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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Jan 25, 2019

Ho di recente scoperto che vi siete indebitamente impossessati di 300€ dalla mia carta Postepay nell'arco temporale di tre mesi. Poiché non ho mai avuto a che fare con la vostra società e non vi ho mai autorizzato al prelievo del mio denaro, sto provvedendo immediatamente a sporgere denuncia...

Quick Credit Score / Callcredit Consumer / taken14.95 without my knowledge


you have taken the money £14.95 from my account without my permission please give my money back and don't do this here after. and / cash taken from account


I have had money taken from my account by this company called quick credit, but they have taken 2 lots of £19.95 from my account. They also linked me to another website called, who have also taken 2 lots of £19.95 from my account. Can I reclaim this money?... / removal of money from my bank a/c


i have had 8 payments of £14.95 taken from my bank a/c since march 2011 by quickcreditscores, of p.o. box 587, edgeware, middx, ha8 4dx. i have never contacted this company. or used their dubious services, and they havent contacted me, contrary to what they claim here: ...

quick credit score /credit score matters / unauthorised taking of monies


I have just noticed that I have been getting monies taken from my bank account for the last 5 months from 2 companies. QUICK CREDIT SCORE has been taking £14:95 each month and CREDIT SCORE MATTERS have been taking £19:95 each month without my knowledge. I have today been...

Quick Credit Score / email I sent, await reply


If I do not receive a full refund I will forward this email to Watchdog, Trading Standards, The Police and any media outlet who is willing to print or run the story. I will be willing to go to the media and appeal for everybody else who has fallen victim to this SCAM to come forward and...

Quickcreditscore.c / quickdebitscam


Just like " mostunhappy" and many others, I also had unauthorised monthly debits from my account, £19.95. However, after some research I managed to telephone the company and spoke to Jermaine, and, after some intense discussion and he taking some internal advice, he agreed to refund...

Quick Credit Score / money taken from my account without permission


Supposedly they give a free credit score, but without my permission they have taken 2 amounts of £14.95 from my account for 2 months in a row.

Quick Credits / illegal debit's off my credit card


For the last few month's i have had £14.95 debited from my Credit Card from QUICKCREDITS. I did a 30 day free trial for Credit Expert but that has since been cancelled. Could someone tell me who QUICKCREDITS are, how to stop the debit's and get my money back.

Quick Credit Score / money taken


[protected] quick credit score £19.95 this is written on my bank statement these people have just helped themselves without my permission.i, m not happy and am going to cause a riot about it, anyone care to join me? [protected]

Quick Credit Score / taking money with out permission


i have recently noticed that £14.95 has been taking out of my back account, i signed up for a free credit score and did not have any notification that they were going to start taking money from my account. think that they are a bunch of bloody piss takers and i have read from many...

Quick Credit Score / charged for service without permission


Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing as I have seen a payment taken yesterday as detailed below by yourselves for a service I never received as I never received any confirmation as promised, so I assumed nothing was set up (my internet was messing about at the time too), so I am confused as to how a... / fraud


I had a pop up saying free credit report, i pressed yes then realised what id done, and never went back on it, i recieved no email no credit check nothink, then checked my bank and theyd been taking £14.95 each month from my account without permission, i was so shocked, surley they cant do...

quickcredit / takiing money from account with my concert

the company quick credit score have started taking money from my jointaccount from lloyds bank in the name of mr and mrs Adejumo for the past three months for nothing I cannot contact the company or phone them to stop it as its rediculus i want them to stop it if not I will take them to... / taking £14.95 from my account


I checked my account and noticed that £14.95 had been debited from my account by Quick Credit Score.UK and I have not even used their service to check my credit score. I want mt money back. It is a scam.

Quick Credit Report / money taken out of my account


I have only browsed the website to find that quick credit score, have taken £29.90 out of my account without my permission or me signing any thing to say they can. Can anyone give me any advice how to get my money back I have been on there web site telling them its illegal and not to...

Quick Credit Score / cancellation of membership


I have tried to cancel my membership but I have had no reponse fron quickcreditscore I have emailed them twice and tried phoning them, but they are still taking 14.95 from my account each month. 19.95 has also been taken from my account from a company called, did not...

Quick Credit Score / misleading advertising


Misleading free service - quick credit score - high credit score - I used this firm as they are associated with call credit which are meant to be a reputable company, however couldn't access my credit report until I signed the terms - I assumed the terms would be the same as experian and...

Quickcreditscore.c / charged without knowing


Went to this website and it has come up as charged with no reason? All I did was look at your site, didnt get any answers or anything and the first thing I know about any of this was when I had to check my available funds at te bank there was £14.95 missing and credited to...

