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S Sep 29, 2019

I ordered CasperKing Size Mattress from Costco Online.

Twice Costco shipped me the wrong size Casper King Mattress. First time 74x76, second time 76x78.
Specifications on Casper website for this mattress is
King, 76" W x 80" L x 12" H, Hybrid: 134 lbs, Foam: 104 lbs

Costco box also describes the King size as 76" W x 80" L x 12" H

I called Costco Online for the return process both the times.

First time Cost sent someone to pick up the mattress, which was rolled on our bed . Second time, when I got the wrong size, I called Costco Customer Service and the rep insists that we take it to UPS or if we want UPS to pick it up then we roll it and box it as UPS will not take it if it is not boxed.

The Costco Casper mattress is a boxed item, that is compressed using some technique to fit in the box, and is delivered in Vans.
How am I supposed to roll over 100 lbs 76x78x12 mattress, box it, and haul all by myself from my bedroom on level 2 to my door?

I want Costco to pick up the mattress from my bedroom, and refund my full amount for the mattress.

Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Costco Wholesale Corporation

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