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  • Bj
    B. Johnston Aug 20, 2009

    anyone wanting to whiten their teeth should go to the source ...just like a dentist would... read the label.. find the product and order from a dental lab. there are many on the net but I found one vita health labs that sells the exact same ingred. that is used by your dentist. they are legit. I have ordered from them, no problem.
    These scams are evil. always go to the source.

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  • Bo
    botoy Aug 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    these asholes will soon fall and tear apart.they were making easy money man!! i dont know if they do have conscience...i just want to cansel my account..

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  • Bd
    B-DUBS OHIO Aug 19, 2009


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  • Pa
    Panacea Aug 18, 2009

    Unbelievable that these scammers can get away with it. I fell for the free trial option, only to be splapped with a charge for 59.95. Called them and canceled, and then threatened with a complaint with BBB, and a letter to the LA Times. They refunded me on the spot, **without** having to wait for an RMA.

    Just let them know that you mean business and they will not take a chance.

    And by the way, their product SUCKS.

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  • Jo
    john557 Aug 18, 2009

    Yeah I just got scammed too, I feel like a ###. Not only do they charge you the $1.95 S&H and $79 product fee they enroll you into 4 to 7 other company's that will charge your credit card if you don't cancel them. I just spent the last hour calling all these companies canceling my membership. here are the numbers and names of the companies you need to call to cancel.

    To cancel, call toll-free [protected] for Insider Secrets
    To cancel, call toll-free [protected] for the eBook package
    To cancel, call [protected] Dazzle Smile
    To cancel, call [protected] for the My Diet ID
    To cancel, call [protected] World Club Fitness To Weight Loss
    To cancel, call [protected] Weight Loss Resources E-book Package
    [protected] within 15 days of your initial order

    I hope I have them all, some you will be on hold for 5-10min, but make sure you cancel them ASAP and get a name and a confirmation number. If you receieve the Dazzle Smile product send it back ASAP (you have less than 2 weeks to send it back) and the $79 product fee is supposed to be refunded, send to.

    Dazzlesmile PO BOX 10233 Des Moine Iowa 50381 and your order#

    Hope this helps someone else from getting scammed.

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  • Co
    concernedconsumer2 Aug 17, 2009

    The Ad for DazzleWhite is really a big fraud. They claim it is a trial offer but have in microscopic letters that if you do not keep it return it and they will re-imburse your money. In addition, they claim that once you sign up for the trial offer, you also sign up to get shipments at their timing automatically. In addition, you are signing up to get some kind of email from another company from Florida. I have been very wary in ordering from companies online but when I saw the ad on CNN and the rave review from a woman, I also fell for it. Three weeks after, I am $120.00 in debt over this product...which I did not want to keep.
    Frauds like these should be stopped.

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  • Sw
    S. Warren Aug 15, 2009

    I am yet another victim of poor consumer trust. I just received my first order after having received the "trial free" offer. I disliked the product so much that I called the number I had written down when placing my free order [protected]) and spoke to a "barely English speaking female". I told her I wanted any future orders cancelled and that I would be returning the order I just received. She gave me a cancellation # as well as an order # of which I was told to place on the outside of my returned package. The address I was given was: P.O. Box 10233, Des Moines, IA, 50381. Supposedly this is the warehouse P.O. Box and when I asked for a physical address, she skirted the issue. I've contacted my credit card company & the $58.76 was already applied. Unfortunately, the cc company does NOT monitor any additional charges from a particular company. So, I will be watching closely & reporting to them if I do not see a credit or additional charges are billed and then file a dispute. Perhaps many of us should notify the U.S. Postal Service of these scams. They are using a P.O. Box!!

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  • Je
    Jennifer Fowler Aug 14, 2009

    Any Canadians here, please contact me. I'm a producer with CBC Televison's consumer program, Marketplace.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Fowler
    [email protected]

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  • No
    Normi Aug 14, 2009

    I am experiencing the same issues with these companies - unbeleivable!!!

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  • Da
    dazzlepoo Aug 13, 2009

    for dazzlewhite if you dont return the product within 14 days they auto charge you... who returns a used $2 trial tube of teeth crap?
    the great american con..

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  • Da
    dazzlepoo Aug 13, 2009

    class action lawsuit anyone?

