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no service

The worst serive I have ever experianced. Between dropped calls and the inability to get through to customer service has caused me to drop this company.
When I was finally able to get through to a person by using my new provider to call an "inside" line, that person tried to send me back to 1-800-Cricket. When you call that number you end up transfering through a maze of useless messages where filannly you are asked to leave a messeage that is suposed to be returned within 3 business days. Well three messages later, two weeks of waiting, still no returned calls.
Anyone considering using Cricket as their wireless provider should think about it.

  • Ji
    Jim8976 Mar 25, 2010

    I get more than normal missed calls. The phone just won't ring and the person calling must leave a message. I won't how many people don't leave messages and find someone else to call. I am self employed and this is my only phone,

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  • Ri
    RippedoffbyCricket Apr 28, 2011

    I bought a Cricket phone 2/12 months ago. The day it arrived i went to activate the phone. It started downloading whatever it is that is needed to
    active. And a message popped up that Id need a better signal to activate. I had 1 bar for a signal that immeadiatly turned into an X.
    So i jumped in the car drove 6 blocks ang 4 bars...Activated the phone.
    Of course on returning signal.
    I used my landline and called Cricket, I was told to reset the phone...I did. No signal.
    I drove my 6 blocks and reactivated it.
    I called back Cricket, told them it was no signal. The wrote up a work order on it for me, I explained i wouldnt be at home i was going to Vegas to see my parents. I was informed it would take a week to send someone to check the tower for signal strenth. Not to worry...Just contact them when i got home and id either get a working phone or a refund.
    I did, I was informed my service ticket had been upgraded to Level 2. I was told i needed to go to one of their qualified service centers to get my phone checked, So off i go to wait in line for 45 minutes just to be informed that they coould do nothing for me.

    When i asked about a refund he told me i had used over 30 minutes and a refund wasnt possable. Of course i was never informed of this.
    Returning home i called back Cricket. Of course im speaking to someone different...Go through to 10 minutes to explain all of this. I was told not to worry...I would be refunded for any lost service but i was stuck with the phone. I was mad. But i was talked into letting their tech people work on it over the next 5 weeks.
    Finally i had had enough...Id been billed 2 times for a phone that doesnt work.
    I must have called them 20 times to try to get some sort of credit and terminate the service. I was hung up on at least 10 times.
    Was transfered to someone who could terminate the service 5 times only to recieve a message that all the representatives were back later.
    At one point i was told i had a whopping $5 credit coming to me...until i was hung up on.

    The phone ended up costing me over $250 and hours on the phone

    Never never yourself the headaches...good riddence

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poor service, misrepresentation and fraud

I bought a kyocera candid ii camera phone from cricket wireless. Last year (About 10 months ago). My phone...

problems with cricket wireless

I received an email from Cricket Communications advertising their new Cricket Wireless service. I wanted to...

service refund ignored/delayed

First they said it was a "free" card with a months "free" service. It cost me $115 upfront just to sign up...

the worst cell phone company ever

Crickets customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Now I know that the saying, you get what you payed for is true. Every month I would have to call and change something on my service, they always seemed to tack on extra services and charges even though I never asked for them. They always allowed me to do so, but how can I really "accidently" activate the internet? I explained to them every month that if I do not call and personally ask and approve the internet services then I do not want them. I would still have to call every month.
My boyfriend and I just got sick of paying for a service that was horrible. I never got service anywhere and having to call every month just got old. We went with another service and I called to make sure our account is indeed cancelled so we sotp getting bills. They told me I had no access to the account and cannot cancel. I asked them if I had no access to the account then how was I able to change the account EVERY month? They said I should have never been allowed to and that my boyfriend needs to call.
So then I asked them how not one, not two, but multiple people kept letting me have "unauthorized" access every month. I never talked to the same person so it was always someone different and it was not just a one time mistake, everybody I talked to at Cricket let me change the account or service. I told Jeremy he needs to call now and chew somebody out. I mean every month someone without authorization was able to access his account. They assured me I was on the account before we chose to cance;. I find it funny how I am only unauthorized when I try to cancel their servcice.
They are an absolutely horrible company without any regard for customer service. All they care about is getting money and seeing who they can screw over this time. I am in customer service myself and will make sure that everyone I talk to knows how bad and awful this company is and not to go through them ever!! They will never have my service or anyone I know's service again.

