Direc TV DVRmy directtv dvr never works

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Ok, so I really like to watch this show so you think you can dance, since I am a dancer and I really like to watch it. I always get excited on wednesdays and thursdays because those are the days that the show airs. I scheduled my directv dvr to record wednesday's show and when I get in front of the tv to watch my favorite show, it doesn't record. At the top it says it is recording but it wasn't!!!

I just wanted to complaining about directv... Don't be their customers!!!


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      Sep 13, 2008
    Sharon Hill
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Customer Service with Direct TV is very poor. I pay over 100.00/month and I only have Showtime.

    I have 1 DVR reciever that is not operating properly. Direct TV service people, Jay and Ashley want me to fix this problem by disconnecting and reconnecting cable wires. What are technicians for??
    Whats the sense of paying for a service plan and you don't get the service.
    Seems like I'll be shopping for a new cable/SATTELITE provider.

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      Oct 27, 2008

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      Nov 26, 2008
    Direct TV
    United States

    The first "tivo" they cmae out with took 3 technician trips to get going. Then, when that one died, I got a new receiver from a technician. Whoopee. Yhen someone else had to come out to repair cables that were not noticed before. Then, this machine's hard drive messed up. I finally got a "case manager" who sent me a new receiver to hook up myself. I try to activate it and low-and-behold...the case manager did not send a very necessary converter box. I now have to wait ANOTHER week for ANOTHER tech to come. Thanksgiving at this house just had to be cancelled. Every time they say "Thanks for choosing Direct TV" I want to scream at them. Unless I pay for 23 more months of nothing (which so far I am doing" I am stuck.

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      Jul 02, 2009

    so before posting here did you call directv, when I had this same trouble with my dvr I called and it was resolved in one call

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  •   Jul 04, 2009

    Yeah, i did call them and they were very unhelpful. Just didnt help me

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