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I bought a phone and the device protection plan off wirefly website. Paid 70$ upfront for the whole year. My phone was stolen. The manager that i was supposed to communicate with was ignoring me for 7 days, saying that i negligently lost it, even though i have a police report and all the needed information. Then he finally replies to me that Theft is not covered buy the agreement's Term's and Conditions. Dear people! If you buy the phone off wirefly, make sure you insure it at your local provider, not by this "device protection plan"!!! They are scammers, and the customer service SUCKS!

  • Al
    Alena Berazovaya Jun 12, 2012

    This day 8, and I am still without a phone!!! Wirefly device protection plan management, you completely disregard people as human beings!!!

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  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ Jun 13, 2012

    Hi Alena,
    I spoke with you and emailed you yesterday that MDPA is sending you a new phone, which you will receive no later than tomorrow. I am sorry you had this issue with them, but I had them re-review your order and they agreed that with the Police report, they needed to cover the loss of your phone and send you a new one. If you have any other issues or concerns that you need assistance from Wirefly with, please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing us at: [email protected] or calling us at the toll free number that I provided to you yesterday.

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An early termination fee on a phone that I am still currently using

Jan 8th, 2012, I used wirefly and purchased a new Droid Bionic. I was happy that I had saved money. The one...


I have an existing Verizon callplan & plan to upgrade my phone to Thurderbolt by HTC. Eventhough you can buy a cellphone at a lower price on Wirefly, the call plan selections that are available are more costly than if you extent your contract with Verizon.

On Verizon, you could get a monthly call plan of $39.99 + $5 text(250) but there's no such selection on, where the lowest plan is $59.99 (but with unlimited text)

By paying the additional $15 for texts that I don't need, I am actually paying $360 more (2 yr contract). The phone is only $50 or $100(coupon) cheaper and for me, it did not work out.
I wonder if people are aware of this...

  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ May 25, 2011

    Hi WarrenM,
    I work at Wirefly's HQ, and wanted to address your issue. We are celebrating our 8th straight year as the internet's #1 authorized dealer for Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    As the #1 authorized dealer for Verizon, we do our best to offer as many plans as possible. There are plans that the carrier will not allow us to offer to customers and have them pay us the commission for selling phones for them. That is why there are plans you can get directly from the carrier that we do not offer.
    This is not to be difficult or to make customers feel that they are not getting the best deal possible.

    If there is anything else that I can do to be of assistance, or if you have any questions that I can answer for you, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ko
    Kokatsu Nov 28, 2017

    @WireflyKSCorpHQ Youre not the #1 of anything but scamming. Lets be honest here. Im right now fighting your company for money I cant possibly owe after only one month of service. You dont have the best prices. Youre scammers and its all public record. Now maybe you dont know, but youre working for a ripoff company. Might want to rethink some things. Its all but 2 words and click search away. "Wirefly Scammers". Thousands of complaints pop up. You can cover pooh with gold and call it the best.

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Be cool! It is a robbery...

Around November 2010 I made a prolongation of my 2 years contract with AT&T Cellular Services. I have 5 lines at all. 2 of my 5 phones I decided to get by using Actually I got a good deal. But problems got started right away. They lost HTC Aria Phone in transactions between Wirefly & Fedex (I’ve never singed for delivery). When I chatted with Customer Services Rep. she wrote me that it's going to take about 2 weeks to figure out! In that case I asked to cancel the deal immediately. After that Rep. wrote that Wirefly will send me the phone and I received one a couple of days later. Approximately in January 2011 I received the letter from Wirefly that I owe them $300 for the missed phone! On the phone conversation another Rep. told me that wasn’t my problem and the balance is ZERO. But some time latter I got a call from the Citibank regarding to suspicious activity on my credit card account. Unknown (for me) company, Simplexity, tried to make 2 charges for $300 and $150 for equipment. They suggested canceling the account and I agreed. Meantime I googled Simplexity and figured out it’s the same business as Wirefly. They decided to charge me for AT&T contract cancelation! On the 3-way phone conversation with AT&T sides agreed that I’m still on the same contract with AT&T and Wirefly’ Rep. gave me another ‘sorry’ with promise to send me e-mail confirmation. For about a following month I tried to get the confirmation. Finally, on March 21 I received following letter instead of confirmation: Please call [protected] regarding your SIMPLEXITY purchase made on 10/30/10. This is a toll free number for your convenience as this e-mail domain does not accept response e-mails. Your file number is [protected].Sincerely, Billing Department.
I felt like I hate them at the moment. And that’s not the end of the story.
On March 28, 2011 I received my first in my life letter from Collection Agency with info I still owe $300 to SIMPLEXITY!?
I talked to 5 or 6 Reps what night. Some of them transferred me to the answering service; some told me the all charges waved. I wanted them to send me confirmation right away, nobody would have done it. I asked them to make a 3-way call to Collection Agency (I talked to Collection the same day, according to their’ file I still OWE MONEY!!!), Reps have never done what I was asking for. I wrote down reps & supervisors’ names & IDs (not everyone had personal ID BTW). The last person almost swears to resolve the problem tomorrow. She said the manager (who was out of office at the moment) will call me tomorrow, on March 29, 2011.
It’s 6:30 pm. As usually nobody called me today from Wirefly.
I’m going to make a call again. And, of cause, I will send my complaint to many different places. People deserve to know the enemy’s name.