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  • Ab
    abigfool Aug 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have same experience..started to order the "trial" and then changed my mind when I couldn't read the "guarantee". Three days later an envelope arrived with, I assume, the product from Dazzle White. I hadn't even clicked the order slot!!! Next day I was charged $88.94 plus 2 other charges from other companies. I am out of nearly $200 only 5 days after I DIDN'T order anything. I can't believe this!!! How do we stop them? Tomorrow I shall empty my checking account and hope that works. I tried to enter a complaint on their website, but they erased it as fast as I typed it. Unbelievable!!! Twilight zone...Empty Pocket

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  • Da
    Daniel Reed Aug 12, 2009

    Biggest SCAM around. My checking account is over $200 lighter because of this "Company" (and 3 or more other Companies as you end up joining some other "memberships". After cancelling, you will never get your money back. I've got cancellation numbers, people's names I spoke with and every time I call. I get a whole new story.


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  • Tt
    T.T.X. Aug 11, 2009

    It is not a "misunderstanding" or a "confusion" when the most substantive part of a transaction - namely, the cost - is hidden in the fine print of a "Terms and Conditions" link which itself is in fine print at the bottom of a website. It is, quite simply, fraud.

    If you went to a car dealer and paid $10, 000 for a car only to find out later that in the fine print of the "Terms and Conditions" you were obligated to get a monthly car wash costing $20, 000 I think you would agree that it would be fraud.

    There are other scammers doing the same thing - check out this link for a get rich quick scheme called Twitter for Cash:

    It's the same deal - a phony news article written by the scammer links you to their web site where, for just $1 or $2 or whatever it takes to get your credit card number, you get a "Twitter for Cash" kit. Oh yeah, in their Terms and Conditions you also get subscribed to a $50 or $90/month program you had no idea about.

    Don't anyone waste your time arguing with these people -- they are scammers - they are not like the rest of us - they are simply evil. Their pretense at trying to clear up any "confusion" is to delay the inevitable when the credit card companies get enough complaints and stop accepting their charges. Then they'll popup somewhere else selling another scam.

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  • To Addie M #1, 2, & 3: I know most of us on this complaint board admitted to being too trusting, and some (including me) acting very foolishly by giving you our personal financial info (which you certainly wasted no time taking advantage of)...but in the last ABOVE THREE comments about how to stop you from robbing us of even more $$$$; you have so cleverly changed your name and phone number!! If that doesn't shout SCAM ARTISTS, I do not know what does. Look folks...the company is suddenly called DazzleSMILEpro (instead of Dazzlewhite Pro) and the correct original phone number is: [protected], not [protected].
    Addie, I am sure everyone that placed an order for a "free trial" paying merely the shipping charge would much rather have their $$$$ returned, and you can keep YOUR CONCERNS. This website would not exist if you had a good product and ran an HONEST business.

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  • Pe
    petep Aug 11, 2009

    Mark A (short for ###),
    You product and company are a complete scam.
    Totally underhanded and meant to rip off unsuspecting good people.
    I will do everthing I can to bring you down.
    You will be exposed with your Yellow Teeth smiles stuck clean up your large stupid ###.

    Bet on it.

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  • Al
    Albyno Aug 11, 2009

    Re Just Think Media. DAZZLE WHITE etc. The main company operates from Canada. Google to get the Minister of trade and commerce. Send your complaint and ask for the company to be investigated by their lawyers. You won't get any money back but will save others lots of heartache

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  • JerryTurner Aug 10, 2009

    Consider this a warning to all who would want whiter teeth: Have this work done only by a qualified, licensed Dentist. It is not really much more expensive and they do a great job. You can also use UltraBrite or some other whitening toothpaste (be sure it has fluorine.) Also, stop drinking coffee, colas., Mt. Dew type drinks as they will yellow the teeth.

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  • Lu
    Lucy Lopez Aug 10, 2009

    Yes I was a fool to order Dazzlewhite to, they got me for 58.76 cancle my order when I saw what they did on my bank account.After recieving their product that same week .It was not even 30 days before they charge my account the full price.It was only one week an I have'nt even open the package .The product came on wenesday an send it back saturday of that week.Now trying to get my money back you should here the run around they give me, from three weeks to one month.Call today they said if i hav'nt got a credit on my account, I said NO. Told the guy that I don't want any credit, all I want is my money.Do you think the Attorney Gernal will help us with our complaints.My oder came fron IDAHO.

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  • Sh
    Sherryl123 Aug 10, 2009

    I got it too! Just received my bank statement for the month and found the idiots took two payments of 58.00 from ny checking account. I called them and yelled but they almost laughed. I am so damn mad I could scream...