  • Mi
    mike Oct 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is a joke. They offer pay forward service and if you are late on the services your phone is shut off. I recently paid my sons bill for him. He was off for a Month. Just paying the bill was a complete hassel. You have to pay with cash. After standing in line for at least an hour, watching their incompetent customer service people try to help customers, I finally got to the counter and didn't have cash to pay the bill. So I was advised I could just pay online. I then asked that when I paid their $15.00 re-activation fee, if the services was then paided for the next 30 days. The response was, absolutely. I asked this specifically because the bill was showing another $60.00 due in four days.
    Well to make a long story short, these a--holes shut the phone off again four days later.
    So we went down there again, and waited another hour, finally got to talk to a dumb ### who advised me that they did charge you for the month that your phone was off. This jerk-off wanted me to pay him antoher $65.00. I told him where to stick it and his Cricket company.
    I am reporting them to the BBB and the US attorneys office. These people are nothing but a bunch of criminals and their cell phone products are all junk as well. Goodbye forever Cricket. If you use this company you are a fool.

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bad service

I recently moved and my bill was sent to my old address. I recieved the payment reminder text massage but still forgot to pay my bill. My phone service was suspended and I called the 800 number the next day to pay my bill and re-instate my service. I first tried to pay using the telephone service on wednesday 8/27/2008. You have to go through a long list of press 2 for this and 3 for that; enter your number and birthday, zip code, card number, expiration, security number, and then "say" 2 to process your payment today... Yeah right! I tried to say "two" and the computerized response said I didn't understand you. So I said "two" and he said to try again later and disconnected the call. I did this twice before calling to speak with a csr. She tried to run my card and it was "declined"... Twice. I told her I know the card works... Is there anyway I can pay online... Maybe that will work. She agreed that that would be worth a try. I went to the online bill pay and tried another two times with no success. I called my bank to make sure there wasn't problems with my card and everything checked out right. When we looked at my bank account, however, we noticed 6 pre-auth charges of $1.00. Meaning they are processing my payment 6 times!! I asked her if we could stop the payment and she said it was on hold and there is nothing we can do just yet... But she would keep an eye on it for me. Thursday the pre-auth charges were still there and friday 8/29/2008 I finally called again to see if we could resolve. (I didn't want to attempt to make anymore payments until we waited to see what those "pre-auth" charges were going to do. )

The csr I talked to said there was no such thing as a pre-authourization on my account and insisted that I pay her the amount due immediatley to have my phone re-instated. I asked her if those pre-auth's would be processed and I would be charged for my payment 6 seperate times... She said again there is no such thing. I asked to speak with her manager and she told me the manager would say the same thing... So I don't need to talk to them. This went on for about 10 minutes or so... I finally got so mad that I hung up the phone.

I waited the holiday weekend and tried again today 9/2/2008. I called cs and was put on hold for 56 minutes. When someone finally answered and I was able to explain to him the situation he tried to run my card again and guess what? Yep... Declined!! He said the information on my credit card account is wrong?!?! Wha? I said look... This has been going on too long and I can't go without a phone any longer. I told him I need to talk with a manager or someone in his office that can resolve this today... Right now!! He said, "hold one moment I will try to run the card manually... " and when he put me on hold he disconnected me.

I tried to call back... But the menu has changed. Now there is no "press 3 to speak with a customer service representative"... Now it says "press 3 to hear answers to our faq" are you kidding me?? I have tried every "press this button" and none of them connect me to a csr. How on earth do you get through to someone???

