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comcast's red headed stepchild

Hey you there - you, considering cricket because you're sick of comcast's b. s. and hate at&t?

Stop! beg comcast for mercy, brown-nose at&t, send your grandma's cookies to your current provider and don't you dare switch!!!

Painfully slow, no customer service, you will not see your modem rebate, you won't be able to watch any streaming videos or load basic emails.

So far, I can no longer use the following websites (they will not load) : yahoo mail, gmail, youtube, myspace, and any picture-heavy site.

And you know what?

I get no signal on my cricket phone downtown. down town chicago. seriously. wtmfh???

  • Pa
    paul appiah Jan 17, 2010


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  • Jl
    Jlalib Nov 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Canceled broadband service in 9/28/10, had already been billed for October via automatic payment from credit card. Was told I would receive a refund for October. Did not receive refund, email customer service no response. Called customer service (the ONLY way you can cancel your service) and was told that the service was NOT canceled on the 28th of September because I terminated the call too soon. Billed for 2 more months and they acknowledge the request to cancel in Sept but state no refund is due because the call terminated too early. Broadband service did not work in Orange County CA!! and spotty in many places I traveled. It's cheap but not worth the price!

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it's a bad customer service company

Okay, for some reason, at least once in a year there are charges like $100 or $130 or whats over on our phone bill. During november 2008, a paper came in the mail saying that we owe $130; it's $100 dollars for something and $30 service charge. We had no idea what it is, the next couple of days we received a text message saying something like, "you're being charged $30"; both of our phones stopped working. So we went and paid that $30 at the cricket store. We asked what was the additional $100 for, all she could say was, "i don't know. " well, there was no reasonable explanation, she could've atleast called the real cricket company and take her time to ask for us. But since she was being such a stuckup! So anyways, we paid that $30. She told us we owe $100, well, a month later the bill came and it was still $130. We went back and complained to her that we already paid the freakin' $30, why are we still being charged the same?! And again, all she said was, "i don't know. " so whatever, we paid it to her, and we thought this would stop. But nope! Read what happened next.

The same day, we ask her to take off the extra $5 roaming minute off both of our phone. I don't know what she did, but she took off the credit card's automatic payment. Soon, our bill came up to over $160.

Okay, I don't know what's wrong with cricket, but their customer service is so bad. We did not ask her to take off our automatic credit card payment but she did, and I guess she wasn't being honest. And I don't why cricket will sometimes charge you so much... No explanation, no reasons too.

Also, when you call to complain to the company it don't even work. You can even call it right now 1-800-cricket all it suggest is just, "go visit your local cricket wireless store"

theft by debit and no broadband!!!

I went into a cricket wireless store about 3 weeks ago and bought their $40 dollar a month broadband wireless internet and the sales guy told me to put the purchase amount as a debit on my bank credit card. When I got home I already had the service before so I loaded the disk and installed the software... No internet. So I called 1-800-cricket and I got lie after lie about hitting #2 to get broadband. Actually #2 was an option for old customers to reactivate their service. After a 2 hour straight back and forth run a round I got a rep whi I tolsd what happened and she promised to give me the number and guess what number she gave me. A 800 number to a deaf line. But here is the worst part. My bank wells fargo put a dispute for the $70 charge and they said since it was a debit and not a credit it fell under debit rules for banking. So they denied the first claim because I apparently didnt go back to follow up with the store (Hell I was pissed after 2 hours of ying yang). So I went back to the store and the ghetto hispanic guy who stole my money said go to another store. I was like hell, no. So I called wells fargo and told them I tried to get my money back from the store and they took another claim (To their specifications for filing) and they denied me with a letter saying there was nothing wrong with the purchase. Excuse me!!! But what part of did not get service, money was stolen did you not get??? Cricket trains their employees to take a debit instead of a credit so they can steal your money and they know banks like wells fargo will side with them. Thats why he insisted on the debit. Cricket wireless stole my $70 and wells fargo let them do it. So I refused to pay wf some loans I owe them so they can see what it feels like to be a victim of theft... Haha!!!

theft by debit and no broadband!!!