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  • Ho
    Horrified to the max Aug 10, 2009

    These dirty scoundrels had no right to attack our privacy. I cut out of the sale of the trial before I committed. Didn't stop them charging my credit card for the trial and then two weeks later a charge from a real estate company not even the same as the first charge puts a charge of $69.95 on my card. Rang my credit card people and if they try anything else a fraud case is being instigated against the outlets. My calls to the 1800 number say I have rung out of hours DAY AND NIGHT. Go Figure. They don't exist and the whole thing is just a scam. The sample did arrive and lasted three days not the 14 days they say it will so it really is a total scam. That worked out a cost of $4.50 a day for the trial. The dentist is [email protected]@ I haven't committed to anything so have a case of fraud. Feel sorry for you guys that have commited. Keep you all posted on how this DAZZLING CROWD

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  • Nu
    Nuala Aug 09, 2009

    I live in Dublin, Ireland - and I too have fallen foul of the Dazzle so-called 'Free trial'. I was charged 10.98 (euros = 08/07/09 DAZZLEWHITE866989268 10.98 (roughly $17) for the sample. I've just discovered from my credit card statement, that I've been charged a further 42.43 euros for something I didn't order...let alone receive.

    How do we stop these thieves?

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  • Ni
    nichcald Aug 07, 2009

    I just need to cancel your product and get a refund back

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  • Al
    Allen Dixon Aug 07, 2009

    As a Christian I cannot use the words I would like to, to describe these low life types. I too sent for a FREE sample and like others, ended up in a mess with my credit card company. my return address is Whi-Yi, c/o BTB Mailflight Ltd, 28 Viking Industrial Estate, Hudson Road, BEDFORD. MK41 OQB. England. another of their many addresses I suppose. I received the free sample, which cost me a staggering £60-00, followed by £2-04 for Web access on 1st /7/o9 on the 8th/7/09 another payment of £37-30. On the 15th/7/09 yet another payment £4-48 for membership and again on the 18th/7/09 £37-11. in English that's a total of £140-93 which roughly equates to $224-20. in a month. As a pensioner I can ill afford these payments. I have contacted my Credit Card Company and had to put a stop on my Credit Card even to the point that I cannot use it for anything until this matter is resolved. these unscupulous individuals will rot in Hell for all Eternity but that's not getting us our money back.

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  • Pa
    Pangcall Aug 06, 2009

    Here is a copy of the T&C's from the Dazzle White Website:


    By submitting your credit card information, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, as set forth: By sampling our product for shipping and handling charges of $3.97, you will be given a period of ten days, from the time you place the order, to decide if you want to continue using the product. Please allow several days to receive your product. You can cancel at any time during the ten day trial period by unsubscribing at our website at with no further obligations. In fact, you can keep the remainder of the trial product as our gift to you for trying this offer. In the event you do not cancel within ten days after you order your trial product, you will be automatically enrolled in our convenient home delivery plan and your credit card will be charged $92.37. Thereafter, 30 days from your initial order, you will be billed the monthly charge of $92.37 each month when product is sent to you. Limit of one trial sample per household. If, at any time thereafter, you wish to cancel the convenient home delivery plan, you may unsubscribe at with no further obligations. Please take the time to read our complete Terms and Conditions below before continuing.

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  • Ba
    Bamboo Aug 05, 2009

    OMG!! Wow, I"m so sorry to hear all this... I also saw these ads, and did figure that it was a scam, but a scam in that the things / products didn't (wouldn't) work. Never considered that the fraud would go deeper than just buying sh*t that doesn't work... Jeez, I sure hope u guys are able to work it out and that u don't continue to get those monthly charges all the while.

    Just something to think about- what I did was get one of those "secured" credit cards. You open an account with a bank by putting in X amount, in my case it was s$300. From then on, that card is specifically for online activity only. That way, if (Lordy forbid- but... ) IF I got caught in some weirdo scam, they could only ever get the max on that card which is 300. I try to pay off whole balance ev month- so that it also helps my credit score. I would suggest that to everyone who does any kind of business online. At least that way your entire credit card balance is not at risk yet u still have a card to use...

    I wish all of you the best- and please hope everyone will think twice before doing anything like this... If you do, please be sure to read that "EULA" (End Users Licensing Agreement); they have diff names / titles, but U should DEFINITELY read that when it's something like this... I'm sure the agreement is in there, but you probably just clicked "Next" to get to the next screen. Credit card company may not even be ABLE to cancel something like this when you physically clicked 'yes' to whatever they were offering.

