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Costco Wholesale — Verbal attack about having a service animal

February 4, 2018 As I entered the Costco on 300 W. 1818 S. in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah the employee at...

Costco WholesaleRotten rib of lamb

Unfortunately, I purchased a rib of lamb on 2/3 posted to sell by 2/21. The lamb was completely rotten and smelled up my kitchen. Called the store location I purchased the meat from and spoke with a store manager who was rather calm in nature. Rachel informed me that she would personally examine the meat and ensured a complete refund or an exchange. Drove 24 mins back to the store only to be confronted by 2 different "Merchandise Service" cashier's. I explained the situation and the "1" cashier eating ice cream informed me that her manager examined the meat and found nothing wrong. Followed by I need to walk in the meat department and purchase another one. How rude?!! In addition, the store manager never came to personally address the issue like she claimed. Such poor customer service. I happened to really like that location now I'm starting to reconsider.

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    Costco WholesaleReturn staffs

    I have been a normal customers for Costco for over 10 years. I have complaints about the staffs in return desk in 1 Yorktech Dr, Markham, ON L6G 1A6
    1. Not enough training - not meeting market standard,
    Return staffs have been expressing why you returned this attitudes or ask
    questions that would give pressure to customers returning products.
    2. Not effecient
    When comparing Richmond hill location at 35 John Birchall Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4S. Richmond hill staff are more responsive to the line up, they always go and scan returns before reaching the return desk. That is much better customer service, however, very likely i see that happen in the yorktech location.

    3. Building entrance logictics - very bad.
    At Yorkland, empty carts placement is next to exit instead of entrance, also unlike the Richmond Hill.

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      Costco Wholesale — Texas dallas plano costco

      This happen is on 2/2/2018 I want complain about coscto tire shop, the guy name is (Andrew Maloney ) this day...

      Costco WholesalePoor customer service

      I just visited and made a purchase at the Costco Business Center location store #564. My items were on the conveyor belt next to ring up the cashier takes my card provides no greeting or anything. Then she reaches some random man credit card standing off to the side card and walks away to grab a gigantic cart of items then start ringing up items on a reciept manually punching in items. Not once did she(Tita) communicate with me about her having to ring him up or pull him in front of us. As we stood there confused she was asking for help I called the supervisor for her with a red vest with the name Estabean. He holds his hand up in a hush manner to me and was very rude. He comes to our register the gentleman behind me ask him what's going on he start complaining he had 5 call offs and it been like this since yesterday. He never apologized and rudely complained that's it's SuperBowl Sunday. The issue of this complaint was for lack of communication from cashier and Supervisor, in addition too the Supervisor poor customer service. Even during extreme stressful times or under pressure an employee working at a Supervisor level show be able work under any conditions or staff shortage while still being friendly to each Member and definitely not hold his hand in the air. He could verbally tell me he will be able to assist:

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        Costco Wholesale — Service at the gas pumps

        There was a women standing at the petrol pumps with pink hair obviously helping people out. Or that was her...

        Costco WholesaleInternet

        We are members of costco in the US. My husband and I travel frequently since we are not tied down by jobs. I just wanted to check out cruises leaving from Los Angeles because a tour to China we had booked was cancelled after we had booked our flight from Mexico City and I would like to make use of the tickets. However, I can't enter the site when I had never had that problem before. I says I am not authorized to enter it. I would say that my authorizationis my costco card

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          Costco WholesaleSparks facility food court latte. Price increase first of jan. 2018

          We recently noticed that you doubled the price of your Latte from 1.50 to 3.00. Noticed that nothing else at the food court s price was raised. We do not order anything else at the food court due to their unhealthy effects, but the Latte was a great value and the family loved them. Many times we would stop in just to get a Latte and end up buying something else in the store. Hard to go in there and not get out without $50.00 - $100.00 worth of goods. Since you doubled your Latte price we no longer visit your facility as often as before. So the obvious question is, how much more are you making, profit wise, with this price increase? There is an old adage " stumbling over Dollars to save Dimes"

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            Costco Wholesale — Costco special order in home consultation

            I have left my personal information with representatives three times in store in hopes to get shutter...

