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I Signed up, for one month. I'm a PAID member. Many of the 'messages' I receive from men on the site are from NON-members, who only post a form-letter response with their email address or facebook name, or phone number. I skip over them, but then, I find a member and state I'm interested, find out he responds to this somehow, but ZOOSK now puts us both in a limbo state where we have to buy access in addition to the fee we paid to be members, or we cannot 'chat'. That is a rip off and misleading on their (Zoosk;s) part. If I paid, then let me have the service! I will pass plenty of reviews on this practice onto whatever dating site review places I can find. This is just plain bad business.

May 01, 2013
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  • Ri
      Sep 18, 2010
    Zoosk - cant cancel subscription
    United States

    Zoosk steals your money-I had to cancel my card to stop Zoosk charges!! If you want to subcribe - buy a credit card at walmart put some money on it -thay way can stop payment anytime!

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  • Bo
      Jan 10, 2011

    I can't cancel Zoosk subscription and getting very upset.

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  • Mi
      May 06, 2011
    Zoosk - ripoff
    San Diego
    United States

    SAVE YOUR not fall for the Zoosk service...Many fake profiles and terrible customer service...

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  • Da
      Jun 30, 2011
    Zoosk - spamming
    United States

    I unsubscribed from ZOOSK because I didnt want to download their upgrade messenger and everytime I log on Im besieged with popups to download their product and keep responding no to no avail

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  • Pi
      Oct 29, 2012
    Zoosk - Illegal signup
    United States

    This dating site has been stealing email addresses and automatically signing people up for accounts that have not chosen to do so. They appear to be stealing FB friends emails and automatically creating account within Zoosk without user permission.

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  • Mu
      Nov 27, 2012

    I total agree this zoosk site is owned by spammers

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  • Ja
      Feb 05, 2013
    Zoosk - Payment made for subscription and I'm not subscribed. Money taken from my account

    I subscribed 2 zoosk using my credit card, money taken from my account but zoosk showing that I'm not subscribed

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  • Br
      May 02, 2013

    I knew something seemed suspicious there. Thank goodness I didn't get sucked into their scheme. I was getting close though... since they draw you in... you see a pretty face, have some generic robo interaction, then can't do squat till you pay. And their rates are outrageous to boot! Thanks for the heads up and I'll warn others in the future.

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  • Go
      May 02, 2013

    gingercat, it look like you were trying to get something for free. Go to your local church and you can meet a lot of nice people.

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  • Ma
      Jul 22, 2013

    Actually they are ALL wrong. Completely wrong and they don't spend the time it takes to understand the site. I get so many hits all day and night. I am very picky so most I pass by and many the ones I write to well we just didn't match.Hey that's o.k. they have that right. It's that simple. Look if she likes you she will let you know. So even a FREE account done correctly will yield AMAZING results. They will send you there info if they are interested. I think many of these guys are 1 either dunk or 2 just don't care to research...

    I give Zoosk a 3 thumbs up
    For those of you that doubt me pay me what you feel you lost and I will so you i can do it for FREE!
    (I will give the cash to Zoosk for the ignorance bestowed upon them over this)
    Any takers?

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  • Pb
      Jul 26, 2013

    So as if things weren't bad enough now Zoosk is posting supporting post on a complaint board really !! This site is a fake.I paid for a member ship bought a bunch of coins and still couldn't connect to the women who were trying to connect to me 1st. As for the woman who said she ignores the guys that post there emails or fb pages trying to contact her, that's because the sight wont let you meet anyone.I was on line she was on line she sent me a msg I sent her 1 and then the computer tried to have me chose msgs to send her from a list of pre written msgs.I knew then it was a scam!! Two paid members trying to talk and couldn't she couldn't see my msgs and i couldn't see hers the msgs were computer generated be her responses were not to what I was asking...just a big waste of money and time...don't fall for it!!

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  • Ki
      Aug 02, 2013

    Omg that happened to me today they have taken my money but its saying my 3 digit number on my card doesnt work when i know it does but 30pounds has came out my account

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  • Cr
      Nov 01, 2013

    I am a paid member, but find that the bulk of women on there, are not! They have the ability to send one message. If that message does not have contact info in it, then they either join or the communication goes no further. I CAN'T TELL WHO IS A MEMBER AND WHO ISN'T! I would prefer to communicate with members only, but obviously they aren't going to allow that. This site is as crappy as! They also must send out email addresses to mailing lists, because I am getting a lot more SCAM SPAM. I also was texting with a non-member and the 2nd day of texting she runs the "can you give me some money so I can purchase some medicine for my kid" scam. Was a local number, but was I now being scammed by a Nigerian? JUNK!

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  • De
      Apr 27, 2015
    Zoosk - messages
    23, Elgar road Sholing, Southampton
    United Kingdom

    To whom it may corncern, my name is Derek Goodman and i recenley joined Zoosk online dating for men, they keep telling me to subcribe to recive messages via debit or cridit card. I do not know my card number i just want to see my messages that are sent to me. Can you please help me.

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  • Ti
      May 19, 2015

    I'm having the same problem. I have sent messages to at least 30 guys, winked at several and tried to chat and never get ANY responses at all. I'm figuring out that they are having me pay more money in order to get privileges that other sites give you when you become a member. The profile changes have to be "approved' and if you say anything negative about the site, they will ERASE IT, and approve the changes without your comments. Also, I had a full length shot of me in a strawberry patch and they blew it up to make it a close up and it was very grainy. I got frustrated one night because no one was answering and took ALL of my pictures off except the one of my dog. The next morning I had a message that my picture was not approved and they had removed my dog's picture. I just "verified" my cell phone number, which probably means that every time they text me with someone who "winked" at me or "viewed me" I will be charged. Oh, and when you scroll "next" over the pictures, even if you DON'T "view profile", it appears to the person that you viewed them. So all day I'm constantly getting messages saying the same people view me over and over, when all they are doing is scrolling through the pictures. It is definitely a RIP OFF. I have already cancelled my subscription, and am waiting for it to run its course. What a nightmare. I hope I am saving someone $19.95. I've been on several dating websites, and this is the only one I've been on that is truly a SCAM.

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  •   Oct 08, 2015

    This man is named Jeff Bielling. He's on zoosk as jburn457. He uses online dating sites to cheat on women. Doesn't care who he hurts. He's cheating on a friend of mine here in Tallahassee and she's devastated. Steer clear of him!

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