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I am writing this in regards to a disgusting experience my wife has experienced at Costco, today 7/20/09...

manager, cashier, security. push cart

Today July 20, 2009. I enter Costco the worker was looking at me like I can't own Costco card because...

horrible customer service and treatment at tire department

I will no longer buy tires from the Costco Tire department. I have been a loyal customer of Costco for many...

costco worst customer service - chantilly, va

I bought a jug of 2% reduced milk from Manassas, VA. After I drove back home to Chantiily, VA I found out...

spout of new kirkland milk jug

My children had problems pouring milk from the gallon jugs when they were young, albeit they got the hang of it. We used to think this was cute as they learned. This new design that has been placed on our shelves, even an adult cannot pour with spilling milk everywhere. Kind of like a payback to the ones who laughed at the kids for pouring it all over themsleves. There is not one time that I have been able to pour without losing milk, so in my opinion the company saves money and it might be the Green way, however, in the long run the consumer is losing money by wasting milk everytime it is being poured. I believe this is a poor pour design, and I will call Costco and see how they plan on reimbursing me on the milk that is being wasted every time I use the product.

  • Ep
    epaaaaa Sep 04, 2009

    as life goes you need to adapt to new things. this is just one more thing you will have to adapt to. It's just a matter of learning how to poor the milk without spilling it

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  • Mg
    mgmom May 11, 2011

    I agree completely!!! I bought the new gallon yesterday and poured milk into my son's cereal bowl this morning. Milk flowed all down the sides of the container and then underneath all over my table. I tried a number of times, and created a mess each time. I poured a glass later, and found it was easier, simply by tilting the glass and not having to tilt the milk, but I should not have to do this!!! I will not be buying any more Costsco / Kirkland milk. What a joke!!!

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  • Ro
    Rob_F Mar 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The jug's continue to pour inconsistent at best. Even when they do pour well we're always wiping the drip running down the front off. I got mad enough I built a solution: www.squarejug.com With the cap/pour spout integrated it doesn't spill or drip anymore.

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My complaint is, I shopped in the Lantana/Florida Costco today. I wanted to buy the product, Alli starter pack. They only carry the refill pack. They have a coupon for the starter pack & the refill that was mailed to me. The reason I want the starter pack is it has all the important info and small packet for the daily dose that you can carry with you. Item #342063 & #531004 listed on the coupon.

  • Ba
    BArcher May 11, 2011

    This bothers me as well. They need to carry the Starter Pack because it is the only one that holds the information on usage. It also has a health guide, helpful information and a small "diary." To me, this is important. If someone goes out to buy the Alli Starter Pack, but all they see are the refills, they might end up just buying that and they could possibly use the drug wrong. That will lead to customer complaints and Costco could get into trouble with that later down the road.

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parking lot damage

Yesterday my car was AGAIN damaged by a shopping cart left in the parking lot at this Costco. Previously I called the manager when it happened and he said he could observe it on the video monitors and that they would work diligently on the problem. Here is what happens: I am a handicapped person and I park in handicapped spaces. (I have handicapped plates on my car.) People leaves their shopping carts in the spaces between handicapped parking spaces and in the center aisles of the handicapped areas. Some of these people are handicapped and some are not. Yesterday as I was returning to my car after shopping, I just happened to see a man push his empty cart at my car. There were two other empty carts nearby in a parking space. I called to him: "Sir, please return your cart." He turned away and I called out again "Sir, please don't leave your cart here. Abandoned carts damage cars...my car has been damaged before." He turned back and said "So What!" I again asked him to return the cart and he became very angry and made verbal threats and rude gestures. At that point, I got the other two carts and started to return them when he started his car...I thought he was going to back over me, but instead he drove ahead and sped away. As I pushed the carts back to the cart return space, the man circled the parking lot and again made rude gestures and stopped revving his motor. He sped away after a few seconds. (While I was asking the man to return his cart, two Costco employees went by with their ropes to gather up carts and didn't stop and didn't get the carts where I was.)
May I offer a suggestion? Could signage be installed in the handicapped area and marked on the carts asking customers to return carts to the store for the safety of other. (I'm a firm believer in positive signage: "Please return your cart. Handicapped persons need your help in keeping this area free of shopping carts."
I know I can't stop the person who deliberately damages cars with a cart or the person who is angry because handicapped persons have signed parking areas, but I believe some people don't even realize that they are causing a problem. (Ramps can't be deployed when there are carts in the space between spaces; handicapped persons may need extra space to enter/exit their vehicle; etc.)

customer disservice

After reading a number of complaints about Costco. I have changed my strategy. I will henceforth, show up at checkout with rolls of pennies, boycotting is not enough. When the employees, swallow the company take on how to behave, which is to misbehave, then the whole group needs to be reminded on how to behave. So the Managers and assistant managers are "too busy" to work with customers!!

  • Cm
    cmr Mar 07, 2009

    In your comment you stated that you have READ the complaints about Costco ... have you EXPERIENCED any mistreatment at Costco?

