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David's Bridal reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Apr 15, 2007. The latest review Wedding Gown was posted on Apr 16, 2021. The latest complaint Services was resolved on Aug 19, 2014. David's Bridal has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 105 reviews. David's Bridal has resolved 50 complaints.

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David's BridalWedding Gown

I ordered my wedding gown in store, and 11 days later found out there had been massive changes to my wedding plans due to visa changes because of COVID 19. I immediately contacted them and was told I was out of luck because it was four days past the return window. The dress hasn't even been produced or shipped yet. The manager basically told me she didn't care about my situation at all and then proceeded to tell me my only option was an exchange or store credit after I had already explained to her that I will not be in the country or having the ceremony, so how will I use credit or use a wedding dress?

The managers attitude was a major problem for me, she did not care at all about what was happening. I was rational, gave her the facts about my situation and even acknowledged that I knew I was past the return window, but the situation was not within my control. Overall the customer service at David's Bridal in store and their corporate leaves a lot to be desired. During such uncertain times to have such strict return policies when the item isn't even shipped is unbelievable to me.

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    David's BridalAlterations omaha ne store

    I spent $2500 at David's Bridals, $500 of that was for alterations. My daughter had a fitting from hell. They had not done the alterations, lost her petticoat we had purchased from the store, claimed we had never purchased it, didn't bother to button her dress and had no tape measure in sight. They kept asking how she thought the dress looked. When the bride kept saying the work wasn't down the seamstress kept saying very rudely "there's nothing we can do." When the ever inept store manager appeared she ran around trying to help by bringing in white material for the ivory dress. As the bride kept asking why she had white material the manager kept insisting the dress was white. The dress is IVORY! I tried to get my $500 back and the manager would only allow a partial refund. I then called her supervisor and left a VM. 3 days later and no call back. Time to call an attorney. These people are con artists.

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      David's BridalBridesmaid dresses - paid in full but dresses never received

      Bridesmaid dresses paid in full in march 2020 and despite 12 months of chasing, I have received no goods, no communication from the store at all to attempt to rectify this and get the goods to me, and having requested a refund for 12 months now, I am yet to receive either the goods or the refund.

      The goods will no longer be fit for purpose and therefore the only option is to obtain a full refund, which I have asked for multiple times but have been dismissed on each occasion with multiple reasons / excuses cited.

      I simply want a refund for the amount paid for the goods that have not been delivered to me

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        Dec 05, 2020

        David's Bridal — Return policy

        I purchased a mother of the bride dress from David's Bridal on 10/31/20 for an event on 12/21/20 -...

        Apr 13, 2020

        David's Bridal — Dress was not repaired beading still falling off, was not cleaned still has spots, was shipped without any communication while I was away from home

        I recently purchased a wedding dress from David's Bridal in Springfield il. At the time of purchase a...

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        David's BridalPoor customer service, unethical behavior

        My bridesmaids and family went to David's bridal in Spring Hill, Fl on 8/10/19. I want to begin by saying that our consultant was not very friendly, making this one time experience unmemorable and least of all fun. Moreover, she suggested that I go up a size in my dress even though the size I had on was loose. What she failed to mention was that this would cost an extra $100. I believe customers should be aware of such things when making this decision. Her intentions didn't seem in my best interest being that we asked why I should go up a dress size and all she could say was that it is a normal recommendation. Now, due to alterations having to take a part the dress to take it in, I have to pay $450. A cost that could have been greatly reduced had the dress not been a size too large on me.

        Moreover, she did not write down my size for undergarments. Therefore when my mom when into the store to pick up the dress and by my slip and torsolette, there wasn't information on the size. The lady told my mom she could estimate what the size would be. My mom agreed and momentarily before paying asked if it didn't fit could it be returned. The lady said "no." Due to this my mom didn't buy it. Importantly, please note that the lady did not say this to my mom in a customer service fashion, such as, "Please know that if my estimate is incorrect on her size, it can't returned." Therefore, this is the second time the store failed to provide adequate information for us as the customers to make a far decision.