  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ Mar 30, 2011

    Hi Mr. Burmin,
    I work at Wirefly's HQ, and I am very concerned about your experience. What you have described does not sound right, and I would like to review your order and see what I can do to make this right for you. Would you please email me your order information so that I can assist you with this issue? The email address to send your order and contact information to is [email protected] As soon as I get that email, I will be happy to assist you and get this resolved for you.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ Mar 30, 2011

    Mr. Burmin,
    We were able to locate your order and we have gotten information that the charges were waived and the issue had been resolved for you on 3/15/11. If there are other issues you need me to address for you, please contact me at the email above.

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  • Mr
    Mr Burmin Apr 04, 2011

    Dear Wirefly's HQ Representative. Thank you for your answer and offer to review my order. Actually I received a letter from SIMPLEXITY (BTW- the company I've never been in contact with): RE: 399817578-E1, Dear Mr. Burmin, Our records indicate that the Instant Savings Discount (ISD) Equipment Discount Provision (EDP) has been waived on the above referenced order. We have removed your account from collections. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] Sincerely, Simplexity Billing Department.
    No NAME & Personal position. As far as your answer to my complaint. May be it's enough, may be I'm going to need to ask you to help me to get: 1. Zero balance letter from Wirefly, 2. Letter from Collection Agency, 3. Final sorry letter. If you really can figure out how Wirefly tried to screw me- I appreciate it. And I'd like to be sure Wirefly not going to send my case to Collection again. Company sent my case to Collection for $300. At the same time Simplexity tried to charge my Credit Card for $300. & $150. at the moment. Thank you and please put your name on the letter. You can contact me at [email protected] Sergey Burmin

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  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ Apr 08, 2011

    Hi Mr. Burmin,
    We have called you, and confirmed that your issue is completely resolved. If there is anything else that we can do to be of assistance, please call us at 866-852-3216 or email us at [email protected]

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  • Mr
    Mr Burmin Apr 29, 2011

    Hello Wirefly, Please send me confirmation letter from Wirefly/Simplextity.

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  • Di
    Diana Silva Sep 30, 2011

    I have had a similar problem with phones exchanges and charges being "waived" and then later charged. Credits being given and the later retracted. I really do no appreciate the fact that reps tell you they are "escalating" your case and you wait for emails and wait for call backs that never happen. I was willing to pay the price i saw on the internet for a phone, but somehow the Cust Rep was not seeing the same amount as i was so she decided to not charge me upfront for the phone and she said there was something wrong with her system and that she would take it to a manager and I would receive a call about this issue. Well not even a day later, i recieved an email with confirmation that the phone had been shipped. No charges appeared on my card, so i decided to call Cust Service again to make sure nothing would be billed. THe Cust Rep told me that a manager had waived the charge and that nothing was to be charged. A week later i start seeing credits retracted and charges appearing on two of my credit cards for different amounts. I call again to get these charges accredited again and they tell me that it would be escalated to the finance department and that i would recieve and email and that never happened. So i call today because nothing had been credited and they finally get me on the line with a "specialized team member" and he finally tells me that the phone was not charged upfront but that the fee was not waived, they basically kept my 49.99 for what i paid for my insurance on the phone, and charged me 29.99 on one card and 10.00 dollars on the other to equal the price on the phone, WHICH THEY TOLD ME HAD BEEN WAIVED. They also told me that the phone was not being covered by any insurance because they never transferred the insurance to the new phone because it was used to cover the price of the phone. My only choice is to buy the insurance again or pay for one on a monthly basis but that no refund for any phone would be possible because they don't give price reductions on phones. SO THEN WHY WOULD TWO DIFFERENT REPS TELL ME OTHERWISE??? I do not appreaciate being give a runaround when i was more than willing to pay the phone in the first place but then i was given the impression that because of a system error i would not have to pay the phone, which i should of known was too good to be true but here we are i am left to pay yet again for the mistakes that customer service reps makes, for improper training. Do not guarantee anything free or say things that might get you in trouble in the short run. I do not appreciate that companies can get away with lying to people and making them waste their time on the phone for hours. I am extremely disastisfied with Simplexity and the way their people handle business, inform your customers about the correct procedures and you will have no problems.

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  • Bl
    blondeindisguise Jan 14, 2014

    Here it is 2014 and this company is STILL doing this to costumers. I ordered from Simplexity sold me two 1 cent phones with ATT upgrades, free cases and free contact transfers. I received one phone but the other one was "not in inventory". I was told by a representative to wait 2 weeks until it's restocked, i was reassured 3 separate times an inventory order was being fulfilled by HTC. Well... I contacted HTC, the phone was no longer being made and would not be restocked anywhere, period. (Funny how 2 weeks is the magic number you can't cancel your transaction. I'm also encouraged to purchase another phone but the cheapest phone is now $99...) And then the So on the 14th day I called ATT and they canceled the upgrade/contract and refunded me the upgrade fee. ATT tells me to make sure to send the one phone back to Simplexity. I immediately call Simplexity and they claim that the 14 days starts when you make your order and my trial period has expired the day before! After talking to multiple people including one person that was super rude (pushing numbers on the phone while I talked) my trial period was "extended" and I'm given a RA number; so I could return the phone. I dropped off the phone with fed ex and it's in transit, yet to be processed as a return at the distribution center. And the fex ex tracking number on their return label has yet to update and online tracker states "No record of this tracking number can be found." I've received multiple calls minutes apart reminding me I have to return the phone by the certain date or I will be billed this $400 discount fee. If the Fed Ex tracking number is a fake how will I ever know if they got the phone? I've since canceled my credit card, and bracing myself for the collection calls... FRAUD!

