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Zoosk Complaints & Reviews

Zoosk / simon age 72

Jul 18, 2019

He is a scammer because unfortunately I was scammed several years ago and he is using the same story that most all scammers do. They are widowers, from the UKRAINE, Australia. They have usually 1 child. Ages from 11 yrs to 21. Their wife died of cancer. His parents were killed in an auto...

Zoosk / dating site

Jul 05, 2019

I met a man on zoosk dating site. Having never used a dating site before I guess I was blind to the fact that a predator could be on the site. I met this person and we were in constant communication for over a month. We became pretty close and mentioned he ran into some financial...

Zoosk / zoosk

Jun 15, 2019

Watch out for a man who calls himself Joe Cox. He states he is from Australia, a medical tech and doctor. After chatting with him for several weeks, he "flew" to London to finalize some deals he invested in years earlier. One of the deals falls through and the other deal is successful...

Zoosk / unethical behavior?

May 08, 2019

I just got a very creepy letter mailed to me from someone who said they saw my profile and that they actually know mutual friends of mine. I have been married for 30 years and have never been on any dating sites. I am going through a separation but again never have I been on a dating site...

Zoosk / dating service no more support now charges $5 to answer any support call

Apr 10, 2019

Without notice, zoosk renewed my subscription without my permission. Tried to contact them and that is no longer possible. They have turned over support to a third party. If you want support, you must first pay $5. There is no addition, I did not subscribe with any "auto"...

Zoosk Dating Site / member who scammed me richard lee or haupt

Apr 09, 2019

Beware of a Richard Lee Haupt supposedly from Germany he gets you to chat via WhatsApp and deletes his profile after. Claims he has no parents and he works with investors and he wanted to collects payment from an investor but he is in Germany caring for his dying uncle. Got all my info and...

Zoosk / zoosk dating application

Feb 06, 2019

I zoosked messaged and texted, talked to a person, believe under Zoosk member name, age was 63, advanced degree, lived in Carlisle, IQ, had a much younger profile displayed than his age. only 4 lines of a profile content. His name he told me was Antonio Krikman from Amsterdam...

Zoosk / dating information

Jan 21, 2019

I signed a contract with zoosk. A question asked about my yearly income, I answered the question. I was puzzled because I had 3 attempts to be reviewing my profile I noticed that my income was posted. I feel that zoosk assisted the scammers. I also believe that most of the...

Zoosk / online dating

Jan 02, 2019

I have used other online dating sites such as and eHarmony in the past. They both have good customer service in my opinion. I heard about Zoosk via email. What an absolutely horrible experience from an organizational and customer service perspective. It's generous even giving...

Zoosk / scammers

Dec 30, 2018

I like to warn anyone that uses Zook to very careful of scammers that out to con you innocent people, for your money ...scammers are using photos of innocent people as victims to form fake relationships, don't be taken in by anyones scheming plans, just be wise and say No...and report them...

Zoosk / not answers for connection members...

Dec 04, 2018

I signed up with Zoosk for a month subscription. Due to, apparently a lot of ladies were interested in my profile (After 2 years just looking). The fun of this is that some of those ladies literally disappear after I made the subscription including those that were my connections(Messaging...

Zoosk / science behind match aking

Nov 08, 2018

I joined Zoosk after hearing about the site on the Steve Harvey show over a year ago. I have made a match with three gentlemen during this time and they all were predators looking for someone to take care of them. They lied about their professional and financial status. Two of the three...

Zoosk / cutomer service lie

Oct 04, 2018

After paying double what a years membership normally costs I spent a long time talking to a Customer Service person who apparently spoke to higher up and eventually they agreed to give me a discount and a total new payment that I would be paying, all of which I documented word for word. Two day...

Zoosk / zoosk

Jul 23, 2018

I had closed my account years ago on zoosk Then suddenly I get email saying account was reopened. I never reopened the account. And want it deleted immediately!!! There response was that I can do it. This is the second time this has happened!! 1st time I did go deal with it and delete...

Zoosk / dating service

Jul 06, 2018

Here we go. Subscribed, tried, saw no replies. Either bots or people who are using dating service as another version of meaningless instagram - who cares, not interested in neither. Canceled my account. They still charging me monthly, bank asks for recipient's consent to cancel payment...

Zoosk / online dating service

Jun 27, 2018

I am absolutely at the end of my tether with this site. I requested for the service to be discontinued on 03 May 2018. There is no contact number available, so all I could do is email a 'no-reply' service to submit my request. It was confirmed that my account had been deactivated and that no...

Zoosk / carlos strong

Jun 24, 2018

Burch strong ...aka Carlos aka 'm strong is been volitiel and verbally abusive on this dating site .. 662-722-8445 hmus his phone number 06/26/57. Is his date of birth. I am not the only one he is also married pre hi g on women. He is looking for woman that will support him. And take care...

Zoosk / zoosk

Jun 17, 2018

I just went on zoosk and now the app is saying denied access can someone tell me why and if I can't get on I'm going to the bank tomorrow to get my money back my email is [email protected] I need answers is this site a scam if so I'll go to the better business borrow thank you...

Zoosk / false profile views etc zoosk

Jun 17, 2018

I've only been on Zoosk for about two weeks and have noticed that I'm getting repeated views from certain profiles, showing that they are regularly viewing mine. I'm now aware that Zoosk are running an algorithm that makes this appear to be the case, but in reality is false. I've also had...

Zoosk / scammer

Jun 13, 2018

Scammer on zoosk, was on pof where I met him, then chatteredfor over 4 months . Claimed to be a gold bullion Dealer, got into trouble in Johannesburg, needed money for lawyers, asked for $24, 000 . I said no . The amount got less, I said no, until he actually asked that I but a iTunes card...

