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J Sep 12, 2018

I picked up 2 prescriptions this morning for my husband and one was a medication that needed to be refrigerated. I DID NOT KNOW THIS!!! and the tech that gave me my order did not bother to tell me this or ask if I had any questions. I had several errands to run when I left and the medication was in my hot car for several hours. I had to stop back by later to pick up my Rx and only after I told my husband that I had picked up his new medication and HE told me that one if them had to be refrigerated. First of all, this tech was undoubtedly the most RUDE person that I have ever dealt with. She informed me that rule of thumb is that all medicine needs to be refrigerated. Really??? I've never heard that and I have been a nurse for over 30 years. Instead of apologizing for not telling me this, she decided to talk to me like I was an idiot. Had I known this had to be refrigerated, I would have picked it up on the way home. This was CVS on hwy 58 in Chattanooga and the tech had short dark hair, glasses, and a northern accent. Maybe she thinks southerners are dumb. Who knows... But she clearly not need to be waiting on customers!

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