        From there, my mom had me return to the store for help with my sizing. I went into the store around 7pm (it closes at 8pm) on 9/6/19. I was told neither of the two ladies could help me because they are not seamstresses. I found myself confused as all I needed was to try on a corset. Then one of the ladies said I could try it on and I did. The sales lady suggested that I go one size up for comfort, to which I agreed. I had on a 38D and then tried a 40D. It fit me well, even a tad bit loose so it was comfortable. She went into the back and handed me a the item to purchase. As I proceeded to the register I realized it looked at the tag and it said "42D." I thought this was a mistake, so I asked her about a 40D instead. She said, "we don't have any in stock." She didn't say, "oops, my mistake, " or "Please remind me of what size you need." These responses would have seemed reasonable. She intentionally handed me the wrong size to purchase. I never tried on a 42D and it would have been 2 sizes larger than I actually needed. The sales lady did not offer me this information, I had to ask. She was going to let me buy something that was not my size. Worst of all, if I had gotten home with the item, I wouldn't have been able to return it. She purposefully gave me the wrong size and didn't say anything. I left that evening fully annoyed and scammed.

        I imagine the employees earn money from commission; however, being untruthful with customers is bad for the stores reputation and for the customer, such as my self, personally. My dress is already paid for (to note, I bought a $1, 600 dress), so there's nothing I can ask for in that regard. Something of goodwill the store could do is to provide me with the dry cleaning and storage box for my dress.

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          David's BridalWedding dress

          I returned a dress to David's Bridal via UPS. It was received by David's Bridal on 9/13/19. I have not received my refund yet. Everytime I call customer service, I am told that they will look into it and someone will call me back. I have not received a phone call back with an ETA on when I can expect to receive my refund. One customer service agent said there was a glitch in the system and all refunds approved on 9/19/19 were not issued. Another customer service agent said that my refund was sent to PayPal and that should call PayPal and my financial institution. I called PayPal and they said they have not received a refund from David's Bridal. My financial institution (Bank of America) said they have not received a refund from David's Bridal. Today (10/7/19) I called David's Bridal to ask for a supervisor for the 4th time. The customer service agent advised this issue is on David's Bridal's side. Due to a glitch in the system, my funds were not transmitted. I was told there is a ticket open, but there is no ETA on resolution. This is unexceptable. I should not be inconvenienced due to David Briday's technical difficults. I have called David's Bridal 4 times to ask for a supervisor, however I have been unable to speak to a supervisor. The customer servants agents do not care because this does not impact them. Apparently the surpervisors do not care either. Appears to me David's Bridal is holding my money hostage or trying to steal my money.

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            • Jt
              JTWonder Oct 10, 2019

              Hi there!

              This is my first time EVER on a complaint board about customer service and I almost never leave reviews. Your comment triggered me because I am going through an issue right now with DB and glad to hear that I'm not alone! My situation is a bit different because I returned my item through USPS and in the process misplaced my tracking receipt. It has been over 2 weeks and the status is STILL pending and instead of possibly chalking it up to a system glitch in their warehouse or human error when receiving packages they just say the package is lost. This is soooo funny, because they don't even have the tracking number to confirm this, so they are making an assumption! There is a possibility that it was received and is taking a long time to process or is just sitting somewhere. Here is the kicker..they apparently only track the returns in their warehouse by their RMA number anyway. They only ask for the shipping tracking info to check to see if it was in fact sent/received, after THEN they will contact the warehouse to escalate processing or to further look into the status. They REFUSE to contact the warehouse to look for my package or to check on the status (based on my RMA #) only because I am not providing them with the USPS tracking number. Human error exists and they could be backlogged and just haven't processed it yet, but I'll never know because they won't even attempt to check! Until I give them my tracking number they said they won't proceed with looking into the issue . I've called them 3 times and no one will help me further.

              TRY THIS! File a transaction dispute/claim with BOA. Playing games with your return and sending you on a goose hunt without attempting to rectify the issue or escalate it is completely unacceptable and dismissive. I'm no banker, but based on the info and proof you provide, I presume your dispute would be approved (and money returned).

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            David's BridalWrong order price

            Event ID: P0815010264303
            Event Owner: Huijun Yang
            Tran# [protected]
            Appointment Date and Time: Saturday, August 10, 2019 - 4:30 PM BST

            I ordered the wedding dress with £1, 725.00 on 10/08/2019 in Stratford store. But I found the exact same wedding dress on your official website is at £1, 647.12.