  • Co
    ComplaintQueen Jul 08, 2009

    I am going through the same thing with CRICKET, but I have taken it a step further. I decided to file against them via the following agencies:

    Attorney Generals Office-Office of the Consumer Advocate
    Consumers Affairs
    Better Business Bureau
    Consumers Protection

    I will keep you posted on the outcome.

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  • Bl
    Blackbeard Jun 18, 2010

    Cricket was the new provider in town, and seemed to have it all, low rates, good coverage, decent phones...but the phone never seemed to have coverage. Roaming wasn't included in the $50 per month charges, so all my calls would go to voicemail. When I tried dialing, I would be roaming and they would want to charge me 39 cents per minute to make the call. Then their 2 month old phone a Samsung Messenger II broke and I had enough.

    But to cancel I had to speak to 4 people who spoke broken English two of which were trying to keep me as a customer. They also went ahead and billed me for the next month and told me they could not refund that amount, but finally relented after taking all the information they already had and making me FAX them the information besides.

    I have had phones turn obsolete before they broke with other services, and with Cricket there was no service any of the time. I am surprised it took me so long to cancel.

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Ever been completely screwed by cricket? Do you call and call but can't get a live person on the phone who...


On january 4, 2009 went to the cricket store and bought a cricket broadband after reading all the small print...

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I have a defect phone- i just bought 2 months ago. I pay $5 a month handset protection. The company web-site list my specific phone as having defects and to bring it to the store to be fixed. I brought it to two different stores. None of them knew about the problem listed on their own website- THEN have the nerve to tell me I have to pay $35 to have it fixed????? WTF

  • Ah
    A helper of the people May 21, 2009

    Sounds like the defect on your phones is considered a Warranty Issue that is why you were charged the 35.00 which I think is refundable. Now as far as Insurance that takes care of things such as Water Damage, Lost, Stolen, you drop it and the screen cracks etc. There is a deductible on that too. Depending on the model of your phone, it can be 35.00, 50.00, or 85.00 and there is 2 replacements a year and you need to call in the claim before you take it in. I took a look at the link you gave in your complaint and this is what it reads:

    Phones, Accessories and Warranty
    Motorola VE240
    What is the problem with the Motorola VE240 phone?
    A small number of Motorola VE240s are freezing at the Motorola logo and/or a blue screen is displayed during several scenarios. This is currently either a recoverable or an easily avoidable event.
    If this problem has occurred on your Motorola VE240, you should bring the Motorola VE240 phone to any Cricket company store for the phone to be re-flashed.
    Cricket's company stores are listed at Please enter your address or zip code and look for the green "Cricket Corporate-Owned Stores."

    Not ALL CricKet Stores are a FULL SETRVICE STORE (Corporate CricKet) That is why it is very important to look up which stores are full service Corporate CricKet Stores at
    I do apologize that this was not explained to you upon the purchases of your phones. Unfortunately for the customers and the company there ends up being a lot issues that could be avoided if all the stores would take the extra steps in explaining this things to their customers before they leave the store.

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  • Bo
    BobbyG21 Feb 04, 2010

    On 2/3/10 I went to the corporate store of cricket located on 1616 n Mannhiem Rd in Illinois to get a loaner for my defective cell phone. My phone screen has been freezing and pad doesnt work at time. I had the phone for over a year and plus I paid insurance on my cell phone for over a year.

    The young lady customer rep and she was very nice stated to me that they don't do loaner's and if i wanted to have my phone repaired I will have to pay $35 up front just in case the cricket repair technician finds out that the defective cell was not damaged by me. If they discover that the defective damage was not causd by me, they would credit the $35 onto my cricket account.

    So I laughed and looked around to see if there are TV cameras on me because at that moment I felt like I was being PUNK"D.

    The customer service rep openened the back of my phone up and stated. See that green mark there inside the back of my cell phone indicates water damage and erosion. And she stated, she's not accusing me of dropping my phone in water but we just want to be sure.

    I'm thinken to myself on professional level All in ALL!! she's telling me the cricket corporation says I'm lying.


    I asked the customer service rep, what is the purpose of me paying insurance on the cell phone I purchased from cricket. She stated to protect your cell phone if it's get lost or damaged, but the cricket corporation still requires a $35 upfront fee. She states it's like paying for car insurance and your paying a dedcutible.