Now I still have no phone... And when I checked my bank account I have 2 more $1.00 pre-auth charges. I called the bank and in order to get the $8 in pre-auth charges removed I have to go down there and fill out paperwork and it will take time to get processed...In the meantime... I still don't know whether or not those pre-auth's are going to process leaving me minus $66.90 x8.

This is ridiculous... And there is no way I can make a payment... No way I can get a hold of someone that can help me... The only choice I have left is to go to a store and duke it out with some sales rep that has no idea what is going on. Wish me luck!! I will need it!!

You get what you pay for... Cricket is cheap for a reason...

  • Ja
    Janalva Apr 16, 2009

    I made changes to lower my account bill because $243.17 seems crazy to me. So the cricket representitive tells me what to pay. $181.52
    So I did on March 26th early by the way was not due until April 12th
    My services were shut off on the April13th
    mabye 12th unsure about that, did not try use it til 13th April

    The billing computer or whatever does that messed up. I was told.
    So I called customer service who told me to pay a different amount, so I did.
    Then I later get disconnected. I email cricket for help, they say go to local office.
    I do, then I am told that they will not refund my money or give me services and that this is there policy!
    Because they are no refunds on prepaid services.
    So I just unknowingly gave them $181.52 wow how nice of me . And I had their broadband and 3 cell phones they just shut of. I was using the net for printing my homeschool papers.

    Anyway apparantly the computer did not understand a payment I had made and put it on something else. Isn't that not my fault?

    Give me my money or give me some services but why charge me recconect fees for their errors.

    Also they did take off the services I requested but not the prices/amounts. So bill still high, but wait they charged me $15 dollars for each change that did occur on two lines.
    so theirs an extra $30 dollars.

    Fine but they need to remove the incorrect charges but did not. So they told me I need to pay $106.00 to turn it back on for past due amounts WTF i paid 181.52
    So the total would be
    wow thats not cheaper.
    Before I leave he says to me you need to pay your bill on

    It's like it was for effect for the other customers that where there.

    wow it shocked me I just left

    Am I the only one this has happened to?

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terrible service

Please listen to me, if you get cricket wireless, you are going to get low rate service, so if you want to do business, please consider someone else. You would do better with a pay per use phone. This people never answer the phone when they over charge your bill. I waited four hours average on speakerphone for five days in a row and no answer. I had to call leap wireless for them to even answer the phone. Are you gonna accept this [censored] from these idiots. Even after someone told you they suck?!?!!

This is why companies get away with things and don't care, cause of people like you who don't stand up and be a human being and not take that from them. We as a people have the power, without us. No company would exist. Think about it. You don't have to take this from these companies. We run this.

Also, now I cant get in contact with leap wireless, which is crickets parent company. I keep getting the run around on the pressing numbers to get to somewhere.

But guess what people, if you call sales, they will pick the phone right up. Don't do that to yourself, I care about you more than them enough to write this for free. Don't punk yourself out, there is always another option.

You could try icall or internetphone in the time being so you can get yourself together.

Please adhere, we must do something and one person won't help!

  • Kj
    kjz Sep 02, 2009

    my attitude toward complaints: how else is anything gonna get done about these stupid companies that ripid us off. i ordered a family plan that consisted of 3 phones with was suppose to be free...yea right... also they were suppose to give me free activation.. but didn't of course... they charged my acct 5 days early for an ungoddly amt. they are the most horriblest company i have ever dealt with... ive only had them for a month and have call them a good dozen times because of terrible service...

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  • An
    andrea salinas Mar 10, 2011

    i just got another phone and i never had so much problems trying to get service that i paid for. my paygo service was not working for 3 days . plus, i still dont have all the features as of today. customer service did not help and the store in Gilbert Arizona certinlydid not help. the people there were rude and upset me even more.i left the store withno service!!!

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If you think the insurance that you have on your Cricket phone is worth the monthly fee, you are wrong. My...

they lied to the customers and not really helping at all

I started to use Cricket on June 3, 2008.My plan is $35, 00 and I add international text mssg plan $5, 00.As soon I got home I've tried to send intl text, but the thing is I couldn't receive any intl text, I’ve tried to contact couple friends in another country to send me intl text again for couple of times. Unfortunately, I still couldn't receive any intl text.