            The clerk told me the original price is £1, 895.00, but it shows £1, 825 on the receipt od my order. And the original price on your official website is £1, 757.05.

            Why do you put so much different prices with the same wedding dress on the same day???

            I feel not happy with that. David's Bridal was the only shop that I went and I placed the order after I tried on immediately, because I trust this shop. But now I feel betrayed. The big brand should care about its reputation and word of mouth. I got a feeling of being deceived and I would like to raise a complaint at the same time.

            The website link is below:

            I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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              Jul 18, 2019

              Davids Bridal — Bridesmaid dress

              I picked up my dress on 2night from alterations & I could already tell that something wasn't right with the...

              May 29, 2019

              David's Bridal — Product return policy

              On May 22 Auset P was our consultant. We did not have an appointment and it was an impromptu gathering of the...

              Apr 07, 2019

              David’s Bridal — Manager bernice stanfield

              My daughter in law bought a dress a couple years ago wedding was delayed due to medical issues and surgery!...

              David's Bridal — Service

              Called to make an appointment to look at special occasion dresses for the following day. Was told only 1...

              David's BridalDavid's bridal

              PUBLICpublished review 4/21/18

              I have had so many problems with this company! I was so excited to go and try dresses on, and David's bridal was at the top of my list. We began looking at dresses as we waited for our stylist. At first, everything was great and our stylist took note of my personal style and what I liked and disliked. I tried a few on and was told that I was a size 16, which was way off as I later found out. I pointed it out, but she assured me that she was correct. At this time, the shop got really busy so our stylist asks to step away. Sure, no problem we understand that we are not the only ones there. We continued looking at dresses when we were approached by a manager who didn't greet us, instead she attacked us asking where the stylist was. We explain that we were just looking and would notify our stylist if we needed help. The manager said that "I couldn't try on anymore dresses and that I would need to come back." I already had a room with two dresses saved for me, but she didn't care. She said that "we were unable to look without a systlist and that we need to make an appointment to come back." I was almost in tears at this point, because she was so rude and all we were doing was looking! I just wanted to leave but I loved one of the dresses I tried on. I asked to try it on one more time, as I was sure it was the one I wanted and they could alter it, I was told. The manager told me that "I couldn't try it on and that I need to either buy it or come back another day." I didn't want to risk losing it so I bought it. It wasn't a pleasant experience, but I was just glad we found a dress. I went back a week later to get a corset to wear under the dress, and I was sized wrong again! I was put into a corset three times too small and the stylist told me that "it is supposed to fit like that!" I'm no expert, but when you look like a busted can of biscuits, it isn't the right size! She assured me that "It would look better when the dress is altered and laying flat against the corset." I was trying to be modest for my wedding day, not have my breasts popping out of the dress! I went somewhere else, as I felt uncomfortable with the fit. That is when I was informed that the size they put me in and said was right, was way too small!! It came time to do alterations and there was no way was I going back to that location. I made an appointment across town in Houston and went to another location hoping for a better experience. I got to the alterations department and I am informed that the dress was way too big on me! They said I was around a size 12!! The alterations department had me hopeful, talking about everything they could do to make it better. The alterations ended up costing me $600! I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, but they are the experts! I went in a few times to try it, as it had to be hemmed, sash added, and brought in obviously, since it's too big. Also, straps added for support. I went in to pick the dress up and I tell them this at the front desk, they put me in a room and I thought it was odd, since the previous times we were taken straight back to alterations. I assumed it was different since I was picking it up. The stylist came back and informs me that "she cannot find my dress." I started panicking at this time. She came back, and asks if its under any other name, I tell her no. She left and came back again and says "it isn't back there!" I am upset and asked why they didn't have it, I had an appointment and was having it altered. She apologized and said "oh sorry you're in the wrong place" and walks us back to alterations. I finally get the dress and there were stains on it, one strap was 1/2 inch smaller than the other and the straps had a hole in the material! The strap also had mesh