    I told her I pay full coverage on my car insurance and I don't have to pay an deductible.
    And she was speechless and she apologizes and gave me her business card.

    I stated to the customer serice very nicely. In reality paying insurance on my cricket cell phone serves no purpose in the cricket corporation. The money paid for insurance is just a financial loss I will have to take. She shruggs and apologizes.
    I said thank you and told her it wasnt her hfault and she is just following Cricket Corporation policy
    and procedures.

    I walk out feeling very insecure about being a customer with the Cricketwireless Corporation.

    In this case the Cricketwireless Corporation should discontinue the insurance they offer their customers because it serves no purpose.

    We that there is a constant climate change in the enviromental. The air or climate changes caues defects in the cells but no one is stepping up to the Cricket Corporation.

    Majority of people these day cary their phone with them 24/7. Has anyone ever stop to think why water builds up in cell phones.

    Why do hard working tax pay people like us have to suffer for the benefit of the cell phone corporations like CricketWireless take advantage of their customers with theirr useles insurance policy.

    Jobs are hard to find and times are hard.The amount of money I paid for insurance on my cricketwireless cell phone could have been donated to some who really needs it.


    Bobby Glover

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  • Ca
    californiadealer Apr 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i think cricket wirelesss has a long way to go in order to copete with the big boys such as t- mobile verison att and sprint . I think their master agent prograhm is a joke that will soon bring them to thier knees .The agents rip off thier dealers by giving thier dealers sh-tty payouts witch will inturn trickle down to the customers so dealers can make up money they should already br getting insted they cram stores so close to one another that the dealers feel no loyalty from cricket communications wich drives them to scam thier own system by giving credits for a price to keep thier customers from going to the other stores in thier areas they promote esn tumbling and add a line and deactivate scams so thier customers can get over on cricket to keep money rolling through thier doors but inturn that will only hurt cricket and if you are an owner of a store like me iof crcicket goes down so does my store but i get why they do it becuase typicly they are trying to make up for getting screwed over by a master agent but thats no exscuse for cricket turning a blind eye to the fact that they let some one else take the blame for bad marketing and letting a middle man make dealers compete at an unfair rate wich hurts thier customer service and price ing wich directly reflects cricket communications chance at making a dominate move in the cellphone war if they dont take this serious and take care of thier loyal sister stores and elemanating the mater agents that are being scandless and scandless dealers i want cricket to thrive because i have cricket on my building and i hope to be part of a successfull corperation and help lead them victory in this cellphone war .I know they lost a of customers last year its not because cricket gives bad service its because in my openion that there is to much room for fraudgelent behavior because they are leaving thier dealers to the wolves of the industry crooked master agents and greedy dealers who have no loyalty to the corporation they should find good daelers rate them on am individual basis cut out the middle man go from the warehouse to the street with good products for a cheep price give your dealers a great price so that they can pass it on to the customers wich intern will come back ten fold its a no brianer if you have one lol but if you make the dealer suffer then the customer suffers wich intern cricket communacations suffers you cant build a pyramid upside down .Ive owned other businesses before and they did great my job as a hustler is to get between my customer and the big guy and bring my customer the bset deal they can get and i also would find dealers that could move product and front them inventory so they did not have to put out of pocket so they were helthy wich helped them make financial moves to improve thier locations wich intern they gave back to thier customers wich intern they gave back to my dealers wich intern stayed loyai like thier customers and they all gave back to me its a beautiful thing come guys get it together you could run this market lets do it put your nikes on get er done you have .i have a saying sometimes you get it sometimes you got it sometime you gotta get it and sometimes you get got .get it got it good .pyramid ...go cricket some where in southern california

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awful customer service

I decided to purchase a brand new Motorola phone from Cricket to start using them as as my wireless service. I wanted to make sure that I had a good phone since I wouldn't have a land line anymore. I was told that this Motorala model was very good. My son has the same phone and never had trouble with his. I also received a free month service for purchasing the phone and using Cricket. I received my new phone in the mail 3 weeks ago.

