V Jul 19, 2019

While checking out I used my vision card to purchase some of my groceries. As soon as I swiped my card the cashier looked me straight in the face and said we're always hiring if you're looking for a job. My husband who's been at his job for 24yrs and works 50+ hrs a week was standing right next to me along with my 10 yo son and 15 yo daughter. I, myself, am completely disabled with a terminal lung disease. I'm was completely taken a back with her quick judgement and rude comment. It has taken me days to collect myself and write something letting you know what happened. I do hope something is done and hear back.

Mike and Victoria Dyer
3032 SW Lydia Ave #105
Topeka, KS 66614


It was the Dillon's store on 21st and Fairlawn in Topeka, Kansas. On July, 14 2019.

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