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Costco Wholesalebbq outside set. lack of warranty and product support

I bought this large item BBQ set from Costco needed three people to load in a truck and unload at my home and assemble. Once connected to gas and all done I found a door for the smoker compartment will not close the magnetic catch not working. There is a phone number given in the brochure for help I called that number and their help was they don't repair take back to the store. Costco said same bring back and get money back. Imagine finding three people and a truck again to carry this back to Costco. I wish they had replaced the door. Looks like I am going to be stuck with this defective product.

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    Apr 11, 2018

    Costco Wholesale — harry's shepards pie

    I usually do not make complaints about products...however this one was so bad I had to say something. If I...

    Costco Wholesalecarpet kiosk, shaw carpet in toledo store

    We are on the 3rd Shaw carpet install for steps and hall. Inspectors said first 2 were defective, but this last, 3rd install was different. Seam looks same as defective carpet did. Independent inspector said that seam not matching, then he had to add addendum to change it after a Shaw rep spoke to him. How is that honest, good customer satisfaction? So we send email asking that question and now you want to refund us and say can't fix it as we chose it and should have known it would be that way. Then send a Hush Agreement! How insulting, frustrating, and stressful. These buyers of Shaw carpets defend their purchases of defective carpet and won't give us CEO, or VP of kiosk sales contact info. I'v never had such a terrible purchasing experience!! My wife in her late 60s purchased carpet many times b4 and never had so many problems and such poor customer service. No appology, no justice. We just want to deal with the executive team so they can make this right, it's been a year with mistakes from the beginning to end of this purchasing experence! Your buyers in carpet have numerous pictures and emails from my wife. Bet our file is pretty thick! Jeff Wright, Adam, Lisa etc are carpet buyers, not customer service reps, you will see by their emails to her! Another inspector is looking at our Caress bedroom carpet tomorrow. Costco let us down, big time, wife is so stressed! Help! Mr. Lopes, Toledo Costco store

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      Apr 06, 2018

      Costco Wholesale — employee unethical behavior

      Elizabeth kairuz of Costco is a very unethical employee. I have no other option as other people sweep her...

      Costco Wholesaleroasted chicken

      I've purchased the roasted chicken a few times and have been very disappointed and grossed out when I'm taking the chicken apart to find that the inside is full of noticeably full of thick fat and not fully cooked on the inside. The first time it happened I let it go as I thought sometimes you just get a bad one but this is the third time and to be honest with you I didn't have time to take action but now that its happened one too many time I had to write in and let you know of my concern. I love the look of the chickens on the display counter and smell great and even took the time to watch one day the process of how they load them on the skewers and put in oven and even when they check the internal temperature of the chicken and they do look well roasted. Now i'm left to shop elsewhere for my chicken and ask where the chicken is from and what they are fed with. I love Costco and i'm sure you will take care of this matter.

      Store #523
      04/05/18 at 14:04
      Invoice number 42246

      Anna Mantha


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        Costco Wholesalecash back refund

        To whom it may concern,
        My name is Miguel Carcamo Mb#[protected]****, let me start by saying that I'm very disappointed at Costco for handling this master in such a way that It made me consider canceling my membership.
        I opened my membership as of 12/2016, finding out today per your automated voice greetings when calling your 1-800 number that customers would get their 2.5% cash back within 2 months prior to your renewal membership so in my case that would have been 10/2017...I'm still waiting on it. Been to the Los Feliz store in Los Angeles, CA 3 times since beginning of this year to request the refund, last time was on 3/28 on which I was told that was going to receive a gift card and an email to confirm such request, again still waiting on both items. Today, frustrated I decided to call, the person who answered heard my story and decided to put me on hold without even taking my name for 32 minutes, unbelievable! 32 minutes later Saby picked up the call, I told the story again but this time I did ask for a name first...(lesson learned) finally a person who at least said that they were sorry for the inconvenience. I asked to talk to a manager and told my story for the third time...Beto was the person at the other end listening my story. I wonder what kind of training Costco employees received, if any seriously! Again the only person who felt sorry for the whole situation was Saby, I wonder if they have a clear mind as to what customer service really means. Anyway, at the end of the day, nothing was resolved as now I have to wait again for another 3-6 weeks and hope that I get something in a near future by mail.
        Sincerely, MC

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          Costco Wholesalecustomer service

          I am not pleased with your fontana warehouse. They made me feel stupid and like I am wasting their time. I work 6 12 hour shift a week and I stop by there before heading to work. Well I didnt know my card expired 3 days ago. I asked if I can still get the 1 bag of dog food and I will be back friday to pay for the membership. Pls note I buy between 2 ro 4 bags a month along with other supplies this last year. I didnt have my cards with me and only had enough to pay for the dog food. I make it a habit to not bring money or cards to work. I have been robbed before. Anyways the teller made me feel like [censor]. And gave me an attitude and looked at me like I am trash and trying to steal. Geeze. Anyways I have decided to no longer do business with you. I also rescue dogs and will not refer the kirkland brand dog food anymore. I have never been so humiliated and been treated so poorly before.

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            Costco Warehouse North Raleigh, NCcredit card bonus cash

            I came to Costco Warehouse to spend my credit card bonus check which is about Costco ViSA creidt card and can only be used or cashed at Costco warehouses but They gave me another check instead as they do not carry enough cash. If I was going to be given another check why did I receive a check that can only be cashed at Costco warehouses in the first place?
            This is both wasteful of time/money and inconsiderate customer service. That seems to be Costco's new customer attidute.