From day one, the phone did not work. It takes forever to get anybody on the phone from Cricket and I called on a Saturday afternoon to find out where the nearest Cricket store was. It is one hour away from the town that I live in. I went to the store and the young man reprogrammed my phone. Didn't bother to check if it was working at that time and sent me on my way. After I got home and charged my phone for 8 hours as I was told to do, the phone still wasn't working.

Last Thursday, I called Cricket again and spent almost an hour waiting for somebody to answer my call. I was told that a new phone would be in the mail and I would receive it in 3 to 4 business days. I had to have somebody home to sign for the phone.

A week later, I still hadn't received my new phone. I called and again waited for almost an hour to have somebody answer my call. Now I was told by a young man that no, a new phone was never sent to me, that I had to go back to the store that was over an hour from where I lived and they would give me a new phone. I asked him about my free month of service. I told him I have not had a working phone now for 3 weeks, am I going to get my free month of service back? He said no. I asked to talk to a supervisor, was put on hold again and then disconnected. I called back and got ANOTHER young lady. She informed me that no, I wouldn't have received a phone in the mail, and no, I could not go to a store to get a new phone. I had to send back my old phone, wait for about 30 days, then I would receive my refund and at that time I could purchase another phone. I didn't have my box anymore to send the phone back, so again, I had to go over an hour away to the Cricket store to pick up a box to send the phone back in.

All in all, I lost time driving back and forth, time on the phone while I was at work, money for gas, waiting on a phone for 30 days and/or my refund. So I was out of my money and out of my phone, but none of this was my fault. Had I any idea, ANY idea what terrible customer service and representative knowledge would be, and what I had to go through to get a workable phone, I would have never gone with Cricket. I, too, will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. I can't believe that this kind of customer treatment is allowed.

  • Cu
    Cultured Bum Mar 22, 2009

    Sorry about the cricket customer service for cricket man I do admit it is terrible.

    I happen to work at a cricket authorized dealer (that is a store who sells cricket phones but not affiliated with Cricket) and we strive to help our customers best we can with their phones, that is why I recommend my customers to just get a phone at the store instead ordering online, this type of hassle can and does happen from time to time.

    As for the cricket network it is surprisingly good, the 3G network is very fast and reliable. I'm very sorry that your experience had to be a bad one.

    I don't per say care much for the Cricket company itself nor endorse it over any other, I just hate to hear all the hassle that people go through when they order online and wish I could have helped them with person to person service.

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  • 1s
    1smartcookie Mar 29, 2009

    I am not trying to let Criket off the hook here but I honestly believe that your first mistake was getting a motorola phone. They are not good phones to begin with. I had two motorola phones and both had to be returned. On one occasion, I had argued up and down with the sales person at one cell phone store about selling me a phone that was used because the reception was soo bad. Well fast forward to a year later when I ordered another Motorola phone directly from Team Mobile and guess what? I had the same problems, phone calls dropping, background noise, shotty reception. I am not minimizing your troubles with Criket but I just feel as though maybe part of the problem could have been with the brand of phone you purchased. Maybe. I actually hear that Criket phone service is not to shabby and I am thinking of trying it myself.

    Oh and for the record, Contrary to the opinion stated above. I always suggest purchasing directly from the Company itself. Its alot safer because you know who you are dealing with, Secondly, You have a better chance of getting them to honor their refund/sales policies. and finally if anything goes wrong you know who to go after.

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  • Br
    Briankelly Oct 19, 2009

    Well, Let me say, I completly agree, customer service is TERRIBLE, I've had to deal with cricket on 3 occasions and not once was ANYTHING resolved...not to mention the "customer service" reps were flat rude...NO sence of compassion or even a care about the customer...once you become a customer that ONLY advantage you can see is the price...and as far as the service being 3G and "good" goes, COMPLETLY wrong...sadly I am still a customer... and I'll tell you, the phone service is choppy, internet SUX (wont even play a lousy youtube video without pausing 3-4 times during...pitiful..but they hook you with the cheap price...and I "in my opinion" think this is why they're rude...they cater to the people who do not have an endless budget for service like them... and treat them however they want to (which from what I've seen is NEVER good).. BOTTOM LINE----->If you go Cricket, be cautious, you will most likely regret it.

