints & Reviews

auto loan

Back in november I got my car stolen, I called the bank 2 days letter to notify the bank, adviced by my insurance company, here we are almost 3 months later and the bank still havent send the papers my insurance asked for, the insurance company sent the bbva a letter of guaranty and asked for a copy of the title, since it was taking too long, I called bbva, I was told back in december 20th that the letter was going to be mailed on the next day... Since the ins never got it back, I called again in january, after calling many times, wait for almost an hr on the phone, leaving a number for a call back (no one ever calls back) I was able to speak to someone that told me they never received the letter from my insurance, in the mean time I keep getting collection calls, and today I found out I was reported as a delinquent account,
Ive been trying to get it resolved for months, trying to get it paid off, also... After I was able to get on a conference call between the bank and my insurance company, I was told it takes 14 days to get the docs signed and sent to the ins company... I cant not express enough how frustrated and disapointed I am, I ran out of rental and need to buy another car... I was never once late on my payment and now, all of that will screw my credit... I still havent resolved the issue, but im going to let everyone now about my issue with bbva, again, I cant express enough how mad I am, terrible customer service, I was actually told by a bank employee that they dont have enough people to resolve issues... Seriously... Terrible to say the least

unauthorized opening of credit card and use.

There was a credit card opened in my name ending in account # [protected] credit card ending in # 5879 I made...


Jerry cedillo is a bery bad costumer service can not help about the issue i had about my account. I deposit a check in friday and their sistem say i deposit the check on Saturday i can be posible now my account is overdraft and i have no money with me at all. The money is in hold and have no access to it and the banker has ko idea were the money is at that really unprofessional

equity loan

no more trust.thank for helping the fist time with 20.000 i paid all my credit card off to get a equit...

all of bbva

I give bbva compass 💩💩💩💩💩 for being the worst bank that has ever existed. Customer service is rude, they hang up on you, they say that you are cursing at them when your not. just so they can say that's why they hung up on you. They post payments to the account then go and reverse the charges saying that is when the payment posted and reverse all the other payments that have already posted. Then reaply all the payments back cause you to be charge NSF after NSF. Leaving you to drown when other bills need to be paid but now cant pay them cause your in the negative. they say they post payments in real time but when it comes to deposits they will not post that in real time. WHY? so they can charge you more nsf fees. Why hasn't bbva been investigated after reading bad review after bad review. why isnt anyone looking after the small people like us who are being robbed. I have never dealt with a bank who is just self center on themselves and care about how much money they can rob from people like us. I will make sure more reviews get written and hopefully one day bbva Compass will go down for doing wrong to their customers. The only reason you are getting a star is cause I have to put one. But bbva compass you deserve 💩💩💩💩💩.

personal loan

We were told that our payoff amount would be $23, 659.00 - we sent them a check for that amount. Now they are claiming that we did not call for a payout and the amount we sent was not for the exact amount. They processed our payment as regular payment and say we owe $1, 232.48 and our next payment is due Aug. 8, 2022. When speaking to them on the phone I expected maybe a $100 or $200 and asked for an exact payoff today and was given the amount of $1, 302.24. There is something not right here and I am not getting anywhere talking to them. Can someone help?

personal loan

credit card "offers" that are in fact trolls looking for personal information

BBVA sends so-called "pre-approved" credit card solicitations and when the potential customer tries to apply...

mortgage escrow

I received my Homeowner's Insurance renewal notice 30 days before renewal date of 09/05/19 and saw that my premium had risen to a point where I knew it was time to shop for a new Insurance company. I contacted my insurance agent who told me to tell my lender, BBVA Compass, not to pay the renewal until I had a binder from a different company. I did this, and was told by BBVA Compass that I had until a week before the renewal to shop. Once I had the binder, two weeks before renewal, I had seen on my online banking screen that BBVA Compass paid the renewal immediately after I called two weeks prior. My agent is now having to jump through hoops to get the actual policy paid and refund the difference of premium back to my escrow account before my next billing cycle.

employee & customer service

The employees at the branch located off Union Blvd and Dublin in Colorado Springs, Colorado confronted one of...

poor staff bad attitude

Over a 30 min wait in the drive through line and I was the only car there. Watched through my the window and...

the service of your phone representative the unprofessionalism

To the Fraud, Adjustment all departments,

Handling my dispute which started March 8 2019 . It is now July 15 2019 it had now been 4 and half months ... This dispute has been going on ... And I've been persistent in calling to check on the status of my dispute instead of speaking directly to whom it concerns I am being thrown around to different departments in which each department has something different to tell me about the credit I have received from This Bank I'm am. Livid .Because for one I do not have access to this information NO ACCOUNT NUMBER NO ACCESS TO THE ONLINE BANKING but was told multiple times I. Will be accreditation in the amount of $917.00 ... and it is well over 5 to 7 buisness days I still have not received my money FRUAD DEPARTMENT is very unporfesional and I'm highly upset and want my funds SOMEBODY give me an answer ASAP or I will take legal matters in this situation ... THANK YOU KINDLY

SHANIQUA ROSS social [protected]

bbva poor customer service and lack of professionalism

My wife's card cracked and she requested a new one while at a branch bank on 19 Jun. She was told it would take 3-5 business days to receive. As of 15 Jul, she has still not received it. I called the customer service number [protected], Tuesday, 9 Jul, and was told delivery was pending.