    My lesson was learned...the hard way. I went into the ATT store yesterday and did my upgrades no problems... Luckily ATT was familiar with these situations and did not hesitate to help me correct my mistake to upgrading through Simplexity, SCAMMERS! Consumers beware!

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Stealing my money

Ill make this as short as possible because lord knows I could rant forever! Here it goes..

I purchased a phone from wirefly over the phone, because for some reason they couldn’t do it online, I was transferring an existing number over from T-mobile that I had just moved from ATT to T- Mobile then my fiancé had a change of heart. After calling multiple times a day for a week a man finally told me that he would just order the phone, an HTC Aria, with a “temporary number” at which point I could take it to my local AT&T store and have them port the number over because he was to incompetent to figure it out himself. So needless to say I went along with his idea because he said it would be ok. A couple of months after having the number ported over and using the phone and all over 100 dollars was taken from my bank account without any form of warning which caused me to overdraw and I lost another 35 dollars or so. I had no idea what had happened so we called Wirefly and learned that by doing exactly what we had been previously told to do by their employee we had somehow broken our contractual agreement with them by changing the “temporary number”!! just like they told me to. I again called literally 4 times or so a day for weeks until finally landing on a manager who gave me her direct line and promised miracles. She looked into it and saw where I had been told that be the other agent, even though all the others said they didn’t see that which tells me that that company is full of liars and cheaters, anyways She eventually told me that they would file a dispute with AT&T to get their commission for the deal and that within 6-8 weeks following I would receive back the money that was rightfully mine. Of course they didn’t offer to pay me for the bank fees that they cost me or the hours and hours it took me to get here but I didn’t care anymore I was soo tired of dealing with them I just wanted my money back! I also told another manager that she had connected me with to handle my money that she was not to withdraw any more money or send me to collections until this problem was resolved completely. Now It is February and I still don’t have my money back. It has been over 9 weeks and now I’m even getting calls everyday from a collections company harassing me for money that they are not owed. I called about it today and was told that it was still in dispute waiting on an update and that they didn’t know when it would be fixed oh and did I mention that I had called and left voicemail after voicemail with the two managers that I had talked to with no return in months. Guess theyre busy ripping someone else off. I will never buy anything from wirefly again they are nothing but a scam. I have been lied to, cheated, scammed, ripped off and tossed around by this pathetic excuse for a company and I pray that this never happens to anyone else.

  • In
    International Business Feb 11, 2011

    I am an international businessman and I agree with your complaint. I say you call your news station and get it fixed! Good luck young lad.

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  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ Feb 11, 2011

    Hi, I work at Wirefly's HQ, and what you described has me very concerned. I am very sorry that you have had this experience, as it is not normal, and I want to assure you that we can resolve your concerns. I would like to help you and get this resolved for you as soon as possible. Please email me your order number to [email protected], and the best numbers and times to contact you, so that we can work with you to address your issues expeditiously. -Kim

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MIsleads the buyer

I am not one to complain or bash a company & I am a patient person, however over the course of 18 plus days this company wirefly has pressed my buttons to the point of me throwing my hands up in the air & just giving up on ever getting the phone that I have been seeking. My journey with wirefly began 20 days ago. All I wanted was a second line on my Verizon account. Wirefly had a nice cheap offer that sells a android smart phone with the retail value of $599.00 for a mere $39.99. I thought wow, great deal & started the process of making the purchase. To make a long story short, it became a nightmare. I waited & waited, during my wait I was getting emails from Verizon keeping me updated & informed of the activation # on my new phone, & the new phone #. The emails from wirefly were always the same, we are processing your order, it never changed. So I decided to call wirefly, to begin with I could barely understand the sales rep, his english was awful & it made comunication almost impossible. So I tried the on line chatting. This was a joke, I believe that I chatted with at least 10 different sales rep day after day & still got no where. I really believe that excluding taking funds from your credit card or bank, that the employees at wirefly dont have a clue to what their doing or whats going on with a consumers purchase. Looking at the big picture, I would have rather paid the full amount of the cell phone versus going through all this stress. As of today, I still have no cell phone, sure the moneys been taken out of my account, but still no phone. Beware of the company, even Verizon didnt have anything positive to say about them & thats pretty bad.

Their customer support speaks to you nicely but refuses to honor their contractual agreements

I ordered at wirefly because of the price. (summarized at the end) I had two issues:

1)I got an invoice saying I would not have to pay an activation fee, which is one of the reason I went to wirefly (for the cheaper price). When I was charged the activation fee by verizon, i talked to wirefly and they just flat didn't care. They gave me the run around over and over. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused 3 times in the same conversation. The person I was talking to was not mean, and I was pleasant back, but they would not help me. I eventually demanded to talk to a manager and got hateful with the person, they let me speak to a manager at that point. Who also didn't help me, i had an solid invoice showing a price and they just flat didn't care.

2)I was switching from AT&T to verizon, it took many days past the normal wait period to get my phone activated. I had to talk to customer support 3 times to get my phone activated, each time i was told to wait another 48 hours, finally I got hateful with them again. They sent me a free crappy $20 bluetooth in the mail for my trouble and forwarded me to a verizon representative who had the problem fixed in 5 minutes flat without any issues. Verizon also sent me a free bluetooth in the mail which was of decent quality.

