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Conservice Utility Management & Billing Complaints & Reviews

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — electricity

Conservice Utility Management & BillingSo I move into a rental home on july 24 and get a bill for 3 days of over $100!!! So that is #1. #2, my next full month of utilities is over $400!! What the hell? (fyi: I live in a 2200 sq. Ft home now but in my previous home which was 2 stories over 2500 sq feet with 2 ac units, my highest bill...

Business & Finances  · Nov 04, 2019

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — billing

BEWARE of rentals using this service! They will tack on their service fees whenever and where ever possible, and Service fees are unbelievable! Not worth the service! Was charged an electric bill utility fee that was purposely not charged in previous month just to have $50 service...

1 comments Business & Finances  · Oct 21, 2019

[Resolved] Conservice Utility Management & Billing — difficult i

I have received a invoice/ statement pertaining to a delinquent bill. Being had issued through Altitude on 5th.. I figure their must have been some type of type! Yet time and again my email addresses has received these email since April of 2019. I had contacted Altitude on 5th to addre...

Business & Finances  · Sep 10, 2019

[Resolved] Conservice Utility Management & Billing — water utility bill

Conservice Utility Management & BillingWe have recently received a bill from Conservice claiming we have used 69, 700 gallons of water this past billing date 6/19/2019-7/16/2019. I called customer service and they claimed that they are charging us an average usage from April till the current period. This makes no sense as they...

Business & Finances  · Aug 05, 2019

[Resolved] Conservice Utility Management & Billing — being charged for a service I didn't sign up for

This company has billed me for no reason at all. I don't even do business with them and they expect me to pay what costs more than half my electricity bill for vacancy. Stay away from these guys. They are definitely con artists. They want 6 dollars plus 50 dollar vacancy fee which I would...

Grand Prairie Utility Services  · Jan 15, 2019

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — this company is billing me for no reason

Their bill to me states that I need to pay a vacancy charge. I have never heard of them and want nothing to do with them. Their charges cost more than entire electricity bill(which is a different company). I have no idea how they got my information but I recommend staying away from thi...

Grand Prairie Utility Services  · Jan 06, 2019

[Resolved] Conservice — utility bill

I wanted to add in on complaints about Conservice. Our utilities for our 2 bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles has steadily increased since our complex switched to Conservice. We are also required to pay utilities with the rent. I'm confused if it is the complex or Conservice that i...

Los Angeles Utility Services  · Nov 25, 2018

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — fraud and scam

I have my first bill they will start small then they will jack up the price and what go happen lot people's will be homeless because of there Fraud and scam I'm going to pay but I what difference receipt if they don't give that is a fraud and scam and I did review one guy have to pay for...

1 comments Logan Other  · Nov 12, 2018

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — water bill

I am very unhappy with this company. I just moved into my apthieves! In Richardson, TX and I received a $309.00 water bill for a 2 br apartment for only one month of service. I have been complaining for over a month now and I just seem to keep getting sent in circles. This amount for an...

Richardson Utility Services  · Sep 18, 2018

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — fraudulent billing

i am the only person living in my apartment. Further water pressure in my apartment is very very low. Also not much trash was accumulated in my complex and removal was done once in 5 weeks. Further I had inquired with my neighbors their bills are much lower than me. Three people neighbor...

Apartments Rental  · Jun 01, 2018

Conservice Utility Management & Billing — water/sewer billing rate

I live in an apartment and the rate I am charged for water is different every month. From 9/15-10/14 I used 1900 gallons of water and was billed $28.01 for water and $30.09 for sewer. The previous month I used 2060 gallons and was billed $28.06 for water and $21.87 for sewer. Aug to Sep...

Kansas City Collections Agencies  · Oct 22, 2017

Conservice — set up fee

I lived in an apartment complex that utilizes the services of conservice. I moved to another apartment complex just 1 mile away and this apartment COMPLEX also use conservice. On my first bill at this new apartment CONSERVICE slapped one time service fee of $45 on my bill. What I need to...

Alpharetta Apartments Rental  · Sep 29, 2017

Conservice — water and sewer billing from conservice

This company is overcharging! My community has 192 units and each unit has its own meter. They still combine all usage and them bill each tenant based on sq footage of unit. Doesn't matter how many people live there. And that's just crazy. Let me pay for my usage! I'm a single parent- we...