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awful company

I have been hit with reactivation fees before by surprise because payment was not received after they automatically turn off our service unnoticed. Cricket has the nasty habit of turning off customers phone without immediate notice, then charging a 15.00 fee a month later for turning it back on, when the customer is unaware that there service was suspended in the first place.

Me and my spouse have had this problem with Cricket and we are SICK of it! Cricket also assesses other fees for paying at a store or kiosks (3.00 convenience fee + 3.00 service fee). These fees are fraudulent to customers since they are well hidden and charged when most vulnerable to subscribers.

Speaking of that customer service is HORRIBLE as well.

  • Sd
    s.duerson Apr 24, 2009

    I totally agree i got hit with that 15.00 charge as well after i tried to change my phone # on a flashed phone with Cricket i had to buy a used cricket phone and they charged me 15.00 reconnect fee and i done it myself at home, This company is rediculous

    I Agree,
    Scott Duerson

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  • Is
    Isac Orahim Oct 22, 2009

    $ 15 reconnect fee sounds very good compared to what they charged me, $ 28.59 to reconnect my wireless Internet!
    Several calls to customer service gave no answers or solution of any kind. All I got back from customer service was insults to my intelligence and added aggravation.
    Long story short, and my advice to all of you people out there:
    Stay the hell away from anything that says 'cricket' on it!

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  • Il
    IlianaZulisMOM Sep 20, 2013

    My complaint is not towards sales services. Is a personal issue the Child support Enforcement issue a garnish letter for a Tucson AZ Cricket employee & they haven't done any of the following to deduct from this Father check Arturo Durazo if this won't progress I won't have no other choice but go through courts again & this time with cricket on it for not complying Az state order by the court. By the way I love my service.

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disconnect due to misleading info at *611

Well I contacted cricket customer service at *611 in feb. 09 to confirm a payment on my account and was told...

unreliable coverage maps

Don't use a company that can't stand behind their product by refunding customers that want to try them out!
Their coverage map showed our home in the middle of an excellent reception zone. That's what I used as my criterion for trying them. In reality we have zero bars. I had a hard time finding anyone who could talk about refunding any money. The store referred to Cricket themselves while Cricket referred me back to the store. Eventually I found someone on the phone who took the complaint but I didn't hear anything from them. When I called back, they told me it was denied.
BTW, I already received a new bill although I deactivated my service a mere 20' after activating it! I wish they were that fast with service.

bad phone service lost singles had 2 buy 2 extra phones because of poor products rude support tech&s

i have three now my 2 teen-agers needed phones which i bought, less than 1 month i had 2 buy another1 45.00...

the run around and poor service

I am tired of being on phone trying to get my money. They shut you off if you dont pay on time, But I can sit here and wait for the money owed to me. That is not rite. Everytime I called I got the run around. First it was I had to wait 45 days of uninterupted service. Done that no check. Called again now they were proccessing it. Later still no check. Called again, now they say I need to wait 10-12 weeks... I have never heard of waiting that long for anything. Now my bill is due again...Should I pay it or tell them where to put their service!!! It isnt all that anyways. I loose connection after a while on it. Lost connection for some time and sat on hold for over an hour. When they finnaly answered they said they are out nationwide. Well am I gonna get credited for that time...I dont think so. I just called again looking for my check and they still tell me I have to wait 10-12 weeks. Why dont they tell you this stuff when you buy it. I dont think its rite. I am now calling my local new Call 4 action to look into this. DONT BUY CRICKET.

  • Re
    Red Blood Nov 04, 2009

    Cricket has run a scam every month for many years. The dealers are powerless to change anything, the company stores are equally useless. The Cricket phone scam runs unabated to this day.
    The company stores have armed security guards inside. Why? Because of the cash they take in? No, absolutely not. The guards are in the stores because enraged customers have created a threatening climate in the stores. The Cricket scam is bilking millions of dollars from trusting customers every year, the company generates so many angry people the armed security is needed to protect the employees and more importantly, Cricket property in those stores. The company is a criminal organization, pure and simple.
    The thief in charge is Stewart (Stewie) Douglas (Duggie) Hutcheson; he owns a nice home at 855 San Antonio Place in San Diego, CA Zip code 92106-3020. He needs to hear from more of his victims. The company phone is useless, the 611 Cricket phone-bot is also a series of dead end loops. They have made the last scam on us. We are dedicating the rest of our lives to crush Cricket and prosecute its leaders. Fraud, lies, theft and delay are the company's everyday practices.

