Bank of Americachecking account scam

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Beware old customer or new customer:
Bank of america is doing what is called a research fee which charges you 20.00 an hour. I just opened an account with boa which should not be there name they do not represent america. Anyways I put in my payroll check which is from a huge and well known company. I took out half my check than 3 days later I got a decline on my atm card without any warning. My account was closed out by boa risk department and a hold was put on my check for 2-15 business days. After calling the risk department and sales associates hanging up on me I finally got information from the branch that stated my company check was being researched for fraud and that is why they closed my account out here is the part that they scam you by... They charged my account 60.00 for that research and will not refund me!! Beware they can research your account anytime they want and can close you out anytime they want. Do not sign the signature card that is for the personal schedule of fees that has that research fee.


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    regina Apr 26, 2009

    Their risk department are a bunch of fraudsters that need to be jailed. They open accounts for scam artists and close accounts of honest people who had an honest problem with another bank. Another bank typically makes a mistake and refuses to issue apology letter and the customer becomes guilty of everything. Lets all complain against their risk department that they close accounts due to discrimination and their own arbitrary discretion. Lets all write a letter to the supervisory body and sign it!

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    ou pap 6 Aug 06, 2009

    take the money to my accountwithout my autorization for protection account

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    realp21 Jan 15, 2010

    BEWARE OF BANK OF AMERICA!!! We have had a similar experience. We have banked with them for over 17 years (personal savings, checking, business, credit card, payroll service, etc). My 17 year old son opened his first checking and regular savings account (he had had a custodial savings account), in person at the branch with his drivers license, passport and social security card. In 2 1/2 weeks his account balance was placed on hold ($326.62) resulting in 2 insufficient fund notices by e-mail and then snail mail (no charges - the fee was "waived"), closed with out notice, charged 40 research fee, accused of fraud. When his balance was placed on hold for unexplained reasons (no one at the bank could tell us what was going on - said just wait until tomorrow) he canceled his debit card as we had no idea what was going on, next day account is back to normal and no explanation. Took a week to get new debit card (which he ordered in person so he could have his picture on the card), he attempted to deposit his paycheck with no success. Went online and discovered his accounts had been closed, referred to Risk Identification who told us the account was closed due to "verification issues." We were charged 40.00 research fee. After about 10 phone calls, requesting specifics of the "verification issues" given we have a print out from the day we opened the account that shows all the info was correct, they have denied our request to have the research fee refunded or to clarify what the verification issue was. He is "allowed" to open another account - which we were told was really a privilege not often granted. I have never spoken to such rude people, who have repeatedly lied (one rep accused my son and I of check kiting and transferred us to the fraud department who had no idea what we were talking about, have told me they would tell my son - but not me as it was his account even though I am on the account - the reason it was closed - but when I have him call back 15 minutes later they give him the same vague "account verification." Every time I have requested to talk with a supervisor I am told it will be 35-40 minutes or that there is no supervisor available. The branch has given us back our money and have been very nice - but we are in the process of closing all our accounts and have opened accounts at community bank.

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    Belkys Machado Jan 26, 2011

    I'M on Social Security living on hearly noting & after huracan katrina i got stuck in Miam, Fl. so i thought i can trust Bank of America old culter & now i can't even get a bank account dose anyone know what can i do about it? I do still have my proof just don't have or can affor a lawer.and i think i'll just leveit in god hands i'm sure he know what 2 do with them they mite be rich in this worid but not in the next one but, i'm aways rich at heart thanks 2 the good lord.

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    regina Jan 31, 2011

    People cardservice/first data/ humdoldt/umpqua bank is all one fraudulent scam company. It is run by criminals. They have stolen my identity and placed my name on match list. I have filed complaints with police, banks and banking commission. There is very little effect. How does our US government allow or tolerate first data/cardservice/humboldt bank/ umpqua is a mistery to me. First Data/Umpqua bank is a dishonest criminal and corrupt company. It needs to remove anyone who it placed on the match list( in order to extort money from small businesses) and provide a confirmation letter along with a huge compensation as a result of these damages. They then should not be able to be bought or sold and allowed to open up under some xyz name. They should be permanently shut. Their operating licence should be permanently confiscated. They should pay 10 times compensation to anyone who they brought even slight damage by these fraudulent practices. The lawyers that defend crooks such as First Data/ Cardservice/Umpqua bank should have their licences revoked and prohibited from practicing law.

    Anyone who agrees with this plan and wants to sign petitions, please email to [email protected]

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    Russell Bebout Jun 24, 2011

    Our renter and us have accounts at the same B 0f A. 6/1/11 $1K was transferred from renter acct. to our acct. 6/2 wife went to the bank, they confirmed funds and that they were cleared and that she could withdraw. She explained in detail what happened the month prior. We are presently evicting the renter. The month prior 5/2 B of A took the $1K out of our acct. She writes a check for $950. Dated 6/6 we get a notice that they again withdrew the funds back out of our acct. and that we owe them $1K. They confirmed that the electronic transfer does not take place unless the funds are in the acct. coming out of. Our renter has a B of A retired Marines deposit each month going in, about $3, 200. B of A says that our renter had more fund transfers out of his account after funds were put in our acct. They admit that it was a bank error, but since they filed a claim already on our acct. that they cannot go back on the renter. Today I spoke with their customer service at 800 346-7693, 800 622-8731. People I spoke with are Gene Brown, Richelle Zonvarzs and Alena Burcham just getting a runaround from one person to the next saying that they cannot do anything for us. Our option is to go to the bank tomorrow, replace the funds, or B of A turns it over to a collection agency and there goes our credit. B of A admits it was a bank error allowing other funds to go out of renter acct. and then coming back on us for the funds. As I told them IF you had put an extra $100k in my acct., caught it a month later you most certainly would have come after me. They refuse to go after the renter acct. when his next $3K plus goes in on 7/1.

