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Cricket Wireless Internetsuper low speed & evil service

Cricket wireless claims to have fast wireless internet, terrible service, a dial up service is even faster than their
Service, I had to wait up to 5 minutes to see my space home page, you have to reset often the page cause it's time
Runs out, so refreshing your page has to be done often.
Now comes the nightmare to collect my money after not getting my service on, they charge me two months of service because of the pro-rate, to be even with my cell service which also sucks, they will not give you your money back even 24 hours after your purchase, they only returned the device money, but they stole from me
More than two months of service which is almost $100.00 - don't use cricket service they run a evil
Business - consumer's snakes. . .


  • Ti
    tinalmc72 Sep 08, 2013

    I purchased the Cricket WiFi back in December 2011 to avoid the expense of cable & wifi together as I am on a budget. After paying 200 bucks for the small contraption with NO contract I thought I was set! You are only able to hook up 3 computers but that's ok and no complaints so far. Once in awhile I would have to reset my Wifi as my teenagers were streaming their IPODS & Tablets off of it. The speed was o.k. and my monthly bill was between 75-80 bucks a month. It was well worth it to me as I am a college student and only needed the internet to keep up with school as well as allowing my two teenagers access. My payment was due the 15th of every month and they would cut me off one week later if not paid, no biggie...I could work it well within my budget. I eventually had a very rough financial impact on my life in 2013 & had to cut back on things. I went without Cricket wireless from Jan 2013 - March 2013. When I got out of my rough patch and called Cricket to reconnect my wireless I was told that I had to pay for the 2 and 1/2 months I DID NOT use it!!! Are you kidding me?? I am under no contract whatsoever with Cricket. I argued the fact with the phone rep who could hardly speak English and was at a call center in another country. He put me on hold to speak to his supervisor who in turn gave me a $25.00 credit on my account. So let's see, I owe approximately 195 bucks for NOT using their service less the credit of 25 being $170 bucks owed. Seeing as I had an exam to do I was forced to pay the 170. I don't understand how you can buy their little wireless router, not sign a contract whatsoever but yet be held accountable for the service you didn't use for the time you go without it. I don't care how desperate a person is for internet I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. Yes, it is a rip off. The convenience does not pay off in the end. Judging by the comments of others about their phone service, this company is an absolute rip off and they are full of shyt when they say there is not a contract. They will get you in any way that they can. My suggestion would be to tether a hotspot off your phone versus putting up with the crap from a crappy company that doesn't even have an English speaking American on the other end of the line to help you.

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  • No
    noonebookofely Oct 13, 2011

    now i have had cricket for about 2 weeks now and i have to say it was the best thing in the world OMG the 100kb/s just made me so happy(my other internet was also slow about 125kb/s). But hey im impresses because cricket has done something so great that it just warms my heart they slowed down my internet to 4kb/s and ever sense this speed reduction i just want everyone to know that cricket is by FAR the best internet provider that i have ever had gosh it felt like chrismas when they slowed down my speed i want to just give cricket a hug (and stab them in the back like they did to me). cricket sucks and just so everyone knows the people that are saying its good are those that 1. live in a major city 2. they clearly do not use the internet that much or else cricket would have slowed down there speeds. now i do not see why cricket can get away with this but i think that they can slow down our internet because we agreed to it on the online contract that we said we read. i would love to know where it says on the box or site: [cricket broadband unlimited internet (by the way we will slow down your service 3 days after you buy and no refunds]. this service should be illegal in fact i think it just may be unconstitutional!!

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  • Cr
    cricket u s of a b Feb 17, 2011

    coming off of high speed internet... games in downloaded in 3hours god i miss that! updates in 15m, vids in 30sec, internet loading pages in 1-4sec, and i could play shooter games... i miss that most of all, just to fire a gun on MW2 or combat arms without lagging i would give anything.

    compaired to now with cricket...

    games downloaded in 1-2days, updates 3-6hours, vids in 20-hour, pages 1-3min, and no more shooters for me you just cant play when the game it lags so much you cant even load maps b4 the game ends.

    and i know this is not a gamer's internet its for searching for vids and browsing the net. but i cant even do that. i want my money back and i want them to sell out.

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  • Cr
    cricket u s of a b Feb 17, 2011

    I feel like cricket is spamming the internet with good info about this [censor] internet. cricket sucks [censor] i got fast PC and getting low speeds every day even with 4 bars and by low i mean 20m - 1h for a 6min vid, cricket is the devil coming back to make us all get mad, kill someone and ruin are live, if your a gamer and get this then your gaming life has ended get ready to play slow games with bad grafs online. i have been downloading a game for about 1day now and only at 60%, not torrent. and some weeks ago i could not even play my fav game... why? because the fing internet was soo slow i could not update it without getting kicked 1hour in. so this is my advice for anyone wanting to get this internet, onless your really fing poor and dont care about who uses it... your son? then dont get it. on a last note... how could you make this internet? and ohh i found somthing out when turning it in for better. the [censor]ing! store people dont even use cricket!!! the [censor]ers who made it dont even use it!!! how do i know? because i turned in my cricket one day it speed it up and they didnt even have the program installed i had to get it off my PC with jump drive.

