Conn's Home Plussamsung washer

My mom, purchased a washer from conn's on 2/4/2019, since then she had continued to contact conn's multiple times to advise that the washer is not working properly.
The washer is leaving small holes in the clothes and a film/residue - resulting in damaged clothes. It's damaging everyone's clothes, including her grandchildren that live with her that are having to wear the damaged clothing to school.

She has been reporting this issue over and over. One of the tech's that came out, andrew, even told her that since technically the washer is "working/running" he has to indicate that it is "working" although it is damaging the clothes... She showed him what it was doing to the clothes. He said that other customers have complained about the same thing but he has to mark down as "working." he agreed with the damaging of the clothes that the washer was causing.

Just recently, my mom called in again and she was that told someone had to come out 1 more time before anything else could be done. Someone is scheduled to come out on 4/29/19.

I contacted conn's on thursday 4/25 and a ticket was set up to have the request for an exchange reviewed. I asked that I be contact me directly since my mom is stressing on this whole situation. No one should have to have to deal over stress over a washer.

On saturday morning, 4/27, my mom forwarded me an email (attached) that conn's had sent her. I called the number on the email.

I spoke to serenity, who advised me that my mom accepted the 4/29 appointment and a technician has to come out 3 times before they can do an exchange and the technician would have to indicate that it is un-repairable.

I asked to be transferred to a manager. I was transferred to a service manager. I spoke to alicia. She said that we would have to continue with the service request. She said my mom should receive a phone call on 4/29 between 8-10am with a timeframe of the appointment. She said this was out of her hands. She also explained that when the technician comes out if they indicate it is non-repairable then they can submit for an exchange. During my conversation with alicia she continued to say she couldn't hear me, so I asked her to write my number down and call me back if our call was disconnected... It sounded as if she was trying to find a reason to disconnect the call.

I asked to be transferred to her manager. I spoke to jimmy. I again, explained the entire situation... He went on to explain the manufacturer warranty. I explained that all we are asking is for conn's is to do the right thing and exchange the washer. My mom has been put through enough with this situation. Our call was disconnected... After 10 minutes I received a call back. Jimmy indicated he accidently hit the power button which disconnected the call. At this time I just asked for a phone number to corporate and an email. I was directed to the same # I had already called: 1-877-358-1252 option 3.

I called "corporate" at 1-877-358-1252 option 3 and spoke to representative you provided me this email address of [email protected]

During the conversations with the representatives above it continued to be brought up that its been 2 months... And I continued to remind them that my mom had been bring this up to them for 2 months with no resolution.

They talked about the manufacturer warranty and steps that need to be taken, but all we are requesting is that conn's do the right thing and the fair thing. Today, not 1 or your representatives showed empathy or provided any customer service.

Conn's is a big company and willing to have bad/negative feedback on the media/social media and lose business rather than exchange a washer?! I find that ridiculous.

I explained to the representatives that we have a pending appointment with the new station that will be coming out to record a washing in a washer that conn's sold to my mother from beginning to end and they can air on television for all to see what you all are selling to people. I also will be sharing our experience with social media if this does not get resolved asap. All we are asking is this be resolved asap.

Please, do the right thing and exchange the washer.
Online I see you have:
Ge 4.2 doe cu ft stainless steel capacity washer
This is what she was looking for originally, however, of course the sales person pushed/convinced her into the more expensive newer type of washer.

Please contact me.
This is what I sent conn's and have not heard a response. They were supposed to send out a tech to a scheduled appointment yesterday and the tech never showed.

Thank you,
Connie parra

Apr 30, 2019

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