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    Pat Kitchen Jul 18, 2011

    I am on SSDI. Ever since I started collecting it seemed to me that money kept "disappearing" and couldn't figure it out. By disappearing I mean a few hundred dollars a month. They have contiuningly assured me that money cannot be taken out without a record of it (which I have disputed, but until recently found it can come out with no record). I checked my account on line 1 week ago. I had $479 in the bank (this was at 1 am ) at 9am I had $122. I called BOA and was told that even though all money had been posted it had not been callulated??? Now all of a sudden I am getting $35 NSF fee everyday and more $35 daily fees for low balance? BTW-I have not written any checks or used ATM for 2 weeks.

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    Black2Bizzy Jan 22, 2015

    I ran into the same problem they closed my accout with out talking to me and put a hold on my direct deposit money from my job

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    lost in New England Jun 25, 2015

    I put two stop payments on electronic funds transfer in the middle of June, 2015. My wife had a short week in her pay and we spoke to the creditors and they understood. We would eat the $60.00 in stop payment fees as it was far less than NSF fees we would have got.
    I looked at the account and noted one of the stop payments was in "processing" like the bank was going to pay it. I called customer service and I was told, don't worry that "processing" is only the first step and overnight the bill would not go through due to stop payment. The following morning we have a negative balance. I call and asked why. It was the the amount of the stop payment $119.42 was not the amount that came in from the creditor. It was 114.29. I can clearly see where the banking service rep. made the error in transposing numbers. There was also a stop payment for 112.94. It looked like rather than confirming the correct amount with me, she guessed. This cost $60.00 on top of the other stop payment of $100.00 which the bank did not do also. So here I was overdrawn, with NSF fees, $90.00 in stop payment fees. None of my stop payments went trough. BOA, for now, has reversed all fees and did ate the $114.29 as it was paid.
    My wife and I stayed the course with BOA through fraud in March, 2015. I live in MA and someone from Colorado Springs, CO wrote a check against my checking account. The name signed on the check is not a authorized user of my checking account so how is it that BOA allowed the check to be cashed? We thought that we did not turn the into the FTC or the Banking Commission that when this issue came up, they would take care of it. I am waiting for 45 days when all the fees and payments are reversed and throws our account negative. Lord knows a multi-billion dollar corp. like BOA will be affected by $300.00

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    truth is mine Jun 03, 2016

    please explain how they have messed up your account.

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    adrianlaw74 Jun 03, 2016

    Jan 2013 my account information got compromised and a customer service rep closed my account and did not reopen my account correctly. . Since then my new account was not put back like my original account. I have fought with reps over the phone to fix my account. Every time notes are not annotated correctly from the previous rep. I have been charged for a lot of things that I never got charged for. I am an army veteran suffering from PTSD and headaches, so I am constantly in and out of hospitals. I have been banking with BOA since 1992. I would like someone from higher management to contact me ASAP to resolve this issue, or I will file a formal complaint... Adrian Lawrence 404-740-5915

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    Trying the right way Nov 03, 2018

    Okay so i notice all these complaints against bank of America, i to recently submitted a complaint which was quickly resolved. I started thinking seeing all these complaints. They can't keep up with the crooks. They try but probably keep getting pushed back. Honestly, i think the people doing the thinking on prevention of fruad are missing the most important thing. You got to be able to think like a crook. Not take learned knowledge from reports or books but really think like one. When you have this many comments about the same thing someone needs to talk to the person in charge of this department. For what it is worth, Bank of America is trying to do the right thing but needs to find people who know when its the right time to do it. I would love to help with this problem but unfortunately my background keeps me from jobs like that. So people dont get discouraged by the banks actions im sure someone will help you if you do what i did, file a complaint on their website and they will help you resolve your case. If they helped me trust me they will help you.

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    Patrick Abbott Sep 20, 2019

    This is amazing, I have been a BoA member for 30 years back to the days of bank of the West, and a week ago opened up my 7th small business account. This was a new account and since I had a large deposit, I was rushed into the bank manager's office and given the grand two hour tour of benefits. I paid over $400 in extra protection fees, fancy checks, extra overflow accounts, etc. In the past two days I had received alerts on my phone for small (very small) monthly industry association fees that had been returned. I also had a $45, 000+ vendor check returned back to one of my vendors, and actually called them to aggressively share my displeasure. After two days of trying to reach the right person, I learned that without notice, and with a heavy positive balance, the fraud risk department had shut down my account and declined all activity, meaning the vendor check was returned BY MY BANK, and without ANY notice to me. I have been trying for days to understand what in the world has happened after a 30+ year history and all I keep hearing is that I will receive a letter in 10-14 business days, and a check of the balance, less any associated fees (what fees?). So while my business needs interaction ans cash to run, I am completely on hold until I receive this LETTER and an apparent paper check. Are you kidding me?

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