    sorry for the lang i hope you understand its needed because i hate cricket so much and the son of [censor] who made it. thank you [censor] wipe

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  • El
    El _ Technico Feb 16, 2011

    I agree. Cricket should be investigated by the Consumers Affairs. They claim they have fast speed internet but its all a big lie. I believe that people have the power to force these companies to change there bad ways and to stand up to them. When I sign up with Cricket they ask me what I wanted to use the internet for. I told them that I wanted to watch videos and that I needed to download big files and movies too. They went ahead and told me that I needed the 50 dollar a month service. This is in Maryland but the fact is that the speed average at first about lees that 1 Mbps and then it drops down to 300 kbps after two weeks. Cricket monitors your activity in the internet and record your download and video streaming usage, once you past there limit they will drop your speed below 300 Kbps that's worse than dial up. Cricket is very abusive too it's custoemers. I use to have Comcast & Verizon. I hate paying lots of money for my internet and thats the reason I gave Cricket a tried. But after using there service I came to an conclusion that it is better to pay a litle more and be happy with your service. Cricket suck's. and there ripping of a lot's of people.

    They should be reported to the FCC. I'm going back too Verizon I love there Hi Speed Internet. People have to take some time and learn & understand the difference between Mbps & Kbps. The reason why I'm making this comment is because I have notice that a majority of people dont have a clue about what there getting in referring to Hi Speed Internet. I use to get 25 Mbps with Verizon and the download timing & speed was very fast. I 'm going to give you an example how fast it is. You can download 2 movies in 10 minutes. Thats how fast it is this kind of speed cannot be compare to the Cricket Wireless. Cricket Suck's there technology suck's. People dont give these [censor] the satisfaction of ripping you off. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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  • Mu
    Muffykins Jan 19, 2011

    I've been a customer with Cricket Wireless for about a year and a half. At first their service was moderately decent. Around 100 kB/s down, which, while very mediocre at least worked. I could do the usual things I do on the internet with no major issues or setbacks. Plus, the speed seemed pretty realistic considering I am located on the outer fringe of their coverage area.

    I was aware that they would impose a download rate throttle if you exceeded their very measly 4 gigabyte bandwidth cap. When I started using their service I figured it wouldn't matter much because I really don't download much anyway. I play some multiplayer games every now and then, and do some extensive downloads here and there (Such as Windows updates or updating games via Steam) so I just went with their service as they were the only viable option where I live.

    As I mentioned before, their service was okay at first. I was definitely satisfied. I was only throttled down to 15 kB/s when I did something like buy a game on Steam and download it. Not a big issue because I always did this around the end of the month, so our speeds would be back up to what they were before in a few days. But after awhile it got worse and worse. Suddenly we were being throttled within less than a week of each month, so we were essentially paying 45 dollars a month for 15 kB/s down. Complete garbage.

    It wasn't until just recently that this throttled speed was effectively halved. I used to think 15 kB/s was slow. But do you have any idea how slow 7 kB/s is? It's amazing how much we take for granted, isn't it?

    tl;dr Cricket Wireless is a horrible service provider.

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  • Je
    jean4337 Sep 30, 2010

    Damn, I wish I've read this posts before I signed up to cricket service. I'm going thru this nightmare right now. I signed up for the cricket service 3 days ago and so I far I haven't had a tech agent to help me with this slow service . I talked to 3 different tech agents and all of them were rude. They weren't helpful at all. All 3 agents gave me the same instructions to reinstall and reactivate the device as if they were reading the same script. I can't even compare this to a dial up because I'm way better off with dial up if I have to choose between the two. It takes forever to load just going to google. Don't even bother watching a video on youtube. It will take forever to load a 2 min. video. Sometimes, it will not load a video at all. Customer Service sucks and they don't have Technical Support line. I can't believe I wasted my money on this piece of junk!!

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  • Ac
    acethaboy Sep 22, 2010

    He's totally right DON'T USE CRICKET SERVICE how the hell do downloads on limewire only download at 2-5kbs and when i turn on wifi it speeds to like 100-300kbs thats some [censor] i aint payin the bill this month im lettin it get cut off and switching to clearwire...

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  • Cr
    cricketsucksripyouoff Sep 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not use there service, They will rip you off like they have been doing to others with there fake 3G or 4 G service all lies and fraud. First they will have you going the first 3 weeks there after Cricket will (LIMITED YOUR SPEED TO GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU) I always had 3G now they stated 4G is better Yea Right! I did so and they lowered the speed again. F#%k Them Mther F#$%%`s As you can see I am very mad due to there lack of service and scams. Also if your at Walmart do not buy the load TOP UP CARDS like I did, I was told you can use it on your payment online option. Guess what there was no link for that option just states you can Top up here and lot of bull [censor]... I call cricket and was told that they would not accept it over the phone, .. I knew why since they charge a $3.95 service fee to your credit card, and would not be able to make a dime on this card. Also do not give them your Bank information or they will charge you twice. If you do experience this keep your receipt like I did and got my money back. Normally they will not do this sine it a load card but I knew a friend there good thing.

