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ScoreSense is a provider of credit reporting, identity protection, and neighborhood safety products. ScoreSense offers multiple products that aim to help consumers achieve or maintain good credit, protect their identity, and alert them of dangers in their neighborhood. ScoreSense is committed to their consumers.

Complaints & Reviews using my credit card without approval — I have been charged 29.95 twice for services I didn't authorize.

My account has been charged for the past 2 months for 29.95 each time for a credit report that I did not authorize. I am on a fixed income and do not want this service. What can I do to stop this? I was asked if I wanted a "free" credit report but did not expect to be charged every month. This is not what was advertised. I cannot afford this charge every month. Please help me to stop these charges.

ScoreSenseCredit Monitoring

NOW I GET 50 SPAM emails daily
Checking in on Mortgage Rates and was directed to this site to check credit score.
That was my 1st Mistake

Immediately contacted them to cancel
They billed me anyways

In the meantime I began getting dozens of Spam and Junk emails

Had to call a 2nd time to cancel - they just kept trying to sell me
I kept asking about Spam emails - she didn't answer the question just kept moving on her script to sell me

ScoreSense — Score monitoring?

My father passed away December 30, 2019. I am now getting around to checking his online expenditures for recurring costs of which I was unaware and need to call and cancel. I...

Scoresense.comcredit report website

I didn't realize my free trial was up yesterday until my wife called and told me $29.95 was debited from our checking account. When I tried to call them to cancel and ask for a refund all I got was a informercial and after that was told the number I had called had been changed to [protected]. When I called that number there was a recording saying all circuits are busy try again later. I feel even if I had tried calling yesterday to cancel I would not have been able to get through to someone. Both my wife and myself are disabled can't really afford to lose $29.95. Had I known canceling my free membership would be so difficult I would have never signed up for the the free 7 day trial!

  • Vi
    Village62 Feb 13, 2020

    I want my account closed immediately !!!

    you are unauthorized as of now to take any money from my visa account !!!

    my wife and i are both disabled and cannot afford to have $29.95 taken out of our account.

    David lord

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Scoresense.comunauthorized debit from my bank acct

I don't know what's going on but I did NOT authorize or even sign up for your "service" I'm on Disability income and can not afford this membership or whatever it's called. I gave had 2 other incidences in the past week that raised a red flag for me. So please stop taking money out and can i PLEASE get a refund for the money you DID take out? Because of this charge my bank acct is overdrawn
My number [protected]
Please contact me ASAP
Thank you in advance
Laura Collay

Scoresense.comI want a refund for last month and this month$29.95

Like I said they charged my account last month and this month the same amount $29.95!!! I've never had no contact with the company never even heard of the company before I don't know how they got my information to bill me! I would like a refund!!! I see on the internet where the company has also had a lot of other complaints about the same thing, and the same amount of money being taken out of some other people's account!!! Some people has even said more was taken out of their account, and they don't know how they got their information either!!! It's the same exact thing over and over again, this needs to stop!!! Something needs to be done!!!

ScoreSense — unauthorized bank debits

I have the same complaint against ScoreSense for unauthorized bank debits. Due to the number of requests posted on this website alone perhaps the best format is a class action...

Scoresense.comcredit monitoring

I Called to cancel a credit monitoring service that i may have signed up. They bill for a 30 day period and charged my credit card yesterday. you would assume that as i had just paid for a 30 day period, i would continue to have access for the next 30 day period... NOPE, service cancelled today - they pocket my monthly fee and i get nothing. Not professional and should be against the law.

Scoresense.comcancel trial now!

My name is Corissa Bosacki.
Conveniently these folks never answer the phone and trying to cancel online is a nightmare.
I keep trying to cancel my trial membership but it's not working.
I want y'all to cancel my trial membership NOW, or I will go to the Better Business Burea and report your SCAM.
I want my trial account cancelled today!!

Corissa Bosacki

Scoresense.comkeep taking my money & not cancelling

Keep charging me since 2016 keep overdrafting my account and NO resolution
$39.95 a month for 3 years!!!
I am furious and they do NOTHING to rectify it. Return ALL of my money!!!