Bottom line, i saved money in the end because the phone was $100 cheaper through wirefly. I had a terrible experience with wirefly, their customer support speaks to you nicely but refuses to honor their contractual agreements. Verizon on the other hand was very helpful.

They sent my phones from Maryland, to Virginia, to Western Pennsylvania, just to come to me in New Jersey

HERE ME NOW AND LISTEN TO ME LATER... ***DO NOT PURCHASE FROM WIREFLY!*** I have been purchasing things online for years now and it's basically second nature. I've purchased things domestic and abroad, all types of different products and services, and have never had the problems that I have had with Wirefly. I bought 2 Motorola Android phones, one being a brand new number and the other being switch from T-Mobile to Verizon. Guess what, they never activated my phones! They tell me to call Verizon, I call about 4 times, and after speaking with basically the top Customer Service Manager, they completely assured me that activation falls under Wirefly. I call back (now this is my 3rd time speaking with Wirefly) and they tell me that they forwarded the matter to their escalation department and there is nothing else they can do for 48 hours, and by the way, you can't even speak with the escalations department to find out what the hell is going on... so, to sum it up, they charged me for activation on May 7th, and I get the phones on May 11th, and the account is basically a dead shell and has nothing going on. They made me feel like this was my fault... if I could activate my own phone through some sort of computer system, I obviously would have done it to avoid A. Calling Verizon 4 times B. Calling Wirefly 3 times C. To avoid actually going to the Verizon store and D. Having to come on here and let people know what is really going on with these crooks!

Basically, to sum it up... this is by far the worst online purchase, worst cellphone experience, and overall stupidity, I guess, on my part because I READ SO MANY TERRIBLE REVIEWS ABOUT WIREFLY!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that great "Free Shipping" they offer... screw it. They sent my phones from Maryland, to Virginia, to Western Pennsylvania, just to come to me in New Jersey! Go Green!

So, I plead with you, if you have read this far, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING FROM WIREFLY!!! I read all the reviews, just as you are doing right now, and thought "Oh, it can't be that bad." No, it's worse than that.

Bar-none the worst customer service I have ever seen.

  • Bo
    bobhud Dec 10, 2010

    The tracking of your package is not unusual and not under the control of Wirefly. My package from Wirefly was sent Fedex has similar moves. Fedex, or any shipping company controls the actual movement and delivery of your package, not Wirefly. I happen to work for a major railroad so I know how things are done in the transportation industry. Don't freak out about the route taken, it was just their way of getting your package to you in their network. Did you know that UPS ships packages via railroad cross country and it can be usually done in 48 to 72hrs and using less fuel than via truck or aircraft?

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Not a credible site

Last night I was told by a friend that I could get a cell phone from this company called I had already tried getting one at verizon, but they wanted a $400 deposit to initiate a contract. My friend told me that she got hers without a credit check, nor a deposit. To me this sounded like a fantastic deal, because I feel that you should not have to provide credit information for personal communication anyway.

Today, Jan 12, 2009, I got on the website and found this great deal. Brand new LG Chocolate for free, and starting at $40 for a simple plan. At first I was skeptical about this, so I carefully took my time to muse around the site and find some sort of "catch" in the system. I could not find one, and everything looked pretty legitamate to me. I went on ahead and placed the order for my phone, and chose the plan I wanted. I was so excited, finally, my own cell phone plan, I was walking on clouds.

I then went to check my e-mail later and found an e-mail from the company(, and it gave me a phone number to call to complete my transaction. Once again, I was excited, this is legit, finally I'm gonna get my own phone and plan.

I proceeded to call the number and began speaking with a representative. He said that I had been approved and all I needed to do was pay $400 up front for a deposit and it would be credited back to me after a year of good standing with the company(verizon). Wait...Did he just ask me to pay $400 up front for a deposit?

I started thinking back to when I ordered the phone, and I remembered no such a thing being stated on the website. I was madly confused, as I had read the TOS agreement, and all the other T&C list. No where did it list that I would have to pay any sort of "possible" deposit of any kind, the only thing I read was that they would give me 181 days to prove myself as a customer. I was fine with that, I can make my payments on time, thats not a big deal to me.

I then asked the man that was assisting me, "why are you asking me for a deposit, your website didn't state anything about, even a possible, deposit?" He then began trying to explain to me that I would have to talk to Verizon about the issue because they only give out the phones and thats all, and there was nothing they can do. This really upset me. I asked him again, "why is this not stated on your site when I signed up for the phone?" His only response was "I'm sorry" and then he repeated the previous statement he made. I asked him the same question again, his response, the same. By this time I was flaming, but I kept my cool and explained to him that if I have to pay a deposit, or even a "possible" deposit, it should be stated on the site. He apologized repeated the statement he'd already made.

Realizing that he was not being attentive to my complaints, as he lacked significant understanding to them, I explained to him that I understand what he's saying, but my issue was, "why is there no mention of this anywhere on the site?" Once again, he repeated his initial statement. This went on for about 15 minutes before he suggested I talk to a supervisor. I told him fine, as long as I get my phone and I don't have to pay for a deposit, because that was not mentioned when I applied for the phone.

I work in a customer service position, and one thing I have learned is that when a company is blatanly in the wrong, it is there job to make sure that the consumer is properly taken care of and that the issue is made right. I understand there are some things that you can't control in a company, but I also understand that the company is to fix the problem between them and the consumer, at the company's expense and not the consumers.

