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ZooskUnethical behavior

This site is full of scammers! They all start the same way - getting really nice compliments from someone. Then they say their membership is expiring, so let's talk offline. Next comes some sad story about something that happened, and can you lend him money?
Today I got an email verifying that I wanted to change my password! Nope, I did not request that!
I tried contacting Zoosk staff, sent an email and never heard back. Stay away from this site! They are not ethical!

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    Oct 03, 2020

    Zoosk — Dating site

    I was actually contacted by a scammer on this site. He used a genuine persons profile off the dating site...

    ZooskUnauthorized charges

    August 2nd, 2 withdraws [$29.97 and $59.95] were taken out of my bank account. I called [protected] and they agree it was fraudulent. A week later no refund, I called again, they told me it was my bank fault. 3 weeks later they give me a ticket number and for the 2nd time, orders numbers to be reimbursed. The bank did the research. There was not such a thing. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW. I am copying this message and file a complaint with Customer affairs in San Francisco. Enough is enough.

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      ZooskJust answer

      I'm attempting to login to Zoosk from my Chromebook. When I click on the Icon a white background with the red heart appears with tiny red print across the bottom I cannot read and nothing else. There is nothing to click on to open Zoosk. I've tried it three times.

      I'm not logged in on any other device. I am not interested in giving my credit card information to be charged $1 refundable.

      How long will it take you to fix this?

      You can email me at [protected]@gmail.com
      Thank you

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        ZooskCharges not authorized

        On august 2nd, zoosk withdrew 2 amounts $ 59.95 and $ 29.97 for one or 2 new accounts that I did not created or asked for. I immediately called and thought that I will get a refund. No, a week later there was no refund. Called again and was told that it was my bank's fault. Called again and again. Then I got 2 "order"numbers that I communicated at my bank. It was bogus. We are now august 26 and I have not been reimbursed. Do I have to contact consumer affairs and report your company, and this is what I will do if the money is not refunded now.

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          ZooskPaid membership stops profile update


          Long-time Zoosk Member.

          Inability for 1 month to update Profile for relevance. I use PC to do this never Mobile.

          Zoosk have changed their allowable "character" count. Now Error Message as attached show excess character count even for an existing saved Profile.

          Message alerts show "no messages". Online answers are badly conceived.

          Paid membership stops profile update
          Paid membership stops profile update

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            Jun 22, 2020

            Zoosk — Zoosk Staff !!

            Firstly, Zoosk is a very low grade, low class dating site. The only reason they are so popular is marketing...

            ZooskEmail received is suspicious.

            3rd email received from 3 different people using same verbiage. They all started "what is it about you.".
            They are a message from the member telling me about their good friend that is interested in me. They provide an email address ([protected]@gmail.com) and ask me to contact him there so I can get to know him & he gets to know me. The first 2 times it happened in the evening & when I checked the next morning it was completely gone. The one today is still there but probably not after tonight. I feel like it is some type of scam but prefer that you all check it out. Please let me know what's going on.
            Thanks so much,
            Julie Fugleberg

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              Zooskzoosk dating app

              I was charged A monthly renewal fee after I cancelled and deactivated. They are saying I did not cancel but I did in fact cancel and never logged in again after that in the beginning of January. I was already charged for the month of January, $30, then another $30 monthly charge on a January 16th after which I had cancelled my subscription. I sent several emails to the complaints department and they finally sent back that their records show I never cancelled, which is a lie because in a previous email they told me I had in-fact been cancelled.

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                Nov 04, 2019

                Zoosk — zoosk dating site

                Iam absolutely fed up with this site I have tryed to unsubscribe followed all Yr instructions on utube a...