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super low speed & evil service

Cricket wireless claims to have fast wireless internet, terrible service, a dial up service is even faster...

rebate never came

I purchased this wireless phone and modem at the same time some 6 to 7 months ago. Paid a total of $300.61...


This company promises rebates for over priced products, then hires a third party to handle the rebates, and I think they get all the money that they rip off unjustly from cricket customers. I had a $50 mail in rebate for a broadband modem. I followed the extensive instructions (cut and paste etc., etc.) I sent it off to El Paso Texas with two more weeks on the rebate, only to recieve a letter that stated I activated outside of the valid dates for the offer! SCAM!! When I tried to call the number to the cricket rebate office [protected], all I found was a maze of recordings, never leading to anyone live to discuss the scam with. This company takes atvantage of the poor and working class. In these times, that is just a shame. Steer clear of Cricket. They lie and decieve!!

  • Ag
    aggravated Apr 17, 2009

    i sent my rebate in 2 months ago and havent received anything back yet.this sucks.

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  • Ma
    maria archer Jun 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i sent my rebate in 2 and 1/2 months ago and have not received it from my broadband.ive been a customer for 5 years iam seriously thinking about ending my service, because iam not being treated like a valued customer. sincerely pissed off maria archer in buffalo new york

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  • Sv
    svetoslava Sep 17, 2009

    to all you guys that have the same issue as i do, does it do anything when you complain online? can we just make a fanclub to sue those mother efers?

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customer service and payment

I have a complaint about the cell phone company, Cricket. This is a list of many complaints and issues I have had.

When my first payment was due on my service I tried to pay online but I could not. I contacted the company who said they would put a $3 waver on my account so I may pay in a Cricket store. The stores charge a $3 processing fee. I entered the store and went to pay bill however, they tried to charge the $3 dollar charge anyways. The man I talked to told me that there was no waver on my account and told me that it was my responsibility to figure out the problem not his. I asked him if he could call anyone to figure out what happened and he refused to do so and told me he would not waist 3 hours talking to a representative of Cricket to help me out. I raised my voice, about how I was unsatisfied with this out come and he proceeded to call the company. As I was waiting I spoke to an Asian male who I was curious about his nationality, because he looks like many of my family members.  He told me he was Korean and I told him I was as well and told him my sister was from Korea. He said, " I love Asian women, especially the YOUNG ONES." That made me uncomfortable.  The Korean male went back to play video games on his laptop, which was making lots of sound and I could not hear the other salesman over the gun fire. The man then told me that there was a $3 waver but I would not receive it till a few days after the transaction was rung out. I was a bit weary but I proceeded to ring the transaction out despite that. I was interputed by the Asian male who asked for the other associate to come over and check out this girl on his laptop who had big breasts and was wearing a glow in the dark bikini and how he would like to do something to her in a rave bar.There was a $3 waver fee but the customer service was less then satisfactory with the Cricket store located on 52nd St in Kenosha, WI..

My next issue comes with an insurance plan I payed for my phone. I was accepted for the replacement and was told that there would be no charge on the replacement, over the phone. I walked into a different Cricket store located on 22nd ave in Kenosha, WI. Where I listened to two associates argue about how one or the other passed gas and how it smelt like, faseis. The asked me if I could smell it and I told them I did. I told them I would like to pick up my replacement phone. He asked me for my number and began to fill out the paper work. He did so however, when he finished with my phone he told me that there was an $80 deductible along with a $5 proccessing fee. I argueed because I was told that I would not be charged. The worker said, "Not my problem bro." I asked to speak to the Cricket representive on the phone, which they began to tell me that it wouldn't do anything because everyone knows theres a $80 deductiable and no one would tell me it would cost me nothing. I spoke to the rep. and was told that there was nothing they could do because they were billing and I was given several numbers and was trasfered many times. Each time being refused to be helped. I finally gave up and told them I would pick it up another time. They said I had to pay for it because he rung it out already and it was under my name. I did not have money at the time and told them that. The worker called the Cricket Company and they could not reverse the trasaction. They said just come back when I had the money because they could not sell it to anyone. I said that was fine. He told me he would have the phone behind the counter for me and that when I wanted to pick it up it would be here.As I was talking to the worker another worker was talking to a customer on the phone and asked what her last name was. He said he just wanted to know if he knew her. And said goodbye. He then looked back at me and another customer and said, " Doesn't matter, she sounded ugly anyways." I was taken back at this but took it astride.