Finally I was on the phone with his "supervisor", who was a lady that gave me the same "run-around" as he did. I kept making it known that the website,, does not mention anything close to any sort of "possible" deposit. All she did was make the same statements the previous man did. I explained to her that I know how customer service works, and when the company is at fault, they are to make sure the consumer is taken care of based on the deal made with the consumer. Once again, I received the same response. I was becoming infuriated with this customer service, not only had I been mislead, but I was also dealing with a company whose associates are not properly educated in the ethics of customer service, even just general ethics for that matter. I made it known that I had already been mislead and lied to based off of the information I was given from the site, not to mention they had taken a dollar out of my account that I never authorized because my statement said "0.00" when I processed my order online.

The only thing she offered to do was to give my dollar back, and put me on the phone with a verizon representative of customer service. Even though the phone was coming from Verizon, my issue was with this company, Wirefly, because of the misleading business promotion they have on their website. She kept saying there was nothing she could do about it, and that her hands were tied. Since I already work in customer service, I know that is a flat out lie because customer service can always do something and fix the issue at hand, especially when the company is knowingly in the wrong.

I let her know that I know how it all works, and that I'm not stupid when it comes to these sorts of matters. Apparently she was sick of talking to me and asked me to hold while she went to go retrieve some more information. When she got back on the phone she announced, "Sir?", my response, "Yes?", then she asked if I was still there. Once again, "Yes." Then she said "Sir?" and I responded, "I'm Here". She then asked, "Are you there?", I then responded, "Yes". Then she hung up on me, and when I tried to call back, I could not reach them because they had cancelled my order, therefore I couldn't reach any customer service representative because my order number had been cancelled.

I'm extremely irritated and aggravated with the fact that this company posted somthing that was blatanly misleading as a legitimate business deal. I feel that any company that does such should be responsible for insuring that the consumer is well taken care of, as is the general custom of "Customer Service". Now I'm here posting this, and I plan on making this known on every public posting site possible, i.e. Facebook, Myspace, Google, Jeeves, Bing, Wiki, and any other place I can think of.

If you happen to come across this, please flag the website, as they are not a legitimate business and they operate from outsourcing, which is also an unethical way to business. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it actually makes some head way, as it should.

  • To
    Toni Silva Jun 28, 2007

    Boy this company sucks, they make false promises about when you are getting phone... seems like their favorite answer is within 24 hrs it'll be shipped... I waited almost 2 weeks before I got it. Constant calls and asking... I thought is was just me. My friend tried to get a phone from them... It's now been a week and they are still telling her... wait 24 hrs... seems like these guys have a different clock... I don't think they know that there is 24 hrs in a day. Well that's all I have to say.

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  • Wi
    WireflyKSCorpHQ Jan 15, 2010

    Dear JacD54: I am sorry that you have had this experience. It is frustrating to place an order and be told you need to pay a deposit for cellular service, and I empathize with how you feel about that. I work at Wirefly’s headquarters in Reston, VA and I assure you we understand and appreciate your concerns. We pride ourselves on having agents that are able to make customers feel that their issues and concerns are being addressed. I am concerned that you feel we have pulled a “bait and switch. Wirefly only passes the carrier deposit requirement on to customers – we don’t determine them.
    There are two places in particular that you will find this information on our website, and the first location you will find information about a deposit is in the terms and conditions, once you select the carrier, phone and plan. Those terms and conditions are from the carrier, in the “PAYMENTS, DEPOSITS, CREDIT CHECKS, and CHECKS” which states : We may require an advance deposit (or an increased deposit) from you. We'll pay simple interest on any deposit at the rate the law requires. Please retain your evidence of deposit. You agree that we can apply deposits, payments, or prepayments in any order to any amounts you owe us on any account. You can't use a deposit to pay any bill unless we agree. The second place where you can locate information about a deposit is on the website in our learn section. The link to that part of our website is: and it is also in the confirmation email we send to all of our customers once the order has been placed.
    If there is anything else that I can do to answer a question you may have, please feel free to either send me a PM or you can send an email to: [email protected] and we will be happy to answer your questions or concerns.

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  • Ty
    typup2345 Jan 25, 2010

    sorry, sounds like you have bad credit...

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  • Mi
    Missbamm Jul 12, 2011

    I've worked in the customer service field before too. It's all cool to try and take advantage of company loop-holes but I hate customers who get upset because they run across a company that stays firm on their rules. You say you aren't stupid, then own up to your bad credit and don't pretend to not know why they are charging you $400. And consider yourself lucky they even take a chance on your delinquent a**.

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beware bfore u buy

Ask wirefly... about fraud/cheating/hiding information. I got a phone with a plan for me and my wife. I took the insurance with them. My wife lost her phone on subway. and i called them for an other phone. they said i need to file a complaint with police and get a letter and send them. which took me 2 days to do.. and after i sent it i never got response for 3-4 days. when i called them they said they didnot recieve anything. and when i faxed them again... they said we need to wait for a week bfore they process it. i told them i didnot have phone for 10 days... they said i need to WAIT. again when i called they said they didnot make any file... and said the insurance dept is a different one.. and i have to call some one else.. i got pissed off i cancelled my connection. they sent me to collections... now i have to pay atleast $300 for each phone... how fair is this... do u even know.. that if we cancel a phone connection after getting that from wirefly... u need to keep the phone (in other terms u will be a slave just for buying thru them) for atleast 6 months.. or else u will b sent to collections...
that what our country is giving us...
god bless america

  • wanda mobley Mar 13, 2010

    wow that really sucks i am sitting here anxiously wtg the arrival of my new phone (not quite unlike a child on xmas eve...) and i gotta share; that little diddy didn't exactly give me warm freekin fuzzies...OUCH!!!

