Costco Wholesale Corporationsimply (litter) purrfect cat litter

I have purchased this cat litter from Costco for a decade and LOVED the clean mild lemon grass scent. My cats loved it too. As a pet sitter and involved in cat rescue, the right cat litter is very important. I ALWAYS recommended this cat litter to new adopters and clients. But...then I noticed a few months ago when I refilled the cat box, I could not smell the lemon grass, and even worse, it was extremely dusty. My cats and I both liked the sutle lemon grass mild scent as its not overpowering, but just smells fresh. But it gets worse, when I tried to scoop out the pee it would barely clump and all broke apart. What the heck? Thought maybe I somehow I got a bad batch, and was looking forward to buying more of the regular good stuff. Wrong! Ever since then, EVERY SINGLE JUG is super dusty and the lemon grass scent is gone! I think most cat owners are willing to pay a little more if the cost to produce the original stuff increased. You cant put a price on a dust free, clean smelling home. PLEASE go back to the original formula. Until then, I will never ever it use it again, and will definitely not recommend to anyone.

Sep 28, 2019

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