    Stay on these suckers as thats the ONLY way you'll ever get anything back. I hope best 4 U all.
    Best wishes,

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  • Tr
    TriumphAlice Aug 04, 2009

    I just ordered my Free Trial with $1.95 shipping charge. I called to cancel and he said it would be $79.95. When I get the trial, I am supposed to send it back to ensure they don't charge me. After I got off the phone with the [censored]White representative, I immediately changed my debit card number by reporting it stolen. Anyone using it will be flagged. Hm...I wonder if I should just keep the free trial then.

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  • Mo
    Mom2Dalton Aug 04, 2009

    Ok, I too got scammed on this one. However, I just called back the cancellation number and asked for a "Master Cancel" to cancel the free trial shipment from ever shipping. She, of course, told me this couldn't be done. Then I said well, I guess I'll just call the BBB and FTC and have my bank do a charge back of the fees because you are just a big scam. She put me on hold to talk to her supervisor and came back on saying she'd done the master cancel. That I would never get a shipment and never be charged again. She also said that any charges that had occurred (The $1.95 shipping and possibly the $58.76) would be credited back to my account. I got an e-mail immediately saying they had refunded my account for my particular order number as well. I guess I will see if that worked. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    I did call the other two companies and cancel before my trial periods were over so hopefully I don't see any charges from them either.

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  • To DJ64:
    I found the number for you to try and cancel the Axis Wellness: [protected]. Hope this helps, but keep checking your bank statement regularly. I was told by countless online chats, phone calls, and emails that I would receive full refunds, and all "memberships" canceled. But they were all lies. I had to cancel my cc acct and dispute in writing to my bank before these scam artists stopped taking my $$$. I still check it daily, even though this nightmare began in May. Good luck!

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  • Dj
    DJ64 Aug 02, 2009

    I too fell victim to these people. Consider myself a educated person, don't know how I fell for it! Regardless, I'm in so far for $88.97 with Dentech and hopefully canceled the Dazzle White in time. What I can't find is a email or phone number for Axis Wellness to cancel that and try to get a refund of $9.99 from them (for what? I have no idea).
    I did get a bit of information off of "/link removed/; a gentleman that says to send them and email saying:

    1. I'd like a copy of the original form where I checked an agreement for the deduction of the $88.97 (or however much your card was charged).
    2. You charged my account 14 days after I requested my "free" trial not 15 days as stated in your terms.
    3. I am again asking for a FULL refund of the money deducted from my account immediately. If I do not receive a FULL refund I will be contacting a lawyer and the state attorney general's office with all the others who have been defrauded by Dentechwhitening about filing a class action lawsuit.

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  • Ma
    MANIESSA Aug 01, 2009


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  • Po
    poplistic21 Aug 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dazzle White refunded my $59 two days ago. They sent me an email on 7/27 and the refunded transaction was shown on 7/30 in my account. What I found to be funny was that I had to call DazzleWhite a few times regarding the package I sent back to them. I had the package insured, and was told by the post office that it will take no longer than 5 business days for the package to arrive to their company. 2 or 3 weeks later (14-21 business days), I called DazzleWhite, and they said that they did not receive my package. I, then, told them that I had the package insured, and that I sent it at least 2 weeks ago. It had to arrive by now. The guy on the phone said, "Ok, please wait a week or so for the money to be credited to your account." WHAT THE HELL?!!! I also had to point out the fact that they were able to take my $59 the moment I entered my credit card # but it takes them a week or 2 to refund my money. I'm just grateful that I got my money back, and never again will I buy anything online unless I am sure that I am purchasing my items from a well-known company that is known for customer satisfaction.

    To be safe, I had my bank close down my card, and open up a new account.

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  • Ra
    radrian Aug 01, 2009

    I did get my money back from Dazzle White, after 2 weeks of waiting (and after more than one month from subscribing there), but without the Webaccess and Membership fees, which I canceled at the same time with Dazzle White. I canceled the CC, just to be sure that no future charges will occur, and the new card will not be charge, as per customer rep from the CC bank. Still waiting for a last refund from SmileBrite of $85, which they said (in a cancellation email) within 45 days and without any CC claim because that would "delay the refund process", a big BS, so I would pass the 60 days for claiming. In spite of their email, I will file with the CC a dispute. Keep your banks and CC companies informed about these crooks, because in this way no new costumers will be caught in this scheme.

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  • Fr
    Fredabloggs Jul 30, 2009

    I too have today found out that I have been suckered.

    I am out of pocket to the tune of £47 and all I have to show for this is a tiny trial tube of DazzleWhite. I spent 1h hour and 20 minutes with my Bank Manager this morning. Have cancelled my debit card and have reported DW to the Fraud Squad and to the $L&DCS Debit Card Disputes (HO)

    I don't normally use my debit card, but the initial payment of p & p was so small, ended up costing me over £9, and then today another £38.

