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OkCupid Complaints & Reviews

OkCupid / assistance with recovery of a conversation

Lehr L-star Bowry on Sep 10, 2017
To whom it may concern I am very upset of non communcation passed the time I was advised by a rep that a Technician was going to call this morning at 8 am to assist me with a conversation recovery. I spoke with this rep at 11:47 am, I was not near a computer after he took my required...

OkCupid / messaging

Jasmine Hammer on Sep 7, 2017
My messages are not going through and im not receiving any. i know that they are not going through bc i was messaging someone and in the middle of the convo he just stopped writing back. i tried to message a few other people bc i thought i just bored him but nobody got my messages either...

OkCupid / complaint

JonboyRonJon on Sep 6, 2017
My account has been suspended and I'd like to know why my account has been suspended and I'd like to know why my account has been suspended and I'd like to know why my accountant spend suspended and I like to know why you say if I think that's an error to contact you...

OkCupid / billing problem hikingbuddy48

hikingbuddy48 on Aug 30, 2017
I have two problems: 1) I had definitely canceled my subscription and i had definitely telephoned the company and confirmed that my subscription was canceled in advance. 2)I was also told if I canceled the subscription and if I decided to renew I would not be billed at my old rate of $3.99...

OkCupid / blocked for no reason - lynn.h08@gmail.com

LynnH17 on Aug 27, 2017
account has been blocked for supposedly violating terms of service. That is false. My profile bio & pictures don't break any rules. All pictures are of me. No nude or explicits, don't advertise & aren't offensive. I've never harassed or sent inappropriate, or...

OkCupid / technical issues with the account and 0 response from the site support

Elena Khodina on Aug 23, 2017
since August 10 my messages were stopped go out, i have checked it with a couple contacts via the prone - they confirmed that have not received messages i have sent them. I have submitted 3 emails with explanation of this technical problem but didn't have any response. My account still...

OkCupid / okcupid dating site

Rebecca Dobbs on Aug 17, 2017
Please help me block or get rid of this one guy his handle is 43 from Florida, Panama City Beach calls himself Matt pcb he is texting me inappropriate words and I can't get rid of him. He has 2 photos which is misleading the 1st one is a picture is of a man that is quite nice looking and...

OkCupid / fake account

Kittyxsweets on Aug 5, 2017
There is an account on OkCupid called Kittyxsweets which is IMPERSONATING me by using my pictures and my profile to talk to people. It also links my personal facebook account to it so I have been recieveing a lot of hate for no reason. This persons intentions are very obviously maliciou...

OkCupid / a scammer named valentine manley of terre haute indiana

menaredirt on Jul 14, 2017
This scammer has scammed me out of $28, 000. I thought he was real. Stupid Me!! If there was a way I could put his pik here I would so all the women know!!!' Gonna talk with the FBI. He says he's from Indiana, his Facebook says the same. I researched him, his hometown, and the college here...

OkCupid / a list account

bobbyloose on Jun 30, 2017
I have been denied access toy account, username: bobbyloose, allegedly due to "technical problems" for over a week during which my account was renewed via payment by Apple Pay. I am a retired attorney and have no better use of my time currently than to file an enforcement action against...

OkCupid / moderator sav@okcupid.com

capricornia52 on Jun 8, 2017
Was he the final say so in this ? Is he the boss? He takes down my profile because he cannot keep up with the scammers I have been reporting to him? talk about a defeatist attitude. I really would like my account reinstated and for an apology from Sav...whoever he is!! I have been on thi...

OkCupid / profile should be taken down!

Ann4888 on Jun 5, 2017
Profile name: pasher3776 This man is a professional con artist. His REAL name is Phillip Demetrius Reynolds and he was in prison in MI for 10+ years for breaking and entering. Now he uses OKC to scam single women out of their money, takes credit cards, etc. He is NOT a lawyer, he does NOT...

OkCupid / some one create my fake account on okc

SG12233 on Jun 4, 2017
Hi guys sheetal ghevande here. Someone creating my fake profile on okc And they mention my personal no on that account I got a many call now getting irritating Please close my account Full name : sheetal ghevande Email id: sheetal.ghevande2012@gmail.com Contact no : 9768257422, 8169883967...

OkCupid / scammer - male member

NoFoolforYou on Jun 2, 2017
There is an OKC member who I believe is a scammer. He calls himself Patrick Stewart; his email is: patrickceoblueenergy@gmail.com. This man states he is a widow and an oil merchant, so not available to meet. Asks to switch to personal email, within a few OKC messages. Professes his love...

OkCupid / overseas man/woman... con artist...

Tara Segerstrom on May 4, 2017
A person by the name of Lee Josh Brian or username Godsdeal. He convinced me that he wanted love and it was almost instantaniously. He said he was enlisted in the army, was the father of a 10 year old daughter, stationed in Afghanistan and spoke of love and commitment. Then, he casually...

OkCupid / im having a problem with my messages. they aren't going, through I cant receive messages

ajlaa on Apr 15, 2017
I'm having a problem with my messages. They aren't going through, I cant receive messages, it was ok till two days ago on 13.04.2017 but now its not working my messages rent getting through and I cant even receive messages. I tried to open a new account but I cant.. I sent a message to the...

OkCupid / non response on "suspended" account

that site sucks on Apr 5, 2017
I was on OK cupid for about 2 days. All of a sudden my account is suspended. I have sent 2 mails via the feedback form and have received absolutely no feedback. This is the absolute worst site. on top of it all, I have read through their terms and conditions and I have done absolutely...

OkCupid / just a bunch of scammers!

Ivan on Mar 15, 2017
I was cheated and no one from OkCupid offered me help. I met a lady on OkCupid and I really thought that she was real, she sent me many pictures and told that she liked me. I sent her gifts and few times I even sent her money. One day she told me that she wanted to come to my country but...

OkCupid / unethical behavior

nakesia on Feb 12, 2017
I am an old member. I was once on your dating site. I had to get my email changed and phone number changed because of one of your members. He go by the profile Ayapi who is 51 years of age, and he's located in Sydney, Australia. He has been on your site since 2015. That's when I was on...

OkCupid / this site is ridiculous

Roger on Nov 18, 2016
I used OkCupid for a long time. I can't say that I was 100% satisfied, OkCupid definitely is not the best dating website. I was a long time user and used to it, that's why stayed on OkCupid. Three weeks ago they banned and closed my account. I have no idea why and they do not reply to my...

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