showing with no jewels, it looked incomplete. I was livid that I spent $600 to be given trash! I pointed out everything, and they made me feel like I was just upset over nothing! They argued with me about the straps, said they were the same. One was too tight on my shoulder and the other was falling off! They finally measured and told me that "yes, there is a difference, " but that it can be fixed. As far as the strap goes, they could add some jewels over the mesh strap to hide the hole. I am also told that the mesh showing is "how the strap comes, and most brides don't have a problem with it!" I have to walk away at this point, because I am in shock that she just told me this! I am about to have a panic attack, I can't hold back tears, and I'm angry. My maid of honor steps in and tells the seamstress that the quality of the work is unacceptable and not worth $600. Of course, she argues with my maid of honor saying that "they can assure us that it is quality work!" The work shows for itself in my opinion. We were told to come back in an hour and they would have everything fixed. Came back and at this point I'm emotionally and physically drained! My appointment was at 12, it was going on 5 o'clock! The dress was given back to me and it was cleaner and the straps are the same now. I hurry up put it on and then changed to leave. I should have inspected it more, but I was tired and stressed. I was relieved they fixed some of the issues, but still livid that I paid $600 for such terrible quality work. I got the dress home, and the straps were not sewed where they were supposed to be, they look crooked in the back and some of the jewels were falling off! I broke down at this point, not knowing what to do. At the same time, my package that I ordered from David's bridal's website came in, so I was excited and it distracted me from the whole dress ordeal. I ordered toasting flutes and a cake and knife serving set. I opened the box and the flutes were fine, but the knife set had a misspelled word on It! I was seeing red and ready to call that company and yell at them. It should have said my name and my husbands to be. Instead it said my name nand his name!!! Nand????? Who is working at this company and why aren't they checking stuff before it goes out?? Of course, they are closed so all I can do is email them. Monday comes and I called and wait for what feels like forever on hold, there were 10 callers ahead of me.. I finally get through and all they said is "oh, I'm sorry for that, " they need pictures and then once received they can send it to whoever made them and have a new set to me. I asked if they would be here in time for my wedding, and all she said is "I will note your wedding date on the email I send." So, there is no guarantee that I will even get it in time!! I still haven't heard back about my dress, I called and called and emailed continuously since the day I picked the dress up, and no response or single call back. So, I made the dreaded decision to buy another dress. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't taking it back because they don't know what they were doing and the manager informed me that "alterations are elective, so once altered they don't do returns exchanges or anything." By this time I cannot even look at the dress without crying. I can't wear it and I dont even feel the same way about it because of all the issues! All I can think about is how unhappy this dress is going to make me on one of the most important days of my life. Fast forward and I get the New toasting set and it's correct and in time for the wedding, one thing out of many fixed! Today, David's bridal called me back in regards to the angry email I sent weeks ago about my ruined dress. All they said is I'm sorry over and over again! I explained that they have terrible customer service and that I spent a lot of money and ended up having to buy another dress. Again, all she said is "I'm sorry." I am so angry because how could they take such a special day and ruin it and not care! I don't have the money to buy a dress again and have it altered, but I am left with no choice. All she kept saying is "I'm sorry" and to bring it back to the store so they can alter it. Why in the world would I ever step foot into a David's bridal ever again? I explained that I live across town and I can't just take it up there, as I had to take off work for the other times I went. All she can say is "I'm sorry" and to bring it in so they can fix the alteration issues. I told her once again that I live across town and don't have the time or gas to be driving back and forth. Again, she said "I'm sorry." Her last words were "I'm sorry I bothered you today." I understand that there is probably very little she could do, but to act as though my experience doesn't matter, is complete disrespect! I gave them a chance to fix it many times, and then they gave it to me dirty and ripped!! I will make sure everyone that I share my experience with as many people that will listen. I came to a conclusion, they are sorry! They are a sorry company that does not care about people at all and they shouldn't be in business!! I don't think this company realizes that they are ruining what should be positive experiences. I have accepted that all I can do is cut my loses at this point. My hope is that I can save brides from the hell I am still going through with them! Even if it's just one person.

