CVS Pharmacyruined my film photo processing!

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I gave them a roll of aps film to develope... the photo technician could not find the proper equipment to develop my roll. instead of calling me to tell me to pick it back up and take it somewhere else, for some reason known only to the heavens she opened up the film, unrolled it, and exposed it to light which is the number one thing anybody who remotely knows anything about aps film knows not to do. so she ruined my film/pictures for no reason... if she didn't know what to do she could have not just done anything, but instead she ruined my pictures. and I had nothing to pay for, so it's not like I could ask for a refund. they've lost my business for life.

  • Updated by Cheryl Capito · Apr 19, 2019

    I have other contacts but this was relevant to CVS.

  • Updated by fdlemaster · Apr 20, 2019

    They take advantage of Veterans, senior citizens and cancer patients, by overcharging them from $55.00 to $180.99 for the same medicine, knowing I was in a bind and couldn't get from my pharmacy as they were out. I will never go again or recommend. Very Bad Company!!!

  • Updated by Brenda L Schaffer · Jun 12, 2019

    Under Staffed in Pharmacy never picked up phone calls

  • Updated by Elizabeth Cash · Jun 23, 2019


    CVS PHARMACY Store number #06062- 200 WEST END AVENUE 212-496-4198 Dena the Pharmacist at this location was extremely short, rude and unprofessional, for a Pharmacist to have such a short temper and patience= says a lot at the type of "professionals pharmacist" CVS is hiring. I hope CVS does something about her attitude.

  • Updated by Michaelmc · Jan 22, 2020

    I get a weekly prescription of some box and I was incarcerated for a week so I'm late wiggle my prescription I pick 1 up Monday I went back to the doctor Tuesday and was written another 1 now they say I cannot pick it up


  • Tj
    TJ Brinkley Nov 08, 2007

    You asked for the problem when you bought a crappy aps camera that takes crappy aps film. Jump into the 21st century and go digital. Geezzz!!!

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  • Re
    retail mom Dec 07, 2007

    That is an awful thing to experience. Obviously that person did not know what they are doing. The manager of that store should know all of their employees and those who are in-experienced should be instructed to call them when a film is dropped. We only have one employee in our store that does not know photo and does not dare to attempt it and knows it. Just to keep face for CVS (company I proudly work for in Michigan). Not all of us are in-experienced or bad employees. I realize this hurts your trust in CVS. Did the manager or anyone offer you new film or any type of compensation? I know this won't replace the photos. Did you speak to the DM of that store? I would have asked for his number to call and got something out of it. And wow to the last person that posted. In spite of the digital boom. Regular cameras are still good to use. I'm surprised this site allowed that post to stay.

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  • Po
    Police Officer Oct 27, 2008

    CVS ruined 3 rolls of my film. The processing machine broke and they left my negatives in the "solution" for three days awaiting a repairman. I was offered no compensation, the District manager would not return my phone calls and "Corporate Consumer Affairs" has never answered the letter I sent them. Maybe things are differrent in Michigan but this is my experience in Texas. There are two loser's to this saga. My son who had his picture taken with a sports celebrity that he will probably never see again and the CVS employees in this area who rely on us for help.

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  • Do
    Dotnik Feb 14, 2010

    While that employee should have know better, CVS does not provide most photo technicians with the proper amount of training before they are expected to handle the lab on their own. Mistakes do happen, but you should have been reimbursed for sure and any developing fees waived. Sorry this happened!

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  • An
    Announames Aug 22, 2018

    @Dotnik This happens in most cvs stores.. there a store in Miami by Sunset place.. the customer service is horrible. My picture has been damaged before.. I thought ok this can happen to anyone.. until I realise what was going on.. when I asked her for her name.. at 1st she didnt want to give it. Saying she was only covering that store.. I came back a fee days later and found out the who store. She know who I was and it turned out she was having a 5 year affair with my husband.. she was distorting the picture because they were all from our family vacation we take a few times a year.. to make the store short.. I found out with in 4 days what was truly happening.. Her name Annette Marie Lopez.. she also goes by Marie.. the last straw was when you strat out told me.. ges a store manager.. there no way I will get fired.. now go away and give him the divorce so my daughter and I can be happy.. he loves my girls.. and can less about you guys .. My heart was broken..yet this just gave more strength to keep going.. i would never let that type of person destroy my family.. stupid her for getting involved with a married mad.. cvs should be about family.. not destroying them. Now I date I blame both and my husband and our family working hard to make this right.. she needs to stay away.

