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Zoosk complaints 238

Zoosk - I have been blocked by administrator

I have 2 profiles a named Anne on my profile - and an email is: [protected]@yahoo.com - and I was paying member profile for 6 months and I have to pay about $ Zoosk, 00, 90 -AUD - and I also have an...

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Aug 26, 2015

Zoosk - my profile has been blocked

Please help me - I has lost my acccount with my profile on Zoosk with my name Anne - I had put a visa with, 00, 90 $ UAD than, and I had used one months than on Zoosk, I have many my friends on Zoosk...

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Zoosk - filled with nigerian scammers

A year ago I was a paying member. I came across so many fake profiles! One man seemed to really be predatory so I wanted to see what would happen.First, he used stolen photos, second, fake kid...

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Aug 20, 2015

Zoosk - playing games

Fake 'views'. I was actually with someone I had met through Zoosk and had been with that person for a few days. When I logged on whilst that person was with me, it said that I had been 'viewed' by that person about 20 minutes earlier!!! Actually showed it to the person concerned and needless to say it did not go down well. Zoosk are notorious for 'playing games' with people and this is not the first time it has happened. On another occasion was actually on the telephone talking to an individual when it said that I had been 'viewed' by that person about 3 minutes previously. That individual had not been on line for 3 days as had been away and had not logged on. Various excuses are given by Zoosk when they eventually decide to answer the question raised and not generate 'automated' replies. Takes several attempts to get a reply that bears any resemblance to the question raised. Customer services does not exist.

Zoosk - fraudulent activity & website function defective

I've been a member of the online dating website, Zoosk, for 5 months. The website is constantly shutting down every time I use it. They claim that the problem is only with android devices but it's been a few months and the problem is still not fixed. Also, Zoosk claims that a member is interested in you and when I message that person, they tell me that they didn't show an interest in me. I believe this website is fraudulent and unethical. I want my money back.

Zoosk - illegal services

I paid for zoosk dating service because I though the messages I was getting were from real human beings, but the profiles were fake the pictures were fake or stolen and company made it seem that real...

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Zoosk - money scam

Have paid to be on zoosk dating website. Met a guy on there we started talking in the chat room after a couple of days he asked for my e mail address, then we were sending each other e mails on a regular basis. Until recently he was telling me about his work in contonou in the Republic of Benin, this went on for a few more e mails. He was supposed to be a global Engineer working in the Republic of Benin he has a big contract to do but now has asked me for $3000 dollars so he can finalise the deal. Then he would be retiring from his work and returning to UK so he can run his business from his London office. He wanted me to send a money gram with the cash, or do it by western union.
I have not sent him any money, I hope you can investigate this money scam for me as I would not like this person to do it to anyone else.
Awaiting your reply

My scammer, who groomed me for 3 - 4 weeks, was apparently a political analyst sent overseas on an assignment for approximately 3 weeks to a remote area where there would be no contact via regular mobile/cell phone. He apparently didn't discover that he would need a satellite phone until he got there. His dilemma was, to purchase the satellite phone would mean using his credit card, which he couldn't do for security reasons. He apparently .had the cash, but they wouldn't do COD because they were so far away. He then asked if i could pay for the phone ($750) so that we would be in contact for the 3 weeks he was away.
He tried a few different methods trying to get me to send the money, even asked for my bank details. I stopped replying after the 2nd attempt.
So indepth and elaborate was his story that it was totally believable, right up until he asked for money
I always wondered why it was so easy for people to hand over their hard earned money to almost a complete stranger. Now i understand..
Be careful ladies.

Zoosk - total scam-consumer beware

It cost $29.95 to join this site, but when one is purchasing the membership, this site hits you with

an activation fee of $24.95. If you go through paypal, then you don't have to pay for the activation

fee. The search feature has been crippled lately and the grid view is no longer available. That

means that one has to click next on every member from the search results. The carousel feature is a

joke. When a member wants to meet you and you agree, then to be able to contact this person, you

have to purchase coins and they are rather expensive. Some profiles on this site are fake, when

contacting them via the wink, an email is sent back to you from the fake profile stating"thanks for

the wink, why not send me a real email telling me more about you". I have complained to customer

service about the limited search feature and they have done nothing about it.

