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Resolved Never again!

Initially when I purchased a bridesmaid dress the girl helping me told me the hem would run $10 and the alterations would run $50. You can imagine my surprise when I took the dress in for a hem and they wanted to charge me $60. They then told me the dress didn't fit because of my bra and tried to sell me a bra for another $60. Not to mention that the sale people completely ignored me. There were approximately 8 sales people present and I was the only customer. I will never set foot in another David's Bridal again.

Resolved Sleazy sales tactics

I found what I thought was the dress & veil of my dreams at the Sunset Hills location in St. Louis last Thursday. I put the dress, garment bag, veil & blusher on layaway and put down a deposit of $200 (total was about $750 with the dress and veils). The dress was very beautiful and the veil was dainty with a small edge of pretty beads very light and simple. I was kind of surprised that it was $179, but the consultant told me that is how much they run on average. So I came back on Sunday to try the dress on again with headpieces (tiaras and headbands) and to get my Maid of Honor's opinion. My consultant let me try on the headpieces with the dress but in a different size since the one I bought was on layaway. I thought that was odd because I had already put money towards it... but whatever... She also brought out a sample of the veil I had in layaway. I was very confused at first to see that it was NOT the same veil as the one I had tried on last time! It was this heavy thing with gaudy beads and tacky lace! I asked her if this was the same veil from Thursday... she double checked and said that it was indeed the same on that I had on layaway. I didn't make a fuss then but I was 99% sure it WAS NOT the same veil. IT WAS NOT MY STYLE AT ALL!!! Since they were very busy on Sunday and my consultant was working with about 3 other customers, I just left and went home. I compared pictures from Thursday with the ones we took that day and I confirmed it WAS NOT THE SAME VEIL! So basically I had bought something that I didn't try on. I could not believe they had done that to me! So I decided I would go back Tuesday night (Monday was a holiday) and take that veil off of Layaway. I figured I wouldn't cause a scene and I was just trying to give the consultant the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe she mixed the veils up. When I arrived I spoke with a girl named Tammy who was professional but did not seem to want to help me. I was hoping to take the veil off layaway and just put that money towards my dress. She told me that I could not do that. She said I had to pay everything off first and then I could exchange the veil for something else of equal or LESSER value. So if I couldn't find something worth $179 (cost of the veil) then I would basically LOSE money. Now why would I want to pay towards something I didn't want in the first place?!?! Or even more so something that I never even TRIED ON!!?! Next she told me that if I cancel the layaway I could only cancel the entire purchase not just a portion of it. So I did. I canceled the dress and everything. To top it off she tried to tell me that I would forfeit the 25% I had put down. I had to point out that the layaway policy CLEARLY STATES that all cancellations with in 10 days entitle the buyer to a FULL refund. THANK GOODNESS I had read the policy! It's a shame they lost business over a simple matter. We were planning on outfitting our entire bridal party (12 people) plus the mother of the bride & mother of the groom through David's Bridal. We were also going to go with them for our invitations and party favors. To quantify this: They lost about $6000 over a matter of $179. What fantastic business sense they have! I was hoping to send an email to corporate but there is only a mailing address on their site and I will be sending a letter but I doubt anyone will read it. I would not recommend David's Bridal to anyone.

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    Hannn Sep 23, 2014

    Um maybe you should have gotten the point across that it wasn't the same veil. You should have showed her the pictures. Not DB's fault you couldn't put your foot down and stand up to her. Just saying.

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Resolved Marketing Tactics

Our daughter is getting married in California and selected David's Bridal as the source of her wedding dress and wedding party dresses. My wife went into the store in Tacoma, Washington, to order her dress and they insisted on personal identifying information, even though it was a cash purchase. Shortly thereafter, we began receiving telemarketing calls from other businesses, including the Mens Wearhouse chain. We are sure that this is the source because we always insert a "time bomb" when responding to marketers or merchants, such as a mispelled word or name or some incorrect but vital information. That way we know the source of marketing we receive in violation of ethics and often law. In this case, we are on both the state and federal "do not call" lists. Today (2/11/09) we received a call from "Steve" at the David's Bridal customer relations office in Virginia, asking how their service is. When my wife relayed this information to him, he replied that it must have been a dishonest employee who sold the information to make some extra money, because David's Bridal has a policy against selling information. He said this very matter-of-factly, as though having a dishonest employee doing such things is no big deal and not unusual for this business. Also, since providing her registration information to this business in Fresno, California, our daughter has been flooded recently with spam e-mails tailored to her wedding plans. She made the mistake of providing them her e-mail address so they could contact her.