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  • Ma
    MasamuneX Apr 09, 2011

    I didn't know people still used film. How quaint.

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  • Ye
    yegerman Oct 18, 2011

    Which is Faster? Globe Wimax or Digitel...Does this two really sucks, ,

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  • Cv Aug 25, 2016

    I do not want this productt!!!

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  • Cv Aug 25, 2016

    I received the product LRL REV ADV FCE/ from CVS pharmacy online and do not want this product.

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  • Be
    betsy m Aug 14, 2018

    we just stopped at cvs naples, florida- exit 105 off 75. the bathrooms were filthy! there is no excuse for a well known heath care store to expose customers to unsanitary conditions.

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  • Ba
    Barbaramc16 Aug 20, 2018

    Today i walked in in mission tx cvs to purchase candles and after the poorest customer service in my life the lady told me i couldn't purchase more than two candles since they were on sale, i told her that i didn't care about the discounts i just needed them and she told me i couldn't even purchase them i walked out so angry worst people ever

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  • Ba
    Barbies333 Aug 20, 2018

    CVS 6632 Pacific ave. Stockton, ca

    Every time I go into this store the shelves are always empty. There are box's of trash all over the store. The cashiers are talking to each other ignoring the customer when they are standing in front of them. Let's see some improvment

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  • Jo
    [email protected] Aug 21, 2018

    Filled a narcotic with no written prescription. Then i brought in a written prescription for the same narcotic and they refused to fill it.

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  • Su
    Susie Landry Aug 21, 2018

    A couple Months ago I was at the Pharmacy getting my prescriptions filled and this woman had a really bad attitude. She threw my insurance card at me. Also, When I got home I noticed half of my prescriptions were missing out of the bottle.

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  • Em
    emakak Aug 28, 2018

    Hi, Someone at the cvs on hanover street in Boston, Ma stole my friends headphones and they were almost $600 for them, it has been 2 months since someone stole them from her locker and the manager has done nothing but say he will get them and has yet to get them, We want the headphones back and if not there will be a problem.

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  • Ro
    RoxanneCarleton Aug 28, 2018

    Why does my neighborhood CVS ALWAYS have MEXICAN music playing? There is no diversity if you cater to those here illegally & ignore the culture that founded this land. The location I am referring to is 19th Ave & Baseline Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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  • Ol
    oldergent54 Aug 28, 2018

    This is the second time(month) in a row, that my prescriptions are unavailable at this local CVS store. Also it took over six weeks to get my last prescriptions. This is Unacceptable behavior and the Technician Suggested I go to another store and see if they had my prescriptions available. I am filing a complaint against them for Discrimination.

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  • Dm
    Dmbgrn Sep 01, 2018

    When I checked out the girl just handed me my receipt, did not look at me or say thank you. She treated the person in front of me completely different, with a thank you got shopping with us have a nice day oh and you have coupons don't forget! I will be switching pharmacies which is a shame because I adore the pharmacist there!

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  • Lp
    Lpeter Sep 01, 2018

    Store is to cold for customers to shop and employees say that it's cold too. This needs to be fix. How are they suppose to work when they are cold. If I had to say it was below 60 degrees.

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  • Oi
    Oink262 Sep 02, 2018

    I was at Cvs in garwood nj . And they told me that they were completely out of epi pens . Well do not go to Cvs because this medication is to save your life and clearly they do not have their customers best interest in place this is unexceptionable I will not be returning to Cvs again !!!

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  • Hi
    Hildagard Sep 05, 2018

    I have been a customer there for quite some time and everyone has always been very polite.
    There has been a woman by the name of Angelia working there and I don't understand how she still has a job. I have spoken with management. When I walk in there and see her, I dread it!!! To many people need a job, people spend their hard earned money there.

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  • No
    Noj91 Sep 05, 2018

    Store 5299 is Doris margarine giving away store store card credit cards for items with no receipts and very rude to customers I will never shop there again until she is terminated very unprofessional service very rude there's no problem that you could solve that's at store 5299

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  • Le
    Leahwarner Sep 10, 2018

    Gross, dirty, broken down bathroom. Walls covered in nasty stains. I took pictures and would love to send them. Worst public restroom ever seen.
    Sidewalk out front had broken light bulbs. This cvs in okc

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  • Ca
    cam88 Sep 10, 2018

    I called CVS to try and give them my prescription information as they requested I am still on hold 20 min later... This is my second time trying to call and being on hold that same amount of time. Why would the company ask me for this information if they have no intention on answering the phone. How is this ok?

