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Concentra  -  Waited 2 hours for uds and lab work.

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I was sent by my travel agency to Concentra, Greensboro, NC today (01/06/2022) for pre-employment UDS and labs. I checked in at 0938. There was already a room full of people, I can understand that. At 11:00, my name still has not been called. So I politely asked an AA lady at the desk, "How much longer do you think before my name is called?". She said, "it will be soon". Then asked me if I brought my N-95 for mask fitting. Ok, no problem, I have a N-95 in my care because I'm a travel nurse. I'm glad I have one in my car, but I'm really surprise you don't provide N-95 to your customers. However, that is the least of my complaints.
After 11:00, 2 other ladies who came in after me were called and seen in the clinic. So I asked, the Caucasian woman who is sitting front and center at the desk. I politely said and asked, "How much longer do you think before I"m seen? I've been here since 0938". She said,"Probably another 1.5 hours. There are a lot of people ahead of you". Again, I understand that. But, I think it's ridiculous to have to wait 4 hours for a simple mask fitting and labs. I have never in my life had to wait 4 hours for pre-employment screening. This woman did not even apologize or empathize with me for having to wait that long. Really unacceptable. So, I left without being seen and had to drive another 1 hour to go home.
If I don't need this pre-employment screening, I will not come back to this place if my life depended on it. No customer service. No customer recovery. Total disregard for someone's time, and thinking it's acceptable for anybody to wait for 4 hours? Really!
I am a healthcare worker so I understand we are all overworked and stressed. But, please, don't waste people's time for 4 hours for a simple UDS, mask fitting, and labs. I am really disgusted on how your front desk staff can act so uncaring and be nonchalantly asked their customer to wait for 4 hours.
I hope that I will neve have to come back to this place.
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