I called the Customer Service (CS) right away, he said there's nothing wrong with my intl text, he said that it should be working and I have to try again. I’ve tried many times to send intl text to my friends, but still I can't receive any intl text.

I went to Cricket store in Dodge St, the CS checked my cell and she said there's nothing wrong with my phone. She suggested me if I still can't receive any intl text she'll make a trouble ticket. I said ok, just make a trouble ticket so the technical support can fix my problem. I asked the CS, how long does it take to fix my intl text, so I can receive my intl text cause I really need my intl text so I can contact my friends and family in another country, the CS said it took about a week or two. She also said that somebody will call me if it's been fixed. I’ve waited for 2 weeks, but nobody called me.

I called the CS like 4 times and I went back to the store, I got mad at her and I told her that she lied to me cause she promised me that after 2 weeks they can fix my problem. But they still can't fix my problem and not helping me at all.

I was really2 pissed cause it wasting my time, my money and my energy, I asked for a refund in 132nd W.Center, but they told me that they can't give any refund. They suggested me to do a trouble ticket again, I told them that I've already have a trouble ticket. They told me that I can exchange my cell but I have to pay $10, 00 shipping fee. I finally talked to the Manager, she told me the same that she can't give me any refund and I have to do a trouble ticket again, but this time she said she can exchange my cell without shipping fee. I told her, I don't want that, I just want to end the service cause Cricket was not helping me as a customer and the service was really2 poor. She said if I want to end the service I just have to disconnect the service and she didn't say sorry for what the Cricket has done to me, not even once! What kind of service is this? I have to pay $78, 86(cellphone+activation fee and other taxes) and Cricket is not really helping me at all, they’re not even trying to help! And she (the manager) told me too that there's nothing she can do about it. "Hello, there's nothing she can do about it?" Of course there is, Cricket should better give a good service to the customer, maybe the staff never get trained well of how to work in CS and how to work in cell phone business. Loyalty customer is the most important thing. But they're not helping the customer at all and didn't offer the best solutions to all customer's problems.

Why using CRICKET??? So, everybody out there, DON’T EVER USE CRICKET!!! Cause they lied all the time, not helpful and ###!!!

  • An
    an exemployee Sep 18, 2008

    I am mainly responding because of the address's given in your complaint. It sounds like you live in Omaha? I live in Council Bluffs and have had to drive to Omaha MANY times to complain about the service or something on my bill being charged that I didn't ask for. I know you get no help nor sympathy, even though I told them that me driving clear over there to recieve help or answers, they honestly could have cared less. They are the worst cell phone service around and I am making sure I tell everybody I know how bad they really are. I hope you found a new service that was worth something. I went with Verizon and so far so good. Well, anything's gotta be better than Cricket. I sure wish I would have read all these complaints before I went with them!

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  • St
    starlight005 Nov 29, 2008

    I am thinking of going pre paid. I have cricket right now, I liked the idea of not having to sign up with a contract. but I am going to cancel their service because, some monthes they send text messages telling me if I don't pay my bill, my phone will be shut off. I always pay my bill early. I call them, and they tell me to disregard the message. I have been told by them, oh we send that to all customers. I told them thats a real bad policy to send text messages to people that does pay their bills on time. I sure don't need the hassel of calling them all the time, when I have paid my bill on time.

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  • St
    Stefeena Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you ever think that the people who where sending text to you from another country may not be working? And that may be why you where not getting the incoming text???

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  • Ro
    roma Feb 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree as I have to disconnect from Cricket myself now as after using it for one month and raising tickets at the store and calling customer service several times I can only send international text but NOONE can ever respond back as CRICKET service sucks.

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  • Cr
    CricketYourFired! Aug 22, 2009

    Cricket is a scam and I see complaints about their phone and internet service all the time. When will there finally be a "class action" lawsuit filed against these frauds?