I am not interested in your scripted reply of: please call absolutely not just refund my money!
Called again today and got more promises that it will be cancelled once i said i was goung to seek legal help!
They owe me at least $1438.20 not including overdraft fees of $35 almost every single time!
Membership ID [protected]

Scoresencescam! unauthorized withdrawals from my account

All the people writing a complaint about this company need to go to BBB, and shut this company down! I am! It's a sneaky scam, and it needs to stop! They are a foreign country and have no qualms about ripping you off! Squash them! I did not know I was signing up for a monthly fee, as it is in small print. Bait and switch! I have spent hours on the phone with them, and they refuse to refund monies take out of my account properly unauthorized! PLEASE, EVERYONE GET ON BOARD WITH THE BBB. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THEIR SCAMMING OPERATIONS! — credit score

281862 Provide updated credit score and keep identity safe from being stolen I had my identity stolen and they were advertising on the internet on Experian's website actually and I... charged my credit card $29.95 twice.

I got a pop-up ad that I thought was sponsored by my bank, Wells Fargo, and would charge $1 for my credit score, which I authorized. I didn't realize I had signed up for a monthly charge of $29.95 (I would not have knowingly authorized that). I noticed on 7/22 that my Wells Fargo Credit Card had been charged $29.95 and called Scoresense immediately. And when I talked to the representative, I found out that the same $29.95 charge occurred on 6/21/2019. I told them I had not authorized this charge; didn't want their credit score report; that I didn't need it, my credit score is the highest score possible. I didn't need it, didn't want it, and requested a refund. Today, I received an email saying my refund request was denied... What gives.. This is a scam, and misleads other bank customers like me, who have long trusted their bank. That pop-up ad appeared to me to have been a benefit for WFB customers. Not so. Now, since I have been denied a refund, I am going back to Wells Fargo to dispute the charges. And go to the FTC if I have to. — credit report/ score

281862 I signed up to check my credit for $1.00 and I have been getting $29.95 for a year now, even after I explained and asked them to stop taking money from my account. I have been... — removing money from my account when I have told them to stop.

I have asked that this company STOP taking money out of my account and they have not do so to date. With them taking money that I do not know about has cause me to be overdrawn...

Scoresense.comscammer season

SCORESENSE.COM is the true definition of scammers! I recently inquired about a 1$ credit score. the company charged my card 19.95 for a fee shortly after submitting the 1$. To me this company is nothing short of a SCAM! I am currently on the phone with and the representative is giving me the run around. I kept asking that he cancel whatever subscription enrolled me in and he keeps insisting on placing me on hold to contact billing for a refund.

ScoreSenseunauthorized charges on my checking account

I just discovered unauthorized charges from my personal checking account, each one for a total of $39.99 from March 2019 to July 2019 (five payments total):
3-19: 39.99
4-19: 39.99
5-19: 39.99
6-19: 39.99
7-19: 39.99. Total unauthorized charges equal $195.95. I did not authorize this service, have never accessed it, have no use for it, and cannot afford it with two children in college.
I want these charges reversed and I want to know how they obtained permission to draft my account without my knowledge or permission. I want my funds refunded. I never want to deal with this company again.

Scoresense.comunauthorized charge

I had an unauthorized charge of $39.95 taken out of my bank account. I did not sign up for a membership, I think i did a one time credit score check. I did not sign up for a membership and did not know that anything would be taken out after that time. I would like my 39.95 put back into my account and take me off of your scoresense membership!
Thank you,
Pat Schweke — withdrawing money from my account without my permission after I had canceled my service

281862 For two months I have canceled my service and they continue to pull $29.95 out of my account I have made a complaint with the company and I have asked them to refund me my money...

Scoresense.comtheir practice of taking money.