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Rip off

I went online to get phone through wirefly for tmobile services. I was told I have to pay for the phones and the first months service in advance. I paid wirefly a total of $523.00. I called Tmobile to next day to set up easy pay and was informed by tmobile that they never recieved any money from wirefly on my behalf and I now had a balance with them. After myself and tmobile contacted them they had no trace of my $523.00 that I paid with my credit card! I canceled the service with wirefly and fedex and told them not to ship the items. Afterwards, wirefly contacted Fedex and had them to ship the items anyway! I refuse the items and sent them back, I called wirefly to ask about my money and they lied and told me I had to get my money from tmobile, but tmobile never got any money from wirefly. I had to contact my bank for the bank to credit my account and retrieve the funds back from

Please Beware People, Don't Buy Anything From
It is a SCAM!!!

Won't pay on insurance, went bankrupt, Wirefly knew NCOA was going out.

Wirefly is advertising free phones for Signing a 2 year contract with the providers of our choice. The phone cost me almost $300.00 in the long run, after agreement details, such as agent fees? Wirefly provided insurance through NCOA which declared (formally) that they were bankrupt. I got the plan, the phone, the insurance. The deposit?, ended up as an agents fee! The insurance went bankrupt, AT&T claimed (by one of their representatives, that they didn't know of any comany Wirefly. Excuse me? Advertising. Co-op advertising.

AT&T got my signature, and two years of service. Wirefly got their "agent fees", NCOA, I am sure got their money too.

Me, I had my phone stolen, was relieved I had bought the insurance only to find out that NCOA, IF THEY COULD be contacted, sent along a form to fill out for a reimbursement request. Have not heard a word since last October, 2008. Wirefly? Who knows! Great.

Nothing in this world is FREE! Wirefly?

Kim E Goraya

AT&T? Big company for one person to handle. So, where to go? I believe I saw a blog on a civil suit.

monies refunded back to my account

Order # [protected] Old cell# [protected] Wirefly sent me an email on 12/22/08 stating they were refunding me back 49.99 which was taken out of my account for insurance for this order#. I spoke someone named surej and was told to call [protected]. The gentlemen that I spoke with was through this phone # [protected]. Instead of the 49.99 refunded back to my account there is a hold on my account in the amount of 49.99. This is stealing, now the amount to be refunded back to my account should be 99.98 dollars. I am especting my money A.S.A.P if I have to take this situation up on legal action I will. This is not right and I want my money back now and I shouldn't have to wait for two weeks or more. This account has been cancelled and within the time frame allowed for me to cancel. I want my money put back into my account ending in 9010. I am tired of emailing wirefly and now you, being told I'm going to be refunded and turn around a charge me again for something that I don't have, this situation is working my last nerve and I need this problem to be resolved, I'm tired. There was no problem when you took the monies from my account now kindly forsee your way of not having a problem putting my money back into my account. Thank you Deborah Murphy

  • lovepackers Sep 12, 2009

    lol, why dont you post your SSN while your at it, posting all these personal numbers!!! silly

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  • An
    ANONYMOUS1.2many Jan 16, 2010

    I WAS TO BAMBOOZLED, CUSTOMER SERVICE DEBITED 2 CHARGES OF 400 DOLLARS DEPOSIT, OUT MY ACCOUNT, TELLING ME OVER THE FONE THAT THE OTHER DEBIT CARD WAS DECLINED, COULD THEY GET ANOTHER CARD TO USE, I SAID SURE, SINCE I JUST MOVED AND THE ADDRESS GIVING DIDNT MACH THE CARD SO THEY SAID, YEA RITE! BUT THEN AFTER HE TOLD ME TO CALL BACK WITH THE ADDRESS I DID THEY WERE CLOSED ONLY 2 MINS LATER. SMH... i just so happened to check both of my debit cards, wachvia and skylight and there was 2 holds placed by vzw verizon since wirefly is a 3 parth vendor(target) stores anyway I have waited like 3 or 4 weeks and not a honest response, I been getting the run around, cal verizon, call wirefly, its ridiculous, ..finally they tell me after having to keep emailin a chat rep on internet, and customer serv say oh the transactions didnt go thru u need to call ur bank! my bank acting messy like I done forgot my mothers maiden name so I have to fax all type of stuff to reset it, sounds suspect!! been having badluck ever since I been doing online buisness and doing buisness with skyight ugh, I guess wachovia was cool they put my monies back, but skylight and wirefly sum type of way playing games with my 400 bucks, i havent had my fone cause of them a..holes Im sick of it and I will be changing banks and going into the stores and stop going online doing big transactions, because they are sneaky with other ppl monies!!! So I have to go thru the storm and all of that to get my money back, , , please dont do wirefly, , , , I had a bad experience the same way with walmart (3rd vendor) contract fones...steer clear thats another story...godbless, and hold on to ya credit cards..companies will get ya be carefu;

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  • Ba
    barry Mar 20, 2010

    i want all my money back

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  • Ba
    barry Mar 20, 2010

    i want my all my money or im suing

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Wirefly/Simplexity Fraud and Un-fair service‏

I am writing this complaint against on line phone retailer wire fly. Who are not only very unproffesional in their Business & communication but also are trying to Fraudly charging me $250.

I upgraded my phones for 2 year contract with AT&T via wirefly on line store in april 2008. I updated both phone lines with new 2 new phones as both phones were free If I buy 2 years agreement with no features (e.g text, e-mail etc).

