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Wirefly Customer Service

22 Reviews

Wind N Sea Technology Partners LLC

PO Box 2452
La Jolla
United States - 92038

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Wirefly Complaints & Reviews

Wirefly Is The Worst / liars

Elena Berezovaya on Jun 11, 2012

I bought a phone and the device protection plan off wirefly website. Paid 70$ upfront for the whole year. My phone was stolen. The manager that i was supposed to communicate with was ignoring me for 7 days, saying that i negligently lost it, even though i have a police report and all the...

Wirefly/Simplexity / An early termination fee on a phone that I am still currently using

Ms Nelson on May 26, 2012

Jan 8th, 2012, I used wirefly and purchased a new Droid Bionic. I was happy that I had saved money. The one thing that was stressed was to not terminate my plan or my phone. No big deal because I love my new phone and didn't mind paying for it. Well the week of March 21, 2012 I stared...


WarrenM on May 24, 2011

I have an existing Verizon callplan & plan to upgrade my phone to Thurderbolt by HTC. Eventhough you can buy a cellphone at a lower price on Wirefly, the call plan selections that are available are more costly than if you extent your contract with Verizon. On Verizon, you could get a...

Wirefly/Simplexity / Be cool! It is a robbery...

Mr Burmin on Mar 30, 2011

Around November 2010 I made a prolongation of my 2 years contract with AT&T Cellular Services. I have 5 lines at all. 2 of my 5 phones I decided to get by using Actually I got a good deal. But problems got started right away. They lost HTC Aria Phone in transactions between...

Wirefly / Stealing my money

OneMadCowboy on Feb 11, 2011

Ill make this as short as possible because lord knows I could rant forever! Here it goes.. I purchased a phone from wirefly over the phone, because for some reason they couldn’t do it online, I was transferring an existing number over from T-mobile that I had just moved from ATT to...

Wirefly / MIsleads the buyer

I am not one to complain or bash a company & I am a patient person, however over the course of 18 plus days this company wirefly has pressed my buttons to the point of me throwing my hands up in the air & just giving up on ever getting the phone that I have been seeking. My journey with...

Wirefly / Their customer support speaks to you nicely but refuses to honor their contractual agreements


I ordered at wirefly because of the price. (summarized at the end) I had two issues: 1)I got an invoice saying I would not have to pay an activation fee, which is one of the reason I went to wirefly (for the cheaper price). When I was charged the activation fee by verizon, i talked to wirefly...

Wirefly / They sent my phones from Maryland, to Virginia, to Western Pennsylvania, just to come to me in New Jersey


HERE ME NOW AND LISTEN TO ME LATER... ***DO NOT PURCHASE FROM WIREFLY!*** I have been purchasing things online for years now and it's basically second nature. I've purchased things domestic and abroad, all types of different products and services, and have never had the problem... / Not a credible site


Last night I was told by a friend that I could get a cell phone from this company called I had already tried getting one at verizon, but they wanted a $400 deposit to initiate a contract. My friend told me that she got hers without a credit check, nor a deposit. To me thi... / beware bfore u buy

Ask wirefly... about fraud/cheating/hiding information. I got a phone with a plan for me and my wife. I took the insurance with them. My wife lost her phone on subway. and i called them for an other phone. they said i need to file a complaint with police and get a letter and send them... / Rip off


I went online to get phone through wirefly for tmobile services. I was told I have to pay for the phones and the first months service in advance. I paid wirefly a total of $523.00. I called Tmobile to next day to set up easy pay and was informed by tmobile that they never recieved any...

Wirefly & Ncoa (National Cellular Owners Association) / Won't pay on insurance, went bankrupt, Wirefly knew NCOA was going out.

Wirefly is advertising free phones for Signing a 2 year contract with the providers of our choice. The phone cost me almost $300.00 in the long run, after agreement details, such as agent fees? Wirefly provided insurance through NCOA which declared (formally) that they were bankrupt. I got...

Wirefly / monies refunded back to my account

Order # 570517902 Old cell# 215-713-4687 Wirefly sent me an email on 12/22/08 stating they were refunding me back 49.99 which was taken out of my account for insurance for this order#. I spoke someone named surej and was told to call 1-800-654-5590. The gentlemen that I spoke with wa...

Wirefly / Wirefly/Simplexity Fraud and Un-fair service‏

Hi, I am writing this complaint against on line phone retailer wire fly. Who are not only very unproffesional in their Business & communication but also are trying to Fraudly charging me $250. I upgraded my phones for 2 year contract with AT&T via wirefly on line store in april 2008. I...

Wirefly / Scam and cheating

Okay, here is a new one I have not seen. Apparently our friends at wirefly have a new scam going on. Back in December, I purchased 2 phones from wirefly. They sent me 1 phone and informed me that the other phone was on back-order. A couple of days later I received a call from a wirefly rep...

Wirefly cell phone plans / offer scam


I spent two hours of my time reseaching phones and plans. I ordered a plan thru wirefly at a given price. I gave them my SS#, my driver's license number, and obviously my credit card information. The next day, I receive an email indicating the order is not complete and I need to...

Wirefly / Avoid Wirefly!


After going back and forth with Wirefly Live Chat and emails to customer support, they will not replace a defective cell phone charger without me first paying for a new one, sending the defective one back, and then "maybe" refunding my cost of the new one. These people put up a good front...

LowCostCells / InPhonic / Wirefly / InPhonic rebate scam alert!


I've been waiting for almost a year for 2 cell phone rebates to arrive. All the forms were all filled out properly, sent in on time, everything APPROVED. Here's the message I've been getting from the rebate center for the past 6 months: "Claim approved. Payment pending...

TMI Wireless / Wirefly / IPI Wireless / Bait & Switch ripoff!

I saw the ad on The Cell Phone Store for a free phone , free shipping when ordering one phone Etc. Also if you were a customer you could update with a 2 yr contract extension. When I indicated was a contract customer the price for shipping was added to the bill. I called, they said only... / Avoid Wirefly at all costs! It's a fraud!

I bought a slvr at wirefly, which I returned per return policy. I had included everything with it. However wirefly's warehouse decided that they were not going to refund my money and said the instruction manual was missing. Why would I need a SLVR manual when I bought a palm treo. ...