Credit scores is free and I used this co because it was free also. Charged $1.00 refundable. after you fill out all your information and agree but at very bottom in little words you catch the high price monthly fee. I went off immediately and sent them a text to cancel it because it is clearly a bait and switch. The money was taken out of my bank account. Why would anyone pay this monthly when it is free with others. They won't quit as you can see. Best thing to do is change your banking account so they can't take anymore out. This should be looked into because they are not being truthful and getting around this by being sneaky. Please do not use this co you will be sorry. — money taken out of my acct without my permission

I noticed today that I have a charge on my card from OTL* Score Sensed for the amount of 29.95 on April 6th 2019 I would like to know what this is for and Why I'm being charged...


I had 39.95 taken out of my account. No one told me about this i had to find out when I only had 4 dollars left to my name. I want a full refund or I'm getting the authorities involved. This company is not right. I don't usually complain about things but when it is taking money away from my kids and Mr family them I will stand up for it. They should not get away with how they run their business. — unauthorized charges

Everyday I keep getting a notification on my phone about "transaction of 39.99 declined." How do I dispute these and how do I get them to stop charging my card?? This is a card...

Scoresense.com3b credit scores

I had did a profile fir the free 3B credit score with scorescense and a week kater got an email notification that $39.95 had been deducted from my account. I had cancelled with them once I saw they wsnted to charge me but evidently they still charged my account. I never accessed their website or the scorescense account not one time and I complained to them about it asking for my money back and several emails and they finally replied saying I asked once the account had been charged of course I did because I had no recollection that it was being charged after I had cancelled the account after creating the profile. It is ashame that these people get to scam citizens out of money over and over again and have no penalties to suffer each time they get away with it. I want my damm money back #SCOREDONTMAKESINCE and to add to the fire they canceled my account two days after taking my money so they had my money for a whole month and I had no access to the account after notification to them I was not satisfied with them taking my money and I had cancelled in the first place. How do they get away with that one there. — score sense is a scam and withdraws money from your account without permission

Signed up for the initial $1 trial, but figured out quickly that this service is a scam. I never authorized additional withdrawals after seeing that the information I received wa...

Scoresense.comscoresense credit reports

On December 17 between 2:00 and 2:15 I pulled up my online accounts with Bank of America (BOA) in order to pay bills.

1. Immediately, a screen that indicated it was from BOA, popped up saying account data had been compromised; they didn't know the extent of the data breach, but they advised people to check their banking data and to track their credit scores often.

2. A site that said it was connected to the three credit scoring companies on appeared on the screen. I clicked and was immediately asked for information: Full name, DOB, address etc. The site called SCORESENSE said that for $1.00 I could use the site for 7 days to get my credit scores and after that for a fee of thirty something dollars I could get a year's membership. Another screen asked for my credit card information.
I called SCORESENSE and asked if I could cancel my connection to SCORESENSE if I called on or before December 23/24. They said yes. I gave them my credit card information.
Then a screen asking for my social security number came up; I thought the request was probably legitimate because I thought they needed it to find my credit scores. I typed in my SS#.
(At some point between 2. and 3. a survey which I thought was BOA appeared. I participated in the survey and was given a choice of picking a gift. I chose a flashlight and immediately was asked for my credit card info to cover shipping - $10.99.

3. Some message said my scores were available and I thought I was going to appear immediately. Instead another site appeared asking for my credit card info and my social security number. I was starting to get confused but thought that maybe I hadn't read all the info on the screens completely and that each credit scoring company needed a $1.00 and credit card info.

4. I was expecting a third request for the same info (from the third company), but instead a survey came up - which I thought was from BOA. The survey asked multiple choice questions and the choices always included an answer that pertained to me exactly. The only one I remember right now is in what state did I apply for my social security card (Alabama). Some time around this point I eventually got my credit scores.)

5. Then for participating in the survey a screen came up saying there was a possibility of my having a choice of one of three gifts: an expensive face cream (no name was given), an Iphone or $1000.00 gift card to Walmart. I clicked on an OK, and a screen saying only one (maybe two) choices were available. I do remember the Walmart gift card was not included.
I clicked on the Iphone, and when I tried to pay the shipping with my credit card, a message appeared saying it was declined. I think (am not completely sure) they said I could use another credit card.
At this point a message from BOA a charge had been declined. The decline was connected to a thirty something dollar charge. Eventually BOA asked me to click on the recent charges which I disputed; I only clicked on the $39.99 charged, but now I think all of the charges on the 17th are bogus.