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  • Ad
    Adam09 Apr 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think cricket is good for some consumers. Those that are not making international texts and so forth. They have an unlimited texting package that doesn't work properly. It really depends on the country that is sending the text message to wether the message will be received or not. If you go to tmobile or AT&T, your message is almost guaranteed to arrive. I wish cricket would realize that there is some fault in their network that is preventing it from receiving messages especially from middle eastern countries. Specifically I know you cannot receive messages on the cricket network from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates since I had 1st hand experience with this and tried it with other cricket wireless customers phones. Fix your international messaging cricket and I would be a glad customer.

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phone stopped working and will not turn on

I bought my grandson a phone friday 13th 2008, and the phone will not turn on. It has been fully charged and he used it for only one day. The phone is insured, so can you please tell us what to do? His phone number is [protected]. You can contact me at [protected]. Thank you,

scam and cheating

I was checking the $100 rebate fraud from another cricket customer. I totally agree. My dad is a customer of cricket. He originally bought two phones which he was going to receive $100 rebate from each phone making it a total of $200. He did everything he had to do and waited for the $200 check and never got it. He even called and they said they never received it. My dad re-send the copies and waited and once again never received anything. He called a couple of times and the same response that they never received anything. My dad was unhappy and realize that is pure business and cricket just lie. This happen more than a year ago. I just discover this website so I just wanted to let other know about our family experience with cricket. Don't trust rebates.

  • Ra
    Randy Cramer Jul 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had cricket for quite some time now. I have had nothing but a list of problems out of them. Where i live they have horrible reception, their internet goes down constantly, I made a bridge pay to my account and they got no record of it and then billed me for it 2months later (and didnt record that either and billed me 3 more times for it, then when i called them to ask what was going on they said it was because i had a flex bucket account that made my phone bill go up. I never knew. They quit sendind me paper bills around this time mysteriously too. Hmmm... go figure. So i asked how much i had in my flex bucket account since i never knew i had one. They said 90 dollars! That was more than my phone bill was. I had my service shut off and was trying to make arrangements with them to turn it back on so i said just take that 90 dollars that i already paid on my flex bucket and use it to pay my 70 dollar phone bill. They said they couldnt do it and have now stolen the 90 dollars that i paid and said the only way i can have it back is to pay another 70 dollar phone bill. I never asked for the flex bucket and they stole that money. I even called the first time my bill went up and to ask why and they lied to me then and then switched it around later. Do not go with cricket. They are a scam and i promise you they will steal your money too!

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terrible service and employees

I had problems from the beginning. It took a month! I had to pay for that month that I had no service. It is virtually impossible to reach a real, live person! I could not get it working because my number was not in the system. I could not get my number in the system because I could not get it to work. I ran in circles until I finally went to a local dealer. I finally canceled my cricket service. I was told I was paid up until such-and-such a date, but it would be turned off then. It was turned off a day before I was told, but I was so frustrated by that time, I let it go. Two months later, I received a bill, which included late fees! Last night, three months after I canceled my service, I received a call from a man in india, telling me that I could reactivate my cricket phone and they would waive my remaining balance and the late fee. I explained that I did not owe anything. He then said I could reactivate it and they would waive the $15 activation fee. I began to explain that I already had service with another carrier and he hung up on me! I was very angry and tried to call back. Of course, I had to have a cricket phone number in order to contact a human, so I got nowhere.

Today, I am sending a letter to the corporate headquarters. I may get nowhere with them, but I am sending a copy to our better business bureau. I will not be treated like that!


On april 8, 2017, I purchased a cricket phone (Kycera lingo - for $261.25 which was to include the first...

flashing phones

Two weeks ago I walked into the cricket location in norwood, oh. I spoke to the sales lady there for about a...

crappy service!

I have had a cricket phone for 4 months now. The other day the phone dropped my calls 6 times in a row I...

new cheap phone that is crap!

Decided after hearing from friends and relatives about the great "cricket wireless service" that I would go...

scam and fraud!