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  • Ne
    neophyte58 Mar 16, 2009

    Strange indeed. My Costco has exceptional service in every regard. Always pleasant and helpful, always ready to return or exchange if not happy, and the sample marketeers are great! They even let me return a stereo receiver I bought for my mother, without receipt, after at least two years, and gladly gave me the last sale price back in CASH! I only wanted a store credit! No problems here with Costco!!!

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irritating business model

Disservice to the customer: I have a number of beefs with Costco Wholesale. For years now I have gotten a type of bait and not switch from costco. Generally I find their own Kirkland Brand to be well priced and of good quality. On five occasions I basically got hooked on either a Kirkland Product or another mfg. product--hooked meaning it became a staple of or in my families' diet and then because of market conditions Costco has discontinued these products. OK business is business, so I called Costco, and explained that I drive 35 minutes each way to get to Costco and should they drop an item it would be nice to know in advance. No such luck was the response. Anyway to check online ahead of time to see what disappointment might await, ----- no luck the response. Are you interested in my complaint----- no not really is the response. Do you have some means for "members" (which should really be altered to privilege holders, we aren't members, members have some voice) to voice their likes, dislikes, desires, ---- answer----- no but thank you for wasting your time calling and giving me something to do for 3 minutes.
OK, with a deep breath and a big long extended o and extended k.
Last time at Costco: we have member cards via an arrangement we have with our employer. The gal with the task to get our yearly contribution forgot to get/solicit the contribution from me. I spend 65 minutes shopping and get up to the checkout: "your card expired this Tuesday" go to customer disservice. Where they told me I could pay $50 and buy my items. I retorted, I have had this card 7 years, there was a mix up and no $50 for you. Can I speak to a manager. The manager refused to allow me to check out by using someone elses card, even her card--go home, no food for you!! If I had been told, look guy I will get fired if I do that for you. I would have taken her response without doing much chewing of my own cud but just hearing no seemingly for the glee of it did not cut it.
There are probably 10 items, that I would really like to buy at Costco, for both price and quality but the "arrangement" is over, I can and am going elsewhere.

  • Do
    Dontlyetome Mar 01, 2009

    Posted: 2009-02-18 by MMO
    Irritating business model

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    United States

    we have member cards via an arrangement we have with our employer. The gal with the task to get our yearly contribution forgot to get/solicit the contribution from me. I spend 65 minutes shopping and get up to the checkout: "your card expired this Tuesday" go to customer disservice.
    The problem is with YOUR EMPLOYER NOT COSTCO! What happens is, you don't give your employer the money in time, THEY will deactivate you from the account NOT COSTCO. The Costco employee only makes changes the the account per the primary person's request. There IS NO WAY for your card to be expired and the remainder of the account ok unless YOUR EMPLOYER REMOVED YOU...take it up with them.

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  • Mm
    mmo Mar 02, 2009

    So spending an hour shopping at a club you have belonged to for years, means nothing. The manager was right-"no food for you!". What a ridiculous response.

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  • Ne
    neophyte58 Mar 16, 2009

    You must be calm and respectful if you wish to be treated calmly and respectfully. It sounds like you have some issues and pent up negativity, and take it out on anyone in the way! I'll bet my lunch money for a week you have perfected rubbing people the wrong way and blaming others for every problem in your life. Anyone can detect this. Now...

    If you treat people with kindness, and always with respect, it will come back at you tenfold! Next time you're in Costco, I recommend apologizing [meaningfully] to the people you treated badly, and you'll see they will go out of their way for you next time. If you want to change the Costco Business Model, put in a constructive suggestion and you'll probably get a "Thank You" for doing so! Thank them for carrying products you like and become accustomed to, and when they change them, try the new one out! You may be surprised that it is as good as or BETTER than the previous one!

    Costco is a [successful] business because of its' business model and customer satisfaction! It exists for one reason, and one reason ONLY; return on investment! It is profitable because its' customers are happy and satisfied. So don't be fooled you're bringing Costco to it's knees. Pay your company fee and get back to enjoying life and the great Costco Products! And walk every day for 45 minutes. It is a great stress reliever and you'll get fit as well.

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  • Ep
    epaaaaa Sep 04, 2009

    good answer neophyte58. costco cannot control what the company does to your membership. it's as simple as if the membership is paid you can shop, if it isnt you can't. it is not fair for a person to be able to shop with their membership expired when everyone else is paying for their membership to be able to shop.

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  • Za
    zaaaaaaaaa Oct 17, 2009

    yea chill out

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  • Di
    dirigible Jan 02, 2011

    I agree that the situation was frustrating, and it would have been nice if they would have been willing to make some accommodation.

    The trick in this case would have been to sign up for Costco membership, then cancel it for a full refund. In fact, you can apparently cancel memberships from prior years, since their policy states:
    We will refund your membership fee in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.

    Since you were dissatisifed, you qualify for the full refund.