Florence Unauthorized Charges  · Aug 31, 2017

Conservice — bill increase/customer service

This past month our utility bill for water and sewage tripled! We know there is no way we tripled our consumption this month. When I call to speak to customer service it connects me to an outsourced line in another country saying I've won a $100 gift card and they need my credit card...

Utility Services  · Aug 21, 2017

Conservice — utility management company

They email that the invoice is ready to view, (because they charge to mail the copy) but the invoice is NEVER ready to view. That's how they get you to slip up and forget to pay, so they can charge $75.00 late fee, and a $50.00 processing fee. Taking advantage of consumers who have no...

Las Vegas Utility Services  · Jun 07, 2017

Conservice — water, sewer, trash, cable, pest control

They got the CON in Conservice is about the only thing they do get right. I am an elderly single person and the apartment complex I would believe is in total cahoots with this company. My water and sewer bill does nothing but sky rocket each month and I am the only person in my apartment...

1 comments Utility Services  · Mar 02, 2017

Conservice — texas

I live in BIG apartment complex and Conservice is charging administrative fees of $3.00 each for gas, City of Garland trash service, emergency services fee and storm drainag, but does not charge a $3.00 fee for the city water and city sewage services. Im courious can 3rd party billing companies charge a $3.00 administrative fee for City Services?

Garland Unauthorized Charges  · Jul 31, 2016

Conservice — water bill

I live in Atlantic City, NJ and I am also a section 8 recipient. My biggest problem I have is my water bill. First if all I rent, I don't own. I work hard, take care of my children and responsibilities. My complex in which I live in have developed new owners and with that have tacked...

1 comments Utility Services  · May 23, 2016

Conservice — faulty billing

Hi, I just moved to a new apartment complex that uses Conservice for water, sewage and trash. The bills I get from them are through the roof! I've listed out all the things they do, they are conartists and they dont care about you because their client is really the apartment rental...

Herndon Other  · Nov 13, 2013

Conservice — faulty equip, incorrect billing

Below is a recent email from Conservice to my apt complex in San Diego, Ca admitting they have faulty equipment leading to incorrect billing. They actually replaced our meter two months ago, and it's still out of whack. Our bills have fluctuated every month for the past 3 months: $45...

Conservice — billing

Conservice is an appropriate name. IT'S A CON! I have had the misfortune of living in a apartment complex that utilizes their company and it's been nothing but issues. They over charge (I blame the complex for this also), they are constantly trying to tack on their late fee...

Conservice — ripping me off every month

I live in a complex with submeters. When I noticed my water bills varying constantly in usage, I brought it to my apartment manager's attention. I then started tracking meter use DIRECTLY by taking daily readings from my submeter. I caught this company billing me about 200 extra...

Conservice Utility Billing — over charging

In 3 months, I have seen my water/sewer bill rise from $90.00 to $168.00 to $258.00 I live by myself so I know how much water get's used. I have complained multiple times about them to my building manager, and to them in person and no one has done anything. I was gone for two week...

Conservice — scammers

Beware!!! This whole company is a joke. They bill customers after reading broken meters and refuse to adjust your bills. Their customer service can barely speak a lick of English and are often VERY rude. They sound like they are reading from "Answer Cards" when you call them to confront...

Conservice utility management and billing — extra fee for using credit card to pay bill

This company charges a $3 fee for paying online using a credit card. I had heard that this was illegal, so I contacted my credit card company (MasterCard), which told me it was illegal 99.9% of the time, leaving the .1% to a payment arrangement through a third party agent. In this age of...

Conservice/ water,sewer, garbage — rip offs with billing

THEY ARE A HUGE RIP OFF, I live with one other roomate, which we are never home, and recieved a 200.00 bill for 2 1/2 months worth of water/sewer/garbage. Are you ###ing kidding me? We are hardly there, and 60.00 a month to pee and take outt he trash is ###ing ###ed, they need to lower there rates, ###ing idiots!!

Conservice — service

I live in a small condominium that had Conservice as the submetering company. For three years our meters have never worked right. They were just billing each unit with a property average. That is a legal way to do billing, but it is not what we wanted. We wanted to bill individual usage...