I was transfered to a new job here in conway... I got to looking at the cricket service and could see where I could save money (Though I thought!) the rep told me I could get service anywhere in the green area. Since this phone was going to be used for work 95% of the time, I thought this to be a good deal! I work at a major college and I have to constantly go from place to place on campus. I did not purchase roaming at the time because I had no need for it though I thought!

In certain areas at the college I noticed I would go in to roaming... The automated voice would tell me that I had no roaming minutes and said I could purchase them with a credit card... Anyway I contacted cricket rep where I got my service... I told them I was going into roaming when I was in the cricket area and did not know why... I told her I was dead in the middle of the cricket phone area. Anyway I purchased 100 minutes roaming because my job required me to have a phone and I couldn't miss any calls.In the mean time, I contacted a rep after going through the automated crap and about 3 reps. I was credited for the roaming minutes, so I thought cricket was doing the right thing.

Anyway... As time went on I was receiving so many calls from my work on campus I ran out of the 100 roaming minutes... I called again and told them the story all over again... They told me that I had already been credited once for the roaming minutes and I couldn't be credited again. I told the rep that I wasn't asking for credit... I was asking for what was rightfully mine... I told her I used all my roaming minutes that I was paying an extra $5.00 for a month, when I shouldn't even be in roaming in the first place because I was dead in the middle of the green area!

I finally was connected to a manager who refused to give his name... He told me the same thing! They could not give me credit for their problem... I told him that I am supposed to get service in the green area without going into roaming... He then said that sometimes there are spots in the green area where it goes to a roaming tower and couldn't be helped... I told him that wasn't my problem and they should stand good for it since it didn't show the roaming spots on the calling area map I received when I purchased their service! He told me that it shows it on theirs at their office... I told him that the calling area brochures that they give the customer doesn't show the roaming spots it...

Anyway, he refused to do anything about it even after I threatened to tell all the kids I see on campus about their service... I even threatened to write the editor about this at our local newspaper... He didn't seem to mind ! I guess they can do what they want and rip people off !

  • Sl
    Slimduce May 26, 2011

    Crickett is by far the worst cell company out there.

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  • Mr
    MrBrat2U Jun 25, 2011

    On April 21, 2011 I purchased a Cricket Broadband device to upgrade my existing (older) Cricket Broadband device so that I could use Cricket on a Win 7 (64 bit) OS. I paid $90 in cash. Two days later, on April 23rd, after finding out that Cricket blocks netflex I returned the device to the same store (1120 Lancaster Dr Ne, Salem, OR) with all the wrapping, box, manual, cabels etc and was told I could not get a cash receipt "because they sold me the device at a discounted price!". They did say I would get a full refund in credit to my monthly service (that I was already paying on my existing phone). When the credit finally appeared on my Crickett account it was $40 less then the $90 I had paid in cash. There was a $40 "account activation fee" (which was apparently charged even thought I was already a customer!!!). The big joke is that over the counter in this store (of crooks located at 1120 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR) there is a sign that states "NO HIDDEN FEES", "FRIENDLY SERVICE", "AND OTHER BS"!!! Of course I have canceled my account with Cricket (ther worst company in the world) and no longer recommend their services to any of my customers!!!

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  • Ms
    MsSixxy1 Jul 06, 2011

    I cancelled my PREPAY Android service with Cricket on March 16th, switched to SPRINT (the best). Cricket took money out March 17th, for March 17-April 17th service. However the service was cancelled March 16th with Cricket. I attempted a refund with no success being told they don't give any refunds. I highly doubt their no refund policy means they steal money for service not rendered, then not refund it when asked for. If that is the case there has to be some way to get them and I can't be the first customer they are doing that to. Typical case of the big company vs. little consumer. If they stole $64.47 from me that month how much money are they making from STEALING from customers who leave their service!! I contacted the Arapahoe St location in Colorado the asst manager Hai N, states they denied my request, but didn't know why, or how to find out why. His only response was that it was denied and they don't give refunds. Great job on customer service!! So if anyone does figure out how to get stolen money back please advise

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billing and tampering with account!

