Beal Bank Complaints & Reviews

Beal Bank / cancelacion de pagare de un prestamos saldo en el 2016

Apr 30, 2018

Estoy solicitando la cancelación de préstamo hipotecario núm. [protected], saldo en marzo del 2016. La dirección donde esta ubicada la residencia es: 33 calle Almacigo, Parcelas Aguas Claras Sector Silen, Ceiba, Puerto Rico 00735. La propiedad esta a nombre de Anselmo Caraballo Bermudez y...

Beal Bank / Bullying

Nov 21, 2013

WE ARE BEING BULLIED!!! WE NEED HELP QUICKLY!!! I’M BEGGING FOR HELP PLEASE??? PLEASE???? I was have NEVER been given a fair housing right act. 2008 Chase began foreclosing on me leaving me what I thought was NO CHOICE but to file chapter 13 to keep my home. They sold my note(?) many...

Beal Bank / CLMG / Discrimination


I had worked hard for this company for over 3 1/2 years. After your 3rd year you get a pretty good retention bonus. However, in the past year my department had been deteriorating. The work environment was extremely unprofessional and loud. The bank is a good old boy bank, privately owned...