I do not recommend this outfit to anyone who does not want to be forever haunted with junk mail, spam and telemarketing calls in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Ted L. Bader, Hoodsport, WA

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    lizlmt Mar 15, 2009

    I recently received calls from Men's Wearhouse as well for tuxedo rental for my fiancee. He's in the Army so he will be wearing his military uniform so therefore neither one of us ever inquired about renting a tuxedo. I suspected them when I got the call, but never thought anything of it. Well yesterday was the tip of the iceburg when I received a call from a company called "Royal Prestige" saying that I had won some prize package with a 3-night stay at a hotel, etc... I told the girl that I never entered any contest & asked her where she received my information she could not tell me... of course not, right? She then wanted me to set up an appt. for 8:30PM at a hotel she said it was 1-hour long & that they'd try to get me out of there as fast as they could. She said there was no purchase neccesary, blah blah blah. So I set up the appt. to see what it was all about. I did not go however after having time to think it over I knew if it sounded too good to be true it probably was. Plus why would I have to go to some hotel to pick up my "prize" & why did it have to take an hour. She was also VERY persistant about me having to bring my fiancee along with me as if it was a requirement. Anyways... I did do some further research today & came across a lot of consumer complaints about this company that supposedly makes you sit thru an hour long presentation full of false claims that have no scientific backbone to them trying to sell young happy couples $2000.00 pots & pans! WHAT A DISGRACE! Ontop of that the company preys on you & pressures you to make the purchase & they even offer financing which is RIDICULOUS. For pans? WHY...How are newlyweds supposed to be able to afford pots & pans at that price! CRAZY... I then found out from some other disgruntled consumers that they never received their money back, etc... when they were not satisfied with the products they just spent their life savings on. I then found a few threads of people that said David's Bridal had allowed these people to get their grubby scamming hands on your PERSONAL & PRICATE info, HOW RUDE & SHAEFULL! I did some other digging as well & found that in fact on David's bridal website actually discloses that they are aloud to sell/rent your personally identifiable info. whether you like it or not! When we bought my dress no sales person ever told me they would do something like that. Here is the link to that very page with that horrible policy of theirs. As it states verbatim from that link... David's Bridal may also choose to sell, trade or rent your personally identifiable information to third parties providing offers that we believe would be attractive to our customers. If you wish to opt out of these offers, please send an email to [email protected] Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of these third parties.
    I suggest anyone as unhappy as me write them a very forward email letting them know how you as a consumer feel, that you were never told this would happen. As a matter of fact I let them know as well that I was planning on getting my bridesmaids dresses there, but not anymore I don't want my girlfriends going through what I have. Thank God I decided not to go to that meeting who knows what I would have risked! All because David's Bridal wanted to make a quick buck off of me!

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  • Li
    lizlmt Mar 15, 2009

    sorry the site is actually...

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Resolved Bad service and customer injured

I recently had visited two David’s Bridal stores one in Northridge, CA and one in Oxnard, CA. My first...

Resolved discrimination

My friend is getting married in July of this year 2009. She, her mother, her physically challenged 4 year old...

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Resolved Horrible Service at Not 1 but 2 locations!

I'll be in wedding number 10 in May. I'm starting to get excited about this one because the plans are coming together. The bride is letting us pick which dress we want to wear (Yay!) out of a few options that she selection. So, I've been trying to get to a David's Bridal to try one of the options on. I went to the David's Bridal in Antioch on Monday to find out that it no longer exists (Go Figure...let's just shut Antioch down why don't we?). That left me with three David's Bridals to go to - none of which are in Nashville - all of them at least 30 minutes away. *sigh*

So, I decided to go to Cool Springs to the David's Bridal. We can call this one DB1 since it's the first one I went to TODAY. I walk in and no one is sitting at the front desk. I'm weary of going into bridal shops and just roaming around because it's a specialty store. So, I wait...

And wait...

And wait...

Suddenly, this woman appears and says, "Did you need something?"

I proceed to tell her that I am in a wedding in May and I need to try on 2 dresses that the bride selected. I proceed to show her the list and she kind of waves it off. She explains that I would need to be fitted and that I may have to wait a few minutes. I told her that it was fine and asked her where the bathroom was. Despite her slight attitude, I proceed on to the bathroom and then went to the racks to try and find the dress.

