Cracker Barrelpoor customer service

T Nov 24, 2017

On November 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Day. My family and I went to Cracker Barrel for our dinner. Our waiter whom was wearing the apron with the name Richard on it was very rude, nasty and unpleasant. If it wasn't Thanksgiving and I hadn't already waited 2hours I would have left. The table next to us had been seated after us was greeted by a waiter and I ask where was our waiter. That waiter said someone will be with us. After awhile a waiter was passing by and I stopped him and he decided to take our order which he was the waiter but was passing by without acknowledging me and my family. He then took our order. My 91 year old mother ask for bread and after a long time of waiting for bread we asked Richard again can we get some bread. He said "I cant" my daughter said is it not ready and he replied "I cant". He then said I have people in front of you I cant. I asked for the manager the manager never came. I went to speak with the manager he said he would send us some bread. A while later Richard came out with bread and took it to the people behind us and we asked where was our bread. He responded back sarcastically "I was told not to serve this table anymore" he was merely being funny because he knew we wanted bread. I have never to my knowledge been discriminated against before in my life but I feel that, that is what happen to me yesterday at the Linthicum Heights MD 21090 Cracker Barrel restaurant. If possible I would like gift cards to visit a different Cracker Barrel for my family of 6 that was mistreated yesterday.

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