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Conserviceripping me off every month

I live in a complex with submeters. When I noticed my water bills varying constantly in usage, I brought it to my apartment manager's attention. I then started tracking meter use DIRECTLY by taking daily readings from my submeter. I caught this company billing me about 200 extra gallons per month, consistently. The meter was tested and is accurate. Conservice customer service gave me completely inaccurate information which was verified by the technicians at Conservice via a conference call between me, them and apartment management. This company is refusing to send a technician out for free to my complex to test the rest of their "metering equipment" as their technician lives about 5 hours from my complex. They actually expect my apartment management company to pay for this even though my management company has MANY accounts with them nationwide. TRUST ME...this company is tacking extra water usage onto your bill EVERY month. I was gone for over a week and my bill was the same as previous when nobody was in my place that entire time. Toilets and everything else have been tested for leaks and are NOT the problem. On top of that, they lie like crazy and put the blame back on the apartment management. They tried to tell me that my manager has my unit listed as TWO occupants but that is funny, because I only get charged garbage for ONE occupant. They have an excuse for everything. The BBB gives them a C- rating. I am also looking into the legality of them charging the online bill pay fee as I believe it is illegal. DO NOT MOVE INTO ANY COMPLEX THAT USES THIS SERVICE. My bills are higher than any place I've ever lived and I've lived in the same city for over five years! CONservice is an appropriate name. If my latest bill is not adjusted, they will find themselves in small claims court.


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    Another_Conservice_Victim Jan 17, 2011

    Similar issues at another residential community billed by Conservice.

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    Poppie Jan 19, 2011
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    It is your management; they are the ones who collect your monies from ConService. ConService gets a service fee from you and that is it. Your manager is lying to you or is unaware that corporate is inflating the persons per unit to make an inflated profit. Understand this…. The owner of an apartment complex will not allow a company to take money from their tenants and not give it to the owner, think about it. The reason ConService wanted your landlord to reimburse you is, they were sent all monies excluding the service fees collected and are responsible for any over charges, your property manager may be unaware of what corporate does or their relationship to ConService.

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    cindy sue bunch May 10, 2011

    wow i was not so shocked seeing all these complaints, i am currently in a complex with con service was looking up there website to pay my bill, and seen this. now it makes since. as my bills vary each month. usually a difference of 20 dollars and use same amount of water etc, each mo. i am going to look more carefully now on my statements each mo. thanks for the heads up.
    con service customer

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