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  • To SMARTBOI96: I wouldn't hold my breath that you came out without being scammed just yet...I canceled everything as requested, returned product within 14 days of placing order (certified & unopened like I was told to do), and even closed my credit card account, contacted my bank within 10 minutes of placing order, and opened a NEW cc acct after 3 weeks. Guess what? They charged me $58.76 on my NEW cc acct 3 weeks AFTER they signed for my unopened "trial pkg" sent certified mail. Read all the terms you can find...these crooks are scam artists, no matter what they say in an email, online chat, or live on the phone. My bank had to get them off of my back & out of my $$$ when I filed a formal dispute with every detail, email, online chat, and a copy of the folks around the globe that took the time to complain on this website. Maybe you are not one of countless others that did everything in the "terms" and still got charged, but I would keep an eye on my bank account. Read the number of folks that never received a "trial" product to return or got it after the 14 days had pasted. What are they supposed to do? If this product is so great, why do they lie and cheat to keep posting their ads?

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  • Di
    dis-satisfied Jul 30, 2009

    It is completely true - they are somehow able to continuously charge and charge your account though you have clearly cancelled the order. How is this legal? Advice - cancel your card immediately... OR they will just keep charging. I am a sucker to both Britesmile and Dazzelwhite as well as AcaiAdvanced. Been getting charged even after I cancelled, charged after I was assured over the phone the order was cancelled. Unfortunately, they did not confirm this cancellation via an e-mail as did th "auto-enrollment" to Live Lean and a few of the others they auto-enrolled me in. At leaste Live Lean verified cancellation via an e-mail so I have proof when I go to my bank.

    They refuse to give CS Rep full name though these frauds have all of our information. Hate to say it, but shame on me for ordering. . . . .

    ONE THING DID COME TO MIND - Who supported these banner Ads? YAHOO? Where did you see these ads for free trials and free samples? There is another party at fault here as well. I didn't search for AcaiAdvanced and I wasn't even interested in losing weight. BUT after seeing these banner ads over and over & over & over & over everytime I logged in and out of YAHOO - I got curios and looked into it. The Acai Berry as well as "a stay at home mom's secret for whitening teeth" (BriteSmile&Dazzlewhite - free samples pay for shipping only) after seeing this 100 times - I looked and bad on my part I ordered. I am definitely interested in who paid for these ads to reach me and entice me? Was in Yahoo? How did you become prey?

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  • Sm
    SMARTBOI96 Jul 29, 2009


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  • Ro
    Roseann G Jul 29, 2009

    I came across this site and wanted to share an experience I had yesterday. I went to my mail box to get my mail and saw a package from a company named Advanced Wellness Research Inc. I knew that I had not ordered anything, so I was not expecting anything to come in the mail. I could tell that it contained 2 bottles from the feel of it. I then went to my online banking account and saw at least 5 purchases of different products from various online companies. I opened the package to find a bottle of Pur Rez V and Acai Berry Pro caps. After calling the company who gave me the run around about them being bought out by another company. I then called another number that was listed on my checking account next to Easy White Teeth, the woman I spoke with did tell me the last 4 digits from the card that was used. It turned out to be my old debit card that my bank was supposed to cancel four months ago due to a security breach that was found which included my numbers. Fortunately, it was found early and the purchases only added up to approx. 30 dollars. So, it can happen even when you haven't bought anything. I now only purchase items from known sites and only use my paypal. No matter what though, we all do need to be very careful these days.

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  • Fo
    fooledkiwi Jul 29, 2009

    It was really so unfortunate to be a victim of this suckers. I have used their live chat to inquire about my package since it's been months since I placed the order and I haven't received the package. The next day, my cc was charged with less than $10 - for what reasons, I'm not aware of but it said web access - B...y H..l imagine they would even charge you for inquiring thru this site I will request for refund and report them in ic3 Hope they will be closed down.

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  • Sa
    SammHill Jul 28, 2009

    THERE IS A WAY TO FIGHT BACK. Thanks to all the comments here I was able to cancel before being defrauded.

    AFTER I GOT MY CANCELLATION NUMBER, I thanked the person on the phone (after all they are just working at a job) and urged them to quit working for a company whose sole purpose was to defraud people out of their money.

    I told them that they cannot work for crooks and come away from the job 'unstained'. Their spirt will be permanantly seared, and they will become unable to tell the difference between right and wrong.

    Be polite, but forceful, in urging them to quit and to find a reputable, honest company.

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