I came back a few weeks later to pick up my phone, and was told that he could not find a phone and that the person I talked to was not in and that he was a Representive for the Company. I kept asking for him to look for it but he just moved a few papers and said nope cant find it. I asked for him to look in the back and he did but came back after not even 15 seconds. He did not want to help me and told me to come back tommorow. I told him I could not because of my work schedule and asked if he could call the person up and asked if he was on call. He said he was and that he could not get his number at all. He said I could call the company and complain if i wanted but they wouldnt do anything. I called and they said they would give me a $3 credit on my account for the inconvience.

I came back the next day to pick up my phone and he activated my phone and began to ring out the transaction. He said that it would be $88. I asked what happened to the $85 I was told before. He told me it was $85 plus a $3 proccessing fee. I desided not to argue and just wanted to get my phone. I handed him my credit card and he told me it would be another $3 for using a credit card. I told him I was done getting screwed over and walked out. I called the Cricket company and told them I wanted to cancel my account and wanted the charges for the service to be cancelled. They said that they could not and that they had already cut my bill in half for not having a phone to use the service. I argueed and said that it is not fair that I would have to pay for a bill when I could not use the phone for a month. The rep. told me that she was sorry and she could do nothing but cancell my service.She then cancelled my service.

Also on there website they advertise a $70 online price drop on the phone I purchased online from them. On there basic page it shows the $70 drop but if you have an account and are logged in then you look on the website it shows a $20 drop. Which I got that they originally advertised on the website which I belived was the best deal.

extra charge for bill on time

Cricket is charging the undersigned with a $3 charge for paying my phone bill on time. I pay my bill at the cricket store where I bought 2 phones.
They don't mail you a bill. They don't even provide you with an invoice upon paying cash at the store.
When I question this their answer was; " if you want an invoice, we will charge you .55 cnts for doing so".
So they just hand you a receipt.
On the other hand, I am charged $3 for paying my bill on time.

"this is nothing but a ripoff". I thought this company was better than the other wireless crooks!

So I will be filing my complaint with the texas utilities commission.

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    anothernutcase Mar 23, 2009 ###!
    They do the same thing here in Vegas. $3.00 for paying cash, what a rip-off! $35.00 a month sounds good, but it (actually) costs...$42.04 out the door.
    From: Another aggravated customer!

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poor customer service and rude treatment

i am writing because i would like someone from your corporate office to call me in regards to the way your...

service, using wrong information

Bought phone 2 months ago. Paid nearly 200.00 bucks. Rep activated my phone under someone elses information. Rep at store said to call cricket, cricket said we had to drive to our nearest corporate store which by the way is 30 miles away to have the information corrected. We drove to the uvalde store and was told it was fixed. 1 hour later we called our house phone (My wife and I that is) caller id was still registering under someone elses name. So for the heck of it I tried to register my phone on the my acounts page on when we typed in our number and had password texted to cell, I logged in. Every peice of info is incorrect, not remotely close to correct. Sad thing is, I gave the rep my drivers lic. And everything is incorrect. My name is mark, but caller id say's i'm cody??? My address digits are 501, cricket has 907?? I prepaid 20.00 for flexbuckett, doesn't show. We were wanting to add my wife a phone to my account, but this put cricket into perspective. They have awful customer service. Guess cody... Sorry dude, but I have no intentions of paying your bill man!!!

