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I did not give permission for the amounts of $117 and $218 to be taken out of my direct express account. I've tried all day to contact direct express to file a despute against this fraudulent transaction but it keeps telling me they r resulting in high call volume and then hangs up . I got to talk to someone earlier and when they transferred me to make the despute it stated that they was having HGH call volumes call back later . I've been trying hours since and no answer just hangs up. The $335 dollars that was tooken out of my account was not of my consent to do. I would like to know what it is I need to do to result in getting my money but back. I gave permission one month for a payment to be tooken out and after that I personally told them not to take another payment out and they went ahead and took not only the amount of a months payment but $335. One transaction of $117 and another of $218 . I tryed to contact the company that has done this and all they would say is nobody put in the notes not to do it but he said the month before it declined so I told them not to take nothing else out of that account that I would be up there personally to pay . They did not listen and said oh well it's already been done and tooken out so nothing we can do. They also not only did this but gave out my personal information out to another individual without my permission which also is not right. I need to know how I can make a despute against this fraudulent transaction since I cannot contact anyone from direct express.


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    Robilyn69 Mar 03, 2018

    IVR transfer of $1100. was removed from my account the day my deposit was posted. Direct express told me that the cash transfer was made, and they gave me the routing number and account number to the account it was put in knowing that this was fraud on my account. It was a Wells fargo account woul. I called them and they wouldn't even stop the transaction.. nor would they bother to look up the account and stop this person from stealing my money. First, Direct express abused Regulation E. Then told me they were sending me paperwork to fill out and send back to them before they could start their investigation. Also, they said it could take up to 45 days to resolve. I am disabled and have no money and trusted a company that Social Security Admin. set me up with. What am I suppose to do and what if their investigation just gets pushed aside? It says my monies are insured, but if that were true, they would be able to give me my money back knowing this was a fraudulent transaction. The guy I spoke to even admitted that the other account it went into, didn't have my name on it??? I have tried to call customer service again and again but I can't through

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  • Je
    Jeanette Winslow Jun 14, 2019

    Why does it take direct express bank a long time to investigate a dispute claim and it ridiculous how they won't answer their phone when calling I know no one is that busy especially at 8 to 9 pm that's ashame sometimes I believe they are the ones who is taking people money out of their accounts. That bank needs to be shut down because they are not professional at all and they will let the phone ring for a long time because they know eventually you are going to hang up. Somebody needs to do something to help us victims seriously

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  • Cr
    Crisie Jul 03, 2019

    I’m currently going through the same thing. They don’t understand that every penny matters. My card was 29.67 without my authorization after I have told them on several occasions not to charge my card, they still do. Now I’m stuck because amazon won’t give me a refund without an email. I been told them to cancel everything out so idk why they still charging my d*** card. I’m really starting to HATE direct express. And u can’t even dispute a transaction online. It’s a lose lose situation with these people.

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