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subscription charge I had canceled

Dear Fun Source team,
I did subscribe to the service, but called to cancel the next day and again the following Monday.
It is wrong to charge me after I 've canceled the subscription and I want my money back.
Attached, you'll find the charge in my bank statement.
My name is Fernanda Gurgel Fernandes, and I'm sure you can find me in your database and rectify this, which I am still calling a "mistake".
All the best,

subscription charge I had canceled

They still charged me after I cancelled before 30 days

I called on June 15 to cancel both the Fun Source and Value Plus - Subscriber no. on both is the same -...

no free card

i sighned up for celtrixa and was forced to take part in an optional pacage for 1.95 and when it got here...

Unauthorized Purchase

On 2/15/11 FunSource made two unauthorized purchases on my card in the amount of $29.95 and 24.95, within...

unauthorized charges to my checking account

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i actually did sign up for this wanting the free gas card they offered, , after looking on the web site i realized it was a scam, , , their benifits arent even good, , , i cancelled the next day, didnt even get the card, , , and still today i looked and sure enough 19.95 twice fun souce AND another company same two as everyone else on this site complaining about, i specifically asked the girl when i cancelled, , "is it definately cancelled" yes no charges no nothing? yes... ok 30 days later 40.00 $$.. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

  • Ja
    Jason Co Dec 24, 2010

    I have in the past had problems with people charging credit card so to protect your self get a pre paid card. They sell them in the US and canada I do know, however if you want to buy something over the phone Just put what it cost before you make your order on the card. Never use a regulat credit card period. I learned this from scammers re-using it to send more of the same products even after you cancel. If you have a prepaid card and the money is not on it it will not charge you a processing fee or anything it will just not let the card work until money is on it. You can put a minimum of $50 on account now card it's a prepaid card and you stop this from people after it is rejected by them they never bother again with that card. Just use your account now prepaid card to make purchases over the phone and home shopping, becuase their is no recourse legelly for the consumer at all. If they tell you you have to use a credit card be smart don't give them a free access regular credit card give them a pre paid card so when the 1st billing is off and they think they want to charge it again "surprise" they can't if you have no money on the card only put on just enough to pay for what you want its better than someone charging your card over and over and getting nowhere with police or this customer servise! they don't mind ruining you credit at all!

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Fraudulent website

Being so that this company in question has several sites based on complaints and individuals like myself. Who were fraudulently promised an item. In my case, upon enrollment into "FunsSource" I was told that I would recieve a $50 gift card. Then I was told that I would recieve another $50 gift card by mail. Via mail I recieved a letter stating I need to log on to a web site to claim the cards, wlhich there was not an option to do so. I can't understand how this can be allowed. Why would a reptable business even associate with this!! I am angry for one I am usually more aware of these things. And I thought since I was ordering an item from a nationally well known company that when these people showed up, it was legit. Not!! And the company had no knowledge of them. More need to be done about this!!! And I hope you all will address it. I know I will continue too. Because it is not right!!!