The first $1.00 charge from Scoresense
The $10.xx for shipping the flashlight
The second $1.00 charge don't know the site but it was different from Scoresense.
The $39.99 charge - the last charge on Dec. 17.

My biggest worry now is my Social Security being out there with some unscrupulous people. — unauthorized payment

281862 I woke up this morning, December 14, 2018 at 3a EST to find an unauthorized transaction amount of $39.95 deducted from my PayPal account from OTL* I have never...

Scoresense.comunauthorized payment taken out of my checking account

I signed up for what claimed to be a completely free credit report, but found in my bank statement that $39.95 was deducted from my account on 11/22/2018. I did not consent to this and want my money refunded immediately. I have read other people's complaints and now understand that I am not the only person that has been affected by this unprofessional and illegal act.

  • Ja
    Jacquelyn Compton Dec 03, 2018

    I was offered free report why was my account changed 39.95 without my authorization?

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Scoresense.comwithdrawing money out of my bank account

I did not authorize OTL ScoreSense to take out
$39.95 from my checking account. This is a scam. They were doing business under the name ScoreSense now they are doing business under OTL SCORESENSE
Checking your credit score should not come with a price tag on any website not even the 3-credit bureau you own your credit score & you should be able to access it as you want — charges on credit card

Reference No. VT1823922260000100001620 This is the number showing on my SCFederal Credit Union statement that I received today. It was for a deduction of $29.95 on August 26...

Scoresense.comrefund that I did not sign up for

ID #: [protected]

On September 13, I paid $1 to get a FICO score on line. The money was taken from my account the same day but I couldn't access my score. The very same day, within minutes, I contacted customer service and she saw where the $1 was taken out and helped me to access the score on my phone. She never said anything about a membership or being charged $29.95 and when I called Customer Service on 9/21/18 she claimed that I was told on 9/13/18. I was not told and how would she even know something like that? She doesn't know the conversation I had. I noticed a few days later that $29.95 was pending from my account. I never authorized this payment and I never joined a membership. I called customer service and they returned my $1. That is not the refund I requested. I asked for my $29.95 back. They claim I can't get a refund because I requested it after my billing date. What billing date? They didn't bill me anything - my money was taken from my account without my consent. This has to be fraudulent and unlawful. I want my full refund of $29.95 returned to my account as soon as possible.

Allison Kidd
5345 Camelot Drive
Apt A
Fairfield, OH 45014
ID #: [protected]

ScoreSense — complaint

I told score sense to take my payment out on the 19th of August, but they waited until the 10th of September and it made my checking account to go into the negative. I am very... — unauthorized credit card charges

I just saw this company, unknown to me took $39.95 out of my bank account on Aug 16 2018. I do not know what they are claiming it was for. I do not have a account with them. I...

Scoresense.comfree credit report

On Tuesday July 3, I went to a website to apply for a mortgage and the final step was to get my credit scores from "ScoreSense". Paid my dollar and received my scores. Now today July 7, I went to my checking account and saw that they withdrew $39.95!! I was supposed to have a 7-day trial for my dollar, which would be up on 7-9-2018. I WANT THThank YouE MEMBERSHIP CANCELLED AND MY MONEY RETURNED TO MY ACCOUNT N!O!W!

ScoreSenseunauthorized fee of $39.95 for one "free credit score"

Simply put this company charged my checking account $39.95 for a supposedly free credit score. I'm not having this crap. I closed my checking account and re-opened at another bank. This [censored] is a scam and the last $39.95 they get from me!! I did not authorize these idiots to charge my account $39.95, especially for 6 damn months!! They are not the first company to do this to people. They are sneaky hustlers when all people want is a free credit score. Let people know up front what the deal is instead of being low-down, dirty scoundrels charging fees that have not been authorized by the customers!!