The dresses were haphazardly placed on the rack but I was able to find the ones that I needed. They weren't all in my size but I picked a few as samples so that they wouldn't have to search feverishly for them. When I get to the desk, she says, "Let me see if I can find someone to help you." I said, "Great! I just thought I'd get these dresses as samples." When she returns, she says, "We're really busy right now. Is there anyway you can come back because... (AND THIS IS THE PART THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF)'re obviously frustrated and can't wait."

Without even pondering that she just made an assumption about me and my feelings, I said, "You know what? I'm good. I'll just go to another David's Bridal. Have a good day."

Her: Please don't leave.

That was instance Number 1. The second instance happened 2 hours afterward the first instance. As I'm ordering my dinner, I decide to try and make an appointment at the David's Bridal in Murfreesboro for this evening. I call and make an appointment for 7PM. I get lost trying to find it but eventually found it. I was a few minutes late but I called ahead to let them know that I would be late.

I walk into the store and (again) no one was sitting at the desk. I know they must be busy. However, the girl that was walking through carrying a dress could have said, "I'll be right with you ma'am.". Keep in mind I MADE AN APPOINTMENT THIS TIME. So, I wait...

...and wait...

...and wait some more.

Finally, I decided to start walking around to see if I see anyone. I see a woman walking through the store. She was busy but caught my eye and said, "May I help you?" So, I told her the same thing I told the last woman. Being that I noticed she was busy, I said, "I'm going to go ahead and start looking for the dresses.". She said, "That's totally fine! I'll be right with you in a second!"

So, I go back into the racks. I lost the paper I had written the serial numbers on so I went back through the emails in my phone. I found the dresses and came back out to get waited on. The girl I saw earlier was having a conversation with another woman who worked there. Neither one of them acknowledged me. So, I wait...

...and wait...I move to another spot in the room...and I wait...

The girl I saw earlier was now playing on the computer. At this point, I put the dresses down on a chair and leave David's Bridal...PISSED.

When I get home, I start to search for an email address or phone number to report my complaint. They have nothing of that sort on the website. Therefore, I call the only other David's Bridal near the Nashville area to discuss the matter. While talking to the manager, I break down crying. For several reasons:

1. I feel like I've been discriminated against.
2. I just drove to 2 David's Bridals outside of Nashville.
3. It was just plain rude and uncalled for.

The woman I spoke with at Rivergate apologized repeatedly. I made an appointment with her and she promised that I would be taken care of. She stated that they will be BUSY but I will be taken care of when I come in on Saturday. She also gave me the name and number of someone to call and report this to.

All I know is, I WILL NOT be using David's Bridal when I get married. They can kiss my...

Resolved Customer Service

I will never refer any bride to go to Davids Bridal. I went and ordered my dress from Davids Bridal in...

Resolved They LIED about alterations!!!

Please, I'm begging you all to NOT EVER shop at David's Bridal!!! I wish I had researched the...

Unreliable service/shady business

There are so many consumer complaints out there on David's Bridal and rightly so. If you had a good to...

Dirty Business

I purchased my gown without too much thought. I would be remiss if I did not say that the first idiot lie...

Bad service, poor quality

The first time I went to David's Bridal I presented myself to the woman at the counter and she asked me for the bride's information. It was a whole production involving two or three sales people and they couldn't find the information for the bridal party in their system. Lucky for me I remembered the color and style of the brides maid dress that I needed to get - they should have been able to tell me this but they did not know to find the information in their system. So they put me as a separate entry in their system.

I found the dress and did a fitting. It was too big in the bust and she wanted to sew pads in it. I told her I wanted her to just take it in. She disagreed and said it would look better with the pads. I had to convince her I didn't want them and she said that she would take in the bust. So, she did the pining for the alteration as I requested.

I was required to pay before they did the alterations. When I went to pay I was standing right in front of a sales woman at the register. She was not busy except for the fact that she was chatting with the sales person and customer at the next register. I just stood there and stood there waiting to just pay. I'm sure she saw me - I was standing right in front of her and she just kept on having her conversation. And I'm not talking about waiting for a brief time, she just went on and on and ignored me. When she was finally done running her mouth, she said that she couldn't ring me up because she couldn't find me in the computer. They just entered my information in the system minutes ago! I had to wait more - just so I could pay and leave!

When I went back the second time the seamstress finally saw me she could not find my dress. They had put it in the wrong location on the rack. When she finally found it I got to try it on. I had (wrongfully)assumed that it was ridiculous to have a second fitting - if they measured me right they should have been able to do the alterations correctly. However, she never even took in the bust seams! I was speaking with a different seamstress this time (the head seamstress) and she said that I didn't ask for the bust seams to be taken in. This made me furious. I had go there a third time.