On October 2 2008 I received a letter from SIMPLEXITY [protected]) Stating that My credit card (American Express) was charged with $250.00 because I have disconned My 2nd Line [protected]), which is not correct because my both lines were active, they also stated that previous attempts to contact me failed. I advised her that I have never received any communication from them what so ever. I tried to explain to her that My both Lines with AT&T were still active and I am still an AT&T customer and I have made no changes to my account. Then the Female rep got angry at me and stated I need to call wirefly, I asked to talk to her supervisor but she hand up on me.

I called wirefly [protected] times talked to all customer, service reps also supervisors no one is able to help me but instead either they will hang up one or just transfer me to other department. Then all of the sudden my a/c (Order number#[protected]-e2)was closed.

On 11/24/2008 I called wirefly [protected]) account receivable department and talk to their rep name John who advised me that only way he'll be able to resolve this issue is if AT&T can verify that the Line is still active. I had AT&T do a 3 way call with wirefly A/C recv. rep John and AT&T rep Ashley verified that both lines are active. For some reason John hanged up on us. I called back 5-10 times he kept on disconnecting the phone. Finally I talked to some female rep on same number who advised me that John is saying that the charges can not be reversed. I called back after 30 minutes and John from wirefly picked up the phone and stated that no matter what I do he'll not reverse the charges even if the charges were incorrect charged in 1st place. He added thet I can talkt o customer service all I want but that;s the way he is going to do it and he refused to have me talk to a manager or supervisor and hand up on me.

This kind of service is not right and very un-proffesional. this is fraud and I'll appreciate if you can help on this.

  • Cl
    cleolappost Jun 04, 2009

    They have charged my card with $400 for products I NEVER EVER ordered from them. They confirmed they are aware the name on the order that was placed back in jan belongs to some one by a DIFFRENT name than my own. Now they want me to jump through hopes to get my money, . I have filed with the better bznss bru and I am luck to have a friend Atty that will be making contact with these idiots shortly

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  • Sc
    scott11 Jun 10, 2010

    I used in September 2009 to upgrade two phones on my tmobile plan. The operator said I only had to keep the contract with tmobile active for the 2 years which it is still active today in June 2010 but i just got an email from simplexity stating that i didn't keep my service active and i would owe $200 for each line for a total of $400. The email also said it was the 3rd attempt to contact me even though i didn't get anything for the supposed two previous times. What can I do to fix this?

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  • Ma
    m.a.s Jan 23, 2011

    i too have been scamed-went through Verizon to purchase phones and service----ended my contract with them because the bill got bigger and bigger-after 5 months into it i ended it-----had it set up to pay off early disconnect. That same month i get a call from Simplexity (who I had never heard of) saying I owed them 600 dollars-told them they were crazy they harrased me forever had my phone disconnected contacted Verizon and my attorney gen. waitting to hear from them

    0 Votes
  • Sc
    scott11 Jan 23, 2011

    I'm pretty sure the email is just a scam. They emailed and said it was their third attempt at contacting me before going to a third party. I ignored them 6 months ago and haven't heard anything yet. Don't email them or send them money. They probably get ahold of the customers info and email them hoping that some will send them money.

    0 Votes

Scam and cheating

Okay, here is a new one I have not seen. Apparently our friends at wirefly have a new scam going on. Back in...

offer scam

I spent two hours of my time reseaching phones and plans. I ordered a plan thru wirefly at a given price. I gave them my SS#, my driver's license number, and obviously my credit card information. The next day, I receive an email indicating the order is not complete and I need to contact them. I called them and got a man on the phone named "smith" whose English I could barely understand. Well, Smith informs me that I need to "upgrade" to a more expensive plan or the deal is off. He gave no explanation why their system did not prompt me, if I was not able to get the chosen plan at the price offered. I told him to cancel the plan, but it just burns me all the time I spent and the personal information I devulged...for nothing. What a horrible company.

Avoid Wirefly!

After going back and forth with Wirefly Live Chat and emails to customer support, they will not replace a defective cell phone charger without me first paying for a new one, sending the defective one back, and then "maybe" refunding my cost of the new one.

These people put up a good front until they sell you something, and then "good luck!"

There are many others out there who are respectable and trustworthy. My advice is AVOID WIREFLY!!!

  • Ma
    MandaPandaxo08 Jul 01, 2009

    I TOTALLYYYY agree! I bought a phone through the best buy mobile online and it went through the wirefly company. Well... The phone messed up after a week and then I had to do the same thing you are talking about. All in all, my phone company sprint worked with me and got me a free refurbished phone.

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  • Th
    T H of Texas Sep 17, 2009

    Buyers Beware! I tried to buy a phone through Best Buy Mobile via the Simplexity powered site that I was directed too. Simplexity also runs and powers Wirefly. They had the best price I could find by over $50 for the new phone I wanted to upgrade to on Sprint.

    I called Best Buy Mobile a couple times asking questions because I was very leery of the fact I was talking to people from another country and they were very rude. Even the supervisors stated that he was from India and there was no one in the U.S. in their company to talk to.

    The first thing that shocked me was they only accepted Visa, Mastercard, or Debit card. I wanted to use my Best Buy card but they said they didn't take it. If I wanted a phone through them, I had to provide them a Visa, Mastercard, or Debit. I called Best Buy customer service in the U.S. because I don't like to use my credit cards in other countries. Even though they said this was a legitimate third party vendor of Best Buy, they didn't understand why they didn't take the Best Buy Card and was demanding a credit card.