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mattress stinking of chemicals

I received a Sealy Waterbrook mattress from Costco a month ago. It is still emitting an overpowering stench of chemicals, and I'm waking up with breathing difficulties and stinging eyes. The odor is so strong that you can smell it from the hall leading up to the bedroom. I contacted Costco, and they said that they will replace it with the identical mattress, which will likely outgas in the same way. I then contacted Sealy, and was cheerfully told by their customer service rep that these fumes were somehow desirable, like "a new car smell".
The vendor concedes that the foam used in the mattress may have been improperly cured, that the mattresses may have been wrapped immediately after construction, but are unprepared to do anything about it.
I fear the long-term health consequences of exposure to this out-gassing, and find it unconscionable that these companies rush these products to the consumer without taking the time to properly cure the product so that it does not emit these chemicals into their consumer's homes.

  • Kr
    kris Apr 29, 2009

    the second you smelled that horrible smell you should have returned the mattress to your local Costco. They have a great return policy and would give you a full refund so that in return you can purchase a new mattress "fragrance-free" somewhere else maybe your local at your local mattress store if they didn't have anything there for you. so you did it to yourself dont complain!

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  • Co
    concerned.E Apr 22, 2010

    I have the same problem. Purchased a Sleep Science bed from Costco. Its been a month now and the smell of chemicals and almost like mildew smell is just awful!
    My boyfriend suffered severe breathing problems and asthma attack. I have also been sleeping on the couch but move late night since the couch is so small. I began to do some reach and its quite scary what they put in these mattresses.
    The awful part is that companies do not disclose what fire ###ant chemicals they use because its a trade secret. I called Sealy since I wanted to buy a regular spring mattress and asked what chemicals they use and they stated that they do not use any which is a lie. Organic beds are way over my budget and we are left with few options. I'm actually going to have to look at futon mattresses.

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  • Br
    BrendaDaoust Mar 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My recent purchase of 2 Sealy mattresses from costco also smells like mildew.
    Very disappointing and troublesome health concerns.

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costco lost my credit card!

Costco mishandled my membership and credit cards and they ended up leaving the store with another customer, and they didn't get them back for me!

  • Ki
    king of complaints Aug 28, 2009

    take a cart, put some vulnerable staffs, like eggs, glass, flour in it and vandalize them while u go around in the costco and leave them inside and come out and have a cheap hot-dog and pop and go home...

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horrible experience

After a horrible experience with a company called eCost, which sold me a Westinghouse 42" TV for a very good price plus $50 shipping and a six month warranty and never delivered, I kicked myself and went to Costco online, where the exact same item was being sold for TEN BUCKS MORE... lousy ten bucks!... with a two year warranty to boot.
Costco was always my preferred vendor when I lived in a city that had one of their stores. Now, I'm old and in the boonies. No Costco, but they're online with the same great prices and service. I got my TV three days after ordering it, and am totally happy with both Costco and my Westinghouse LCD TV. To sum up: I should have gone to Costco right away, instead of wasting time with a bunch of incompetents.

  • Seattle Peggy Feb 10, 2009

    Someone needs to RE-DIRECT this complaint to the proper title search.
    This is not a complaint against Costco, this is a complaint against a company
    called E-Cost.

    Can the author of this posting re-direct this?
    I love the ethics and Customer Service at Costco, so... let's get this filed correctly.


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  • Ne
    neophyte58 Mar 16, 2009

    Agree! This should be a positive for Costco. Is there a moderator who could move this?

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costco going political and biased

we were shopping at costco some time in January and saw some weird people dressed up like clowns handing out...

poor customer service

Costco has the most miserable customer service I have ever experienced. I once spent about 2 hours shopping...

never trust costco with your optical needs!

Watch out for Costco: you get what you pay for, plus some extra damage. I got my lenses replaced there, and...

rude manager

When and why would a customer be pushed to the point of calling a manager an a...h...!!!Well Im 60 years old...


Costco is both anti gay and against interracial relationships by supporting the selling of tickets to the...

attempted purchase of tires

I have a Costco membership and live in NJ. My daughter, who has my car on loan lives in Maryland. The car...

bad service

Winslow media console Item # 274584 Reference order #[protected]- this order was confirmed on may 26, 2008. on...

my card won't work

Over a year ago, my Costco charge card quit working. I mean, the magnetic part is corrupt. I cannot purchase gas and when I use it inside the store, the Manager has to be called each time! I have asked for a new card, but the person from India on the phone keeps telling me that my card is fine. It is not fine, it will not work!!! I have tried to order a different card, no luck there, either. It would help if the people on the telephone could speak good English. Please help!! This is a complaint about the charge card itself.

  • Al
    Alicia Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have to go Membership at the actual Costco store. It takes 5 minutes. Just ask for a new card & they'll help you. Really simple.

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  • Da
    danny Feb 01, 2009

    really, just get another card from membership.

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  • Ki
    king of complaints Aug 28, 2009

    take a cart, put some vulnerable staffs, like eggs, glass, flour in it and vandalize them while u go around in the costco and leave them inside and come out and have a cheap hot-dog and pop and go home...

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  • Go to your nearest costco. go to membership. tell them you are having a problem with your credit side of the card. They will call the credit card company for you. you will receive it in the mail in 7-10 business days. that simple.

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