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Conservice is an appropriate name. IT'S A CON! I have had the misfortune of living in a apartment complex that utilizes their company and it's been nothing but issues. They over charge (I blame the complex for this also), they are constantly trying to tack on their late fees, even when they are the one who have "misplaced" my payment, the USPS sent a letter and they could not forward my payment due to damage and the latest, they claim to not have received a payment that they cashed!!! I am looking for a new apartment and it will not be one that uses Conservice. I am absolutely disgusted with this company and it's practices. They are crooks and their customer service people are rude and condencending!


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      Apr 22, 2009

    Our apartment complex just recently obtained the services of Conservice to handle the utilities (i.e. water / trash). I don't mind being billed for these utilities, but they don't seem to be consistent with each months' billing.
    I also have a hard time accepting a service fee of $3.25 so they can send me a bill. Plus this company will nickle and dime you...
    for example:
    Conservice gives you less then 11 days to pay by mail, charges a $3.25 fee to pay by phone, charges a $3.25 fee to pay online...

    This company is finding every which way to take your money.
    Is this legal to have such a short time frame to pay by mail?

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      May 26, 2010


    I would have your community look into a company called National Exemption Service, Inc. They are the submetering company at our apartment complex and they are VERY good. No complaints here. I do pay for the phone and online fees to make a payment but since I don't have any issues with their service, I don't mind it. It's better than being ripped off.
    I would send a brochure from them or something over to your leasing office to take a look. I'm sure they would switch in a heart beat if their fees were lower.

    Just a thought :)

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      Jun 16, 2011

    I agree I'm going through exact the same problem. This is the only bill that I have had problems with. I used to send my payments on the mail and it was always on time, but they would apply it late so they could charge me late fees. Now They charge me late fees over late fees. Aren't late fees for paying late? why do do I have to pay fees over fees, if I paid my bill on time?. THEY RIP PEOPLE OFF. And I have complaint to the office apartments and to conservice directly, but they do nothing.

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      Jul 06, 2011

    Your complex probably won't do anyhing since they hired Conservice to shift the cost of utilities to you and the other residents. Owners love services like Conservice because they can help them recover some of the costs of vacant units, and allow their utility costs to be easily predicted... while residents can have bills that fluctuate with complex occupancy and the usage of other units. Also note that Conservice's bills state that they are not responsibe for postal delays -- but then charge $3 fees for paying online or by phone.

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      Aug 19, 2011

    horrible they have no meters . My water bill 18 dollars, sewer is something like 80 thats bananas .

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      Oct 13, 2012

    I am on Social Security and do not get my check until the 3rd of the month and therefore cannot mail my payment until then. Conservice is trying to charge me $7.00 for a late charge that I refuse to pay because my bill is already paid as far as I am concerned. This is not the first time they have tried to pull this on me and I am tired of it. I am also on low income housing which has nothing to do with my bill but they are putting *section 8* in front of my name on the billing statement. I call that slander and I am tempted to file a lawsuit because of it. Conservice refused to change my due date with the excuse that they couldn't because the statements were sent out in bulk. Whatever happens to my bill after it is put in the mail to be sent off is out of my control. Thank you.

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      Feb 19, 2015

    This is so true! CONS!! CROOKED AS THEY COME!! I'm in Texas and was told to use the website.

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      Feb 19, 2015

    I have only been in the apartment since December 26, 2014. The apartment complex claimed that this Conservice was a good and reasonable energy provider. All lies! Just received a bill for over $300! How?? The house is pretty much empty most of the time. Everything is off at night or unplugged when not in use. And I do mean OFF! I lived in a house (3 floors) for 20+ years and I know how to conserve!! They're CROOKED and conning the community! I know for a fact that I'm not using that much electricity or water. I don't believe in wasting or paying for to much of anything when you don't need or have to. With all of the complaints on this ConService, I don't understand why they're still in business.

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      Dec 19, 2015

    From what i understand Conservice and ALL 3rd party billing companies if a person lives rents an apartment and you are late paying ur conservice bill and you pay your apartments ur montly payment instead of paying Conservice directly You cannot be charged a Late Fee at all paying apartment managment ur monthly bill cause yhey cannot make a profit of any 3rd party billing late fees

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      Jul 26, 2016

    My new lease im going to be paying 11.00 plus a 3.00 administrativf. Fee for Garland trash service from 5.00 flat rate which has been since i lived in my apartment my third party billing is Con Service, But never have been charged a 3.00 fee for garland water or sewage service ever. Is it possible that its not legal to pay a administrative fee for city services in texas? I wish i knew the truth about this situation does anyone have suggestion about this??

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      Jul 20, 2018

    I wonder if the people who run own conservice

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