    I decided to give them another try after talking to Best Buy using one the the accepted cards. On the second try, they were a little nicer. We got all the way to me giving them all my billing and credit card information when they asked for my Social Security number... Who in this day and age asks for a SSN number. There was no way I was going to give that to someone in another country to have along with all my billing information. Again, I was told no number, no phone. I asked for a supervisor again and he stated the same. I was about to cancel the order and hang when he stated that it was Sprint that requires them to get it and if I wanted, we could do a three way call to Sprint to verify... The rest I will make short. About 20 minutes later after talking to a couple departments within Sprint, I was told Sprint DIDN'T require my SSN and all the company had to note was my account number.

    The SUPERVISOR of this site then abruptly hung up on me as soon as the lady at Sprint said that!! Something is just not right with this company.

    I have since filed complaints with the online Best Buy customer relations and also talked to the department over the third party vendors at Best Buy Corporate. I also canceled the credit card I used with them because there are tons of complaints on Simplexity and Wirefly where they have come back and charged credit cards months later for non existent purchases.

    I hope this complaint helps someone in the future.

    0 Votes

InPhonic rebate scam alert!

I've been waiting for almost a year for 2 cell phone rebates to arrive. All the forms were all filled out properly, sent in on time, everything APPROVED. Here's the message I've been getting from the rebate center for the past 6 months:

"Claim approved. Payment pending, please allow 4-5 weeks for payment processing."

Every time I enquire about what's going on, they assure me that they are working really hard to get those checks to me. Rebate center is:

Wireless Rebate Processing Center

c/o Customer Care Department

PO Box 100517 - BCC

White Bear Lake, MN [protected]

[protected] rebatestatus AT

They no longer respond to my emails.

  • Ak
    akapoor May 09, 2009

    If it's been two years, you're not getting it,

    0 Votes

Bait & Switch ripoff!

I saw the ad on The Cell Phone Store for a free phone , free shipping when ordering one phone Etc. Also if you were a customer you could update with a 2 yr contract extension. When I indicated was a contract customer the price for shipping was added to the bill. I called, they said only free if a new contract, doesn't say that on the web site!They sent me an E-mail saying they could not send my order until I called. When I called, it was very difficult to understand his Indian accent.He said Sprint was requiring me to pay a $50.00 deposit! I asked for what? I was told because my contract was not yet expired. I asked him to e-mail me what e money was for and he would not do it! I called Sprint, they said they were not charging me a deposit.

I called TMI back, now he tells me TMI is charging me that$50 for the phone, because my contract was still in force.Although I could have the phone for free if I get a different number. The site is too good to be true. Yes, toy get so frustrated that you almost feel like agreeing to anything after all the time you spend on the phone with them.

I am stuck with a broken hone, paying a fee to Sprint every month, not being able to use the service!

  • Li
    Lisa Marie Sep 26, 2007

    We actually own a retail wireless store, not mentioning the company, but not the one you are signed on with. I was researching TMI and came across this. Why can't you send the phone in to warranty? They are an authorized dealer which is a step above a retailer. Call Sprint, you should have a years manufacturers warranty on your phone (at least we do). We've been in the business over 15 years now, and have had probs with several types of phones, we send them back to the manufacturer and usually they don't even try to fix them, they just send you a new one. Go to a Sprint retail location or cal l sprint and tell them you need to warranty the phone. Now you may be out of a phone for a while but you said you already are anyways. We have tons of "loaner" phones in our retail location that we give freely to use in warranty situations even if they didn't buy a phone from us, but they must carry the service we have. We know they will come back and buy other items or upgrade from us if we give them good service.

    1 Votes
  • Re
    Rebelh Nov 03, 2011

    I personally think TMI Wireless is a complete RipOff affiliate program. Look what you have to look forward to i posted a snapshot of my account is this something you would want to do?

    -1 Votes
  • Re
    Rebelh Nov 03, 2011

    this is the worst program i have ever been a part of i think you people are rippoffs

    Click-Thrus 19803
    Page-Views: 21249
    Cell Phone Apps: 1
    Shipped Count: 0
    i was never paid for anything

    -1 Votes
  • Sa
    Sarah713 Oct 11, 2012

    Rebelh, you didn't sell anything so of course your not going to get paid.
    I personally have made money from TMI wireless and I was paid every time.
    This was a few years ago so I don't know if it's still legit but I know it used to a good affiliate program.

    0 Votes

Avoid Wirefly at all costs! It's a fraud!

I bought a slvr at wirefly, which I returned per return policy. I had included everything with it. However wirefly's warehouse decided that they were not going to refund my money and said the instruction manual was missing. Why would I need a SLVR manual when I bought a palm treo. Plus there is no way for me to prove that it was there.

The customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. It goes to India where the guys have no clue what I am talking about. They were supposed to put me through to a supervisor who made me wait over 45 minutes and never came to the phone. In short he waited till I hung up the phone. I highly recommend NOT buying from wirefly. They are the perfect example for internet scams and fraudulent practices.

Plus the rebates on the phones are messed up. Nobody at wirefly tells you that you get the rebate only when you sign on to the data plan. You notice it only when you get the product and you cannot return the product either, cos they do not refund you. The data plan costs more than the rebate they offer you. Avoid wirefly at all costs. Go to the store and buy it for peace of mind. It costs more but at least you do not feel violated.

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