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This is now the fifth company I have listed my timeshare with and been scammed. I know, why did I do it again. I was contacted on 5/20/08 by a man named Frank Johnson who told me he had a overseas buyer for my Bonnet Creek timeshare that was generated from test offer ad that had been placed in Nov 2007 by a Jason Rivera. The offer was for $52, 360. They told me I needed to pay them a fee to actually get me into their system so the sale could go through. I asked tons of questions about the buyer, I wanted proof that there really was a sale in progress. I asked to speak with Franks supervisor and I got Richard Burton who again assured me that everything was ggod to go. I refused to verify the first time with Maria Rayes and thats when I got the call from the "manager" Brian Cole who once again assured me and convinced me to give them my money for the "for sure" sale. They said it would take 2-4 weeks and that the money I was paying them would cover the closing costs and the broker fee. I would not have any more out of pocket costs. I have been calling every 2 weeks since May and for a while I could get ahold of one of these people. Then they referred me to a Dave Falzone who said they had title work completed and that they were just waiting for the buyer to send paperwork. He said I should call back in 2 weeks if I didn't receive the paperwork. I started calling back on Monday [protected] and would get a receptionist that would transfer me to an operator. I called 2 times every day since and would get the same answer - They are not in yet, they have gone home for the day(mind you this was at 11a.m. in the morning, they would have someone call me.
Up until this week I still had faith (like an idiot) that the sale would really go through. I know I just wanted and needed it to go through. Today [protected] is when I actually got on line and started to read the familiar stories. I want these people stopped!!!
I want my money back!!!


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    charles snyder Jan 30, 2009

    they called me saying that they had a buyer for my timeshare in orlando, fl. they kept bumping the price up untill i could not say no.they ask me to fax them a sales type agreement and my credit card number for closing costs. they were to send me a cashiers check for 30, 000. after two weeks and a couple of phone calls i could no longer reach anybody but the secretary. i fould a 1, 500 charge on my card and they claimed that it was for advertiseing. unless you have money too throw away, stay away from them.

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  • La
    lance bachelder Jan 30, 2009

    Charles..Keep fighting this SCAM company. You are not the first and will not be the last. Keep writing every complaint site and get the word out so everyone knows about this scam they have going. I still get calls thanking me about my warnings about this company. I have to keep getting back here more often to warn people. I feel bad you got scammed I wish you came across my warnings before the scammed you. Good luck with your fight. Lance Bachelder...[protected]

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