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              • Updated by Ali Veli · Apr 01, 2018

                Costco is getting worse about customer experience everyday.

              Mar 30, 2018

              Costco Wholesale — angry mob with pitchforks demand the return of cabot sharp cheddar

              Fully recognizing that "Costco has discontinued my all time favorite cheddar" is the consummate first world...

              Costco/Citibankcredit card fraud

              I bought items from the internet (not Costco) using my Citibank-Costco card). I returned the items apparently not soon enough. They sent more and I returned them also, stating not to send more. I also called these 2 businesses. They stopped sending anything, however, continued charging my acct. and apparently sent my credit card info. to 2 other unscrupulous businesses (LLC's) who charged my card about 30 more times. I called Citibank to report these fraudulent charges and some were reversed and I changed my credit card number thinking the charges would stop. However, Citibank still allowed these crooks to continue charging. I called again and they sent me papers stating they believed the LLC's instead of me and allowed more charges!! The papers they submitted were completely bogus-the phone number they used was for the original company, which I called and they didn't even know what product these people were charging me for. I never ordered this product or know what it is, let alone received it. There are 11 charges made on the SAME day but posted over and over! I am still being charged even though I've complained to Citibank. Citibank is an unscrupulous bank (as indicated by the Jarrod Kushner debacle). I sure wish Costco had chosen a better bank!! I want these fraudulent charges taken off my credit card!! -Nancy Vallee

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                Costco Wholesalepizza

                On Tuesday March 27th at 5:10PM
                Mission Valley Costco Food Court San Diego

                I ordered a pizza and was told it could take up to 40 minutes. The crowd of about 8 people waiting for food came and went in about 10 minutes and new customers came. They received their pizzas while I was told that my window to pick up my pizza was at 5:40 and it would be ready then.

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                  Costco Wholesalepharmacy manager attitude

                  I understand everyone has a Job to do and with the HIPAA laws everybody has to be in compliance. I am not upset that I have to follow the rules. I am upset when an employee is rude and condescending. This is the second instance I have went into Costco pharmacy and this manager Tracy Walls has been so rude. There's no replacement for common decency and kindness to people.

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                    Mar 19, 2018

                    Costco Wholesale — citibank / costco credit card

                    I just canceled my Citibank Costco card. Citibank placed me on paperless billing without my knowledge. I am a...

                    Costco Wholesaleunorganized customer service for the tire center

                    On 3-17-18 I took my vehicle in to get new tires I have purchased for new Bridgestone tires from Costco I was there at 12:30 drop my car off at three and a half hours after they called me I picked up the vehicle took the vehicle home and had a flat passenger side rear tire so I called in the morning they said bring the vehicle in and they will take care of it. I had to put a spare tire on drove the vehicle to Costco had to wait two and a half hours because they didn't have the tire they had to go to a different location by the time I took my vehicle back it was almost 3 hours I bought the tire for 670 bucks I should have went to American Tires they have better customer service and within 2 hours they would have had my tires installed for the same price price match guaranteed.
                    After waiting for almost 3 hours only thing that Costco manager could offer me is 4 months off extension on my membership.
                    If it was some other location they would have at least $250 out for the inconvenience number one inconvenience was for me to change it to a spare spend my time putting on a spare number to inconvenience was me spending almost two and a half hours on a Sunday just to get to work done right. Is being a loyal member in a customer to Costco I don't think anyone should deserve a customer service like that that takes almost a whole day to get a tire without any discount on the tire . The way I see it Costco should have had charged me for three tires and gave me the 4th one free because it wasn't my fault because it was a defective Tire from Bridgestone Costco should have checked the tires first before they handed me the vehicle ..

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                      Mar 18, 2018

                      Costco Wholesale — esa law violation

                      1001 Metro Center Blvd Foster City, CA 94404 United States I came in at Costco on 3/18/18 at about 3:20PM and...

                      Mar 17, 2018

                      Costco Wholesale — bay home and window

                      Bay home and Window provided Terrible service. It took over a month to get the appointment. I got cancelled...

                      Mar 17, 2018

                      Costco Wholesale — tire center

                      Hi, I just want to do complaint. back in 2014 I bought a set of tires for 2005 Toyota Tacoma. Drove it...

                      Costco Wholesalepoor customer service from citi costco card

                      I discovered fraudulent charges on my card. It has taken days to try to get a new card and I get the complete run around with Citi. Different people give me different responses. They supposedly sent me a replacement card, but I never received it. Now I am trying hard to get a replacement for the replacement but they say it will not take at least 48 hrs to process.
                      Ridiculous. When I had this problem with American Express they were wonderful and I had a new card the next day.
                      Please reconsider your association with Citi.
                      I like having a costco credit card, but do not like having to deal with Citi
                      They do not live up to the standards of your company.
                      You should not be known for Horrible customer service

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                        Costco - 4000 River Point Parkway, Sheridan, CO 80110dubliner 100% natural cheese

                        Today 03/10/2018, I purchased from Costco Dubliner 100% Natural Cheese with an expiration date of 09/27/2018. Got home, opened the package and there was black mold everywhere! I have heard stories about fish and other products but I have never experienced it myself until today. Our health and our family's health in not important, as long as they are making money!
                        Client number [protected]

                        dubliner 100% natural cheese
                        dubliner 100% natural cheese

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                          Mar 10, 2018

                          Costco Wholesale — hearing aid department

                          Following Sent to Robert Armstrong, Costco New Orleans Dear Mr. Armstrong, I am a loyal Costco member and...