                Zooskmarried cheat

                Watch out for the Indian man named Jay Patel. He's not only married to a woman named Jyoti but also has 2 children. Claims he's a Software Engineer but is in partnership with a hotel located at 4 Piano Place in San Antonio, listed under the Licence Nehall LLC. He's also 53 and not 49. Took me a couple of months to uncover his lies but he likes white women so he can play the "racial" card.You know, Mama only want's me to date other Indian women. His big reason you can never go to his house. Also the name is Jayesh Patel, although he will say it's only Jay.

                married cheat
                married cheat
                married cheat

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                  Zooskfraud and jeopardizing people lives

                  There are so many fake messages, fake views, is the whole site fake. Taking money from people for a purpose finding love.You take peoples money but then you do all these things to mess with peoples lives with doing fradulant actions that should be considered criminal. We will turn you in. When you do these things you are playing with peoples lives what gives you the authority to treat people this way. we pay our money to you in good faith and then you pull these scams and fraud.

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                    • Bu
                      burke Aug 23, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I am experiencing the same exact thing. Fake messages, scammers and profiles. They even tell you people are Facebook verified which is a bunch of B.S. I cancelled my subscription but have a few months left so I took a screenshot of the cancellation verified on their site because they are apparently charging some people after the fact or renewing the cancelled subscriptions. All these dating sites have the same M.O. apparently it is legal thievery. Shame on me!

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                    I must firstly say that I am rather unhappy,
                    So have copied my emails which I tried to send to your help desk/customer support.
                    I have multiple sclerosis and guess that this site wasn't for me, anyway ! I did used to work for IBM, amongst other professional companies.

                    Can you see how you contradict your own selves? Obviously not trained at a top company like some of us!

                    Have 0 days left on my subscription and then all of a sudden, I have new smartpicks, so appear to be a subscriber again!

                    Regards, Dave Forsyth

                    (I am guessing that I will not receive a reply or a small amount of compensation for my stress and not needed extra work due to Zoosk).

                    Sent from my Huawei Mobile


                    10 new smartpicks !

                    I really am wondering how incompetent a company can really be now, after I got 10 more smartpics at 15:24 !
                    Oh well I shall keep all of my evidence safe and ready !

                    16:11 Thursday
                    Person in charge of Zoosk.
                    I thought my account was being closed. I just find it rather strange that I am still receiving frequent smartpicks, which I don't look at.
                    Do I really need to inform you of this again ?
                    Just to make you aware, my current rate of pay is £50 per hour.

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                      • Updated by Dave Forsyth · Aug 20, 2019

                        SUBMIT A COMPLAINT

                        So, I ain't the first, just the most clever!

                        Business & Finances Zoosk Customer Service this company is a total rip-off and prays on lonely singles bank accounts
                        Zoosk.com / this company is a total rip-off and prays on lonely singles bank accounts
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                        Contact information:
                        This company is a total rip-off and prays on lonely singles bank accounts. I signed up for a 3 month membership with this company for a charge of 39.95 — they charged me 69.94 and I have tried to contact them about this and their phone number is a joke and their e-mail ( customer service ) is a joke also. when I did finally get a responds from them ( after threating them withh BBB inquiry and bank dispute fillings ) they said that the extra 29.95 was a one time membership fee — and on their site it does not say anything about a additional 29.95 fee on top of the 3 month membership ( NO WHERE !! ), and when you complain to them about this they just put a filter on your account so that you no longer can send or receive messages - leaving the account totally useless and them holding ALL your money. My bank says that they can't do anything about this and I am just hoping that the BBB can do something to help me, , , what a headache !!! — do not sign up with these people — they are crooks. what makes this even more messed up is that back in January ( of this year ) I had signed up for a one month membership and I was only charged the 19.95 - nothing else ( no 29.95 fee ). so along with my complaint and all the others, believe what you read, , Zoosk is a SCAM — if you would like to read more about this complaint ( full version — go to http://zooskscam.webs.com/ ). this company pilfers money from lonely singles all over the world — don't let yourself fall victim to their Catch-22 legal loop-hole, , they are ### and need to be stopped —- AND they are not the only dating site out there practicing this fraud. WATCH OUT !!! do your homework before giving out your debit/credit card info.