I called again 15 Jul after still not receiving the new card and after 30 minutes on the phone with two different Customer Service reps, was told it had been sent 19 Jun, but returned by the mail "people." I verified our address and requested it be sent again, but they informed me they had to speak to my wife. I was also told that since it had been so long, we could request delivery be expedited and they would waive the fee.

I contacted my wife, who called them only to find out in spite of giving them our address back in June, they had sent it to her old address (hasn't lived there for over 2.5 years), thus, it was returned. They also refused to waive any fees if we wanted it expedited in spite of their screw up. So, we have to wait another two weeks or so before receiving her new card.

I have been with Compass since 2003, before the BBVA got added, but due to their lack of decent customer service and and professionalism, I will be changing financial institutions after I check out all the others near my residence.

poor staffing

Every time I go to this branch the manager is never there. I do not know if there is a childcare in thi...

response to fraudulent activity

After receiving an SMS notifying me of fraudulent transactions on my BBVA debit cards, I was unable (and still am) to reach anyone in the fraud department. I tried the number included in the SMS, the number on the voicemail given on the recording at [protected], and an alternate number at [protected], which I have been on hold with for over 2 hours. The system finally hung up on me and said that no representatives were available, and to call back on the SAME number! Meanwhile I am no closer to securing my account, or getting a replacement debit card. Completely unprofessional and irresponsible, seeing as I have entrusted BBVA with my hard earned money.

checking? that's what they're calling it

Please, please do not waste your hard earned dollars here. The only one earning money in triplicate is this bank. Whoa Nelly, I haven't seen oopsie fees like this since the 1980's...

and they WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU. Bank here if:

you enjoy getting machines

talking to Customer Service Toll number who will dismiss a mere pittance of what they are racking up daily on your account (you will never catch up)

You will get referred to a "Banker" who is in Sales; and/or has not fully learned his job yet.

You will also get referred to "the bank where your account originated from" (GREAT LOCAL SERVICE) even if it's over 350 miles away.

FDIC, please investigate.

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    Shut up minimum wage bi$ch.

  • Updated by Wontbefooledagain92 · Jun 19, 2019

    Dear Smallest of Dickus

    Not if what they do is hold funds. The reason this bank will not last is that is does not work with customers. Call me after it closes and your applying for unemployment.


  • Don'tBeAMoron Jun 20, 2019

    The original poster obviously suffers from some little man syndrome here. How can he be expected to predict the outcome of a major corporation when he can't even manage his own paltry finances. @Biggus Dickus, you hit the nail on the head. Don't pay attention to the snowflake whose net worth is less than one of my quarterly bonuses.

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customer lack of service

If you deposit in a savings account, even with cashiers checks, it might take 10 days to clear. If you try and close your account it might take 20 or more phone calls, 10 or more faxes and hours on hold talking to people speaking from a script and they all have different answers to questions. Please don't even think about this bank. I think the federal regulators and the FTC and the BBB should shut them down. I'm leaving no stars, if it forces me to leave one to post my comment, I will have to do so. I've also contacted the WA. State A/G to file a complaint. My State Senators and Congress reps will also be notified. This bank is absolutely the worst company I've ever dealt with.

current employee

I am a current employee of BBVA Compass Bank, and have been in banking since 2003. Never have I worked for a bank with such an aggressive sales minded outlook. Customers are no more than dollar signs when they walk through the doors. There are sales goals for everything imaginable, even doing demonstrations on the mobile app for customers.. No joke...What in the world!!! This is Wells Fargo the sequel, There is a huge turnover rate, because this isn't a job, its a sweat shop... Only a matter of time before the Government steps in...

person assisting in activating new debit card

I spoke with Han, I believe his employee reference number was 608. You are welcome to listen to the call recording. He was hard to understand and even though I had answered several of the questions he asked. He stated he could not activate my new card. He was asking me questions like what was last deposit amount? Who was the last person you wrote a check too and the amount of our last check transaction? He continued to ask questions that I would have had to have a bank statement right in front of me to answer. After all this he could not activate the card. I asked for supervisor and was put on hold for an extended amount of time, probably hoping I would hang up. As this was going on, my wife was on her cellphone and the BBVA app and was able to active my card. Just wanted to let you know your app is great but phone customer service is ridiculous.
T Fielder

overdraft fees

I made a deposit to cover a late transaction on 4-29-19, deposit did not hit the account until maybe an hour after the transaction was made. There was not overdraft fee posted on my account that day so I proceeded with utilizing the remaining balance in my account. Almost 24 hrs later an overdraft fee was posted to my account for that transaction, causing my account to go in the negative with on pending transaction remaining. My would be in the green had that transaction not been posted ( late) I might add, now it appears I'll have too pay two overdraft fees.Thats seems completely one sided with them being allowed to lag in there transaction time but when it's on the other side you penalized for almost 80 dollars when you did deposit the appropriate amounts into the account.i feel completely taken advantage of and have lost complete trust in my bank, I do not think this is right and should not be allowed to take place over just minutes difference. I am requesting any resources available to take the proper steps to prevent this from happening to my self or any future customers of this company. Thank you for you time and I can be reached at [protected] or [protected] for any questions regarding this incident.

checking account servicing

I had a business account with BBVA Compass Bank, which was always in good standing for over four years and...