Zoosk - cobrança

I am Brazilian, I live in rio signed up for zoosk intended to meet someone and you know what happens? paid one month used 20 days and in a few days zoosk fes purchases of more than two thousand pieces and know what it means? almost 2 thousand. Here in Brazil people work a full month 9 hours per day to earn a salary of R $ 700 and the actual zoosk charged me two million reais..Eu have to work three months to pay it ... I'm crying days without knowing what do to afford it I just do not have money and go on my bank tomorrow to cancel my card as the same has been canceled zoosk keeps buying coins in my name .. I'm upset write crying hope someone help me my email is: michellybduarte @ gmail.com

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - scammers, fake profiles, automated chat requests

i signed up for zoosk in early november 2014. due to unexpected car repairs i couldnt become a paying member until the 1st week in december. this gave me some time to get to know the site a little. i...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - refund

Took out zoosk dating service for 1 month. Nothing but problems. Have complained to zoosk 3 times in 1 month and have cancelled my subscription. Zoosk blamed "anti spam" and "technical issues" for various problems. I live in major city and at peak time within a 20 mile radius have one member online. . . ?? No support from the helpdesk when a refund requested. Do not use

I paid a 3 month subscription on 14 October, which has not been recognised. I have sent them approximately 8 emails but they do not respond.

Zoosk - This is the second time that they noisy around in my profile and keep blocking them..

This really does not make sense for zoosk to single me out and block my account twice.. And im a paying customer.. They block my first account because I was blocking people that does not pertain to my profile and they were making rude comment to me.. Zoosk block my account they did not want to understand.. And thats what that is for if you are not interested.. So I had to create a new account and had this one for 3 or 4 months before they decide to block this on again I did everything right for so long now 10/16/14, this is the date that I was trying to pay again for another month and while I was on the phone with a representative.. Trying to pay.. They block me because I used the wrong credit card.. Now they say that I have to creat a 3rd account and at first they were not going to give me a reason until I demanded they told me because they have no right when I had not did anything wrong.. And I demanded to speak to the superviser.. And he said that for my troubles he would give two week entention beyond my next payment and sorry for the trouble but I have to create another account so.. I told him ok and that I would not have to go through this if they would just leave me and my zoosk account alone.. So when I went to create another account mind you I cannot use the same email I have to create another so I did... And I still had trouble creating a new account it like they are making it where I cannot be a customer at zoosk they are prejudice of me and always singling me out because of my preferrence on zoosk.. This is not right im suppose to have a preference this is what people are on zoosk for.. This is not right and I need someone to investigate this now.. And they told me to open another account but now they are trying to prevent me from opening another account... And why are the singling me out of all the millions of people on zoosk and they keep messing with my profile account and blocking me for every little thing that I do.. And this time believe me they really had no reason to block me.. All I can think of is because they are prejudice of me and my preference.. And my preference is my business not theirs.. This is not right... Dont they have lawyers for this type of thing..

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - unauthorised payment

I haven't been using zoosk for months and has receive an unauthorised payment being deducted from my bank account. I reported zoosk about this and has not heard from them. I went to the website and tried to stop their emails sending to me and there is no way it can be stopped. If you go onto the account settings and try to delete your payment method. It doesn't want to go off. I even went into the help and there is no input to delete the method. There is only positive input to keep you on forever. This is not a proper way to make people happy about this application. I find this as a scam and wish to have my money payed back into my account with immediate effect. Hope that i will get help this time as i never expected this shortfall to happen.

On 5/15 of this year I was charged $54.95. On 6/09 I was charged $59.95 and on 6/30 I was charged $19.95. The charges never stop and when I ask the office to clarify these charges and I'm given nothing but nonsense. I just want the charged to stop but it seams there is no hope. I wouldn't recommend this website to anyone. Its a shame that even today there are companies still trying to rip you off and what"s worse, you don't get an explanation when you try to get some answers. Please stay away from this kind of business and their ### methods of ripping you off.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - fraudulent

I keep getting things on my Facebook that I like zoosk and I have never been on this page for any reason I have been with my husband for 16 1/2 years I have never in my life been on a dating site...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - deceptive billing

Zoosk charges a subscription fee, but then adds an "Activation Fee" on your bill at the last minute. Even after paying these fees, you cannot use most of the services on the site without buying "coins" which must be redeemed to access any specific information, open messages, or establish contact.
Zoosk arbitrarily edits profile pictures in a way that makes them useless. Zoosk does not provide a method to contact them directly, as they do not take real time calls, and specifically state that they will not respond to all complaints, requests for service, or inquiries.
This service is a rip off and should be shut down. Avoid them at all costs.

i have had my account hacked my name changed to hore 4 using...im very very upset id like it secured plz7

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - withdrawing money from my account