                        Pr Predki
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                      Zooskdating site

                      I didn't even make two days on the website Zoosk before they shut down my personal email and my access to the site. Nobody at their customer support will tell me why, they say it was hacked but I don't know if anything of mine was compromised, they gave me an email to write to their legal services but I haven't heard anything back, there's no phone number for the legal services and I'm mad. I want my money back but they say I have to get it back from iTunes so now I have to contact Apple

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                        Jul 18, 2019

                        Zoosk — simon age 72

                        He is a scammer because unfortunately I was scammed several years ago and he is using the same story that...

                        Zooskdating site

                        I met a man on zoosk dating site. Having never used a dating site before I guess I was blind to the fact that a predator could be on the site. I met this person and we were in constant communication for over a month. We became pretty close and mentioned he ran into some financial difficulties so I said I would loan him money. Needless to say I never suspected he was a scammer. After reading up on these type scams I realized he had all the traits of a scammer. I'm a widow with a limited income and he took all the money I had saved which was $2250. I know I will never be able to recover these funds but need to report this individual. Now he had photos and personal documents on someone by the name of Thomas Miller. I presume he had stolen this individual's identity. He said he was from Plainfield, NJ. Please let me what I can do to help stop this individual before he preys on another woman. I will never use another dating site, this totally destroyed me financially. I know to most people that amount of money isn't much but to me it was everything I had.

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                          Watch out for a man who calls himself Joe Cox. He states he is from Australia, a medical tech and doctor. After chatting with him for several weeks, he "flew" to London to finalize some deals he invested in years earlier. One of the deals falls through and the other deal is successful. However. He needs money to transfer the funds.
                          A doctor, medical tech who works constantly for the good of those who can't help themselves needs money? Do not fall for this scam!
                          One more thing, he claims to have been a professional soccer player in Australia. His accent is more like someone from Texas. When I checked his phone number on Been Verified there was no associated name but the phone number was a landline from Northern California.

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                            Zooskunethical behavior?

                            I just got a very creepy letter mailed to me from someone who said they saw my profile and that they actually know mutual friends of mine. I have been married for 30 years and have never been on any dating sites. I am going through a separation but again never have I been on a dating site. Can you tell me if I have a profile on this site?
                            email address: [protected]@prodigy.net
                            Thank you, Dawn DePalma

                            unethical behavior?

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                              • Fo
                                Forever Greatful May 29, 2019

                                Reading the post and the advice you received, rather than a complaint you should be saying thank you very much. You are in a bad place. I was there once too. Fortunately you must have friends that care about you that have taken the time to reach out to you. Not everyone is that lucky. Nothing replaces a family and its love. Keep it together. Mary Lou, TX

                                2 Votes
                              Apr 10, 2019

                              Zoosk — dating service no more support now charges $5 to answer any support call

                              Without notice, zoosk renewed my subscription without my permission. Tried to contact them and that is no...

                              Zoosk Dating Sitemember who scammed me richard lee or haupt

                              Beware of a Richard Lee Haupt supposedly from Germany he gets you to chat via WhatsApp and deletes his profile after. Claims he has no parents and he works with investors and he wanted to collects payment from an investor but he is in Germany caring for his dying uncle. Got all my info and paid my credit card so I would buy things he needed. I got him iPhones and cash advance -well the payment did not go through he paid with cancelled account. Got $5300 from me. I uploaded the pics he gave me himself.

                              member who scammed me richard lee or haupt
                              member who scammed me richard lee or haupt

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                                • Updated by History007 · Apr 09, 2019

                                  Be careful for a Richard Lee supposedly from Germany and lures u off of Zoosk to chat on WhatsApp with number [protected]
                                  He will take your money and profess dying love for you. I added a picture that he uses. He states he lives in Newport, RI and his parents are deceased and he's an only child. His uncle is in Germany and wants you to accept a payment from a client with your credit card. But beware the payment will not go through menwhile he asks for u to buy iPhones and take out a cash advance. Ship to a guy in Florida. Beware it's all a scam!!!

                                • Updated by History007 · Apr 09, 2019

                                  Pictures of him

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