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  • Gs
    Gs1905 Sep 11, 2018

    hi, we noticed that the history of two multivitamins we took in the previous week turned into turkey. In 2016, the end.The other two vitamins are out in three months.How can you not pay attention to the past history of a large chain of stores? I want something done.

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  • Al
    Alexa9 Oct 14, 2018

    I dont know what kind of employees you have representing your company, and im sure you do a drug test on all your new hires, but here it is Samantha J Garcia. Selling marijuana and getting high off of adderall and oxycodone.

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  • An
    annakuntz Oct 15, 2018

    In Seymour I went with my step mom to pick up my grandmas medication as a passenger in the car Savannah the girl working rudely says you can't smoke in the drive thru. There are no signs up that states this. I could understand if there was a sign or if i was inside. I have smoked many times as a passenger at that same window and nobodys said that.

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  • Is
    Issavirgo Oct 22, 2018

    croch and mumbling embarrassing to another co worker while customers where masterbating calling her a pedophile..Maybe there should be A capable manager with a camera to make sure things go right because people are getting was at 1115pm Oct 11, 306 Linclon rdMiami beach FL 531 558

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  • Ho
    HongBkj Oct 22, 2018

    When I pick up my medicine from the desk the people who service me was really rude! First time there and never come back!

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  • Yo
    Youtuber ForFun Oct 23, 2018

    concord nh cvs has most rude employees ive ever met in my 40 yrs on thos planet..they all haye their jobs and are most rude women I've ever met. They act like they're building space rockets in there and took this rude lady (with my dad in most deepest pain )w hours to count out 40 pills. The place should be shit down.

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  • Ni
    Niecer5904 Oct 23, 2018

    I was in CVS pharmacy 18 miles from home stopped in to purchase my bud light beer I didn't think that I would have to check the exp date then when I got home to have a beer putting in my fridge I saw something about the super bowl I said to myself ? The Exp on the box was March 2017 its June who stocks shelves was not very Happy

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  • Bb
    Bbp123 Oct 27, 2018

    I received a letter in the mail stating my birth control was recalled after 2 months of being on it having no idea. I called my CVS pharmacy in bayport, NY 11705 and was put on hold only to be told they don't know why it was recalled. As this recall can result in an UNINTENDED PREGNANCY, I find this BEYOND unacceptable.

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  • Ro
    Robertalex Oct 31, 2018

    Yesterday I entered the cvs store located on 1315 moss st in Lafayette Louisiana to get info for my sons medication and the young lady was real rude like she didn't want to be at work or assist me don't remember full name but it started with an H. I will go to Walgreens next time I need info the clerk needs to be disciplined

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  • Ch
    Check 666 Oct 31, 2018

    I bought mens underwear online and got kleenex instead how stupid is this company. They wont send product or a refund for a person who desperately needs medical help.

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  • As
    Ashley508 Nov 11, 2018

    CVS calls me to say my prescription is ready for pickup and I go to the store for them to tell me it's not ready and that it should be ready in two hours. My fiancé goes to pick it up and it's still not ready. The lady at the window said the pharmacist just went to lunch and it should be ready in an hour. This is NOT the first this had happened!

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  • Ly
    Lyndonmolly Nov 12, 2018

    Very rude staff at 1408 W Craig. Rd 89032 pharmacy staff the rudess people I've ever met. They walk by you with no acknowledgement no personality at all. This whole department needs training in customer service I'll take my business else where.

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  • Be
    Bedilia Nov 12, 2018

    There is a very rude lady her name according with her boss is Ronda, every time I come she talk very rude and today she scream at me and throw the medicine I was picking up, I want something to be done is not the first time and she is not been professional
    If Yo u hav

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  • To
    Tony4456778890 Nov 12, 2018

    The individual named Carlos smelled like weed. He smells like this everytime I go in. It is about time I mentioned it. I feel uncomfortable bringing my kids in.

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  • Ke
    KendrickMatthews Nov 13, 2018

    I ask for my high blood pressure medication twice and the doctor did not answer my request on tablets .what do I do for details on this situation? iKendrickKarlMatthews.Rosenberg texas 77471.may cause dizziness if not taken by bottle.

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  • Ks
    Kshitija Nov 14, 2018

    They provided with coupons for body wash, when I bought one coupons not working was answer given by customer service...if coupons are not working why do they provide it

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  • Su
    sue supran Nov 19, 2018

    More and more products under the CVS brand are only available at your stores. I wished to buy first aid supplies and there was not one product different than the CVS brand. That is very unfair

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