I been having service with cricket for a year now and all i've been having is problems. My bill is usually...

misrepresentation of facts

What a nightmare dealing with cricket customer service. After being hung up on 3 times, I finally reached a supervisor who had no authority. Cell phone will not originate text messaging, the phone can only respond to texts received. Criket answer, sorry about that can't help you over the phone, take it in to the cricket store. Take to the cricket store, sorry, looks like your phone has a lock of some kind on it. Can't help you! Billing date incorrect. Sorry, we can't help with that. I am just frustrated with the whole cricket system. It is one of the most poorly run companies I have encountered yet. I am very dissapointed in them as a company. Of course, this problem is on my daughters phone. She has issues with huge phone bills and she thought that she would have control over phone bill with criket. My cell phone is through at&t. Thank god for reliable cell phone service.

  • Cj
    CJV Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Linda Wokoun
    Senior Vice President

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  • Ta
    Tammy S. Christensen Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was on the phone with Customer Service and was very disappointed how I was treated by the female I talked to last. When I called I talked to a man who I couldn't understand because the connection was bad and only got half his words.
    I have a problem: I explained to her that my payment will be mailed out on the 3rd or 4th of this month but my bill is due the 1st and I realize my payment is late. The man I talked to first explained to me that their was a Bridge plan and I was trying to get someone to explain that to me when I couldn't understand him. The lady I had talked to was very irritated by my problem and was showing me by her attitude that she was and short with me. My payment will be mailed and my account 42056527641.
    Tammy S. Christensen

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  • Bi
    Big Lew Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AT&T also has bad service. In fact all of the cell phone companies have bad service and poorly trained personnel all the way to the top. Everything is a waiting game and shuffling the customer around. The Corporations have a monoply and the right people in their back pockets; so there is no one to call their hand on the bad service to the customer. Young people today have no idea what it was like in the 1950's thru mid 1970's when service was personal and the person serving you really cared.
    What is so crazy, is the person serving you gets equally as mad when they go somewhere to get service. We have declined as a society to selfish people abusing one another.

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  • Un
    unhappygirl Jul 31, 2009

    I hate the customer service from cricket they cant even speak English correctly i had to speak to some indian guy that did know what i was saying and i ended up just hanging up on him they are useless people... and there phones sucks moving to t-mobile today bye cricket!!!

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  • Ma
    marksucks Jan 03, 2011

    desriee does not believ us that cricket sucks some [censor].

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  • Ma
    marksucks Jan 03, 2011

    veronica torrez with not stop singing gernade by bruno marz and it is annoying if u want to do something she goes to dore school chicago il

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cricket is a crap!

Cricket wireless

My aunt purchased a cricket phone for me while working temporary in tx. What a mistake. She wrote a check for $60.00 for the november payment. It was cashed on the 26 of october and on november 2, my account was suspended. I called only to be told that I would have to furnish the documents so that they can research the payment at my cost and that it would take maybe seven days.

This has happened before. I am not paying additional fees for them to do the research and not being reimbursed.

I told them that I was filing a complaint against them with the texas attorney general and the csr proceeded to talk over me.

I am going with a company and have a two year contract with them.

This is crap. Btw, I am familiar how payment processing centers and lock box works.

  • Th
    TheMommason Nov 23, 2009

    Where to file complaints against this "company" (as LEAP Communications)
    Your state's Consumer Protection Department/Agency AND the California Department of Consumer affairs
    FCC (if they have no FCC license they can not continue thier abuses
    Federal Trade Commission - 1877-382-4357
    Department of Labor - (must have something to hide if they are trying to get me fired from this agency (which bahahah I don't work at) for making a comment on the President of LEAP Communication that theyare a Federal Contractor and maybe in need of a DOL Compliance review)
    The LEAP President's office number is 858-882-6304 (they only call you back to threaten you)
    File a police report if your issue involes illegal and fraudulent charges
    I liked googleing the Board of Directors and telling them about the ways in which this company stole from me.

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