29 Prime Complaints & Reviews / Scam over the phone

Apr 23, 2013

Complete internet marketing scam company. They guarantee over the phone first 10 spots in the Google search, by telling that they send data to Google and that Google reserves these spots for them. After the charge, they do nothing and they will tell you that it was your fault that you give them your credit card. / These guys robocall me every day


These guys robocall me every day, not matter how many times you ask them to remove you. If you google them you will see that they are a complete scam and they are using services to post fake reviews on sites like this that won't catch it. Check the yelp reviews! Hard to fake that! / Avoid like the plague


I was getting robo calls every day from a company claiming to be Google compliance department trying to get me to pay $199 a month for a front page placement in organic search under local listings. Later I found out these guys are really 29 Prime in Irvine and now the same people are...

29 Prime / Reliable Company


I was contacted on the phone by an assoc.of this company.I asked several times if they were Google which she /Wendy kept saying each time that the were 1# in the nation and were a reliable company, Yes we are and the sales pitch kept coming with all sort's of deals for front page...

29 Prime / Reliable Places SEO / SCAMMMERS


29 Prime / Reliable Places SEOLooks like these scammers are at it again! They got so much bad press for lying and pretty much scamming people out of their money. Reliable Places is a Scam. Reliable Places just [promises that they'll get business on the first page of google for good keywords. What a scam. What a...

29 Prime / didnt keep promises and took money out my checkings account


I was contacted by 29 prime. They gave a promise of keeping me infront of the internet audience on 30 search engines available in my area and was promise that any day i could find my name and if i didnt, I wouldn't have to pay a 199.99 fee the following month, they asked for 398.oo...

29 Prime / Scamming under new name


Russell Wallace has now opened the doors for the 4th time in 3 1/2 years to his new company name...29 prime! Russell has a track record of being a fly by night and operating scam telemarketing operations for local SEO. Check out reliable listing, ilocal sem, your local merchant and now 29...