Zoosk / dating site

Jun 12, 2018

I has disgusted with Customer Services. Sent me 6 emails stating that they could not get the person I accidentally deleted to contact me. Was it a scam? Also they sent me lots of men typically not my type. If I wanted to search, I had to pay for it. This has been the worst site ever. I'm...

Zoosk / dating site

Jun 12, 2018

Zoosk is terribly pricey and outdated by far very poor and $ again and again for = not much Expensive and very very poor website, not very interesting to join I did for 1 hour then went and canceled my subscription, They charge you $60.00 to start but if you want a bit more $9.99 and...

Zoosk / my account

Jun 04, 2018

Just joined .been sending messages getting no reply's but yet they r still viewing. Sent a message to one lady who viewed me a few times. So sent her a message . She said she had not been viewing me at all and other men had sent messages and she had not viewed them either. Should give your...

Zoosk / zoosk dating

May 27, 2018

dear sir or madam every time I want to log in on the zoosk dating site my desktop declines why. can you please put it right for me please ok cause I can never get on here wth my computer and my phone and its getting rather boring and very fustrtion as well so can you please get it sorted...

Zoosk / cancelled subscription but was charged a future month

May 12, 2018

I cancelled my subscription with plenty time but have since been charged for a further month. I only subscribed for one month and cancelled before the subscription ran out, so shouldn't have been charged again. Please refund this fee and ensure that it has been cancelled and that I'm not...

Zoosk / zoosk

May 05, 2018

I purchased a one off monthly subscription with Zoosk NZ. It seems they have been taking money from my debit card for the last few months. They owe me over $120, I haven't even been using the app at all. Very disappointed as i never saved my credit details with them. In fact i never save...

Zoosk / profile

Apr 09, 2018

Shame on you zoosk — did you put a profile out there to lure me in... Or did the profiler himself? Seems odd that after contacting customer service on friday regarding another issue — his profile would suddenly disappear... Along with our full thread of both incoming and sent...

Zoosk / subscription

Apr 07, 2018

Hello, Id like to make a complaint about my subscription and charges Ive had to pay. I paid for only one month of subscription and you charge me for 5 months now and Ive never renew it! I usually dont check my bank account but I did it today and found out about it. Its rediculous. I hope its some...

Zoosk / unauthorized credit card charges

Apr 06, 2018

On march 29, 2018, I was already a "user" but not a "member", I considered being a member but saw the prices and decided no way!!! I then was automatically subscribed and then they kept hitting my account for over $264.00 in charges, 4 individual. This was over easter when I discovered...

Zoosk / stealing money

Mar 30, 2018

I paid $29.95 - the money was taken and then I am told after the fact I am blocked from the web site and I am not told why- yet they keep my money. I want a refund, my $29.95 back. If the services cannot be rendered by the company - the funds should be returned. I was not told of thi...

[Resolved] Zoosk / zoosk profile

Mar 26, 2018

This has been sent multiple times to zoosk and profile is still up. You need you to deactivate the account luckyme (D. Mcleod) He has an STD which he has given many women. He DOES NOT use protection and is putting women's health at risk. To keep this profile up after knowledge of this i...

Zoosk / I can't get onto your zoosk app

Mar 19, 2018

Hi I've sent several messages to you since Friday to [email protected] stating that I can't get into the app. Please can you advice what to do to rectify this problem. I hope you will add the days I have not been able to use the app to my account. I have paid 3 months in advance so...

Zoosk / dating site

Mar 17, 2018

I joined this site in late November/early December 2017 for a 6 month period. At the end of December I put my profile on hold since I was going away for a month. When I returned at end of January 2018 and tried to log on I was unable to gain access. I hit forgot password (although I wa...

Zoosk Dating Service / monthly subscription cancelled but was still charged

Mar 15, 2018

My monthly subscription with Zoosk dating service was supposed to end on March 14, 2018. So, to alleviate any question on resubscribing or being charged for another monthly subscription, I cancelled my account on March 13, 2018 and have an e-mail that states my subscription was cancelled...

Zoosk / con artists posing as potential dates

Feb 28, 2018

I signed up as a trial member, I've had 3 potential woman supposably looking for a relationship. But all 3 women's locations we're false, they were however all from Gauna, Africa and not from the State I live in, which is Wisconsin. They all tried to con me the same ways into wiring money...

Zoosk Dating Site / unethical practices

Feb 21, 2018

Zoosk lists members that have not been active in years. I verified this through someone I knew whose profile had come up on site. I was recently billed after cancelling my account with Zoosk. I followed all online directions (which are not obvious on how to find) and cancelled my account...

Zoosk / unethical behavior

Feb 08, 2018

Zoosk has the practice of reviewing any changes to a profile to ensure that they do not violate the terms of use. They repeatedly denied a change I added to my profile even though it did not violate the terms of use. The reason given was: Zoosk may occasionally make changes to your description in...

Zoosk / zoosk constant problems

Jan 27, 2018

I would not recommend this site. Firstly there are hundreds of dead profiles that are no longer used and zoosk has kept them to fill out their numbers rather than them being deleted. In my locally, over 95% of profiles are old and dead profiles no longer used. That in itself is fraud a...

Zoosk / I was double billed when I told them about it they would not refund so I ended up paying twice for same service. rip off

Jan 24, 2018

I signed up for Zoosk. I typed in all my personal information but ended up having to redo it. Some how they say I created two accounts for services for the same period of time. When I brought this to their attention, they billed me twice for both accounts for the same time period. When I...

Zoosk / scam

Jan 22, 2018

David R Myers email [email protected] phone 601-385-3710 I have been talking to David for 9 days via email because he stated he was in the Army and just sent to Turkey for a mission. Everything seemed to check out he was very kind, thoughtful and gentle. But then out of the blue he...