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I have been a loyal customer with CVS for many years. My wife and I have all our prescriptions filled in Store #6049, located in Staten Island NY. I have been filling a lot of medication in this store.

Recently I have had a problem with a pharmacist. The problem started a month ago, me and my wife went on vacation to Pocono, PA. My wife forgot to fill her January prescription for her birth control which she had 5 refills, so we went to the closest CVS to fill it. The pharmacist told us that she can’t use her insurance with this refill, because it is outside of NYC and she had Medicare. So we paid out of pocket with no disagreement. This month when I called the CVS pharmacy to order my wife’s refill the pharmacist told me that her medication has been transferred to another store. I told them we’ve done no such thing. I explain to the pharmacist what happened last month and she told me that I transferred. I explained to her we needed one refill last month from the Pocono CVS. She didn’t want to listen to me and started to be rude to me. So, I asked her to please transfer the prescription back to this store, which I hadn’t done in the first place. She told me we can’t, because it can’t be done. I asked her why, but she kept being very nasty with me. I asked for her name so I can call the doctor, and have them call her, so we can call in the script. SHE REFUSED TO GIVE ME HER NAME and told me the doctor can call in to talk to “some other pharmacist” for that information but clearly “she” did not want to help us. I have been very angry and upset in this matter. I have never had a customer service representative be unwilling to give me his or her name, especially when asked.

Later today my wife and I decided to close out our accounts with CVS and we will transfer all our medication to Walgreens. We decided that we do not want to do anymore business with store until we get an apology from the pharmacist or the store.


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    saradam Mar 03, 2010

    NY has some pretty strict laws regarding transfer of rxs back and forth, but not an excuse for her rudeness. Or did you want her name just so you could try to get her in trouble for following the law hmmmmmmm

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    mj22204 May 08, 2010

    The most nasty CVS Pharmacists are found in Arlington, VA Store # 2142. I've been going to this store for over 11 years since and tried to brush off every indecent but the "see something, say something" policy makes me say something.

    His name is Nader Bassar. He is a minority himself and treats other minorities with disrespect. He gives an intimidating look whenever minorities approach the counter to ask for info. He treats people based on their ethnicity. He gives his best customer service to Caucasians. Next in line could be you who is not a Caucasian and you immediately see his attitude change. You wait at the consultation area of the counter and he could be on the other side but doesn't come to talk to you - he shouts at you from wherever he is and that's very humiliating. Or he uses his forefinger to summon you to his side of the counter which not the consultation area. If he is checking your info, he asks for your ID or Insurance card and he goes to check to the other side of the counter then puts your cards on his side of the counter and he ignores you - you don't know whether he's returning your card back or if he is still working on it. Then he goes on with his business. When you ask if he's finished - Wow then you are in trouble. He pauses and gives you a dirty look. And his staff follow his suit in treating minorities with disrespect.

    Joeing Kim is an incompetent pharmacist. I was prescribed three different types of medicines - two of them being nasal sprays and they gave me a mouth inhaler with description that said "use the nasal spray...", and two of the medicines were generic ones. I called to have them changed to brand name and asked why I was not told that they were generic. She said they do not give that option. But I was standing there when they gave that option to other people - Caucasians.

    I went back the next day and I found another pharmacist and this one is a liar who was trying to cover up for her buddy. I took back the mouth inhaler with the nasal spray directions and I was told it was the doctor's fault because that type of medicine doesn't come as a nose spray. How was I to know? No explanation was given to me - they just packed everything and sent me home. And if that was the case, why would they put the nasal spray directions on a mouth inhaler? And when I asked why I was not given the option if I wanted generic or brand name medicine like the other customers, I was told "we don't do that". I went to another CVS Store # 1407, and the first thing I was asked was "how would you prefer your medicines, Generic or Brand Name?" very pleasant people. I don't know why I had to go to Store # 2142 all these years and be treated and see others treated like a piece of ###.

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  • dueloutoftucson May 08, 2010
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    Maybe they don't have thier legal papers, & they maybe deported.

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    usecommonsensepeople May 09, 2010
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    In order to get a prescription filled at another pharmacy, the prescription HAS to be transferred to that pharmacy. They can not fill a prescription that they do not have. And you can't have that one prescription in two different places. Either it is at one pharmacy or the other - not both. I know the laws in New York are such that only one fill for a prescription can be transferred out. All other refills are lost. That is the NEW YORK law. The pharmacists there have to follow the law.

    The rudeness is inexcusable! They could have explained that to you instead of just telling you to have your doctor call in a new prescription. And I do not know about New York law as far as pharmacists having to post their license in the pharmacy they practice in. But I know in other states, their licenses MUST be displayed, which have their name on it. Also, in other states, the pharmacist MUST wear a name tag. It is the state board rules. But every state has their own set of rules determined by the state board of pharmacy in that state.

    Taking your prescriptions elsewhere is obviously your choice. In this case, I do not blame you at all for doing that. But no matter what retail pharmacy you use, there are wonderful pharmacists and there are not-so-wonderful pharmacists. The goal is to find a location, no matter the company, that has pharmacists on staff that you like. Get ALL of your medications filled there. Do not pharmacy hop. It is dangerous for your own health. If you get everything filled at one place, the computers can keep up with all that you take and can catch potential drug interactions. The people that hop from one pharmacy to another in order to take advantage of coupons, etc. are only hurting themselves. In the long run, it is not worth it.

    One more thing - I am glad you are taking your business elsewhere instead of going back to the same pharmacy. It never ceases to amaze me that people will return to a pharmacy time after time after time; and every time they go there, they say, "Every time I come here, something is always messed up." If that is truly the case, then that person is an idiot for going back to the same pharmacy that messes up EVERY time. And to be quite honest, the pharmacist doesn't care if you come back to their pharmacy or not if you complain about every little thing every time you come in. People that complain and are mean and threaten that they will take their business elsewhere are the exact people that the pharmacist wants to go elsewhere so they do not have to hear them complain all the time. So good for you for doing what is best for yourself!

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  • dueloutoftucson May 14, 2010
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    I too did just that went to another pharmacy, where everyone is treated equally.There are far too many nasty pharmacists out there, & that they are NOT happy in their postions, while filling out your Rx.Unhappiness gets you, no where, but more aggravation.

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    318Lady Aug 27, 2010

    mj22204 I have to disagree. The most disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate pharmacists I have ever incountered in all my 28 years of living have been the ones here in Bossier City, Louisiana store 5396. I am an African American woman and this store consists of about 90% African American pharmacists. The ladies that work in their have rolling eye syndrome. They act like they dont want to be at work and they should be thankful its customers like us spending our money cause without us they wouldnt be getting paid. I went their to get my prescriptions filled and the lady asked me for my name with a little to much bass in her voice. Then I had to wait 45 minutes just to get my prescription. They tried to overcharge me for one of them. It took another 20 minutes to verify what i was telling them. I gave the lady a discount card from the website and she throws it in the trash. When I asked her for it she smirks then says well they didnt tell me you wanted it back. No one shoudl have to tell her anything that was common sense to give it back. Then i asked for 2 additional receipts for my stuff so that i can get reimbursed and the manager tells me that cant print any out she has to go to the back and print out a invoice. I cant get reimbursed with an invoice i need real receipts. The invoice she gave me doesnt even have CVS Pharmacy any where on it. All it has is the price, invoice info on top. I was very upset.

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