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    BrianaS Jul 30, 2010

    The only reason i can think of for someone putting the wrong info on your account is they may have had other people buying a phone. when your account is set up and we put in the address and hit submit it will spit it out if that address doesnt exist. perhaps you were gave someone elses phone. the caller id issue happens alot. its because several people dont pay their bill and their number gets used again. in most cases that will clear up in 3 weeks. never go to a cricket store that deals with boost and t-mobil they are not authorized dealears.

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no rebate check, like advertised

I have been trying to contact cricket to get my $50, 00 rebate check, the phone# thats on my invoice has been disconnected, I have found another phone# on the back of the invoice and called it, it's all recordings that does not help me in any way, so I called that number back and pushed 1 for new service, then I could finally talk to a person, and explained my situation, all they could do is give me a number that has been disconnected or the same number that is a recording that does not help me, I went to the cricket store, and that person could not help me at all, all she could do is give me the same number that I have already called, I asked the person at the cricket store if she could disconnect my service, and she can't even do that, people that were waiting in line told me to just leave the store, because they had to wait too long, as i'm getting ready to leave, she told me, just don't pay your bill, I see that i'm not the only person that's having problems with cricket,

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    casa grande Mar 05, 2009

    Do not connect a magic jack 2 your pc using cricket broadband the reception is terrible.

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    Tony Funches Apr 08, 2009

    Please copy / Paste this all over the internet, numbers can be powerful persuaders ...

    Somewhere along the road to Free Market Capitalism, Schmucks-In-Suits decided to insulate themselves from the public/consumers they rip off. The solution to that is simply print out & fax, snail mail MOUNTAINS of individual complaints directly to the offices of the parent company, as well as including the "copy correspondence" caveat @ the bottom of said page showing that YOUR Legislator is receiving the same notification. This will cause the Unholy Pair of them to sit up & take notice that The Barbarians Are indeed At The Gate ...

    Leap Wireless (wholly owns Cricket)
    10307 Pacific Center Court
    San Diego, California 92121
    Tel: 858-882-6000
    Fax: 858-882-6010

    Delightful Mischief

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    Slider Jun 03, 2009

    I ordered the usb broadband. I got it and they charged me saletax on full amount of $180 when i only paid $50 for usb and $25 for activation. I should have paid sales tax on $75 (50+25) They told me they will not fix that. I should wait till I get the usb modem and then call. I called and they told me that they can not adjust that. I have to go to local corporate store. I will go there to see what they say. This Cricket Company really really sucks. All they want is your money. I had phone with them and disconnected that as well. Now even before I try their broadband i am facing problems. After reading NO REBATE CHECK from CRICKET from many people. I am not sure what to do. They give you first month free to try but activation is what you stuck with $25. Why no other company would do that. Cincinnati Bell will refund every penny you pay them if you bring the phone back and would not say anything if you used upto 30 minutes of time as well. The Cricket seems like a third world company. They need to do business outside of USA. Texas based companies are rude another example is Tiger Direct .com.

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    rHONDA MESSINA Oct 13, 2009


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    decryptionz101 Dec 05, 2009

    Cricket company are scam artist and liars.
    I waited my 45 days after sending in my rebate and then waited 30 more days for them to send it.
    After not receiving it I called and they said it was sent back, so I called my local post office and they stated they never received it.
    I called cricket and they said they would resend it.
    I have been waiting another 30 days and they have not sent anything.
    That is 45 days plus 2 months and nothing.
    I am not paying my bill because they owe me money, I will just go with another service provider.
    Cricket company can go screw themselves.

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    shaiguy May 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well after reading all this stuff im not gonna hold my breath on getting that freakin 50.00 rebate check freaking cricket .now im [censor] outta luck with my house cell phone wireless and [censor] luck thanks alot cricket youy [censor]in [censor]s

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    studymywords Aug 21, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Well I see that these were posted awhile ago but you wont be surprised to know that Cricket is still up to these antics. I just checked my rebate status on a broadband modem and they claim I bout it out of the deal range. Their website has current and past offers and it clearly states that i purchased my modem and sent off the rebate info well within the range. This complaint will be sent to the BBB. Such a rip off. Why would the associate even tell me about the rebate unsolicited and give me all the forms if it wasnt a valid offer? Because it was! Recently went in to pay my bill and once they have you as a customer, the service quality drop dramitically!

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