    Stay away from them and go with Clear they offer better service and less complaints. If you like watch movies and downloads like I do stay way from Cricket since they told me I can not use my wireless for flash player. I contact clear and they stated that I can watch unlimited movie and download for the same price $40. Good Deal.

    Good Luck & Stay Away from Cricket

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  • Me
    meegan120 Jul 26, 2010

    noooo cricket wireless is not as bad as you guys claim it to be. i mean you get what you pay for and seeing as it is broadband and not high speed internet thats what you should expect. I've had my criket for a year now and to say i only pay 60 dollars a month the service is great. it runs at like moderate speed and it isn't that bad and i don't understand what is wrong with having a security guard in the store. they probbaly had people stealing from them and want to be safe you should be happy and feel safe going there. and just because she was rude doesnt mean the service is bad. it is probably just your computer cause mine runs great :-)

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  • Be
    ben so Jul 02, 2010

    very slow, most of the time around 2mb/sec, constantly drop the connections while i am online. More and more now the line is dropped and state that the user name and password do not match which is crazy since it requires no password nor username. Does not work with windows 7 and cricket requires $35 for the upgrade. After almost 2 years, enough to buy to new laptops, cricket does not care what their customers need. It is a bad company with bad service and policy. Unfortunate.

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  • Cr
    Crgver16254 Apr 17, 2010

    I-35 & Wm Cannon.
    When I rent movies, they don't have a security guard in the front of the store, So why does Cricket corporate store have one standing in the lobby. I just wanted to pay my bill as I assume most people did, so why...the muscle? This really was unnerving. When it was my turn, because they flash your name when you become one of the next 3 customers, the darked haired girl behind the desk was as rude as she could possibly be, and I muttered Now I see why you need security here, and she became even more rude. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN! Also when I got home and booted up my computer, the connection was the absolute slowest i had ever experienced. don't know if it's possible but I sure did think that rude sales"lady" did something to slow down my connection.

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  • andy5421 Mar 16, 2010

    meh the pic didn't show up. Here's the link. This is a VERY RECENT(prior to posting I did a speed test GT > Austin 89ms ping):

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  • andy5421 Mar 16, 2010

    Sucks bad here too, I am in Georgetown TX and it is a 4G network and they throttle me to 10k/s.

    Go with, much faster speeds and strong signal.

    1.5Mb/s for $35/mo unlimited, no throtteling.

    been getting 2.7o+Mb/s DL speeds(much higher than my plan see the photos for yourself)

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  • Jo
    johnnycock Jun 28, 2009

    I have cricket wireless and it is slow ### **** its like dial up.They say its fast on T.V but its slow!

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  • Ma
    mad man Mar 30, 2009

    I bought theor service for my home office..they say they are fast and great but they suck..i use a voip phone and no one can hear me's super slow and their tech support is the worst..i can't connect to my company vpn because they have a firewall on their service but no one seems to know about it and u cant talk to a real it person their all 5 dollar an hour call center people..don't waste your time or money with them

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  • Ji
    jitku May 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Never at all.. They don't have a valid email ID even. Also, tell them to deduct tax amount from the won prize.

    I am 100% sure they are cheater.

    Thanx & regards,
    Jitendra Kumar

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  • Dh
    DHARMESH BHAVSAR Nov 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir

    Kindly go through my following mail & let me know should i've to pay money to british inland revenue as the same is demanded in personal account of some body. Please respond immediately that should i pay money or not?

    From : british inland revenue commision <[email protected]>
    Subject : attention: dharmesh bhavsar.........................From british inland revenue
    To : [email protected]

    Attention: dharmesh bhavsar

    Your mail has been received and the content well understood, there is an attached form along with this mail, you are to print it out, fill the form, re-scan and send it back to us for futher processes to be carried out as regards the sending of your winning prize to you.
    The payment of tax of your won prize which is tfc 600 gbp( great british pounds) should be sent to our correspondent officer whose details you will find below, this is done because you cannot be easily sent any amount of money(Prize) without meeting up to the tax fee here in britain according to the revenue commissioners order, 1923
    After your tax fee has been meet, an authorisation order shall be sent to the e-courier office for the transfer/delivery to be completed.

    So all payments should be sent via western union money transfer to our tax funds collection officer whose details are thus:

    Mr mark williams
    11great sutton street,
    Ec1v 0nb

    Your urgent response will also attract an urgent follow up from our board
    Do send the control number of your payment back to the mail add.

    Thanks for your understanding
    Once again congratulations!!
    Warmest regards from the national board

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