Costco Wholesale Corporationtire center

M Oct 06, 2019

We waited in line for over an hour on Friday to purchase and install tires. They were booked through Friday night and rescheduled our appointment for Sunday around noon. We had to wait in line another hour to speak with the attendant about our order. They had our order information confused with another person so we had to redo our order. They then couldn't find the tires we purchased which took another half hour. We were told it would take 90 minutes to install our tires we have now been wandering around Costco for 2 hours and will have to wait in line for another hour if we want to consult with someone about how much longer it will be. I understand that it is the busy season but I would appreciate more honesty. If it is going to take longer than 90 minutes let us know so that we can plan our day.

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