              David's bridal
              David's bridal
              David's bridal
              David's bridal

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                David's BridalWedding dress purchase

                On 3/11/18 my daughter and I, along with her maid-of- honor and mother came to your store #0259 in Columbia, MO. We flew to Missouri from Montana to share the experience of picking out Ashley's dress. Ashley is getting married this summer 8/11/18. We worked with Johannah G. She was great and really helped Ashley pick out what she thought was her wedding dress. We purchased the dress, veil, slip, bag and sleeves. At the time of check-out, Johannah advised us the items would be available the first part of April--maybe sooner. She also told us when we get back to MT schedule your alteration appointment right away. Our first appointment was set for 3/31/18. The dress had not arrived so we rescheduled.

                On 4/5/18, Ashley called our local store and was curious when the dress should arrive? Recently, packages have been stolen from neighbors and we just wanted to watch out for her dress. She was told the dress was now a "special order" and scheduled to arrive in MO around 7/23/18. Of course, my daughter panicked. That is 2 weeks before her wedding!! She called me, and I then proceeded to call the MO store. I can not recall who I spoke to at first, but she were going to request that a rush needed to be requested this order. She indicated May was a stretch to receive, but would call me back in next 48 hours. We did not receive a call, so I decided to call again on 4/9/18. I spoke to another manager named Laura. She told me that she did she see the request but it was unclear if that could be done. She told me told it has unlikely that Johannah ever told us April for this order. She would do some checking and get back to me right away. After getting the run around again and feeling like this was not a big deal, I requested to just cancel the whole order. My daughter is very upset and we will figure something else out now. I explained that this is not what we were told and your sales representative made a serious mistake. I am quite certain Johanna looked at the date of the slip and went off that date, not taking a closer look at the actual date of the dress. As of today, nobody has returned a phone call.

                I am so disappointed with Davids Bridal. We would not of purchased this dress knowing it was first available 7/23/18. We were all told April at the store. At no time was it ever discussed that the dress was a special order?? In fact, 15 minutes after we left the store, Johannah had to call us on Ashley's cell phone because she forgot to get our mailing address and again did not mention a July date. This was a key element of the purchase. My sales receipt does not say "special order" or that the dress would not be available until 7/23/18. Ashley is so upset about how whole situation. What was a special moment she shared with her best friend is now a combination of mistakes! She now thinks she should of just stayed in Montana. This breaks my heart for my daughter!

                We want the entire order refunded to the VISA card we used, as Davids Bridal was not able to fulfill the promise and purchase on the April timeline as we were told. I want to be able to return the alter sleeves back to our local store as they were meant for this dress. We have not received any items of the order. I have also filed a complaint with my Visa card as well requesting the same resolution. I cant get a return call from anyone in the store in MO. I will purchase the remaining 2 bridesmaids dresses but will not purchase my daughters dress from Davids Bridal.

                I hope I can get a response and a quick resolution to this situation.

                Kristi Voegele

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                  David's Bridal — Unprofessional service

                  I would like to make a formal complaint about the awful experience I had in Toledo, OH at their Davids Bridal...

                  David's Bridal — What kind of service is this?

                  I got five bridesmaid dresses that had different colors and sizes. Looked like the store confused orders. I...

                  La Conner

                  David's Bridal — customer service rep. refund for bridal dress

                  My husband and I are planning our 10 Year vow renewal, I decided to go to David's bridal to look for my...

                  David's BridalShoes

                  I received a pair of shoes in the mail today...
                  I dont even know where to start- DISGUSTING.
                  There is gunk from someones toes, dirt/mud marks on heels, obvious wear on bottom of shoes, missing/loose beads, crease marks from wearing the shoe...other random marks on the shoes... and they were supposed to be "new"... I paid $60 for worn, dirty shoes?!?!
                  When I called I was informed they came from a store... so does that mean its ok they are obviously worn?
                  To top it off... I NEED the shoe for a wedding I'm in... and had to go down a size because they dont have the size I need... maybe thats why they sent me a dirty shoe to begin with.
                  So, I had to order a new shoe... of course they charge me for that ... I have yet to receive my refund for the dirty shoe I now have to return...


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                    David's Bridal — Services

                    I ordered my original wedding dress July 2013 and repeatedly asked them to order me a petite. Dress arrived...

                    David's Bridal — Alterations not carried out

                    When I returned to Davids bridal, London, expecting my wedding dress to have been altered, after a fitting...


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