My subscription was due to automatically renew so 4 days before that time I contacted Zoosk via the online dating account I had with them. I filled out the details for 'Cancellation' and promptly received this e-mail acknowledgement (titled "Subscriber request received: cancel"):
"Thanks for contacting Zoosk! This is a courtesy auto-response to let you know your support request (ref number given here) has been received.
While this message is from the Zoosk auto-response robot and not actually from a real person, rest assured that we've received your support request and have assigned it to a customer support representative.
Email support is reserved for Zoosk Subscribers. As a Subscriber, you can expect a personal reply in 2-3 business days or less!"
Note that they acknowledged they had received my request to CANCEL and they promised a reply WITHIN 2-3 business days or less! (their excalmation).
So what happened? It has been SEVEN DAYS since that e-mail and they have NOT REPLIED AT ALL but have TAKEN A NEW MONTH'S SUBSCRITION from my bank account. I have written to them again but, as before, NO REPLY.
And comments from others here that many odd things happen on this site are true in my experience, for example:
1. I received many 'matches' from Zoosk via Carousel (of woman who ZOOSK SAID actually WANTED to meet me) but when I paid coins to contact those women they seemed to have no interest. So I am left with no idea if these women were actually genuine.
2. It seems that most women cannot reply to messages sent to them! The women also need to pay a subscription but women are used to not doing that (next time i will not be born a man!) ... so why does Zoosk not recognise that fact and simply make its money by ripping-off (sorry, I mean "charge") the males?
BUT MY MAIN GRIEVANCE is that they have TAKEN my money even though they acknowledged my cancellation 7 days ago.
They need to be sorted out legally by the authorities.

Zoosk - not verified members... email only

My name is lisa shrout olson and this is what happened to me...
This is dr. Andrew michael dean of newport beach, or so he says he is. His real name is andrew michael hernandez of corona, ca. He can be found on the dating site zoosk, where he is supposedly "verified. " he claims he was in the military, but does not go into detail. He claims that is where he earned his doctorate as a "plastic / reconstructive surgeon. " he also tries to gain sympathy by claiming that he is a widow. According to several accounts from other women on a forum associated with one of his multiple cell phone numbers [protected]) listed on callercenter. Org, he has gone by the name of dusty as an investment banker, and steve, he has also been found on craigslist.com (According to these other women) . This man goes through phone numbers like a pack of cigarettes! I am sure there are many other victimized women who have not come forward.

I trusted him thinking he was legitimately going to help me. He had told me that he could help me sell my jewelry on an auctioning website, where i would get the most for my money, instead of being ripped off by a pawn shop. At this point i still thought he was "dr. Dean. " meanwhile, i have been having issues with my right breast. I have breast implants and have been experiencing pain. Thinking he was an actual plastic surgeon, he had me send him pictures of my breasts. When we met in person two days ago, he performed an exam on my breasts and also my vagina. He is not a doctor! He sexually assaulted me. I did not give him permission to stick his fingers in my vagina and tell me whether or not i need vaginal rejuvenation. He also touched my daughter (22) inappropriately and was pressuring her to have breast augmentation from his surgical center in newport.

I took note of his license plate # and after he left i didn't feel right about the situation. I went to the police station and an officer ran the plates and verified that his name was not andrew dean, but actually andrew hernandez. I came home and researched him and found out all kinds of information. He was arrested this time last year for having possession of $10, 000 worth of stolen silver coins among other things. This man is a con - artist and a crook. He preys on women using dating sites. He has my wedding ring, my diamond earrings, and my heart shaped diamond necklace; estimated value $60 - 70 thousand. I'm just waiting on my appraisals in the mail.

I have filed a theft report, as well as, a sexual assault report. My police report number is f141920012.

My name is lisa shrout
Cellphone # [protected] if anyone has any info please report

To whom it may concern
Zoosk the dating company, takes money off your credit Card, When You mark not to any payments after this 1st Initial payment. They have no section at all to delete your
Personal Information. Please help to stop further problems.ITS A scam

Zoosk - fraudulent personnel

Allow so many scammers in without checking particulars. Many females are using porn star and model and other ' celebrity ' or notable person's pictures. A list of some of the abusers follows: name...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Zoosk - deliberately confusing joining process

I stupidly signed up for 6months at a cost of & pound;71.94 which is alot of money in my world... but the zoosk tricksters make the joining process confusing since they then offer coins at the cost of & pound;74.94...

****that's almost identical to the subscription amount. *****

So you may be confused to accept as you think the joining process is simply asking you to accept once more for something which is bundled in your original purchase.

I did not even notice until I checked my bank statement.

I complained about the service and managed to get my subscription downgraded to 1 month... zoosk are offering me radio silence and sending me email replies relating to my subscription downgrade. zoosk will try to frustrate you to giving up the fight. watch out!!

Zoosk - bad dating site

Please go online and read the many bad reviews before you sign up and give them your money for a subscription. I paid for a 6 month subscription and it was like throwing money away. They will also...

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