Scoresense.comgetting ripped off

You took out 39.95 on 4/10/2018. I called to cancel this service on 4/12/2018. I paid for a month of service and you wont let me view my scores. How can you justify not letting me use the service for the month. I am a disabled veteran living on ssdi and I feel this is a rip off. Thanks for stealing my money. Rip off

  • Ca
    Carrie00813 May 13, 2018

    There is indeed a criminal situation going on with scoresense. They have been charging my account $39.99 since November 2017 without my permission or signing up. I have no idea where they got my information. I called customer service and politely explained that 1) I never ordered this service and to cancel immediately and 2) recredit my account for all charges from day 1. I just received an email saying that a refund was not approved for any amount.

    How can an organization get away with this? Who do I contact to complain and report these illegal practices to? My bank cannot reverse the charges due to my ‘enrolling’ for auto pay which I did not! I am reading here that this is being done widely.

    What recourse do we have here? It is clearly against the law.

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Scoresense.comcharging me 29.95 for something I cancelled

talk with a man yesterday and told him I had not given anyone permission to take 29.95 out of my bank account. I cancel this order before in Feb and had not applied for it now. I told him that this was fraud and I wanted my money back. He told me he cancelled it and my money would be put back in my account in 1 to 2 days. I live on a fixed income and that amount would buy one of my medicines . thank you for taking care of this in advance

Scoresense.coma one time request for credit score

I requested for a one time request of my credit score and I noticed my credit card was billed for $29.95 monthly for the last six month. I made an attempt to stop the monthly charges with no avail so if this is an option please help me in cancelling the monthly charges and if I get a credit for the last six month I surely appreciated..

Following info provided to assist in cancellation of said amount charge to my credit card: Scoresense Com [protected] TX 0 [protected] 05968 Card 1987

Thank you.

Manuel B Amaba

Scoresense.comcredit monitoring

Over 3 months ago, I was told that in order to continue with an application I would have to purchase my credit reports from ScoreSense for 1$. It didn't say anything about that being a trial or even mention a monthly subscription. Then today I'm charged 39.99 that was not authorized. When calling to dispute the charge and cancel the apparent subscription, I was not given a direct answer regarding a refund and after asking multiple times; my account was still not canceled. First time I've ever been involved with this company and it was an absolute nightmare. Would recommend anybody looking into similar services go elsewhere.

Scoresense.comcredit score service

I signed up for the "free" credit score on the scoresense .com website after finding it from a link on "consumer warrior" Clark Howard's website. I had already pulled all three credit reports and just needed an accurate FICO score before applying for a mortgage. I expected the $1.00 "confirmation charge" to confirm the validity of the card. According to their website this charge will be reversed and I could "Cancel at any time" before the 7 day trial period ended to prevent further membership charges. First the product is bogus! They aren't telling you that the score you receive isn't the one Mortgage companies and bnaks will use for your mortgage. In my case the score they provided was off by more than 100 points! This is a greater than 20% error rate considering the scale is only from 300 to 850 to begin with. This product is basically useless! Once I found out that the FICO they provided was useless I called them (the day after I signed up) and canceled. Not only did they not refund the $1.00 charge, they charged the $29.95 fee after I had called to cancel. I called them back and was given the runaround about the charges by two different operators. I have called my bank and initiated a fraud chargeback against them. I always knew that the CRAs (credit reporting agencies) were a bunch of gangsters with a license to steal but this is ridiculous! So let me see if I get this collect information about me without my permission, can't secure it from cybercriminals, sell it to companies which make determinations on whether or not to do business with me, then when I try to determine what you are telling other business about me you CHARGE ME for a bunch of lies!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! What a ripoff! There should be a law against this...wonder which politician they paid off to create this racket?

  • Sa
    Sarah jassey Feb 20, 2018

    Hello, my name is sarah, i feel like i'm obligated to this guy who helped fix my crashing credit, i have really had multiple bad experience with credit repair companies and experts online.i opened up to a colleague about my poor credit report and how i have been ripped off my money severally by credit repair companies and experts online.He gave me his personal hacker's contact.The guy actually fixed my report in just 5 days.He's a credit specialist, he cleaned up all the negative information on my report and pulled my score to 786.His service charge is substantial and he his reliable and proficient in delivery.Contact him today via his email ([email protected]) and be glad you did.

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