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I ordered a pizza inside the store, on Amaden Exp. San Jose, Ca. they told me it would be a twenty minute wait. I said ok, waited my 20, went to the pre pay line, they pointed me to the pizza pickup, had about 20 people a head of me, I figured it wouldn't be long and would go fast.. huh!! What a joke!! Waited and waited, poeple started to argue and almost fight. Nobody came out to even explain why we were waiting so long, or what the problem was!! 45 minutes later, after wait my 20, I recieved my pizza..and found out they ran out of pizza boxes! So that halted the pizza machine !! Once it got going, The kids! That work in the pizza line, were taking people that was just walking up to the window ahead of the line that had now about 50 people in line. The mem confront of me were starting to argue and wanted to fight. Still, no management, no employee came out to explain what the hell was [email protected] why?? This is my question??
I feel because of the lack of organization in the food court, or pizza orders and filling the orders
Put poeple in danger like me, a 61 year old that just wanted to get pizza!! And children there too. You guys need to organize that pizza ordering business!! Seperate pre orders, from phone orders, and in line orders!! The just Cant be treated the same!! The fact that NOBODY came out to explain, offer our money back if we didn't want to wait, offer to order anything else or nothing!! I complained to the manager in the store, and he even admitted he saw the line!!
I'm so upset over this, and I'm not going to give this up until I have an answer! I'm going to boycott the pizza ordering, And let my friends know also.. there is no need for this to happen!! Please, please organize the pizza ordering!!

Jun 15, 2019
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      Jun 16, 2019

    Good luck on your noble crusade. Lmao

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  •   Jun 16, 2019

    You saw twenty people ahead of you and figured it wouldn’t take long. Are you delusional?? It takes each customer a minute or two to pay for their order and get the receipt. It took slightly over two minutes for each customer ahead of you.

    They had a bad day. Business was brisk and not enough employees were there. They were overwhelmed and things were crazy.

    Now you’ll tell your little friends that they shouldn’t go there because Costco didn’t serve you pizza immediately. If your friends believe you and comply, perhaps you should organize a protest and boycott Costco’s pizza department for being too busy.

    “Once it got going. The kids! That work in the pizza line”. This sentence shows that you aren’t a 61-year-old Rhodes Scholar.

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