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Credit Karma reviews & complaints

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Credit Karma - Credit Karma Money spend account

A week ago CK he gets in my debit card because I reported a charge I didn't recognize then after doing that I found out that my external bank was no longer at this so I began to try to link another bank I had the micro deposit sent I received it back within the same day and before I could put it in the system someone went on there and deactivated/locked my account I have been sending countless emails and telephone calls trying to get my account unlocked so I can attach another external account and have access to my money I have gotten the runaround no one has responded other than the generic response that I get that it's being escalated and that it's going to sit be taken care of no one can seem to give me any answers or help me and at this point it's becoming ridiculous no one is following through everyone is putting it off on someone else and I just need access to my account this is probably the worst customer service/company I have ever encountered in my entire life no one follows through with anything! I have attached only a couple of screenshots of some of the messages that we've had showing how many times I've done what they've said I've needed to have on their uploading documents everything on my end and no one can help me

Desired outcome: Access to my money!

Credit Karma - Drastic drop in numbers!

Credit karma says using 10% or less of your credit card usage is best... I paid my credit cards down to 2% usage and the credit score dropped 53 points!!! 53 points!!! My credit is perfect...836 and credit karma dropped my score 53 points for paying down my cc.

Credit karma flucuates their numbers drastically!!!

This needs to stop


Sep 25, 2015

Credit Karma - Credit Score

My scores Transunion score Credit Karma is 567 and on Life Lock my Transunion score is 660. Which one is it? I gave them both a chance to explain and got no where and unless I want to pay for my score which it should be free then I am stuck with this. Then I applied for credit card which I guess is wrong and was told I do not have enough credit history because instead of going with Transunion this company went with Experian. I think if you cant give me the right score you have no business trying to give me a score.

Aug 21, 2015

Credit Karma - Wrong Information

I retrieved my credit scores on Credit Karma site before getting a car and they indicated scores of 670 - 690. When the auto dealership did the credit check, they got 550 - 580. This is SIGNIFICANTLY different and the information supposedly came from the exact same sources.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Credit Karma - Not reliable source for a credit score.

Their score is average at best, mine was actually 20 points higher with TransUnion. Also, their reported info will drop off then reappear months later. Example; I sold a house in May, in June it had dropped off my report, in August it has since reappeared. I questioned them on it through an email form on their site and they had no response and tried to direct my question towards another category of loans (just dumb).
Take their info with a grain of salt as it is not wholly accurate.

Credit Karma - Hidden charges

This service claimed to be free of charge and promised to deliver high quality credit report for me. But instead of that all they've did was charging me credit card. There was no information about any kind of fees during signing up so I can only consider this situation as scam. All my attempts to get in touch with them failed because they don't pick up the phones and don't answer emails. Avoid this service!

Aug 20, 2015

Never applied to Pay pal and would like hard inquiry removed from credit report.


I have used Credit Karma for years. I have never ever needed to use a credit card. Yes, they would like you to apply for another credit card, but that's on you . Its is totally optional.

Credit Karma is FREE. I have used them for a while to get my credit score. They do offer additional services for a fee, which is clearly stated in their terms of service. To get your credit score, you do not need anything but an email address.

The simple fact that you went to the next level and were required to enter your credit card number shows that you had to know that you were signing up for something beyond the free service.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Credit Karma - withdrawal

they took money out of my checking account without my knowledge and i want it back asap. if something says free then it should be free not scamed out of you. I am very pissed off and i want my money back NOW!!!

On my bank statement there is a transcaction not authorized and would like the money returned thank you

why is it i had money taken out of my account without my knowledge, This is not right for it said free credit report, that means not cost to me and i get slamed with a withdrawal from my checking account, Please put it back into my account asap.