            Costco WholesaleGot denied on a return

            I purchased 2 identical sleep science 8" mattresses back in June of 2017, one for me and one for my friend (we are on the same membership). We purchased them for our travel trailers, so they didn't get really much use... In fact he used his maybe 2 or 3 times and didn't like it because it bottomed out... He went to return it last Saturday, January 27th, at the Costco in East Wenatchee, wa. And the lady denied the return stating that they couldn't accept it as a return because it had a stain on it (really was a small mark that was dirty, but wouldn't call it a stain), and she was pretty rude about it... Almost like she was looking for any reason to not take it... I've been a Costco member for over 15 years, but my friend got so upset about how the lady treated us, that he threw away his Costco card and vows to never go back... We spend thousands there every year, but I'm afraid that this is my last...

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              • Jo
                John Bassler Mar 06, 2018
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                If there is a stain of any sort the vendor won't give Costco any credit for the item. Put some sheets on the bed next time

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              • Pa
                Patti Smythe Aug 04, 2020
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                We stopped going there unless we cannot get the item anywhere else. They are changing their return policy without actually changing it. They don't want anyone returning anything anymore. So be it. It's mostly all crap from C hi na . China must be putting pressure on them to stop taking returns.

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              Costco WholesaleCustomer service in the photo department was horrible on saturday jan 27 in el centro costco

              I arrived to Costco photo dept to pick up mu order at 330pm on Jan27 and experienced the very very worst customer service i have ever had a Costco. I habe been a customer over 25 years and never had i come across such a rude associate. I arrived gave my order number and first thing out of her mouth was i dont care about number whats your name. I gave my name and she said well whats in your order. I started by saying 2 canvas...as she walks away from me to go grab a box and doesn't allow me to finish what she had asked me. Then she scans box and i let her know i have a photo besides canvas and she states why didn't you tell me that before. I say excuse me, then she goes to photos and says whats the nAme again. I give her my name she grabd photo then comes to register and starts to scan order. I say please hold on can my father and i please see the canvass' cuz we just receieved a horrible order from Walgreens. She states well it doesnt matter if you don't like it because we get from a third party and you would have to pay then request a refund through 3rd party. I stated can we just see thme and she said she could open pkg. My dad then pulled out a pocket knife and opened pkt. He and i were pleased with canvas photos and i told her that and my poor dad starts to tell her what was wrong with our previous order and she cuts him off half sentence to give us our total. Totally rude. I was so upset i didnt want to shop after that but my dad needed items for house so i let him shop but i wasnt going to guve Costco another penny that day. Rude customer service makes you not want to return.

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                Costco Wholesale — Personal at lake elsinore, a

                I was at the Lake Elsinore, CA store checking out around 5:30pm this evening. I gave my Citibank Credit Card...

                Costco Wholesale — Merced costco employee - ali

                Yesterday was the second time this employee refused to help us. HER NAME IS ALI, at the Merced Costco. The...

                Costco WholesaleEnding cigarette sales to public in la area stores

                I was extremely upset to hear that you will be eliminating cigarette sales to public in the near future. That is the only reason I shop at your Burbank store. You also stopped carrying the Kirkland decaf coffee at that store so and have been raising prices on many items I pick up when I go in to buy my cigarettes and coffee. I question whether I will renew my membership. I may get used to shopping at other stores that carry the products I would otherwise buy at Costco. Why don't you sell cigarettes at certain "hub" stores, i.e. Burbank being a hub, one in south LA, one in south beach area, etc.? And don't reply, if you do, about my health. I am 70 and will do what I do at this stage of the game. I am also politically incorrect and proud of it.