I went back for my third appointment, which I scheduled it for the first appointment of the day (I think it was noon on a Sunday). Because the store was a distance from where I live and I wasn't sure what the traffic would be like I left with ample time so that I could arrive on time. I got there early and waited for over half an hour outside their doors in the hot South Carolina heat. Evidently there was a bride that was already in getting a fitting before the store opened. The sales people saw me waiting outside. I understand that they didn't want to let me in before the store opened but, it was unfair that they let another customer in the store while I stood sweating outside.

I couldn't be seen at the time of the appointment because the bride was getting upset or something in the fitting room. I had to wait another half an hour after the scheduled time of my appointment. This was totally unfair because I was there early! They asked me to come in at a specified time and I was early but had to wait even more. They had trouble finding the dress again as I had come to expect they would. I tried it on and the seams were all crooked. I definitely did not want to come back a fourth time. I settled for the unprofessionally altered dress because it was getting too close to the wedding, I didn't want to drive all they way there again and I was afraid that they would make the dress worse. They made me sign a form saying I was satisfied with the dress, which I was definitely not - there were all sorts of bumps because of the crooked sewing! I should also mention that when they dyed the shoes they got dye all on the inside of the shoes which stained my feet. I would strongly recommend against anyone doing business with David's Bridal.

All sales final and Employee(s)

Wedding Gown/David's Bridal I myself have had the worst experiences with this "All sales are final"...

Lousy customer service

I bought my wedding dress at the Richfield, MN store. My sister lives in Appleton, WI and will be one of my bridesmaids. She went the that store and the service was so bad. They had my wedding date off by 2 months. They acted like she didn't know what she was talking about when she told them the correct date. When the dress that she ordered came in, the called me in Mpls. instead of her and when she called them back about the dress they didn't even know that it was in and told her that they would call her back. Never called back. She went to pickup the dress that following Monday 8/11/08 and the staff still acted like they didn't know anything about the dress and made my sister repeat the same information 3 times. She finally did get her dress and shoes she ordered but the staff really didn't care one bit about helping her properly or apologizing for any errors on their part. I would not recommend going there if at all costs. I love my dress and the bridesmaid dresses are lovely, but no one should have to put up with that poor of service and attitude. I also tried to find a phone number to the main headquarters on the internet and somehow you cannot get through to a live person to lodge a complaint. How convenient for them.

Poor Service/Alterations

I purchased my wedding dress at David's Bridal in Ft. Myers. I decided to get the alterations done at...

Resolved Bride's/Bridesmaid dresses

Our youngest daughter is getting married in two weeks. The bridesmaids live in New Mexico, Florida, Kentucky...

alteration rip-off!

I went today for a fitting for a bridesmaid dress. the manager of the alterations dept wanted to charge me...

Misleading, non informing

I am 34 years old and finally planning my wedding. I've looked forward to this day for sooooo long. I made an appointment in February at David's to try on dresses. My mom, mother-in-law to be and myself arrived for my 10:00 am appointment. We were greeted and my consultant Brittney took over. She had me pick out 3 dresses first. I got all the attire on and knew that the 3rd dress was the one. She was very friendly and nice, but what I've found out is that she nor anyone in that store is very informative. My dress cost was $550. I was then told that if we chose for them to alter it, it would cost another $350. Brittney stated that even if we chose for David's to not alter my dress then we could still bring it back about 3 months prior to my wedding for them to steam clean and re-bead my dress. We had a lady locally alter my dress for around $100. There was still one aspect of the dress that the lady didn't do correctly. We decided to have David's make the last adjustment that was needed along with the other "promised" tasks. I made an appointment, took in my dress only to my horror in finding out that not only will they NOT touch my dress because someone else had altered it, but they will not Clean nor re-bead the dress as promised by my consultant. It does state that they will not touch an altered dress, however it is in a book that they give people who HAVE NOT bought their dress. I did not recieve any such book nor is it posted in their store for anyone to see. I went in, bought a dress, left with a dress, but no book. It's now my responsiblity to have seen a "paragraph" in this book that was never given to me and it took the alteration lady 15 minutes to find it. Not to mention that we were never told this. My mom and I have battled back and forth with corporate for a few days now but I will NEVER reccommend David's.