Reward Snow & Quick Credit / last 2 months both companies deducted £19.95 fro my a/c do not know and never requested such payment


During the past two months both reward snow and quick credit have deducted £19.95 from my bank a/c. From this I have received benifits I am a pensioner and can not afford to give money away. I expect a full refund for all the amounts that I have had stolen from my account George bromley [protected]

Quick Credit Score / taking money without consent


I was stung for 19:95 by quick credit score on the 7th of april, I did not give them permission to take any money out of my account as I thought it was a free service (thats what they told me). On the same day phoned the company on [protected] to cancel, the smug woman on the phone said to...

Quick Credit Score / money taken out of account


Hi I have just discovered that quck credit score have taken one payment of £19.95 out of my account after letting me sign up for a 'free credit report!' Also I have a similar ammount of £19.95 taken from ed payments? (I have no idea what this company is) I am guessing that it is a...

Quick Credit Score / money withdrawn without permission


I signed up for a free credit check and now find that £19.95 has been deducted from my account. How do I get this back

Quick Credit Score.C / amount debited to my bank account


I applied for a "free"credit report, but was horrified to see that I was charged some £19

Quick Credit Score / con


Who the hell do they think they are I cancelled this after idiotically signing up and within the required time scale They and their sister company have still been taking £19.95 each from my account I have spoken to the bank about this and was told to write to them to have the...

Quick Credit Check / stealing


I have like many others I have read about in the last hour been ripped off by this what is said to be a free credit check!!! I didn't even complete my application as I thought they were asking far too many questions and still 19.95 was taken from my account!!! I have rang them up and they...

Quick Credit Score / cancelation


Once again a complaint about this companies practise of taken money from accounts after cancelation. I have never recieved anything from this company in regard to my credit report even so they continued to taken 19.95 per month since I cancelled it in august. I eventually got through on...

Quickcreditscore.c / taking money out of my account without my permission, by advertizing something for free, nowing finewell it isnt.


Absolute disgrace, taking money out of my account, without my permission, by advertizing free credit scores.

quickcredits / taking money


I have had money taken fron my account for the last 8 months. I signed up for the free trial for my credit score. But when I went to cancel my account could no longer find the site to log-in. Now for 8 months I have been charged £14.95 for something I don't need. I want my money back. / illegally taking money from credit account


I downloaded my bt credit card statement and found that a company calling themselves had taken £19.95 from my account. I have had no dealing with this company and received no e-mails. it is straightforward theft.. I am also very puzzled as to how they could...

quick credit / taking money from my account


I have tried to check my free credit score from this companies website before few months and since then they are keep taking amount of £14.95 from my account every month I tried to send them email to stop this but every time the message bounced back. I tried to contact the number... / 19.95 unauthirised charge


When I accessed my account, I noticed that 19.95 pounds have disappeared. the statement said that widthawed money from my account without my authorisation. god knows what this company offers besides robbing of money. I have a feeling that this company is the same which robs of the same amount of money of 19.95 pounds. / illegal withdrawal of 19.95 from my account


I first contacted on 05/06/09 seeking access to my credit rating. After repeated emails supplying me with various access codes I was unable to get on line to read my credit rating. I was last contacted by this company on 08/06/09, until today 22/08/09 when I received... / unauthorised charges on credit card.


This company cons people into taking out "subscriptions" to their service.Subscriptions are treated differently to purchases.Their address is a P.O.Box on the web site but is realy Adaptive Affinity, Cavendish House, 369 Burt Oak Broardway, Edgeware Middlesex.HA8 5AW. They have afiliates in the USA. See "Whois" ip and reg info.

quickcreditscore / result!!!


Flag this messageFW: Cancel membership of 64465626Tuesday, 14 July, 2009 2:15 PM From: "Contact Quickcreditscore" <[protected]>View contact detailsTo: [protected] Dear Kevin, A full refund £ 14.95 has been processed on your behalf. Please allow 7-10...

Quick Credit Score / charges


im very not happy i wenr onto this website for a FREE credit score and now for the last 2 months they have taken 24.95 out of my account. i never gave them permission to do so. what can i do to stop this? email [protected] / fraud scam


This company initiall charged me £29.95 without my knowing and as soon as I found out I cancelled my membership and also called my credit card company. The credit card company contacted them and confirmed my cancellation but the following two months another £29.95 twice wa... / charges


I did a free credit scoring ? A few days later they went in to my bank and took out £27.63. I didn't give them permission to do that. . . What can i do about it ?

Credit Quick - 7701 South Blvd Clt, NC 28273 / lemon law


On 6/18/07 i went to credit quick at 7701 south blvd to buy a vehicle and i test drove it and i told the sales men that the car was pulling he told me to take it to any mechanic and have him to look at it so i did the next day and found out that it needed tires rear and front brakes and...