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                  Costco WholesaleTires

                  Hello I am very upset about service in carolina puerto rico cosco. I bought 4 new tires & was treated very well during the sale after agent told me that I had a appointment I arrived days later & had to make a 35min line because there was only one costumer service agent I only had 2 customer before me. Agent was really nice but was multitasking constanly laking in a good customer service my appointment was at 5pm and they made me wait until closing time to tell me There was no time to have my tires instaled They did not give me additional options & i wasted 5 hours without any meal of my time for no service, even tho I paid 500$ in tires.i am very disappointed in the service & will never purshase tires in cosco again.

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                    Costco WholesaleFood service

                    Wheaten store location 1124 food consesstion on January 23 about 13:45 I was standing to pick up my order at the pickup area the cashier was servings the others for new order. Patiently I was waiting until someone come to the pick up area the lady was standing behind me called the cashier the intersting part is the cashier ignoring me and looked to the customers behind me I said " excuse me I was here before her. And second time I was ignored then the cashier handed the order for the others customer. The cashier I noticed deliberately she hide her name tag. I never have such bad experience in Costco. Finally she handed my order without looking me and asked me the receipt for my order usually the put some markup by scratching useing nails. an employee if she is not un happy serving others let her quit there are tons of people out of work who needs to work.
                    For your reference this the cashier
                    She's is tall Black African decent she was working at the terminal beside the pickup order

                    Food service

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                      I bought K-Guard shoes before Christmas at the Durham, NC, store. They were handsome and seemed ruggedly constructed. Today (1/22/2018) I looked at the soles and they are worn through, even though I alternated wearing them with three other pairs. No one should buy them! They are awful. The top of the shoes looks alright but the black sole is a thin covering that will disappear with almost no use. I am requesting a refund.

                      Mbr #[protected]


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                        Costco WholesaleFood court attendants/staff

                        Your Costco store in laurel mad has got to be the most incompetent Costco I have ever dealt with. The workers there are rude and behave like they don't want to work or give decent customer service. Costco needs corporate's help to get it back to its better reputation.
                        I have had memberships to all three big [censor]house stores out there;Sams, BJs, and of course Costco.
                        If I had to rate these store from best/luxury to worst/ghetto it would go like this for the most part
                        Costco =10/10
                        Sams =7/10

                        there is an exception to the rule here and that is with the store in laurel md
                        the last time I was there was over ten years ago returning something after a long debate of why I'm returning a item. he reluctantly refunded me with a merchandise credit my money.
                        Based on that negative experience which I have never had with Costco in
                        the past I have decided to never return to that Costco in Laurel MD ever again.

                        Fast fwd 10 years and we decided to stop into Costco to eat
                        and without going into detail of the incident my wife was treated at the food court like she was a foreign unwanted refugee.

                        Corporate headquarters needs to do something about this.
                        If I may suggest
                        have the CEO or someone who can actually make positive changes in the system/store go undercover as customer dressed and made up like a foreigner and see for themselves how bad it is in there.
                        Another suggestion would be to do the same as a undercover employee with hidden cameras on the person to get a real feel of what we as customers are having to tolerate on a daily basis.
                        I do not suggest undercover boss because anyone can or will behave in their best behavior when there is a camera looking a them so I don't recommend going that route.

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                          • Updated by jbesnrod · Jan 22, 2018

                            Chick filet has a very extensive training program that every employee is madated to complete and pass prior to starting work on the line serving customers and taking orders.Mimicking Chickfilet corporation's training program may be a good place for Costco headquarters to start with.

                          Costco WholesaleIncorrect size of copy of photo

                          Order # [protected] at the San Francisco Costco 450 10th street

                          on1/16/18 for 2 prints 4 x "6."

                          Order picked up on 1/19/18-when brought home and attempted to place in frame-they were found to be too small, they were measured and found to be 4 x "5". Photo Dept was called and said something about the machine not printing the right size.
                          My question was why didnt they correct it or tell me when I picked them up that they were NOT the size that was ordered.
                          I was told that they could not mail correct size prints.

                          NO CORRECT CATEGORY LISTED BELOW !!!

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                            Costco Wholesale — Bagels

                            I recently purchased some bagels from Costco on (1/10). About 4 days after the purchase, I noticed that the...