  • Li
    lilyflower Apr 23, 2009

    David's Bridal in McAllen, Texas was a huge mistake for us. My sisters and I went in to the McAllen store to have my older sister try on a few dresses for her renewal service in July. She fell in love with the third dress she tried on but was apprehensive about buying it because that's just her. She constantly contemplates and shops around before spending over $100 on anything. When the manager came up to us to ask if we were being properly served she asked him what he thought of the gown. She started asking them about there return policy and he said made a face and claimed they don't normally do it but that they could refund it if it were within 7 days of the purchase. Four educated women heard him say this. My sister agreed to purchase the dress since he said we could return it. Well she ended up flying back to her home in California and decided three days later that she wanted to return it because it was too dressy for the wedding she was planning. She called the store in McAllen and spoke with a sales lady who said to go ahead and send it. But since she paid with her credit card she whoever went in to return the dress would have to have the number. My sister spent $50 to fedex overnight the dress to me so that it would make it back before the 7 day return. I went in to return the dress and called my sister so she would be ready with her card number and then the manager slammed me with it. He said they do not refund dresses for any reason. But he said he needed to speak with the sales lady who said that she could return the dress. My sister was so confused because if returns were not allowed then why would the lady have said to have her credit card number ready? Why wouldn't the lady have said flat out "ma'am we don't accept any returns"? Why would the man helping me not have been surprised when I said I needed to return the dress. He took the receipt from me, the dress and took it out of the bag! It wasn't until he did all this and hit a few keys in the computer that he finally said they do not accept refunds. Now does this make sense? If we were trying to pull one over on him don't you think we would have used a better cover story other then the dress did not fit the style of the wedding? We would have said the groom was dead if we were trying to cheat the store. This David's Bridal really gives a fabulous store a bad name. I will NEVER shop there again. We are currently filing a claim against the store. Sure the dress only cost her $218.00 but it's principal. If they have done this to US I'm sure they have done it to others and it is just not right. I'm not blaming David's Bridal but I'm blaming the Manager for practically talking us into a sale under false pretenses.

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bridesmaid dresses

To Whom it May Concern: A couple of months ago my twin sister and I went to pick out the maid-of-honor dre...

Resolved Their service is a headache

I have had a bad experience trying to get a dress from David's Bridal in Colma, CA. I had no trouble buying my bridesmaid dress from the store, and thought that I was ordering it in the correct size. It was a little tight, but I thought that alterations would be able to take care of that by letting it out. WRONG! They don't tell you up front that they cannot let out their bridesmaid dresses. The alterations person was wonderful, telling me what she could do with the dress I had, and also offered me the option of re-ordering the dress in a different size (if they had it), and that it could be overnighted. I chose the latter option, and I thought it was a done deal. Wrong again! Someone at the store dropped the ball on getting the dress from another store, and had to order it to be made (b/c they're cut to order) it was going to take a while for it to come in. Then, I had to call almost every day for three or four days in a row to see when the dress would be in. Finally, I got an answer: first week in June. However, by Thursday of that week, no dress...and they said it wouldn't be in until the 12th! Luckily, it came in on the 9th, but I wasn't able to get an alterations appt until the 14th. The alterations people have been wonderful the whole way through. When I got my bill for alterations, I was stunned at the price. Over $80 for shortening the straps and doing the hem. So I talked to the customer service person that I had dealt with previously and explained to her (very politely, I might add) that because of all the hassle I had to go through to get this dress, I would like some sort of compensation on the alterations. She got very defensive and said that they don't do that. And, she made a point to tell me that it was MY fault in the first place, because I had ordered the wrong size and that they DID compensate me b/c they had not charged me for another dress. Luckily my friend was with me, and she told them that no one had told me when I had gotten the smaller size that a larger size would have been better. The customer service person then replied, "Well, if you were with her at the time, why didn't YOU say anything?" My friend and the rep kept going back and forth, and finally I gently put down my card and said it was fine, I would pay for all of it, and that I would be sending in a letter. The rep seemed to understand (finally) that I meant business. "Hold on, I'll call my district manager." After a few minutes she got off the phone and said, "You won't have to pay for the alterations." I had not intended for it to be free, I had only wanted a percentage off.

To the rep's credit, during this almost month-long debacle, she had done a lot for me to make sure I was getting my needs met. She was the one I talked to the most, and she made several apologies and was often very friendly. I just wasn't happy about how I was treated re: the alteration fee.

While I am happy with the end result (thus far), I think it would have been better if they had inquired as to what kind of compensation I was asking for. Maybe then it would have saved us some time and energy.

I won't be going back to David's Bridal in the future, if I can help it. Good customer service, and a nice dress, should not be worth this much trouble.

Poor Quality , Deceptive, No Service

I DO NOT RECOMMEND DAVID'S BRIDAL. First of all, don't fall for their very effective advertising...